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Saturday 19 July 2014

Rising Star Waliyah Drops New Single ‘Nonsense’ (OrishiRishi)

There’s excitement in the air as rising star Afro-pop Waliyah has dropped her latest single Nonsense. Waliyah fans are extremely excited about this one as it something they have waiting for with great anticipation!

Nonsense (OrishiRishi), was co-written by Waliyah and K9, it was produced by one of Nigeria’s top Producers- Leriq, and finishing touches by ace Producer and Vivace Records boss Tee Y Mix. Continue..
This track is already a club hit as it has an upbeat tempo with lyrics primarily with my ladies in mind.
In the song, Waliyah calls out “Okunrin Oshi” (Stupid men), it refers to the things they do. This is a feisty, fun and enjoyable song meant for everyone that loves to have a good time.

Waliyah touches on things happening in the Nigerian society today, it talks about men’s cheating and infidelity antics! Ladies are going to love this one and the guys will surely have fun with it.

Prior to the official release today, the singer/songwriter has been on a campaign trail and her fans had the opportunity of listening to a snippet of the song on Cool 96.9FM on the ‘Good Morning Nigeria Show with Mannie’, Rhythm FM 93.7 morning show with Toke Makinwa, Metro 97.7 FM on the morning show with Rex and Valerie, Silverbird TV on the “Today on STV” show and on iGroove Radio.

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Anonymous said...

Nice. Pretex4luv@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

That face tho. No other better pic? Nawaoooooo. I'm out. ***CATCH ME IF U CAN*

Amarachukwu. said...


Anonymous said...

Nice try!

Unknown said...

Nice song waliyah

Anonymous said...

ok o.patoswife@gmail.com

Unknown said...

I just hope the song doesnt sound like the title.....

ary said...


DON PAFEGS said...

All the best to her!

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Unknown said...

She jus only W to Aliyah name.. Good for her.

Anonymous said...

Waliyah Abiola....thank God she is covered up in this pic..... shows too much skin most times....Give great music & let your outstanding work do the talking.... all the best

Anonymous said...

well done ooooo!!!!! #Doro Classy#

Anonymous said...

Ok oooo...nkemdirimeverista111@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Nice Work Waliah. (Linda's Man)

Anonymous said...

Lol Valentine, see pot calling kettle black ;-)

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