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Saturday 7 July 2007

Naija Entertainment Gists.

Yinka Ayefele receives doctorate degree
The Malaysian Government through the Irish International University, Malaysia, honored Juju-gospel crooner, Yinka ayefele recently with a doctorate degree. He was singled out for the honor because his music stands out and he is recognised in Malaysia as the leading gospel and secular musician in Nigeria. Congrats to him!

BankPHB Interns wed.
Ayo Oguntubi and Rhona Chioma Ahanonu, two contestants at the BankPHB sponsored TV reality show, The Intern, will soon become husband and wife...the couple who met on the set of the show are already engaged with each meeting the other's family. There's even talk that Rhona is already pregnant. Ayo, the first runner up and Rhona who left almost at the beginning of the show had their traditional wedding on the 30th of June 2007. Rhona works with Zenith Bank while Ayo works with BankPHB. They say you find love even in the most unusual places..here's wishing the couple all the best in their journey together.

Sunny Neji buys Morano Jeep
Cross River State born artiste Sunny Neji recently acquired a Moran Jeep after acquiring a Benz jeep some months back. The colour is gray and it's plate number is Neji. Life is good for our Naija entertainers no be small...

Dupe Ogunlola's Wedding Planner Magazine recently celebrated it's second year anniversary. Congrats girl...one day we'll be celebrating ours too.

Mummy B weds minors in Port Harcourt Church
This is a really weird story. Read it in one of our celeb mags. according to the story, a certain woman known as Mrs Blessing Paul a.k.a Mummy B on June 9th 2007, at her God's Intervention Ministries International located somewhere along Stadium Road in Port Harcourt, wed two minors, 17 year old Chinedu Chukwu and 14 year old Mary Ogunlewe in holy matrimony. The marriage which had parental consent was said to have aired on NTA Port Harcourt and has since generated a lot of controversy, most viewers of the programme were disgusted. Petitions are said to have been filed by some concerned lawyers who think Mary was given away because the parents needed dowry. Understandable but what about the boys parents...why did they give consent to a minor? They think marriage is a joke? E..ya!

Tiwa Benson weds
Millinery designer and daughter of First Republic Minister of Information, Otunba TOS Benson, Tiwa Benson, got married to her beau, Uche Udeje, yesterday at the Muson Center, Lagos. Tiwa, who's hat company is called HATs' Lounge met her Igbo husband late last year and today they are married. Here's wishing the couple a happy married life

Fred and Agatha Amata fight for custody of their children
When I find people in good marriages...like my best friend, I want to get married, but when I come across couples like this...marriage begins to scare me...because I know I'm the kind of person who will walk away if the marriage isn't working at all. In this part of the world most women stay in unhappy marriages...why? The Society? Family? Children? Friends? Starting all over again is scary for most women...so they stay and take all the misery.

One woman who walked out of an unhappy marriage is Agatha Amata, the pretty presenter/producer wife of Nollywood actor and director, Fred Amata. The once rosy relationship between the couple who separated a few years ago is getting messier. Now they are fighting over the custody of their children 13yr Oreva and & 7yr old Staphanie, with each filing suits in court and defaming each other's character. The couple separated a few years back after both accused themselves of infidelity. Sad!

Patience Ozokwor's footballer son
How many of you know that star actress, Patience Ozokwor's son is a footballer? That is not even the news...I just found out he plays for the Flying eagles of Nigeria...better still, he's the Captain of the under-20 team, the Flying Eagles, who are presently in Canada for the FIFA under-20 World Cup. His name is Nduka Ozokwor...wow!

Two of Nigeria's Supermodels of all time, Mariam Ba and Sly Kuna got married on Thursday 5th July 2007. Friends for 13 yrs...looking for love, not knowing their love was right under their nose. They realised that last year and are now married. Love is beautiful and mysterious. Sorry I couldn't make your wedding...wishing you all the best as you begin a new life as husband and wife. Kisses!

For those who are interested in attending a Travel and Tourism school here in Naija...there's one I can recommend. It's called the Lagos School of Travels and Tourism, located at Ojuelegba Road, Lagos. If you need more info call 08057221027.

Also, those of you interested in visiting Obudu Ranch Resort, Calabar, Nigeria, here are the contact numbers you need if you want to get more info...08034729327, 08064410614, 08052888631. Email-lisabadru@gmail.com. If this was useful to you...blow me kiss.

DJ Jimmy Jatt is about to release his much awaited album under Storm Records...will give you more details later.

Lastly, my linda@fmbmagazine.com is still inactive o...but if there's anyone who needs to contact me urgently, send me an email at lindaikeji@gmail.com.

