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Thursday 17 January 2008

Multiple Personality Disorder

Multiple Personality Disorder! Who believes there's such a thing? Anyone know somebody who plays different parts? One minute he's the person you know him to be, the next minute you wonder what's got into him?

I think I know someone who might have MPD...he scares me sometimes. One minute he's nice and generous, the next minute he's strange.

I used to think he just has a screw loose in his head but then I read this book 'The minds of Billy Milligan' by Daniel Keyes and became more conscious of such an ailment. I have heard of it, even watched movies that told stories of people who had it but I didn't grasp it until reading this book...then I realise my friend might just have it.

In Nigeria, we call mental illness, madness or spiritual attacks, 'cos that's the only explanation that sounds plausible to us...but the white man has a name for it, but how right are they?

In Nigeria, sometimes our medical experts find it difficult to diagnose an ailment...when the hospitals don't know what's wrong, our people go the traditional way.

But does Multiple Personality Disorder really exist? Or do extremely sad people looking for escape just give different names to their different personalities?

We all get moody sometimes. We fight, cry, get angry, get violent, get nice, friendly, bitchy, polite, rude etc, does it mean we have different personalities living inside us? Maybe! But we are still whole, and are conscious of what we do and say but there are those who can't handle reality.
Or are they just simply crazy?

Case study: Billy Milligan
Billy Milligan had 24 personalities in him. The first appeared when he was only 3yrs old and 22 others were created between that time till he turned 22, when he was arrested for armed robbery and the rape of three women.

One of his lesbian personalities supposedly raped the three girls and the core him, Billy, didn't even remember the crimes and he went on to be the first person to be found not guilty of a crime on the grounds of insanity due to multiple personality disorder in the State of Ohio, in the late 70's.

Billy's personalities
The initial list of ten, with their ages, paraphrased here from Daniel Keyes's book:
William Stanley Milligan "Billy", age 26, the core personality.
Arthur, 22. The Englishman
Ragen Vadascovinich, 23. The keeper of hate.
Allen, 18. The con man.
Tommy, 16. The escape artist.
Danny, 14. The frightened one.
David, 8. The keeper of pain.
Christene, 3. The corner child
Christopher, 13. Obedient but troubled
Adalana, 19. The lesbian
There were also personalities classed as "Undesirables" by the personality in charge. These personalities were deemed to have unworthy qualities and would not hold Billy's consciousness.
Philip, 20. The thug.
Kevin, 20. The planner.
Walter, 22. The Australian.
April, 19. The bitch.
Samuel, 18. The wandering Jew.
Mark, 16. The workhorse.
Steve, 21. The perpetual imposter.
Lee, 20. The comedian.
Jason, 13. The pressure valve.
Robert, 17. The daydreamer.
Shawn, 4. The deaf one.
Martin, 19. The snob.
Timothy, 15.
There is also the personality known as The Teacher, from whom the other personalities all learned their specialities, and who is the integration of all other personalities and the one true Billy

Can anyone shed more light on this topic. How do you help someone you think might have it? What triggers it? Is this ailment real or just a figment of some people's imagination?

Tuesday 15 January 2008

Naija Entertainment News

Emeka Ike builds N200m school
They say star actor, Emeka Ike, just completed a N200 million school in Magodo, Lagos.
Here's what he had to say about the school
Emeka Ike "Basically, I feel Nigerian youths deserve better and we are seeing how we can correct one or two anomalies in the academic sector. We have schools without laboratories, no quality class rooms, no good facilities, so we are trying our best to get Nigerian youths together. It took me a while to complete the school, because I have some projects and if you ask me I want to get into hotel business. I already have some things going on for me like real estate. I wanted to start building the hotel but decided to abandon the hotel business for the school project. We love children and all that. It was a huge investment. I believe in building the Nigerian youths. It's not all about money, we are here to impact."

Can I say something? Emeka Ike was one of the reasons I stopped watching home videos. I didn't particularly like his acting and was never a fan, but for what he's done for the Nigerian youth...I love him now and when next I see him, I will say hello or even get an autograph.
I wish y'all could see the school this guy built. Magnificent! From Hotel where he could make serious money to building a school...God bless Emeka Ike.

Okoya marries Shade
On Saturday January 12 2008, Chief Rasaq Okoya formally married his sweetheart of 9 years and mother of three of his children, Shade Okoya. The wedding attracted politicians, business moguls, fashionistas, socialites etc.
The compere was Bisi Olatilo
Make up was by Banke Meshida
Ego (Lagbaja's former back up singer) performed
Dakore Egbuson and Olumide Akande were there.
Okoya turned 68years old that same day.

