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Saturday 20 October 2007

Relationship Question! + Naija Entertainment News + Funny Cartoons.

Sshhhh! I want to gossip but don't say I told you this o...

My neighbours downstairs? The married couple with three kids? They sleep in separate bedrooms.

I went to their flat this morning to pick up my jewelries, the lady of the house ushered me into her room and there was nothing to indicate she was sharing the space with a man. Trust me and my 'amebo' nature, I asked and she told me her husband has the room opposite hers...she said that's the way it's always been (her husband's idea). Shhhhh, don't tell o..lol!

Married but sleep in separate bedrooms? Ain't that...?

What if one of them gets horny at night, what happens? They go knocking on the door at 12 midnight? 2 am? Wake the kids up with the knocking and opening of the door? Instead of just turning to your partner and say 'Honey, I want some". Isn't that less stressful? What about cuddling at night? When one is cold and wants to be held?

What am I getting married for if I won't have someone to hold at night? To share my space with, watch a late night movie with, share break fast in bed, discuss the day with., ransack his wardrobe and closet? lol!

If my husband asks for a separate bedroom, to me, that's ground for divorce...how dare HE deny me the privileges of married life...nonsense! lol.

But seriously, is it okay for married couples to have separate bedrooms?

Naija Entertainment News

Rugged Man launches clothing line
Today, Saturday 20th, is the official launching of Ruggedman’s clothing line at Nu Metro, Silverbird Galleria, V/Island. I hear celebrities will be the ones modeling his clothes. I hope this works out well for Rugged.

Emeka Ossai remarries.
Star actor, Emeka Ossai is set to marry again, years after his first wife, actress Jennifer Okere. His wife to be is Jumai, the daughter of Senator Isa Braimoh. Their traditional wedding will hold on Thursday, Dec 27th and the white wedding will hold on Friday, Dec 28th. Good luck to them.

The Nigerian Movie Directory
The ever growing Nigerian movie industry will get a directory on Sunday, Oct 28th, 2007, as Ultimate Communications prepares to unveil it’s directory which contains 2, 500 contact addresses of practitioners in the movie industry. The unveiling will hold at Lacampayne Tropicana, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja.

D Banj and P-Square win Channel0 award
Unlike last year when Nigerian artistes won in about 10 categories, they only got 3 awards this year in the eleven categories they were nominated in. P Square and De Indispensables won in their categories as the Best Group Video and Best African Video respectively, while D Banj won in Best Special Effects Video out of the four categories he was nominated for.

P Square Changes Plans
Contrary to their initial plans of releasing their next album in audio and video CD’s, the twin brothers will no longer be releasing their next album that way. The new 10 tracker album, which is titled ‘Game Over’, will be released in a matter of days and the video CD will be out in January.

Nigerian Music Video Awards
The Award, which holds on Dec 2nd 2007, is meant to recognize and reward particularly the outstanding creators of music videos, (directors, editors, animators, directors of photography and choreography) in various categories. Artistes are already sending in their entry which closes Oct 31st.

Club MTV Base storms Nigeria
Music Channel, MTV Base and Guinness Extra Smooth are coming together to boost Nigeria’s urban club culture with the roll out of a new live music event franchise, known as Club MTV Base Extra Smooth, aimed at young Nigerian music fans aged 18-28. Their events or parties will swing into groove from Oct to Dec 2007, kicking off in Lagos on Sat Oct 27th, and then touring Abuja (Nov 10th), Benin City (Nov 24th) and back to Lagos (Dec 15th).

Popular comedian, Ali Baba, who already has three jeeps, (we call it jeeps in Nigeria) in his garage, has just acquires another one. A red Dodge. The comedy business is really booming.

The Black Eyed Peas performed at the This day Centre last Sunday, Oct 14th. I heard the show was off the hook. Oluchi was also in town for the show. If you want to see more pictures of the event, go to one of my favourite blogs, Naijagal.blogspot.com.

Speaking of Oluchi, the Super Model is now into real estate. She just bought a $1.7m West End condo in New York City. She already has a 2-bedroom apartment at the Imperial (it goes for between $7, 000 and $9, 000 monthly). Her studio at Jade Jaggers Eponymous condo in Flatiron also goes for about $3, 250 a month.

