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Saturday 22 August 2009

Banking In Nigeria + Peter Okoye's new look

Have you guys been reading, hearing and watching all the things that I have in the last week or so about the banking industry in Nigeria? I don't think I've ever bought as many papers as I have in the last four days. There's fire on the mountain o...or is it being overly exaggerated like some people think? I have read so many articles written by different people with different schools of thought, that at this point all I can do is wait and see.

What do you guys think is going on? Is it exactly like the CBN is putting it or is there something else? Like a conspiracy?

~Somebody pointed out that former CBN Gov Charles Soludo removed the arabic inscription that used to be on the naira note when he changed the notes.

~I also read in one of the papers that the banking industry is being controlled by the Southerners and the Northerners arent happy about that.

~Some people are also wondering why the CBN didnt wait to finish the auditing of all banks before taking action.

~ The CBN wants to sell it's shares (Shares they acquired via bail out money) in the affected banks to individuals. Who will they be selling this shares to? And can they do that?

~And is it true that Charles Soludo's company is really owing banks N32billion?

~ The EFCC plan to arraign the sacked bank MDs and directors next week, and will be jailed if found guilty.

~Erastus Akingbola of Intercontinental Bank and Mrs Cecilia Ibru have still not reported to the EFCC. They are out of the country

~ Erastus Akingbola has taken the CBN to court over his removal

~ The CBN governor wants to reduce the number of banks in Nigeria from 24 to 15. Is that feasible?

~And is it OK to publish names of debtors on all national newspapers? Is that done in civilized societies?

I personally welcome the reforms going on the banking industry as long as it's done with good intentions and not some sort of war against some people...

What do you guys think?

By the way, we don't have that many billionaires in Naija. They owe too much money to be called billionaires

News of the day
EFCC freezes accounts of ex-bank MDs
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has frosen the accounts of the sacked managing directors and executive directors of the five banks taken over by the Centarl Bank of Nigeria. And in other to forestall the transfer of funds from the accounts of the sacked MDs and Execs, EFCC has oredered that no withdrawal should be allowed in the accounts until further notice.

Wyclef to host MAMA Awards

Urban music Legend and hip hop rebel Wyclef John is the host of this year's MTV Africa Music Awards with Zain (MAMA AWARDS) holding in Nairobi Kenya on October 10 2009. Wyclef will perform live along the hottest contemporary music talents from across Africa, Kenya's Wahu, M.I, SA's Lira and Ghana's Samini.
On hosting the MAMA's, Wyclef says "The prodigal son is returning home. Anything can happen."

Peter Okoye's new look

Peter feeling cool...lol.

Photo of the day

Please leave Caster Semenya alone, she's female. What the hell???

Great weekend.

Pete Edochie speaks on his kidnap and release

Kidnappers grouse
They warned me to let the government know exactly how they feel. They expressed dissatisfaction about the way politicians live in affluence while they suffer in abject poverty. According to them the politicians have engaged in flamboyant living at their own expense. So they are beginning to get their own of the national cake, even though the people will not like the system they employ. But that is that is the only way they can get their slice according to them. They know that government will run around to get me out. I am happy about the government concern while I was in captivity. Government sympathy was practicalised and I am happy that I’m free.

I have read in some newspapers that N10million was paid. I was the person who was captured and I don’t know where and when the ransom was paid. Whoever it was that paid N10M should come and tell me who it was paid to. Whatever amount they had demanded, if they did, would have been addressed to me who was in captivity. So I cant understand where this ransom thing came from.

Missed target
They told me I wasn’t their target, that I ran into them and they said okay let the government know the way they feel if they hold somebody the government recognizes. And I was surprised that the news spread all over the world. I don’t know that my personality has risen so high in that dimension

VIP treatment
I was surprised that they took care of me. They offered me beer and I drank it. I slept on a mattress with leaves for bedspread and I know that nobody who had suffered this fate had been so wonderfully treated. They know me as an actor. They know I am not a politician. I have never headed any panel with money to be disturbed. Where is the money? So if you say you are quite sure they captured me for monetary gains, except you are part of the arrangement, I don’t know how you came about that.