Timi escapes death
The winner of 2007 Idols WA, Timi Dakolo, had a close shave with death at the presidential hotel P/Harcourt a few days back. They say he'd barely driven into the hotel when some Niger Delta militants seized the place. He had no choice but to remain inside his car park watching them unleash terror and horror on innocent people. About 20 mins into the incident, two of the militants moved towards his car and shot sporadically. The gun shot damaged his windscreen and the side glass while about 15 bullets graved his head. As if that was not enough, they moved towards him to check if he was alive, but Timi was wise enough to pretend he was dead. Immediately after the incident, he was taken to the hospital where he stayed for a week. He had 16 stitches on his head and is now gradually healing.
Thank God for his life!

Ini Edo's new love
They say his name is Philip Ehiagwina. He's from Edo state, a divorcee and a car dealer, based in the US. He's said to be in his 30's.

Akon and Faze finally seal deal
Contrary to the rumour making rounds that Akon is no longer interested in any recording contract with Faze, the CEO of Konvict Music on Dec 29th 2007, declared that he never for once denied Faze. Akon's words "I can't afford to deny Faze. The delay in the deal is as a result of a market structure in Africa and other neccessary things that need to be put in place". He later gave him the same kind of contract papers he gave T.Pain, to study, after which they might put pen to paper. Meanwhile, Faze is working on a remix album to be released by Feb 2008.

Wasiu Ayinde's wife delivers second child in U.K
Hajia Jemila, wife of King of Fuji Music, KWAM1, delivered a cute baby girl in the UK on Jan 9. 2008. The baby is the woman's second child and the King's...?

Ken Okonkwo remarries secretly for the third time
They say star actor Ken Okonkwo just got married for the third in Dec 2007, at Nsukka, Enugu State. I don't know how true this is. His first wife was Ogechi Ezekiel, the second, Nancy Ekedo. Now there's a new bride. Well...congrats to him.

Saint Obi gets first baby
Handsome actor Saint Obi and his family are back in the country. Saint and his wife, Linda had been in the US for months for the delivery of their first child. They happy couple gave had a boy who has since been christened Dera Saint Obi Jr. And they said he just added a BMW 750li to his garage.

Dare and Deola Alade also get first baby
Dare's wife, Deola, on Dec 28, gave birth to the couple's first child. A boy! He was delivered in a london hospital. A big congrats to them

Timaya on the rise
They say since he released his album, fortune has been smiling on him. He recently moved into a 4room duplex in P/Harcourt. It also has a lobby, and an audio studio. He also just bought a Toyota Camry, Toyota Spider and a power bike. People love this guy and his song. The thing is...I have never heard it. But everyone can't be wrong. More grease to his elbow.

There's someone else y'all need to look out for. He's a rapper called MI and he has a single called Crowd Mentality. Why should you look out for him? He got 2 standing ovations at the FUTURE AWARDS. He has the tightest lyrics I have heard in a long time.

Ok, that's all for now. I try abi?

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Monday 14 January 2008

Future Award & Golden Globe Winners


This is the dress I wore to the Grammy Future Awards, made by designer, Steve Ray.
Fine or fined?
Somebody said to me at the event 'If you wear this to an occasion like this, what are you going to wear on your wedding day?" With the tail and all...lol
You can check out more pix from the event here http://niyitabiti.blogspot.com/
Chimamanda Adichie is young person of the year
I was at the 2008 Future Awards...It held yesterday, Sunday 13th 2008 at the Muson Centre.
My first outing in months and it was worth it. Now, I understand why people dress up to go to events.

So, I got one of my designers to make me a dress...Steve Ray, and the dress he made..well, when you guys see the pictures from the event...you can laugh or love it.

Like I said, the event was worth my time and energy. It was a red carpet event and I enjoyed every moment of it. Finally met Toni Payne and Bobby Taylor...ain't that grand?

Saw people I haven't seen in ages and exchanged a few phone numbers.

The high point of the event for me was when Former minister of Education and Vice President of the World Bank, Mrs Obi Ezekwesili gave her opening speech. She said something I will never forget..."You choose a life of ease? How degrading!"

One day this phrase will mean something very special...I promise you that!

'Cos I got to go to work, I can't write all I wanna say so let me go straight to the list of winners

Actor of the Year
Ali Nuhu
(never heard of this guy...he must be good to have won)
He beat the other finalists, Genevieve Nnaji and Nonso Diobi.