"Basically, what I do is invest in apartments and let them out" Oluchi was overheard telling a pal.

The wife of designer, Luca Luca, and mother of Ugochukwu, will soon graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Leadership and Management from the prestigious New York University.

More grease to her elbow!

Introducing Quorum 4
Some services that Quorum 4 offers.
Coming to Nigeria services include:
• Hotel advice and booking at discounted Quorum rates.
• Attractions advise.
• Trip pals.
• Tourist/Foreigner assistance.
• Internal logistics
• Domestic travel advice and booking.
• Personalised itineraries.
• Customized day tours.
• Mobile phone + phone line rental during your stay.
• Car hire + driver.
• 24 hours Quorum4 help/enquiries line.
• Many more.
We answer any enquiries within 24 hrs and its absolutely free! Drop us an email at mailto:hquorum4@quorumng.com.
Website: http://www.quorumng.com/

Meanwhile, here are some Funny Cartoons to brighten up your day.

Hope your weekend is going well? I'm taking today and tomorrow off to rest...I'll just blog, watch movies, eat, sleep, and not step out of my house...pretty boring huh?
I'm just waiting for Tuesday to go pick up my magazines...and 2/3 weeks to go to the airport...then my life will become exciting again.
Have a FABULOUS weekend and do let me know what you think about married couples sleeping in separate rooms...Cheers!

Friday 19 October 2007

Lucky Dube Shot Dead + World News

I just heard that African Raggae legend, Lucky Dube, was shot and killed last night Thursday Oct 18th 2007, in what is believed to be an attempted car jacking. Dube, 43, was dropping off his two children in the Rosettenville area of the city when he was shot three times.

Dube's children were out of the car, a Chrysler sedan, when the singer was approached by two men who opened his door and shot him twice. The shots were fired directly into the silver-grey Chrysler car window.

When police arrived they found that Dube was dead at the scene. Three people are suspected of carrying out the shooting.

South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world, recording an average of 50 murders each day. U.N. crime statistics say one in three Johannesburg residents has been robbed.

If they were armed robbers, why did they shoot him three times? Why didn't they just take the car? This is such an unfortunate thing...I'm so sad and angry...it's times like this you wonder why God allows some things to happen.

It's also at times like this, you thank God for your own life and be thankful for the little things you have. May his gentle soul rest in peace.

Julia soon to turn 40 years old. And she still looks dazzling.
"At least twice a week people come up to me and say something about Pretty Woman. I ask for something a little more current, but they cling to that and that suits me fine," says Julia Roberts

Blast Kills at Least 8 in Manila Mall
Eight people were killed and as many as 89 others injured today when a powerful explosion ripped through a shopping mall in Makati City, the Philippine capital’s financial district.

A famous scientist who won the Nobel Prize for Medicine has
apologized for racially insensitive comments about the intelligence of blacks. The Sunday Times of London printed an interview with Doctor James Watson in which he suggested blacks are not as intelligent as whites.
The prominent laboratory where he works in New York (The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory) suspended Watson over the comments Thursday. And London's Science Museum canceled a sold-out lecture Friday by the doctor.
A statement from Watson's publicist says he is mortified over the quotes. Watson said he cannot understand how he could have said what he is quoted as saying, but he understands the public reaction to the comments. Scientists around the world are denouncing the comments and say there is no scientific evidence that blacks are intellectually inferior. Watson won the Nobel Prize in 1962 for his discoveries of the structure of DNA. The 79-year-old scientist is known for making outspoken remarks about genes and intelligence.

Canadian pedophile suspect Christopher Neil was arrested on Friday in northeastern Thailand after a week-long, international manhunt following the release of his unscrambled Internet photos

Thai police issued a warrant for Neil's arrest on Thursday after two Thai teenagers accused him of paying for oral sex when they were 9 and 14, grounds for prosecution under Thai law.