Measure to curb kidnapping
That is the question I have been expecting. I told Gov Obi (Anambra State Gov) that last time we had a seminar on security in Enugu at the 82 division; I was recommending that we introduce what we call social security. Social security, as obtained in America, is a situation that you register individuals, male and female with their respective qualification, who are unemployed and ensure that every week they collect some allowances at least to help keep body and soul together. If you are entitled to some allowance to sustain life, the possibility of expending your energy in negative undertaking would have been eliminated. So I'm advising the govt at federal and state levels to ensure that they engage people reasonably.
Value system
It is simple. If the politicians can play down on the flamboyant life they live, that will affect the psyche of those young men who engage in those anti-social activities positively.
Source: Saturday Sun
Question of the day: Do you guys agree with Pete Edochie on the introduction of social security in Nigeria? Will that in any way curb this menace that has gripped the nation?

Photos of the day
Olomu Bridge and Access Road in Delta State

Pix thanks to TrueFace OfDelta

Centage Superstar Lagos Audition in Pictures...

This audition took place on Tuesday August 18th in Lagos...
Check out the pix...

Pix thanks to Kenny Ogungbe...

Yes Concert After Party + Mr Solek Live

EVENT: “CELEB CELEB” (A Carnival Saturday Celebrity Special)

HOST: DJAMUSIC & Saturday Nights with Dj Abass & “YES CONCERT After-Party” (Meet & greet stars from the concert) + WONDER BOY SOLEK (Upstairs)

DATE: Saturday, 29, August, 2009

VENUE: Planet Nollywood, 319 Camberwell rd, London, SE5 0HQ

TIME: 10pm – 4.30am

DESCRIPTION: “Celeb Celeb” is a night dedicated to celebrating and entertaining visiting Naija celebrities in town for the carnival weekend + performing stars @ the Yes Concert. So, come and party with ur favourite celeb as they pop their bubblies and lounge in the VIP section.

DOWNSTAIRS: DJS: Abass, Whateva, Shola-B & MC Data. MUSIC POLICY: ‘Everytin’ UPSTAIRS: The distinctive sounds of London’s supreme indigenous act..WONDER BOY MR SOLEK + Band.

DRESS CODE: Smart & Sexy (No Trainers, Caps or SportsWear)
ADMISSION: £10 b4 12, More thereafter.
INFO: 07946811253 WEB: www.djamusic.com

Tuesday 18 August 2009

Naija Entertainment News

I want to be open again today. The last time I did this alot of people were shocked. Well, you are about to be more shocked, because I am about to write something that will leave you all speechless. Something that happened to me, something I souldn't be writing on the www, but I just can't hold it in any longer. I have to share this. Hope you are ready for this onslaught...OK, here we go, you see, yesterday I...

Na lie, I no write anything...amebo, already salivating...lol
Just playing people... :-)

Enjoy entertainment news...all courtesy City People Magazine
Lots of it...'cos you're worth it! *wink*

MTN set to hireWe hear that MTN Nigeria will soon be going on a recruitment drive. The company is set to hire more hands for some of its departments. We hear that some staffs will be sent to call centresand , while other departments will also see an increase in the number of staff. Recall that City People told you about two months ago after zain sacked a generation of workers that MTN vowed to employ instead of sack any member of its workforce.

Some Island Big Boys, all in a bid to satiate themselves, have imbibed unholy ways to enjoy themselves. They have devised another means of enjoying homosexuality at the Victoria Garden City (VGC). Just of recent, it was reported that some Big Boys on the Island were fond of luring young men into homosexuality as they invite them for private parties. At these secret parties, Life on the Island can reveal that these unrepentant homosexuals would do all sort of things which jnclude, love-making and strong intake of drugs. In the past, hotels were booked for such parties, but now Big Boys on the Island perpetrate the evil acts in their homes. Investigation revealed that most of the guys invited for such parties are usually N20,000 or N30,000 richer after every meeting.

