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Saturday 5 June 2010

"No regrets marrying 13yr old girl" Yerima

"About three years ago, I married out two of my daughters. One was 16 and the other was 17. And in December this year God willing, I will give out another of my 16-year-old daughter in marriage again. And nobody on earth can stop that marriage by the grace of God. Her name is Hafsat, she is currently a student in Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria. The potential husband is in the university in Cairo. As soon as it is December, the marriage will take place.  I have not broken any law and all I have done is guided by Islamic injunctions which are fully recognized by the Nigerian Constitution. I give out my daughters in marriage when they get husband. For example, if my fourth daughter, who is 14 now, gets a husband, I will gladly offer her to him. You see, nobody can dictate to me how I run my family or how I give my daughters out in marriage. People should mind their business." Paedophile Yerima tells Thisday Newspapers.

Read the rest of the interview here

Daniel Louisy, ST Lucian-British heartthrob on cover of Ladybrille Magazine

Oh dear...oh dear me...isn't he delicious?

This is the reason I'm still single. This is the kind of body I'd like to lay next to forever. The problem is, I only see men like this on mag covers, movies, and my dreams. *Sigh*
I'm too old to be dreaming huh? lol
But I hear there are lots of guys like this in Yankee...maybe I should relocate to that country for two months and find one...:-)

I saw this interview with Victoria Beckham where she was asked why she likes to sleep in the nude. She replied "If you slept in the same bed with David Beckham, would you sleep in a nightgown?"

No Victoria, I wouldn't. You lucky bitch...lol

Just kidding. The heart/soul/mind of a man is more important than his physical appearance. Yeah right, Linda. lol

Jada Pinkett-Smith naked on the cover of Essence magazine July issue


Pictures from Beauty and the Feast 2010 Reloaded

More pictures when you click more.


Introducing - Read more

Yeeeeeeeeh, I've learnt a new one. I now know how to break my post...so now you can select what you want to read and what you don't. All this long long articles sef dey tire me, so I asked someone to teach me how to insert jump breaks. What happens is you read the title of the post, a few lines on the post and if you want to read more, you click on read more. If you don't want to, you continue to the next post. How grand is that?
Let's try this. Click on read more below to read the rest of the post

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Friday 4 June 2010

All dead. Victims of the Cumbria shooting...

Victims: (from top to bottom) Garry Purdham, 31, Darren Rewcastle, Isaac Dixon, 65, Jane Robinson, 66, Susan Hughes, 57, Michael Pike, 64, Jamie Clark, 23, and David Bird, 52.

A British taxi driver, Derrick Bird, 52, (pictured left) went on gun rampage across western Cumbria two days ago and killed 12 people, including his twin brother and family lawyer. He's believed to have killed his brother David in his bed at his home in Lamplugh. He then lay in wait for the family lawyer, Kevin Commons and shot him too. Neither crime had been reported by 10.30 am when he drove his Citroen Picasso minicab back to the Whitehaven taxi park where he worked and gunned down Darren Rewcastle. Several other cab drivers narrowly escaped death. After this, Bird sped through villages executing complete strangers at random. His terrifying rampage ended only when he shot himself at a Lake District beauty spot.

Bird killed 12 people and injured 11.

Such a sad sad story!
May their souls rest in peace..amen.

Claudia Schiffer - The white woman in black-face

Claudia Schiffer has been accused of racial insensitivity after appearing on a magazine cover made up as a black woman.

The 39-year-old supermodel wore dark foundation and an afro wig in the shots taken by celebrated fashion designer and photographer Karl Lagerfeld.

Now the black folks are mad. They call the photos tasteless, offensive and insensitive.

The white folks call it ART! What do you call it?

Thursday 3 June 2010

Items of clothing men find unattractive

I read this article written by a Liz Jones on MSN today and found it quite interesting. I want to share.

They are items of clothing women think are fashionable, but men hate.
Liz Jones wrote the article, Linda Ikeji provided the pictures.
Check it out...

Trying to impress a man? Then don't wear any of the trendy items listed below. Because according to a survey on MSN, guys just can't stand them. A lot of men say they are total turn-offs


Headbands: Men don't like anything in our hair. Period! They like to be able to run their fingers through our hair (or the weave) without impediment.


Gladiator sandals: Men simply detest these. They take ages to put on and take off. And men think they make us appear short.

Jumpsuits: Men don't like it because they make us look shapeless. A guy was quoted as saying "Jumpsuits are the ultimate in women-dressing-for-other-women. Confusing and overly clever. At best you look like a toddler, at worst, my mum in the 70's"

Leggings: Men say the problem with leggings is that there's no mystery. Every contour is revealed. Another big moan from men is that too may women wear them, no matter their shape. which means too many sausage legs.



Dungarees: Who wants a woman who resembles a builder? Or who hides her breasts and waist behind a heavy sail-cloth of hard, nasty denim? 

Oversized sunglasses: A man said "If I see a woman wearing this, I know she's hiding something. A drink problem? A lie? Besides, you can never kiss a woman wearing a pair."

