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Saturday 6 February 2010

Facebook Drama...lol

Source: Mediatakeout.com

lol...men and their wahala...

Brand new single from Etcetera

With the on-going confusion over the whereabouts of Nigeria's president; the recent violence and destruction in Jos, the murder of a former gubernatorial aspirant in Ogun State, and the reported dispute between Lagos Governor and his predecessor, there's no beter time for singer Etcetera to release his new single 'ring the alarm'.

There's pain in his voice, as Etcetera wails and sings; warning us all that ''there's a thief in the government house...'' ''How many people have to cry/how many more will have to die/in the name of politics?'' the soft rock singer asks...

The single is the second cut to be released from Etcetera's upcoming second album for X3M music.

Please find lyrics of 'ring the alarm' below...

Ring the alarm

There's a thief in the government house
Ring the alarm
Before they blame it on mickey mouse
Who will save us all...................(x3)
How many people have to cry
How many more will have to die
In the name of politics
Manifestos and Rhetorics to still
Portfolios filled with bills
For thugs to kill
In the name of politics
When will our leaders realize
We are brothers in God's eyes
In the name of politics

AJIGBOLE OLE...........................(X6)

Ring the alarm
There's a thief in the government house
Ring the alarm
Before they blame it on mickey mouse
Who will save us all..................(x3)
They are all see see see
Yet they are so blind they can't see
Men fraternize to be part of it
Religion sympathizes with it
When the masses...................(x3)
Don't gain from it

AJIGBOLE OLE...........................(X6)

Ring the alarm
There's a thief in the government house
Ring the alarm
Before they blame it on mickey mouse

AJIGBOLE OLE..........................(till fade)


Rihanna's daring outfit at pre-Super Bowl concert

And then....

The more you look, the less you see huh?

Tiger Woods quits sex rehab clinic and admits three flings

Tiger Woods has admitted to three extra-marital affairs and quit the rehabilitation clinic he fled to in the wake of the sex scandal. The golfing star, who is accused of at least 12 flings, was picked up by his wife Elin Nordegren and taken to see his children Sam, two and Charlie, one.

According to sources, Tiger knew he had to confess to some of the affairs but feared the full story would be too much for his heartbroken wife.

He has confessed to sleeping with nightclub hostess Rachel Uchitel, 34, cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs, 26 and one other mistress.

A source said: 'He wanted to make it believable, but knew the whole truth would make it impossible to save their marriage. She knows he is lying but doesn't know if she can hear anymore"

It's thought Tiger, 34, will spend the weekend with his wife and children and then hopes to take Elin away alone on their £14m yacht Privacy.

Elin attended joint counselling sessions with Tiger at the rehabilitation centre but has reportedly removed her wedding ring and moved from the family mansion to a rented home nearby.

A friend said Elin has given her husband a chance to prove himself but 'Tiger still has a lot of work to do'.

'I think the chances of it lasting long-term remain slim,' added the friend.

I kinda admire this woman...she seems to understand what marriage really is...for better or worse! But on the flipside, staying could probably be harmful to her peace of mind. You think men like Tiger (serial cheaters) can ever change?

The return of Jeremiah Gyang

It’s been over five years since his phenomenal debut opus: ‘Na Ba Ka’ and now 2010 welcomes back soulful crooner: Jeremiah Gyang, the man who first put ‘J-town’ on the musical map of Nigeria and made Hausa music acceptable to the iPod generation .

In the space of time since he’s been gone and largely off the grid, Jeremiah has travelled the world, buried his mother, introduced us to M.I and still found time to make his signature great music.

While building the tempo and necessary buzz to prepare us for his sophomore LP, Jeremiah has sung a duet with Asa - ‘Comforters Song’, crafted songs for L’ami and other upcoming artistes and performed at the recent December 2009 Rhythm Unplugged Concert in Lagos.

In the spirit of the Valentine season, Jeremiah has put out a free promo CD ‘The Return of Jeremiah’ which includes the new singles ‘In Love with You’, ‘Kaunar Allah (Ft. Skales) and ‘The Only One’.

The tone of these songs, which evoke feelings of love, not towards the artiste but towards a lover, spouse or partner, showcases a deeper and more mature sound from the artiste/producer.

The as yet untitled sophomore LP is already being touted as Jeremiah’s absolute tour de force!

Kel to leave Capital Hill Records

 With just one album released, the relationship between Kel and Capital Hill Records which brought her to the limelight seems to have hit the rocks. Reports coming in from both camps suggest that the rapper whose debut album, The Investment, was released just last year, is about putting an end to her relationship with the label. Her deal with th label ends in March 2011, but Kel wants to leave immediately. So the label has demanded that she settles her debt before she can leave. "We produced her album for her, shot her videos and have promoted her ever since. She owes the label about N10 million and we have communicated this to her. We have also withdrawn her videos from TV as we cannot continue to promote her when she doesn't want to be with us anymore.".