DAREY ART ALADE is rounding up work on his first International album, which is to be released in America. He’s been working with COBHAMS ASUQUO, Ayodele Basil, Patrick Mathias and Grammy nominated American producer, Kurt Clayton. Most of the songs will be reflecting the triumphs and travails enveloping a passionate music stffortar like him, coming from Africa.

Uchenna Anyanwu a.k.a J.Young is a new act that has just been signed on the stables of Amadon Entertainment. The Accounting graduate of Federal Polytechnic, Nekede,Owerri, has a new single out titled ‘Mo Ti De’- ‘I Don Come’. and was produced by Chris Okoro. The song is a fusion of Afro Hip-Hop laced with indigenous lyrics.

This telecommunications giant is the only indigenous company that doesn’t hesitate in opening up its vaults as wide as possible when it comes to its marketing communications efforts and at the same time reward more than adequately (at least in this part of the world), models being used in its advertising campaign. This is in addition to recognising and rewarding our own music stars. Well, the gist of the matter is that, the present crop of GLO Ambassadors who are Nollywood stars were each paid 15 million for a two year contract. And this is authoritative.

The trio of B-Eazy, Moyo and DJT and T all collectively known as Amplifyd Crew, are set to quit music. In fact, have all gone to pursue other interests individually and it isn’t likely they will embracing music anytime soon. Recall they released a single in 2006 called ‘Naija Till I Die’. Their other claim to fame?

Alfred Atungu a.k.a. 6 foot Plus, would by now have graduated from a 4 month course in a Bible school in Abuja. The former SWATROOT member has said that it would not stop him from making music and was in fact on the verge of releasing an album before some ugly calamities befell him and prevented him from releasing it. Not only did he survive a ghastly motor accident, he also lost his younger sister within that period. Concerning the Bible School, he has said that he chose to follow the path of truth and righteousness which is the best that can happen to a man.

Former member of the group Maintain, Tolu is currently working on his albums in which he featured artistes like Big Bamo and Kwam 1. The married banker disclosed to us that he is not in any way ready to quit hi banking job for his musical career. He also has two hit singles Taku and Alele playing on radio nationwide currently.

Loads of people have been expecting to see the video of Big Boy but all are confused about the shape the video is coming out with. That is so because the Big Boy song itself has got several remixes. It’s no news again that Eldeee is not satisfied with videos that are shot in Nigeria, so he plans to do the Big Boy remix he did with Yung Joc, the foreign artiste foreign artiste instead of the original version.

Konga, remember him? He is an artiste that speaks in African latin as many will say. The artiste, who recently put together a listening party, is set to shoot a new video ‘King Kong’ an dplans to launch a new album soon.

Ex-Kush (musical group) member, Lara George, is out with her new single now making waves on radio Stations. This include the songs ‘Run with You’, which features Lord of Ajasa, Ko Le Baje and Halleluya, featuring Midnight Crew’s Pat Uwaje King. The video of Run With You is expected to be released this month.

Fast rising artiste, Lyte Johnson, real names, Hellen Johnson, who was the darling of fans at the just concluded MONSTER MUSIQ BEACH GROOVE, held at the Oniru beach, weeks back, is set to release her debut album. The versatile and beautiful talent, has concluded plans to drop her debut album and she is presently busy working on publicity for the album. Born in the late 80s, Lyte started singing when she was a child as a member of the children choir in church. However she started her professional music career in 2005, when she was then known as Unique Bell. The promo copy of her upcoming album is already in circulation and most of her songs are currently enjoying serious airplay, as she has been touted as the best next thing in the music industry. Hellen is from Akwa Ibom State.