Tuxedo: Men are simple creatures. They like to see our legs, arms and maybe a bit of cleavage. What they don't want is braces and shirt studs.

Men don't like Gladiator sandals? Really? Na them sabi...I loves it. I wears it.
There's nothing else on this list I wear.
But this begs the question - Should women dress to impress men?
Do we dress to impress men?
Other women perhaps? 
Or should we dress for us?
Please share your thoughts...

Super Eagles arrive South Africa

Our national football team, the Super Eagles arrived South Africa yesterday.
In this pic - Assistant coach, Daniel Amokachi leads Haruna Lukman, Rabiu Afolabi and Dickson Etuhu into the Airport Lounge.

They will face Argentina on June 12th in their group's first match. Yes, yes, Argentina is that South American country with players like Messi, Tevez, Higuain and so on.

Dem go show us We go show dem pepper, just like we show Saudi Arabia and Colombia for those friendly matches :-)

Sharia Council Drags Mark, Bankole, NHRC to Court For Invading Senator Yerima's Right to His Family Privacy

This is too sad. Pitiful. And a shame!

According to reports in the news, there's a group called the Registered Trustees of Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria and they have dragged the heads of the two chambers of the National Assembly, and the National Human Right Commission (NHRC) to an Abuja High Court.

You know why? Because they support the marriage of Senator Ahmed Yerima to a 13 year old girl.

Read more


It’s been a keen contest amongst the eight street dance crews at the Malta Guinness Street Dance Competition, the race to clinch the top spot of the Malta Guinness Street Dance Africa championship can not be any competitive than what it is. 

At this stage of the competition, the eight crews gave a good account of themselves, putting up a highly creative and energy sapping choreographic dance steps in order to get the nod of the judges, to advance to the final of the Malta Guinness Street Dance Competition, which has changed the face of reality dance competition on TV in Nigeria.

 During the weeks at the booth camp, all the remaining eight crews were made to go through rigorous dance routines and different challenges, where the judges scored all crews based on the best execution of the tasks given to them week in week out.

At the end of this highly creative segment of the competition, the eight crews, namely, “FLAMES INSPIRED”, “X-FELLAZ”, “EYE SIX ONE”, “SOULJA GUYZ”, “LEGACY”, “WATCH IT”, “MARKSMEN” and “SONS OF LIBERTY” exhibited exemplary dance steps, which attracted commendation from the judges.

However, after collating the crews’ points by the judges, based on their decisions made during the course of executing their weekly tasks, coupled with the votes by the audience and viewers at home via SMS, only three crews, namely “FLAMES INSPIRED”, X-FELAZ and ‘EYE SIX ONE” were able to gather enough points to get automatic qualification to participate at the National Finals, leaving “SOULJA GUYZ”, “LEGACY”,“WATCH  IT”, “MARKSMEN” and “SONS OF LIBERTY” with no choice but to battle for the only one slot left to get the opportunity of contesting at the National Final and eventually be crowned as Nigeria’s MGSDA III champion.

This round of performances made the judges witness superb movements that made Wale the chief judge to say “it’s been awesome performances”
The five embattled crews gave their best performances, the final decision rested entirely on the judges to announce the best crew among the five crews that competed keenly for the last slot to determine who will finally join the other three crews in the National Final.
After all dancing criteria were brought afore, “SOULJA GUYZ”, “WATCH IT “MARKSMEN” and “SONS OF LIBERTY” were evicted as they could not impress the judges with their performances.

“LEGACY” was adjudged the best crew among the five crews that slugged it out for the last slot to join the already confirmed three crews (FLAMES INSPIRED, X-FELLAZ, EYE SIX ONE) for the National Final. LEGACY’s performance was so impressive that it equally attracted impressive comments, from the judges. Kaffy could not but comment that “execution of movement is equally as important as thinking about it”
It is going to be a unique final as each of the four crews that will be gunning for the national final will be expected to perform with one Nigerian music entertainer.
Keep watching your favorite TV reality street dance competition; Malta Guinness Street Dance Africa III on your darling TV channels for that energetic, fun and top of the World dance experience.

Visit www.mgstreetdanceafrica.com or facebook Malta Guinness-Top of the World Goodness for more information and updates.

Malta Guinness Street Dance Africa III ……. It’s gonna be 3much!

Wednesday 2 June 2010

Ibori’s Mistress Found Guilty, To Be Sentenced On Monday

Udoamaka Okoronkwo

A London court today found guilty Udoamaka Onuigbo, the mistress of former governor of Delta State, James Ibori, who has been standing trial for money laundering.

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At last, the $50, 000 NLNG Prize reveals identities of past judges!

After years of controversy over who exactly is deciding these prizes, and why their identities are kept secret, the Nigeria LNG has this month finally revealed those who chose the books of Kaine Agary, Mabel Segun, Gabriel Okara and others.