Source: Chilee Agunanna - Encomium Weekly

Poverty-stricken Chinese father who shackled his son given three years free childcare

It was the heartbreaking picture that went round the world - a bewildered little boy chained to a post while his impoverished father and mother went in search of work.

The plight of two-year- old Jingdan has moved a local nursery boss in Beijing who has offered to give him three years of free child care.

'The nursery fees will be paid by me, which amounts to about 40,000 yuan (£3,725),' said the president of the Aibei Kindergarten, a man known as Mr Pi.

Mr Pi stepped in after seeing the harrowing photos of Jingdan padlocked to a lamppost in the Chinese capital, Beijing, earlier this week.

The image was so appalling that it was beamed around the world, a poignant reminder of the desperate lengths that parents will go to to protect their children.

For, Chuanliu explained, he had chained his son up not out of cruelty, but out of fear.

His four-year-old daughter Jinghong has not been seen since January 22. Chuanliu had left her playing with friends while he worked. The children's mother has been unable to care for them as she is ill, he explained.

Jinghong's parents believe she was abducted on the streets of Beijing. They were too poor to afford a photograph of her, and so the police have nothing to go on but a description of the child by her parents.

And poverty prevented them from being able to protect their remaining child.

Source: Daily Mail UK.

Quote of the day

"Perception is projection. So people see in others what they will be if they were in the other's shoes, even when they are not consciously aware. Everyone who knows me knows that I have zero tolerance for mediocrity. I am always striving to better myself and the way to do that is to surround myself with people who are operating on some frequency with me. I thrive in the midst of the eternally-driven, positively-minded and career oriented people and people who possess these qualities have something in common. They are always successful and believe me, it will take a woman with those qualities to turn me on. So, if my crime is that most female friends are successful and upwardly mobile, I make no apologies for that."

Chidi Mokeme on being asked if he was a gigolo.

Source: Encomium Weekly

pastor Matthew Ashimolowo shops for funds for KICC University

The presiding pastor of Kingsway International Christian Church (KICC), Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, is now set to raise funds to accelerate the building of the abandoned KICC University.

The man of God made it public on Sunday Jan. 24, 2010, during church service in Nigeria and the UK, that the Church of God has every reason to support the University project that has been abandoned for some months now. in his words "We all need to do this together. The Lord has put it in our mind to embark on a University project, and he has helped us to the level it is right now. So let's all contribute our quota to make it a realizable project".

The proposed KICC University, at Ode Omu in Osun State, has suffered several setbacks since the pastor embarked on the project.

Source: Sunday Adebayo - Encomium Weekly.

What's with some Churches wanting their own Universities? And if church members contribute to building it, do they get shares in the University?

Beyonce's hair - before and after...

So that's her secret? Cute...lol.

Those bumps on the F and J keys...

Question: "On my laptops keyboard (QWERTY) there are some ridges on the F and J buttons, what are they for?"

Answer: "People who touch-type (type without looking) use these two ridges to determine the position of their fingers on the keyboard. Touch typists put the index finger of their left hand on F and the index finger of their right hand on J before they type so they know where their fingers are at."
Source: Yahoo!

Thursday 4 February 2010

Is this a better look?

Ok, so is this a better look? I went and did what some of you suggested. (See, I listen...lol). It's the Rihanna or Keri Hilson hairstyle...or something that looks like it. And then I fixed those eyelashes...that's been making me so uncomfortable...I'm taking it out immediately after my date tomorrow. Did I say date? lol, just kidding. And then I fixed my nails and actually had a pedicure...(You guys are influencing me on this  blog...but I like it...:-)).

So this is what I look like now...these pictures were taken today...

Awww, she looks so innocent and young. Cute eh? lol

You can abuse me o...but have mercy pls...the abuse is sometimes too much. I'm a big girl sha...bring it on..lol

So what do guys think, is this a better look than the braid?

I am in love...Jason Mraz

I usually say I can't date a white man but I'm willing to make an exception with this one...Jason Mraz...bless him! His music kills me. His voice kills me. His lyrics kill me. I can't get over his song I'm yours. He's too talented...how could he not be as famous as Justin Timberlake, usher, and the rest of them?...he sings better.

I thought he was totally unknown until he won two Grammy awards this week - Best male pop vocal performance for Make It Mine and Best pop vocal collaboration with Colbie Caillat for lucky.

"It's your God forsaken right to be loved" ~ Jason Mraz

Oh Linda is in love...can someone tell him that? lol

Photos of the day

Turai Yar'Adua with her daughters in the 80's

And here they are many many years later...