Artistes with new singles ruling the airwaves are Emem Ema of Kush fame, B-elect whose single is called ‘Banging’ and X-project’s ‘Get Down’ featuring Lord of Ajasa, including ‘2 Much Money’ featuring M.I. While those with new albums are TY Bello, whose second solo album will soon be ready, Kleva J of ‘Igbro Ti Daru’ fame,whose debut album he calls ‘I’m Chuddy K’ will be out next month. Not also forgetting Rooftop MCs album release scheduled for next month, titled ‘Drunken Masters’.

She is one young babe who has done a full album of 11 tracks and 2 skit. But for now, she is promoting one track named Queen of Collabo. She is based in Abuja, and her plan is to be the youngest female rapper, though Queen of Collabo is a Konta Galala Hip-Hop song. The album contains rap, the kind of rap Naija people want. She plans to wear a mask for her musical video.


Bolanle Okhira

D’Banj’s creation, Koko Mansion finally came to an end on August 9th, 2009. The grand finale saw Bolanle Okhira, a Lagos state University undergraduate as the winner and the newly crowned kokolet to go home with 5 million naira, a Chris Aire (Ice Man) diamond ring, a posh BMW car and will be D’Banj’s official escort for one year.

More to come...
Be good!

Nigerian Music stars begin hunger strike on August 25, Sept 1 declared no music day

c/o NARI Secretariat,
272, Ikorodu Road, Lagos
Phone: 01-4736873, 07081907404
E-Mail: musicnaija@yahoo.com

True to its vow at a world press conference held in Lagos on July 15, the coalition of major associations in the Nigerian music industry has begun the mobilization of stakeholders throughout the country for the commencement of an indefinite mass hunger strike to draw the attention of the world to the intolerable amount of piracy that is devastating the music industry in Nigeria. The mass hunger strike is planned to commence on August 25.

As a prelude to the strike, there will be an important rally of stakeholders in the Nigerian music industry at the premises of the National Theatre, Lagos at 10.00am on August 25. The rally will offer an opportunity to artistes and investors across the industry to network and devise strategies to frontally attacking the piracy scourge that is plundering the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Further to the hunger strike, the coalition has resolved that a powerful delegation of industry stakeholders will proceed to the National Assembly in Abuja on September 1 to express the frustration of the industry over the lukewarm and ineffective attitude of the government to attacking the piracy cancer that is fast eating away the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of Nigerians and destroying the Nation’s image.

The coalition is also requesting all broadcast organizations in the country to show solidarity with the plight of the Nigerian entertainment industry by observing September 1, 2009 as “NO MUSIC DAY”. Consequently, broadcasting stations across Nigeria are requested not to broadcast music between the hours of 6 am and 6 pm on September 1. Artistes across the country are also requested not to engage in any musical performance on “NO MUSIC DAY”

It will be recalled that at the Press Conference held at Protea Hotel, Ikeja on July 14, the coalition had called on President Yar’ Adua to declare a State of Emergency with respect to the fight against piracy in Nigeria and to muster the necessary resources to eradicate the monster. The coalition had also called on the President to take the following specific actions:-

1. Set up a Governing Board made up of Nigerians of proven commitment and integrity to design and supervise the activities of the Nigerian Copyright Commission in accordance with the Nigerian Copyright Act as the records show that for more than five years, the Nigerian Copyright Commission has only had a Board for a period of a few months in 2005.

2. Direct the Nigerian Copyright Commission to immediately put on hold the process of approval of any new copyright collective management organization pending the IMMEDIATE convening of a stake holders conference on Collective Management to ensure that the process receives input from the stakeholders that will earn any organization emerging from the process the support of the industry.

3. Direct the Inspector General of Police to serve a warning to the traders at Alaba International Market in Lagos, the world’s biggest hotbed of piracy, that if within a specified period the traders do not clean up the market, the government will shut Alaba market down.

At the massively attended Press Conference, the coalition had noted that whatever efforts made so far to fight piracy in Nigeria had failed and rather than piracy being controlled or reduced in Nigeria, it was ravaging an entire generation of creative people. The coalition also warned that in desperation, practitioners in the Nigerian entertainment industry may soon be forced to take the laws into their hands in a desperate attempt to safeguard their investment and this may result in otherwise avoidable bloodshed.