A suicide bombing in a crowd welcoming former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto killed at least 126 people Thursday night, shattering her celebratory procession through Pakistan's biggest city after eight years in exile.
Two explosions went off near a truck carrying Bhutto, but police and officials of her party said she was not injured and was hurried to her house. An Associated Press photo showed a dazed-looking Bhutto being helped away.
Officials at six hospitals in Karachi reported 126 dead and 248 wounded. It was believed to be the deadliest bomb attack in Pakistan's history.

The death of Lucky Dube saddens me deeply...I don't have much words today. May God continue to protect us...Amen! Take care!

Thursday 18 October 2007

Naija News + Celebrity Mansions

Naija News

Law Maker Dies After Rowdy Session
The confusion and lawlessness reigning in the House of Representatives claimed its first casualty on Wednesday with the death of a member representing Batsari/ Danmusa/Safana Federal constituency of Katsina State , Dr Aminu Safana.Safana, the chairman of committee on Health and one of the strong backers of embattled Speaker, Mrs Patricia Olubunmi Etteh, slumped in the chamber of the House and died at the National Hospital Abuja, where he was rushed to.The late lawmaker was feared to have been hit by serial punches thrown by aggrieved members in the ensuing melee, as he was leading the Speaker into the chamber. House Leader, Tunde Akogun, the last member to speak with the late Safana, said he complained of tiredness and and was about going to the rest room, when he slumped. He was rushed to the lobby where medical officers from the National Assembly clinic examined him and found that his blood pressure had shot up. He was immediately rushed to the National Hospital, where the battle to save his life by doctors ended in vain.

Etteh held hostage
In a move reminiscent of hostage taking, the past time of militants in the Niger Delta, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Patricia Etteh, was yesterday held captive for several hours on the floor of the House.The House resumed plenary session yesterday after a two-week break and was expected to begin the consideration of the David Idoko panel report.But confusion enveloped the House when lawmakers rooting for Etteh’s removal refused to allow her leave the chambers after the House adjourned till today. Members of the Integrity Group, the umbrella group for those opposed to the Speaker, held Etteh hostage insisting that the House could not adjourn until the Speaker stepped down for the Idoko panel report to be considered.

PDP Ask Speaker to step aside
It took the death yesterday of Hon. Aminu Safana, Chairman House of Representatives Committee on Health, for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to rein in on the Speaker, Hon. Patricia Etteh, to step aside.In a seeming volte-face, PDP asked Etteh to step aside for the consideration of the Hon. David Idoko panel report saying the Speaker could not be a judge in her own case.The party also lamented the death of Safana, a pro-Etteh lawmaker, describing his death as unfortunate and incredible.

The things happening in the National Assembly is not only shameful, it's mighty disgraceful to our nation. It still baffles me that Patricia Etteh (I refuse to call her Hon.) has refused to step down despite all the allegations leveled against her...but more puzzling is the fact that she has supporters/loyalists in that house.

One of them is dead...may his soul rest in peace...but I hope this tragic, avoidable incident will bring peace and order to the National Assembly and help them focus on their real purpose there.
News, thanks to sun/thisday newspapers.

Ok...let's move on to something more lighthearted...

Check out the homes of some of the world's most popular celebs...

Howard Stern

Jerry Seinfeld

Avril Lavigne

Ryan Seacrest

Courteney Cox and David Arquette

Sylvester Stallone

Britney Spears

Will and Jada Smith

Rod Stewart

Hugh Hefner

Larry King

Brad Pitt

Billy Joel

Aaron Spelling

Eddie Murphy

Ashley Simpson

Arnold and Maria Schwarzenegger

Oprah Winfrey

Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony

John Travolta

Halle Berry

When I grow...I want to be...a Hollywood Celebrity! lol!

Whose house is the dopest? Like that puts food on your table right? lol!

Brad's home is a little too creepy for me. I love Courtney/David and Jada/ Will's home the best.

Who likes my new template? Been less busy today, so I've just been playing around...

Anyway, will try to bring you Naija Entertainment news tomorrow. Cheers!

Wednesday 17 October 2007

Sins Of The Father + Common Diseases in Women

I have this neighbour, he's 43, no job, no wife, no kids, lives with a younger friend and feeds from hand to mouth.

We spoke for the first time some days ago and during our talk he blamed his misfortune on his grandfather. He said his paternal grand dad committed so many atrocities when he was alive and had been cursed by several of the people he'd had dealings with.