My casting continues on Monday, will load more pix for your appraisal. Cheers everyone. LiNdA

Friday 6 July 2007

Catwalk Wit Linda Casting...

The casting was yesterday and today...wey all the Naija fine girls? Out of 24 girls I was only able to get 4...2 of them on stand by...I need pretty girls abeg o...
You guys check pics of some of the girls that came for the screening and tell me what you think...I'll load more pix later...
Sorry about the pix quality...they are pictures from my phone...can't figure out how to downland from my camera to my pc...let's go...
Ashley...I took this one...quite tall and pretty











Bunmi...I also took this one...tall and shapely

That's me and the insufferable Jackson...see 'omo ise' holding his oga round the waist...no respect at all lol...he's such a nice guy, great to work with.

So who do you think should be shortlisted? I'm not feeling most of them sha...but what do you think?

Thursday 5 July 2007

My Casting.

Sorry for being MIA yesterday...trying to get sponsors for my show. Crazy busy at work.

This morning I'm doing the very first casting for models for my TV show called Catwalk Wit Linda...and my fashion show...Style Night...28th July

There about 14 models here so far, I'm going to take pictures of them on my camera and load it here in a bit...maybe you guys will help me choose my best 15? We are expecting more girls today and tomorrow, then next week Wednesday, Thursday and Friday...so interested models should come for the screening...@ Blackdove Communications, 7a Adeniyi Adefioye Str., Ogosco b/stop, Ikate, Surulere.

For more info call Sandra on 08033595004, and Jackson on 08036429347...please you guys should warn Jackson o...he's over working me o...he's actually standing over my head right now waiting for me to get off the internet and start the casting...I'll load his pix so you warn him for me lol.

Ok go to go...will come back in a few hours with the pix...see y'all later.

Tuesday 3 July 2007

Personality: Oris Erhuero

I don't know how many know this guy, Oris Erhuero? I just discovered him myself. How many of you have seen 'Sometimes in April'? Well, he played the role of Honore, the journalist younger brother of the lead role actor, Augustine (Idris Elba). Remember him now?

I loved his role and acting in that movie not knowing he is Nigerian...I just recently read a small article on him and was surprised to discover he's from Delta State.

Oris is not as popular as the likes of Wale Agbaje, Chiwetel Ejiofor etc, but he's made a name for himself in the movie business...

Here's a little bio on him...

Oris was Born in London, England on September 23, 1968, the oldest of 7 children of a much loved and respected Nigerian (Urohbo) family, in his childhood, Oris Erhuero, was accustomed to tagging along with his Mum to her job at the National Theatre of London, where he was first intrigued to pursue the craft of the performing arts.

In his early days, he was further inspired to follow a career in lights when he was attending the Beaufoy School, in Kennington Park, London where he discovered his passion for acting. From that first spark, throughout his primary & secondary school days, on to University and beyond, he has used and continues to employ, his life experiences, classical Shakespearean training, [Lamda, (UK)], natural athleticism and endless energy to further develop his love for and contribution to the arts, into a rewarding career encompassing many genres of the entertainment industry.

Oris first came to make the United States his home in 1987, and is currently based in Los Angeles. His natural athleticism and adeptness with visual storytelling serves him well in his numerous intense and action-packed roles.

Oris with Idris Elba

Some of his movie roles...

The Adventures of Sinbad (Rongar, series star), Highlander 4: Endgame (as Winston, with Christopher Lambert), Black Mask II (Wolf)]. In his lead role of, Honore, in Sometimes in April, he exhibits a moving and poignant, complex character portrayal of one of two brothers, [Honore & brother, Augustin, played by Idris Elba, (the Wire,)] that tells a deeper story, one of the many untold tales, that were the result of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.

No stranger to comedy, Oris is as comfortable and undeniably capable, with the role of (Leon), the con artist in the dark comedy, A Lousy Ten Grand or guest-star television appearances, as his is with the weight and intensity of the title role in Othello, which he performed on the London stage.

The wide range of roles that he has played have demonstrated his diversity as a performer, as is evidenced by his affinity for and ability with various dialects [American, British, African, European] as well as, his chameleon-like visual transformations, from incarnations such as "Rongar" to his portrayal of "Honore".

Along with his numerous film credits, Oris has appeared in international campaigns for the highest esteemed clients in the world fashion industry, including, Armani, Ferre, Dior and Versace.

Perhaps his most important life accomplishment,... Oris is a proud single-father of a beautiful daughter, 3 years old. On June 16, 2004, Oris was named father of the year by the National Fatherhood Inititive at the "Golden Dad" Awards held in Los Angeles.

The guy is damn cute...I keep saying some women are daaaamn lucky.