Kaine Agary

The jury’s decision to withhold the award of the literature prize, last year, shook the literary and educational establishment. In a brief six page report, it re-echoed the self-evident fact that the decline in reading and writing standards, evident since the 1990s, had accelerated sharply between mid 2004 and 2009.

Zabel Hair, Abuja

Zabel Natural Hair offers the highest quality of real hair available. They specialize in 100% natural hair with all the cuticles intact and running in the same direction, preventing matting and tangling.

Here I am in my Zabel Hair - That's all I wear these days (They give to me 100% free)...maybe they should make me their brand ambassador? *wink wink*

Totally love the hair... very soft and smooth.
Zabel Hair, guaranteed to make you look like a star...like me...lol

To get your own weave, contact them...
Address - No.2 Paul Biya, OAU Quarters, Maitama Sule Street, Asokoro, Abuja.
Tel: 07042328537 & 07042328593 
Email - zabelnaturalhair@yahoo.com

Naija Diamonds- Celebrating the true Nigerian spirit

As Nigeria turns 50, Diamond Bank and Inspire Africa have rolled out the drums to celebrate the true Nigerian Spirit by unveiling Naija Diamonds; a 6-part TV documentary series.

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Beware of 4-inch heels...:-)


A former model, Sarah Singer, 34, was almost blinded when a four-inch stiletto heel went through her eye.  Sarah was attempting to break up a fight when she was accidentally kicked by Casey Long.

Sarah could see through the hole in her eyelid left by the size four black strappy stiletto. She was scarred for life when the sharp heel went through her eyelid and split her tear duct in half.

Sarah said: 'It was like something from a horror story - I could see through the hole in my lid.
'But because I couldn't close my eye it meant I had no choice but to see through it.

'I was staring out through the hole every waking minute.' 
Doctors told former fashion model Sarah she was lucky to be alive.
She said: 'If the stiletto had entered the socket at a different angle it could have gone into my brain.
'But there were fears for my sight and my tear duct was split in two.
'I was in so much pain they had to give me morphine.' 
Sarah also suffered a jagged cut down her forehead which needed internal and external stitches.

She said: 'I can remember looking in the mirror as I lay in my hospital bed and seeing my pupil through the gap in my eyelid. It was dreadful.
'It was so horrific that I banned some of my friends and family from coming to see me.'

Long, 21, (Pictured above) denied wounding her with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and unlawful wounding. She was cleared after proving she was acting in self-defence and only kicked out in an attempt to get away from the melee.

Source: Dailymail UK

Monday 31 May 2010

Sarah Ferguson appears on the Oprah show to explain access to Prince Andrew scandal

 Sarah Ferguson, Sarah Ferguson, Sarah Ferguson. I don't know whether to applaud her or feel sorry for her. I mean, how desperate can you get to do something like this?

For those who don't know the story, in May 2010, the ex-British royal was caught on video tape (by a News of the World reporter) accepting money in exchange for a promise of business access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew, who is a British Trade Representative.

She was filmed receiving in cash $40, 000 as a down payment from an undercover reporter, Mazher Mahmood, who was posing as an Indian businessman. The Prince's entourage denied that the prince was aware of the situation.

She's since apologized for her actions and  appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show to explain what happened. She said: 'I haven't faced the devil in the face because I was in the gutter at that moment.' She admitted she had seen clips of herself accepting  £27,000 in cash  while travelling through airports in the US last week.

They were married for ten years (86-96). They have two daughters together and are still very much in each other's lives.***

What do you think of her collecting money to introduce people to her ex? Probably something a lot of us would do huh? lol

Another fake LASTMA Officer arrested

Olufemi Akanni

 Another fake officer of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) has been arrested by the police in Lagos State, Nigeria.

The 35-year old man, Mr. Akanni Olufemi, was an employee of LASTMA in 2006 and was dismissed in 2007 for allegedly stealing car tapes of an impounded vehicle at the LASTMA headquarters, Oshodi.

An indigene of Oyo State, Olufemi did not deny that he was a fake LASTMA officer, but confirmed that he used the uniform to extort money from road users in the area. He also said he wore the uniform to trade between Lagos and Badagry where he buys second hand clothing and to avoid paying transport fares.

Celine Dion, 42, pregnant with twins

Singer Celine Dion is reportedly pregnant with twins after her sixth attempt at in-vitro fertilisation.
The 42-year-old Canadian star's dream of expanding her family has come true, her spokesman has told U.S. media. Dion, who is married to her manager Rene Angelil, 68, is already mother to nine-year-old Rene-Carles. She's said to be 14 weeks pregnant and will find out the babies' genders next month.
So happy for her!

Elohor Isiorho weds Owen Aisien

It held on Saturday May 29th at 10 Degrees Events Place, Oregun Ikeja.

Elohor is former Miss Nigeria UK, CEO of Beth Models and the lady behind Elite Model Look Nigeria. Owen is a Lagos based business man.

Best looking couple I've seen in a long time.
Happy married life Elohor and Owen!!!

Pictures thanks to Tyna Ezenma

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