But he died at the ripe age of 89...naturally! Now, he thinks all the curses are following the grand dad's children and children's children.

He said none of the man's children or grand children made anything of themselves. That no matter how much they try, how hard they work, how much they pray, nothing good ever happens to them. According to him, not one of the man's children or grandchildren was/is successful.

He said his own dad died a pauper and he's also convinced he will die unfulfilled and blames all his woes on a dead family member.

He's so convinced of this because he said that there's a portion in the bible where it's written that "The sins of the parents lie on the heads of their children". I don't know where it is in the bible...

Anybody who knows where this is written in the bible should pls give me the verse.

Is there anyone who believes that a parents' sins can be passed on to their children?

Let me know your thoughts.

Meanwhile, here are common diseases found in women. Read this if you have the time, it could be useful to you.

Common Diseases In Women
It is a common inflammatory skin disease that mainly affects the face, neck, chest and upper back. it is caused by an interaction between hormones, bacteria and sebum produced by the comedones (pimples), pustiles (lesions filled with pus) and occasionally CYSTS. This is possibly caused by changing hormone levels.
Mild cases may be eased by washing the face with a gentle toilet soap or by drying agents such as benzoyl peroxide. Severe acne may need oral treatment with antibiotics such as tetracycline or hormone therapy such as Dianette, which also acts as a Contraceptive.
Very severe acne can be treated using a derivative of Vitamin A, called tretinoin or Retin A. This cream is applied in each night and takes about 3 weeks to be effective. An oral version called Ro- accutane is very good against severe acne but carries serious risks of foetal abnormality during pregnancy.

Amenorrhoea (Absence of periods)
It is a failure to have periods, which may be described as primary or secondary . Primary amenorrhoea is the failure to menstruate by age 16, and the main cause is the late onset of puberty. A girl may have the other signs of puberty but lack of periods. this may be a cause of a pituitary tumor, which can be found via a skull X -ray , or because of cryptomenorrohea, where menstrual bleedings does occur but it is held inside the vagina by an obstruction such as imperforate Hymen. The condition may arise because parts of the female reproductive system are missing. The most common reason for primary amenorrhoea is disruption of the relationship between the ovaries and the pituitary gland.
Secondary amenorrhoea occurs when a woman stops menstruating for 3 months or more after normal menstrual periods have been established but before the onset of the Menopause. It may arise as a result of stress, chronic diseases. Stopping the contraceptive pill, which affects hormone production in the brain , can cause amenorrhoea for up to a year, and it may arise after child birth and breast feeding. Failure of ovaries, prompting a premature menopause before the age of 40, is another cause. Amenorrhoea is permanent after the menopause or if the uterus is removed in a Hysterectomy

A discharge of white-yellow coloured mucus from the vagina. it may be normal condition, increasing before and after menstruation, but a copious vaginal discharge, especially if it has a strong smell, probably indicates an infection in the genital tract. A common cause is thrush, but it may also be because of Gonorrhoea or some other sexually transmitted disease.

A condition in which the amount of bone mass decreases to the point where the bones are fragile and easily fractured, affecting twice as many women as men. Women are particularly risk from the osteoporosis as they have a lower density of bone, because of smaller body size than men. The risk increases those who have a premature menopause, early hysterectomy, previous anorexia nervosa etc. Also women who smoke or drink excessively are at the greater risk. Weight-bearing exercise , a diet rich in calcium, Vitamin D and other minerals, and not smoking can help to prevent bone loss. Hormone replacement therapy is the most effective preventive treatment but is not suitable for all women. Physiotherapy and acupunture can help to relieve pain. Osteoporosis can be detected by doing Bone Density Test

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
It is an inflammation of the Fallopian Tubes, ovaries and Uterus. The disease can be acute or chronic. Acute PID causes severe abdominal pains, high fever , chills, foul-smelling vaginal discharge and abdominal tenderness. PID is a result of bacterial infection, but chlamydia and Gonorrhoea are responsible for mini cases. Treatment is by means of antibiotics and bed rest. The condition usually improve within two weeks. But if not, another antibiotics is given. If 3 courses of antibiotics do not clear the infection, then the disease is deemed to have become chronic, Chronic PID results in a low level of infection that can continue for weeks or months.
Symptoms are persistent abdominal pain or cramps, fatigue, weakness and very heavy menstrual periods. Some mild cases have few or no symptoms but can cause partial or total infertility.