Spot the difference? lol

Dora Akunyili's shock memo to FEC

So yesterday, our Information Minister Dora Akunyili presented a shock five-page memo to the Federal Executive Council (FEC) asking Yar’Adua to present a letter of vacation to the Senate as required by section 145 of Nigeria’s 1999 constitution. The minister is insisting that the FEC change its earlier position that Yar’Adua was fit to continue in office and therefore does not need to hand over power to his deputy.

And now the Attorney General, Michael Aondoakaa has called on Mrs. Akuyili to resign from the cabinet.*

Resign because she told the truth? This is a very bold move on Mrs Akunyili's part..very commendable...but you think she's sincere or up to something?

Femi Kuti at Tribeca

Wednesday 3 February 2010

Release of Samklef album (Noni)

Release party of Samklef debut album "NONI"
DATE; 5th.feb, 2010
Venue; 75 Kalahary hall, king size place, Kudirat Abiola way Ikeja
Time: 5pm.

The evening party will also feature five performance from the album "NONI" And rib cracking jokes by some notable comediana, and music performance by some artiste like Durrella, Vector, Ocube, mudina etc.

'So tey' Video shoot featuring Busta Rhymes

Here are some pictures from the video shoot of 'So Tey'; a song by Star Quest winners, The Pulse, featuring Busta Rhymes. Video directed by Clarence Peters for Kennis Music. Location: Ikoyi, Lagos.


Pix thanks to Kennis Ogungbe

NNEKA on The Late Show with David Letterman TONIGHT!

It’s a big night for artist NNEKA as she is one of the first break-out artists in 2010 to perform on The Late Show with David Letterman.

The performance is scheduled for tonight, February 3, 2010 as part of NNEKA’s Concrete Jungle Tour.

NNEKA has been selected by high profile publications such as SPIN and Rolling Stone as “An Artist to Watchout for in 2010”

“…righteously bold and heartbreakingly fragile.”- SPIN, 10 To Watch in 2010
“Nneka…is pure hotness.” – Rolling Stone
There is no doubt that the Entertainment Industry worldwide has a great space for NNEKA in 2010.

NNEKA’s Concrete Jungle Tour began on the 27th of January and she will be performing in 14 cities across the United States including New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and more…

Nneka’s appearances in February include (Dates and information subject to change):
Feb 2 New York, NY @ S.O.B's
Feb 3 Performance on David Letterman
Feb 4 Cambridge, MA @ Middle East
Feb 5 Philadelphia, PA @ World Cafe Live
Feb 6 Baltimore, MD @ Sonar Club Stage
Feb 8 Birmingham, AL @ WorkPlay Theatre
Feb 9 Atlanta, GA @ Vinyl
Feb 11 Nashville, TN @ 3rd & Lindsley
Feb 13 St. Louis, MO @ The Gramophone
Feb 14 Chicago, IL @ Double Door

To learn more about Nneka please visit www.myspace.com/nnekaworld
Listen to the Concrete Jungle album at AOL.COM and purchase at Amazon.com

Maga no need pay...

This song was recorded for the B.L.I.N.G. project which was initiated by Ohimai Godwin Amaize as an ambassador of the Microsoft Internet Safety, Security and Privacy Initiative for Nigeria (MISSPIN) a joint campaign by Microsoft and Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN) which seeks to re-direct the energies of young Nigerians from cyber crime to positive online engagements.

The B.L.I.N.G. musical collaboration project which enjoys the sponsorship of Microsoft has the benefit of having Cobhams Asuquo as producer, and an impressive line-up of artistes who volunteered to support the campaign: Banky W, MI, Modele, Omawumi, Rooftop MCs, Bez and Wordsmith. Also, several Nigerian celebrities like Fela Durotoye, Dele Momodu, Denrele Edun, Ofunneka Molokwu, Iyanya etc turned up at the video shoot which held last week in Lagos.

The song as well as its video has been scheduled for release this February. Below are the lyrics of the song:

Echo: Eh!...Eh!...Eh!...Eh-Eh!...
Maga no need pay!
For me to buy correct motor,
For me to take make my dough,
Maga no need pay!
Eh! Eh!
Maga no need pay!

Verse 1: Omawumi
Reminiscing as I walk to my car,
Thinking about how it used to be,
For Ekpoma, I dey ride okada and most times I dey soak garri,
I wanted to change the way I lived
But I didn’t have to do those things.
Now I’m rolling VIP
And all the girls wanna be like me, yeah...