The coalition made up of Performing Musicians Employers Association of Nigeria (PMAN), Nigerian Association of Recording Industries (NARI), Performing & Mechanical Rights Society Ltd/Gte (PMRS), Association of Music Business Professionals (AM.B-Pro), Music Label Owners & Recording Industries Association of Nigeria (MORAN), Music Label Owners Association of Nigeria (MULOAN,), Gramophone Records & Cassette Dealers (AGRECD), Music Advertisers Association Of Nigeria (MAAN). Audio /Video CD Sellers Association of Nigeria (AVCDSAN) also reminded the government that Nigeria may face sanctions from the international community because of the glaring failure to meet the nation’s obligations under the different conventions and treaties signed by our country to protect intellectual property rights of citizens of other nations which are wantonly infringed upon in Nigeria alongside those of Nigerian nationals.

Efe Omorogbe
For: The Nigerian Music Industry Coalition

The Tenant

International Award winning Movie by Nigerians set to premiere in Lagos.

Today, Broken Manacles Entertainment, announced the forthcoming premiere of their multiple award winning movie called: The TENANT™. The movie which was also written, produced, and directed by Jude Idada and Lucky Ejim, two Nigerian emigrants in Canada was shot at various locations in Canada and Nigeria with Dare ‘BabaDee’ Fasasi as co-director.

Faced with the onerous challenge of breaking into Hollywood, the duo of Lucky Ejim, and Jude Idada founded the film production company called Broken Manacles Entertainment Inc.
The movie has already won international accolades that include: Audience Choice Award, Best Feature Film–(Hollywood Black Film Festival2009), Beverly Hills, California;
Best Feature Film – (Moving Image Film festival2008), Toronto Canada.

The movie billed to premiere in Lagos sometime in October, 2009 at the cinemas tells the tale of the average African emigrant in search of a better future for himself and his family: Obinna, a Nigerian refugee in Canada, faces deportation in 30 days. When all hope seems lost, a chance confrontation with Timothy, his terminally ill landlord, provides him an opportunity to remain in the country. Timothy who is a former immigration officer makes him a deal; he will intervene in his pending deportation if Obinna finds his estranged daughter Nicole and convinces her to see him one last time before he dies.

With the clock ticking, Obinna fights to save his dreams, in the course of which he stumbles on a discovery that will shake the very foundations of his beliefs.

So far the movie has been screened at various film festivals in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. In the words of the movie director Lucky Ejim: “…Some of the ideas that emanated from our research was the pain associated with the need to survive, to love and to forgive, but these words alone wasn’t enough to make an interesting film so we decided to quantify pain…” Following the screening in Canada, some of the guests had this to say: “.... This film makes Nigeria proud. Great storytelling, Great acting, Great Directing, There should be a part two” - His Excellency, Professor Iyorwuese Hager (High Commissioner of Nigeria to Canada);
“.... I loved this film. As a successful writer, I couldn’t even fathom the plot line, twists, reversals etc. The language was marvelous. The directing is superb. I am in awe.” - Robert Eisele Writer (The Great Debaters)

The official premiere of The TENANT™ would be preceded by a screening of the movie to the media and the online blogging community on the 16th of October, 2009. The movie trailer and additional information about the TENANT™ movie are available at: http://www.thetenantmovie.com/.

Press contacts: Gossim Daniels The Bobby Taylor Company prafrica@bobbytaylor.ca; [+234 706 2929 222]

Monday 17 August 2009

Actor Pete Edochie Kidnapped

Five unknown gunmen kidnapped movie star Peter Edochie in Onitsha, the commercial nerve centre of Anambra State yesterday on Tarzan junction, Nkpo, in Idemili North Local Government Area.

He was said to be on his way to his hometown, Nteje, in Oyi Local Government Area.