Anyone know more stuff about this guy they want to share with the rest of us? Please tell us more about him.

BTW, I met Mrs Somebody yesterday. Incredibly pleasant lady. I don't know what all the talk of loosing weight is all about...she looks damn good. So far I've met two bloggers...Tayoodukoya and Mrs somebody...2 down, many more to go. Tonypayne looking forward to seing you.


Genevieve Nnaji quote

My all time favourite Naija actress. Here's a snippet from an interview she granted recently...enjoy!

What would you say has kept you going all these years?
I'm always happy and relaxed. Nobody can stay happy 24 hours but I'm content with my life. I am content with where God has placed me. I am content with my work. I am comfortable and I thank God for it.

Which range of cosmetics do you use?
Mostly I use Seido products. I also use Seven face wipe.

What do you love eating most?
Chocolates and cakes. That's the biggest problem I have. That is why I punish myself at the gym because I know I can't stop myself from eating what I want. I call it eating your cake and having it.

How much would you say you're worth?
I am rich in the lord. I am a comfortable young woman but I am not too rich, so I don't actually know how much I'm worth.

Is it true that you are the highest paid artiste in Nigeria?
I think that's a speculation. I don't ever talk about my fees.

Did you ever enrol as a student in a tertiary institution in Ghana?
No. I was in Ghana to record my album, I spent less than three weeks there.

Do you have a serious relationship?
No, I don't.

How soon would you like to settle down?
I'm not in a hurry to do that at all. If I were not careful, I would have done that a long time ago. You need to find the right person to settle down with. The source for settling down should not come before the reason for settling down. So if I find the right person, I've found the reason to settle down.

What are the characteristics you are seeking in a dream man?
It has to be somebody who can stand all my wahala because I have alot of it. Though its's not too much for a real man to handle.

Have you heard Omotola's music?

How would you rate it?
No comment!

If you were not an actress, what would you have been?
A lawyer. That's why I argue a lot on set. It's in-born.

Which of the hollywood stars would you like to star with in a movie?
Johnny Depp and Angelina Joile.
Sexy, hot, talented Genevieve Nnaji. What do you think of her?

Monday 2 July 2007

'Eye Of God'

This awesome picture was taken sometime ago by NASA, from the hubble telescope.

They say it's the 'Eye of God'

Whether you believe it or not does not matter...just make a wish as you stare at it...
Did you make a wish? Get your loved ones to come see this picture...it's awesome! And it might just be the 'eye of God'...?

Sunday 1 July 2007

I'm Back + Naija Entertainment Gists.

I’m soooooo glad to be back…who has missed me? lol. Trust me it wasn’t easy ignoring my laptop for one week…so many times I wanted to blog but there was always something very important to do…

I haven’t done any real blogging in two weeks have I? Two weeks ago I went totally nuts…posting and deleting, posting and deleting…I know I drove some people crazy, surprised a lot too…pardon me abeg, it was emotions…I was just going through something that messed with my spirit…I went crazy and did some things that when I look back now I don’t regret at all… but I’m back to normal again lol…I’m happier than I’ve been in ages…things are just going so well for me right now…

So I’m back to blogging but I don’t know about bigger, bolder and better lol. It’s been crazy busy in the office…when I think about it that was actually the reason I needed some time off…we are presently working on two big projects.

The first is Style Night: A fashion, modeling, music, comedy and dance show.
Date: July 28th
Time: 8pm till dawn
Gate: N1, 000
Venue: Moods Bar, 57, Ogunlana Drive, Surulere, Lagos.
Featuring: 3 designers (+ lingerie), 15 models, 3 musicians (including Rugged man, Spiderman), 3 comedians, 2 dance groups…it will be so much fun.

If you’re a reader of this blog, you get two free tickets to the show. Just call Alfred on 08026013965 and tell him you read about the show on my blog.

The second project is my TV show called Catwalk With Linda.
This show will be like a mini modeling/fashion show/competition on TV. The show will involve a stage, runway, models, judges, and an audience. We are hoping to start shooting in about 2/3 weeks…

I have to make an announcement here….if you’re a girl between 16/25, think you have the potential to be a model, never modeled before, want the opportunity and don’t mind being on TV, then you need to get in touch with us.

Also, we need hairstylists, make up artists, fashion stylists, boutiques to clothe the models and moi, Jewellers, Millinery designers…

If you’re interested in working with us, contact us at:
Blackdove Communications
7a, Adeniyi Adefioye Str., by Ogosco Bus-stop, Ikate, Surulere, Lagos.
Tel: 01-8509898, 08033595004

Casting for potential models for Catwalk with Linda is Thursday and Friday 5th and 6th July 2007. Time 9 am. It’s for guys and girls, At the office.