Verse 2: Modele
You ask me how I deal with my reality,
Gotta tell you truly it ain’t easy, no!
I feel the pressure to find something wrong to do
Then I remember you reap what you sow!
Now I’m sitting staring at the screen of my computer,
I’m thinking really hard about what truly matters,
What with all these data, just to catch a maga,
It could have been my father, or someone else’s brother

Chorus: Banky W, Cobhams Asuquo & Omawumi
Maga no need pay!
For me to buy correct motor,
For me to take make my dough
Maga no need pay!
No need for me to go cafe
I hustle hard to make my pay
Maga no need pay
No need to do Yahoo-Yahoo (to do Yahoo-Yahoo)
Maga no need pay!
Eh! Eh!
Maga no need pay!
Eh! Eh!...Eh! Eh!

Verse 3: Banky W
Seven in the morning, it’s a brand new day
Eyes still swelling, still at the cafe
Hustling real hard from Sunday to Sunday
Hoping someday that maga will pay
But maga no need pay
For me to live correct
They call me Mr. Capable, I gat my self-respect
No need to do Yahoo-Yahoo for me to cash a cheque
I don’t need no maga, just work harder now

Verse 4: Bez
Tell me what a boy like me should do
Thought I heard the guys that rule do Yahoo-Yahoo
And if I do not do it I’m uncool
I’ll be a fool to the girls in school
But maga no need pay to get a good degree,
Or have a great opportunity
Don’t have to hack and attack,
Make use of CD cracks
We’re keepin’ it original, now you know my swag

Repeat Chorus

Verse 5: Rooftop MCs (Soulsnatcha & Sokleva)
Twale officer!
What’s the problem sir?
Or there’s a law against cruising in a Range sir?

I don’t know what you think we are,
Cos we roll in fancy car?
We’re making the sweet money,
I call it the candy bar.

All those wey maga pay,
Where dem dey today?
I’m straight no deceit,
My money get receipt!

I don’t mess with cybercrimes,
But I make the cypher rhyme.
I get paid for my time,
Don’t need to scam a dime!

Verse 6: Wordsmith
I’m your role model’s role model,
There’s no second guessing whom...
Wordsmith was made to make you change like a dressing room.
I’m living proof that there’s dignity in labour,
My bars is life imprisonment and this is hard labour.

Verse 7: MI
My father said I was a star before I ever spit a bar,
He said when you travel far,
Don’t forget who you are.
Represent Nigeria,
Represent for Africa.
Even when the things were hard,
I place my future in my God, (Yes, yeah)
See my nation’s reputation suffers much condemnation,
This’ our situation.
Are we cybercrime criminals? No!
We are the mineral resources of our fatherland,
We must rise and take the stand.
Every day heroes are born,
All stereotypes are torn.
Things we did to cause us harm,
We off that and now we on,
Hard work, positivity,
Truth, reliability
Expose your ability,
Change our reality,
That’s word! (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Repeat Chorus 2ice

Outro with chorus in the background: MI

Yeah, yeah...listen everybody,
Put your BLING up right now!
BLING in this case means we’re Brilliant, we’re Legitimate, we’re Inspired, we’re Nigerian and we’re Great!
It means that we do not have to do anything that we ought not to do to make money y’all!
We just gatto apply ourselves and work hard and be creative and innovative.
Be truly Nigerian.
We will get there, y’all!
Chorus till fade

Great work guys!

Shakira's new sexy photos

Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!

Zamfara State Recruits 1,767 Prayer Warriors, To Pray For President Yar'Adua

ZAMFARA State government has recruited 1,767 Islamic clerics to pray for the quick recovery of President Umaru Yar’Adua. Disclosing this at the 481- week Friday preaching in Gusau, the state governor, Alhaji Mahmud Aliyu Shinkafi, said the Islamic clerics would lead the special prayers in the 1,767 Friday Juma’at mosques across the state.

The state, according to Nigerian Tribune findings, will spend about N17.6 million on the prayers as each of the cleric will go home with N10,000 for the service rendered. Represented by the state Commissioner for Religious Affairs, Sheik Tukur Sani Jangebe, the governor remarked that the prayer session was necessary in view of the present situation the country was passing through.

According to the governor, the health of the president was very important for the survival of the country and, as such, he needed the prayers of Nigerians instead of playing politics with his health. The governor also directed the Islamic clerics to pray for the victims of the recent Jos mayhem.

Source: Muhammed Sabiu - TRIBUNE Newspaper.

1,767 prayer warriors? Quite unnecessary.. in my opinion...

Talk With Funmi Goes on Air.

Nigeria's award winning television producer and talk show host Funmi Iyanda returns to the silver screen with her highly anticipated television show Talk With Funmi. This groundbreaking television program will premiere exclusively on DSTV's Africa Magic on Sunday February 7th, 2010 at 7pm.

Talk With Funmi is an exciting new television show that captures people and conversations ar
 ound Nigeria. It is a thought provoking, illuminating and entertaining journey into the life of Nigerians from all over the country.

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