They took him away in their Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), shooting into the air to scare passersby.

Edochie’s car, which was abandoned at the scene, has been taken to Ogidi police station.

Reacting to the kidnap, his son, Uche Edochie disclosed that though the incident was obviously financially-motivated and one of many in a string of recent kidnappings of influential Nigerians, the kidnappers were yet to get in touch with the family, much less demand a ransom.

A manhunt has begun for the five-man gang, with the Commissioner of Police Uzor Amakulor, leading the operation.

A really sad thing to happen.

Yes Concert UK + Ruggedman Live in Dublin

FRIDAY, 28, AUGUST, 2009

Yes Records and R70 World UK present the UK edition of the World Tour that has rocked Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa. Featuring Yes Records artistes Steel (Omoge, South African Girl), GXPloits (Bolu Molu Merente, Tear Rubber) and Michael Word, DJ Zeez (O 4kasibe), J Martins (Good or Bad Oway), Eldee the Don (Bosi Gbangba, Big Boy) and multiple award winner 9ice (Gongo Aso).Also featuring DJ Abass and hosted by Wale Gates.
DATE: FRIDAY, 28th, AUGUST, 2009.
TIME: 7PM - 1AM.


Ruggedman live in Dublin
Start Time: Friday, August 28, 2009 at 10:00pm
End Time: Saturday, August 29, 2009 at 3:00am
Location: The Vaults D.1
Street: (Under Connolly Train Station) IFSC Harbourmaster Place, Dublin 1
City/Town: Dublin, Ireland
Phone: 0863401966
Email: xlusivez@yahoo.ie

RUGGEDY BABA AKA (Baraje Master) one of d most massive rap artist in Africa has been lined up for this summer Live at The Vaults (under Connolly Train station) IFSC Harbourmaster Place Dublin 1. RUGGEDMAN recently released his hugely anticipated single (O'BANGIN'SIMI'LETI) with SEMATECINO performing his debut single (GBASIBE) listening party. Appearance from (DS2B) & POPDOGGPapparazzi reception at gate wit lots of glitz and glamour and opportunities to take shots wit d artists on d red carpet..come along wit all ur peoples and ur clicks..

Be there!

Sunday 16 August 2009

Guinness 250 + MI and Iceberg Slim beef


Arthur Guinness Day is taking place on September 24th 2009. It will be a day of celebration with remarkable events taking place in Nigeria and across the globe in recognition of the remarkable 250 year anniversary of GUINNESS®.

On this day across the World Guinness drinkers will be invited to Raise a Glass to mark this remarkable milestone of 250 years of Greatness. That evening the Arthur Guinness Day events will be broadcast into bars around the world, bringing millions of GUINNESS adorers together to share Remarkable Greatness experience.


Now to music news courtesy www.questionmarkmag.com

MI and US Based rapper Iceberg Slim beef as MI becomes Chocolate City CEO

Remember we broke the news sometimes last week about the intended beef between rapper MI and US based Nigerian rapper Iceberg Slim.

Iceberg Slim at NEA

Iceberg Slim at NEA

The heat is on as MI finally released the track somebody wants to die, he gave an overall kick to those hating on his shine with lines like “Yes I do do BEEF but right now i’m fasting…You don’t even want it anyway so why you asking?…N**as want drama i’mma holla when i’m casting.”

Iceberg slim replied MI 48 hours and went ahead to release a youtube video addressing reasons why he dropped the lines “am I better than MI” in the first instance.In yet another freestyle of his he kicked subliminals “Somebody Wants To Die“, I’ll be responsible for the “Assassination” …let the countdown begin…(I told em it would be a M.I.stake, but they didn’t listen)


Already off the follow up album by M.I. is a collaboration with Tuface and Banky W with a video for Teaser featuring Pype to be released soon. MI2 as he intends to call the next album will come as he takes up the position as CEO of Chocolate City. What would happen to Audu Maikori?


Have a fab week ahead...

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