It is an extremely common venereal or sexually transmitted disease, that is caused by the bacterium Neissera-gonorrhoeae. The bacteria are found in the Mucous Membrances of the Vagina, Urethra, throat and mouth. If gonorrhoea is not treated it can damage and inflame the Fallopian Tubes and other pelvic organs, and this can arise after only 8-10 weeks. Other possible damage includes eye infection that can cause blindness, septicaemia (blood poisoning), Gonococcal Arthritis, it may occur in conjunction with a painful skin rash and inflammation of heart valves. Symptoms of gonorrheoa include vaginal discharge (green or yellow in colour), Dysuria, possible inflammation of the rectum and a sore throat . To diagnose the disease, swabs of the discharge are obtained and organisms grown are identified in the laboratory. Treatment is by a single , very large dose of penicillin, or tetracycline if the organisms is resistant to penicillin.

Mastitis inflammation of the breast
It occurs usually because of bacterial infection during breast feeding. Symptoms include, pain in the affected breast, tenderness, swelling, fever and possibly a chill. Treatment with warm compress and antibiotics normally resolves the condition. If the inflammation does not subside then a breast abscess may form.

It is menstruation with abnormally heavy or prolonged blood flow. This may be frequent periods, one that continuous for 7 days or more, or one with exceptionally heavy flow over two to three days. Menorrhagia can occur because of fibroids, inflammation in the pelvic cavity, an Intrauterine device (IUD) or hormonal imbalance.
The bleeding can cause anaemia with pallor fatigue, which can be treated with iron supplements. Treatment depends on the cause and may include a D and C, the combined contraceptive pill, removal of an IUD, or danazol, a drug that inhibits the hormones produced by the pituitary gland.
Here's wishing my younger sis, Benita, a happy birthday.
Cheers everyone!

Tuesday 16 October 2007

50 Wave Making Nigerian Women on parade + Movies To Go See + When A Man Loves A Woman

50 Wave Making Nigerian women

National Encomium, one of Nigeria's leading softsell magazines, recently published a list of Naija's wave making celebrity babes.

Here are some names on the list and what they had to say about the ladies...
1. Vivienne Chiologi
She is every man's pride and joy. Whenever she appears at any party, her garbs and accessories become subject of conversation among society ladies. She runs her Pride and Joy on V/Island, with a business acumen that is also commendable...

2. Ruth Osime
Also in her 40's, she is the style editor of This day Style on Sunday and has practically brought style to every woman's doorstep...

3. Louise Priddy
A pretty half-caste who is the proprietor of Bacchus Niteclub...

4. Chalya Shagaya
Dark and pretty, she was formerly an executive at Oando...

5. Ziz Cardow
She is an award winning designer. She is one of the designers that popularised the Ankara fabric...

6. Alali Hart
She made the Clarins range of cosmetics popular in this part. Alali loves to dress and adores the french look...

7. Ifeoma Williams
This lawyer definitely holds the key to chambers of high fashion. Ifeoma is the 1999 Face of Lux who is happily married with two sons.

8. Tundun Abiola
The lawyer daughter of MKO Abiola...

9. Linda Mesrob
This lover of Boho trend runs Skin on the Island...

10. Dunni Igbinedion
The O'Emporium boss is married with three kids...

11. Lisa Folawiyo
She is the brain behind 'Jewel by Lisa'. She is married with a kid...

12. Dakore Egbuson
A dramatic actress, Dakore is one of Nollywood's best...

13. Modupe Ozolua
Modupe, the founder of BEARS Foundation, is one of Nigeria's most celebrated woman and a body enahancement expert

14. Sade Okoya
She is the wife of of billionaire business mogul, Chief Razaq Okoya

15. Rita Dominic
She is undoubtedly one of Nollywood's most celebrated actresses...

Others include
Jennifer Obajuana
Soraya Adji
Uche Nwandison
Genevieve Nnaji
Nike Ogundoyin
Blessing Effiom
Tara Durotoye
Nona Adimora
Lanre Da Silva
Tosin Dekalu...and 25 others.