Also, we are looking for about 70 members of the audience…if you’re interested please call Jackson on 08036429347 so he can book you for our pilot shoot. Apart from all the fun and meeting celebrity judges, there will be souvenirs and gift items from us and our sponsors…it will be so much fun.

That said, let’s check out some Naija entertainment gists

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde acquires N5m Lincoln Navigator Jeep
Sexy actress, singer and mother of four, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde just took delivery of a red Lincoln Navigator jeep which she said has always been her dream car. The way our entertainers are buying jeeps these days is crazy...there's a running joke that you can't differentiate a rich man and an entertainer as most entertainers now cruise around town in exotic cars. The big boys have stopped buying regular jeeps and go for really expensive cars they hope our Naija entertainers can't afford lol.

Nkem Owoh arrested in Holland
Rumour has it that star actor, Nkem owoh was arrested and detained by dutch security operatives on Saturday June 16th 2007 at the Grand Café on South East Amsterdam Holland, where he had gone to perform his popular song, ‘I go chop your dollar’. Everyone at the venue was rough-handled and over 200 people arrested, including the star actor. No official reason was given for the arrest. They’ve all been released though

Kenny St. and Eddy Montana marriage crashes
Gist has it that the once rosy marriage between top gospel artist and sibling to Kenny Ogungbe, Kenny St. Brown, and hip hop singer and former Remedies star, Eddy Montana, has broken down. The two are said to have broken up since March and have lived separately since then with Eddy keeping their daughter and Kenny keeping their son. The whole gist of the break up is really messy and too long so I won’t even go into details…but the whole blame of the break up was placed on Eddy, who they say called off the marriage for reasons best known to him.

Two people I know who got married 2/3 years ago are also getting divorced. I guess marriage ain’t as rosy as some of us think…the best thing is to be patient and prayerful, God will find us the right partner.

Nduka Obaigbena’s event center
Thisday Newsapaper publisher Nduka Obaigbena is set to open an ultra modern event centre located on the popular Lekki/Ajah Expressway. The place has been described as the largest events venue in Africa. The state-of-the-art complex sits on a large expanse of land measuring about 160 by 120 metres. The centre is built on three floors and is made of steel and aluminium cladding. It has a capacity to sit 15, 000 people and 26, 000 standing. It also has a VIP lounge and ample parking lot capable of parking 1, 300 cars comfortably. The official commissioning of the place will coincide with the annual Thisday Music Festival holding July 12. This is one show I hope I won't miss. I love John Legend to bits...I think the gate fee is 10 grand? We'll see...
That's all the entertainment gist I have for now...I'll get you more in a few days...

On a different note, someone came to see me at work some days ago, she thought I was heart broken and wanted to come console me. After spending 30 minutes with me, she said girl you better shut up about being heart broken. You’ve never seen a broken woman before…she said I seem happier than most…when I really think about it, I don’t think I was heart broken, I think I was just hurt and angry but I’ve let all that go…my heart is still intact and ready to love again…I don't have that much time on my hands right now but if it's romance? kissing? Please I have time for that one o lol. So whoever you are, wherever you are…find me! Thought to chip that in…lol.

Meanwhile, there’s this anonymous who has been sending me very hateful comments, whoever you are, get off my blog and go get a life! If you don't like your life...buy a gun and put it to good use. And if you have a job, please use your next salary to check yourself into a psyche ward…you're demented. How can you live with all that anger and hatred inside you?…Sad life!

Ok that was me being mean…pardon yours truly, but the anon just about got on my last nerve…sad people, they disgust me!

To better things, with everything that's happened to me in the last two weeks, I learnt one very important lesson…and that is, nothing happens to us by accident…everything happens for a purpose, the way it was destined to happen…so never look back in regret and never question God why your life isn’t going the way you want it to go…he already knows your future, so he’ll gear your present to fit his future plans for you…Take life as it comes, be thankful for everything you have and never question God.

No matter what it is you’re going through in life right now; remember that the distance between your problems and its solution is the distance between your knees and the floor. Talk to humans only after you’ve talked to God…

Ok, go to go…Muah! That’s me blowing you a kiss…I don’t know who taught me that…Mimi, Toni Payne, I’m a babe, Nyemoni, Naija babe, Catwalq, Wienna? One of you did sha!

There’s just so much I’m thankful for, one of which is knowing I have friends in some of you out there. I know some people are two-faced, but there are some who are sincere. To all you sincere ones who really care, I love you back in the best way anyone can love a stranger. I wish you all the best in every single thing you do.

See y’all tomorrow.

Muah once again! Ciao!

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