Artist of the Year
Oghenekaro Okporiereie
He beat Seyi Taylor and Jide Alakija

Best Use of Technology
Dele Odufuye

The other finalists were Olufemi Akande and Blue Labs Technology

Best Use of Advocacy
Toyosi Akerele.
She beat UNITes and Emmanuel Etim

Musician of the Year
(Who else?)
He beat PSquare and Olu Maintain

Enterpreneur of the Year
Bukola Adubi.
Other two finalists were Funke Bucknor-Obruthe and Tosin Dekalu

Music Producer of the Year
ID Cabassa
He surprisingly beat Don Jazzy and MOSA

Screen producer of the Year
Mak Kusare. Don't know this guy. I expected Joke Jaiyesimi to win. That's one hard working young woman. She was behind Music Africa and presently the producer of Nigeria's hippest TV programme, HipTV and is working on other projects. Lamide Opere was also a finalist.

Enterpreneur of the Year (Beauty & Style)
This is the category I was nominated in. It was won by
Banke Meshida-Lawal.
Sincerely, I'd expected Toni Payne to win...oh well. Muyiwa Osindero was a finalist.

Journalist of the Year
Abdulkareem Baba Aminu
Azuh Amatus and Samson Adeoye were finalists

Magazine of the Year
Soundcity Blast.
I've never seen this magazine but I hear it's cool. The other contenders were Applause and Juice Magazine.

On-Air Personality of the Year
Gbemi Olater-Olagbegi of Cool Fm
Denrele Edun and Lamide Akintobi were finalists

Professional of the Year
Ike Ochonogor
Noble Igwe and Omowale David Ashiru were finalists.

I didn't wait long enough to find out who won Young Person of The Year
1, Mikel Obi
2, Chika Nwobi
3, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Anyway, congrats to the organisers of the Award but one question I really want to know is...'What's your criteria for choosing winners?"

As soon as I get pictures and from the event will let y'all see it.

One thing I learnt from yesterday is no matter how difficult it is, keep striving, never give up, dare to dream and believe you can fly. Despite your background or circumstances, you can overcome and become. It's really up to YOU!

And like Obi Ezekwesili said 'You choose the life of ease? How degrading!"
It's OK not to want to stress yourself and work your butt off to make a living, it's OK to rely on Daddy's money and never lift a finger, it's even OK to attach yourself to a rich man and live the easy life...but don't expect to be called on stage to give speeches, don't expect to be nominated for awards, don't expect to inspire the young generation, but mostly, don't expect people to mention your name as a role model or walk to you and say 'one day I want to be like you or surpass your achievements'. Just be content with who you are!

Ok enough of Future Awards, let's go international

Winners of Golden Globe Award, which held yesterday also. There was no glitz or glamour at this year's event due to writer's strike. It was reduced to a news conference...

Picture, Drama: "Atonement."
—Actress, Drama: Julie Christie, "Away From Her."
—Actor, Drama: Daniel Day-Lewis, "There Will Be Blood."
—Picture, Musical or Comedy: "Sweeney Todd."
—Actress, Musical or Comedy: Marion Cotillard, "La Vie En Rose."
—Actor, Musical or Comedy: Johnny Depp, "Sweeney Todd."
—Supporting Actress: Cate Blanchett, "I'm Not There."
—Supporting Actor: Javier Bardem, "No Country for Old Men."
—Director: Julian Schnabel, "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly."
—Screenplay: Ethan Coen and Joel Coen, "No Country for Old Men."
—Foreign Language: "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly," France and U.S.
—Animated Film: "Ratatouille."
—Original Score: Dario Marianelli, "Atonement."
—Original Song: "Guaranteed" from "Into the Wild."

—Actress, Drama: Glenn Close, "Damages."
—Actor, Drama: Jon Hamm, "Mad Men."
—Series, Musical or Comedy: "Extras," HBO.
—Series, Drama "Mad Men," AMC.
—Actress, Musical or Comedy: Tina Fey, "30 Rock"
—Actor, Musical or Comedy: David Duchovny, "Californication."
—Miniseries or Movie: "Longford," HBO.
—Actress, Miniseries or Movie: Queen Latifah, "Life Support."
—Actor, Miniseries or Movie: Jim Broadbent, "Longford."
—Supporting Actress, Series, Miniseries or Movie: Samantha Morton, "Longford."
—Supporting Actor, Series, Miniseries or Movie: Jeremy Piven, "Entourage."

Ok, that's it for today. I promise to bring you NEN soon.

Thanks for all your love

Take care!

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