And somewhere in between, they put my name. Cool!

Anyway, I know some of this names are unknown to you but they are women making waves in various fields in Naija. One day, I'll profile some of this women properly.
Moving on...

The Future Nigeria

The big news: nominations are now being accepted! Once the website,
was launched at the event, nominations began to be accepted from all over the country, for young Nigerian achievers aged 18 to 31 who are crashing ceilings, and breaking boundaries in different sectors.

The new 15 categories unveiled: Artist of the Year, Professional of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year (Beauty & Style), Music Producer of the Year, Screen Producer of the Year, On-Air Personality of the Year, Actor of the Year, Musician of the Year, Magazine of the Year, Journalist of the Year, Best Use of Technology, Best Use of Advocacy, Best Use of Goodwill, and Young Person of the Year. Nominations close on the 31st of October 2007.

The full details of the nomination criteria and process can be gotten from http://www.thefuturenigeria.com/, which is also where you can nominate.

Movies to go watch now

1. Tyler Perry's; Why did I get married?Starring: Janet Jackson, Tyler Perry

2. The Game Plan
Starring: The Rock

3. Michael Clayton
Starring: George Clooney

4. We Own The Night
Starring: Mark Wahlberg
Joaquin Phoenix

5. The Heartbreak Kid
Starring: Ben Stiller

6. Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Starring: Cate Blanchett

7. The Kingdom
Starring: Jennifer Garner
Jamie Foxx

8. Across The Universe
Starring: Rachel Evan Wood
Jim Sturgess

9. Resident Evil; Extinction
Starring: Milla Jovovich

10. The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising
Starring: Alexander Ludwig

When A Man Loves A Woman...by Percy Sledge (1966)

Yesterday, someone said and did something that got me thinking about how powerful a man's love can be.

I started playing 'When A Man Loves A Woman' over and over again. Smiling!

But then, reality hit me hard an hour later, when I saw a video of Mark Anthony and his ex-wife, former Miss World, Dayanara Tores, re-marrying. Y'all know they separated for a while and when they got back together, they re-newed their vows?

At their second wedding, Mark shed huge tears as his wife walked down the aisle to meet him. He was crying like a sweet crazily in love man who couldn't believe how lucky he was to be marrying his dream woman. As she got to him, Mark mouthed "You're so beautiful, I Love You So Much".

Who has seen that video?

After the wedding, he said the day was even more beautiful for him than their first wedding because Dayanara was giving him another chance at happiness. (She had walked out of the marriage for reasons best known to them).

But the thing is; less than TWO years after that spectacular wedding, Mark went to Puerto Rico to get a VERY quick divorce from Dayanara, so he could marry J LO.

What does that say about men's attention/love span?

I listened to this song over and over and over again. And I've been trying to analyse the lyrics. Some of us have loved and been loved but how realistic are this words?

Let's break it down together

When a man loves a woman
Can't keep his mind on nothin' else (I agree...to an extent...but that won't stop him from...?)

He'd trade the world
For a good thing he's found (Hmmm...?)

If she is bad, he can't see it
She can do no wrong (Really?)

Turn his back on his best friend
If he puts her down (It's possible...)

When a man loves a woman
Spend his very last dime (He will spend his dime...but 'his very last dime'? lol)

Trying to hold on to what he needs
He'd give up all his comforts
And sleep out in the rain
If she said that's the way It ought to be (I only see a man sleeping out in the rain for me...in my dreams)

When a man loves a woman
I give you everything i got (yeah)

Trying to hold on
To your precious love

Baby please don't treat me bad (I won't baby...but maybe you will)
When a man loves a woman

Deep down in his soul
She can bring him such misery (that's true...but his...will still be working! lol)

If she is playing him for a fool
He's the last one to know
Loving eyes can never see (hmmmm....ok!)

Yes when a man loves a woman
I know exactly how he feels
'cause baby, baby, baby I am a man
When a man loves a woman

Let me ask this question: Who is more foolish when in love? Men or women?

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