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Friday 29 May 2009

Naija Ent. News + P-Sqaure in Gambia

Man U fan kills 4 in Nigeria - Jaguda

A Manchester United fan in Nigeria killed four people when he drove his minibus into a crowd of Barcelona supporters after his team lost the Champions League final, police said on Thursday.
The crowd in the town of Ogbo were celebrating Barcelona’s victory after Wednesday night’s match when the bus drove into them. A police spokeswoman said 10 people were injured and the driver was arrested.
“The driver had passed the crowd then made a U-turn and ran into them,” she said.
Barcelona beat Manchester United 2-0 in what was hailed as a “dream final” between two of Europe’s best clubs. Both teams have large fan bases in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation.

African China weds
Chinagorom Onuoha, popularly known as African China, recently tied the knot with his girlfriend of many years, Mariam, from Nassarawa State. They recently had their registry wedding at the Abuja Municipal Council (AMAC), with few family members and friends in attendance.
Here's wishing them the very best.

Ex-Gov. Donald Duke - Adegbola Oni - Encomium
Ex-Gov Donald Duke is currently busy putting finishing touches to a multimillion naira architectural masterpiece. The project is a wondorous luxury block of flats on Ikoyi club road, Ikoyi, Lagos. The property is a high rise, a 12 storey edifice with 150 luxury apartments. Each of the apartments has a collection of wonderfully made furniture, a world class swimming pool, a lawn tennis, basket ball aand volley ball courts.

Ini Edo joins Glo Ambassadors - Encomium

Star actress, Ini Edo, has become the 13th Nollywood glo ambassador. She was signed on some weeks back, but the company is yet to make her coming on board official. The announcement is expected in the next few weeks. Among the other Nollywood Glo ambassadors are Rita Dominic, Ramsey Noah, Funke Akindele, Uche Jumbo etc

P-Square in Gambia
Sensational twins, P-Square visited Gambia recently for a concert. Check out the pix...

Female fan faints...na wa o ;)
Pix thanks to Peter Okoye
Amigos and House of J'ola Hair Show
For more enquiries, call 08022908513 and other numbers on the flyer

Later folks...

Wednesday 27 May 2009

Ali Baba Again + Omawunmi's after party pix

For those who haven't heard, Ace comedian, Ali Baba, is planning to retire from stand up comedy sometime next year. He would have spent 20 yrs on stage by then.

His forth coming show...Ali Baba Again... is like a semi final, his last stand up performance will be in the show, Ali Baba...Finally! in 2010

The show is produced by Bunmi Davies!
Don't miss it!

Omawumi's HHWA after party pix

Omawumi, Noble and Ajibola

Dede Mabiaku and Gloria Ibru

Pix thanks to Ajibola Ayana

What a senator earns in Nigeria
I really don't how accurate this figures are, I got it from Nigerianvillagesquare.com
Check it out...

Basic Salary - 2,484 245.50
Hardship Allowance @ 50% of Basic Salary - 1 242 122.70
Consistuency allowance @ 200% of BS - 4 968 509.00
Furniture Allowance @ 300% of bs - 7 452 736.50
Newspaper allowance @ 50% - 1 242 122.70
Wardrobe allowance @ 25% - 621 061.37
Recess Allowance @ 10% - 248 424.55
Accommodation @ 200% - 4 968 509.00
Utilities @ 30% - 828 081.83
Domestic Staff @ 75% - 1 863 184.12
Entertainment @ 30% - 828 081.83
Personal Assistance @ 25% - 621 061.37
Vehicle Maintainance Allowance @ 75% - 1 863 184.12
Leave Allowance @10% - 248 424.55
Severance gratuity @ 300% - 7 452 736.50 Once they get fired
Motor Vehicle Allowance @ 400% of Bs 9 936 982.00 - Every Four Years
Senators Salary per month - N 2 456 647.7Total = N 29 479 749
109 Senators Grand Total = N 3 264 329 264.10

Like I said, I don't know how accurate this is...but go ahead and voice your opinion

RIP...Exodus Tyson

RIP to Mike Tyson's 4year daughter, Exodus Tyson, who died after a tragic hanging accident. She was discovered on Monday May 25th at her Phoenix, Arizona, home hanging from a treadmill by its power cable. May her soul rest in peace.

More stuff coming...

Tuesday 26 May 2009

Who has the rights to the pictures? + Genevieve Magazine Pink Ball pictures

If you take yourself to a studio, and PAY a photographer to take pictures of you; who has the rights to the pictures? The photographer who took it or the person whose image was taken?

In all my years of modeling, I never had any photographer tell me I can't use my own pictures without their consent. A lot of models tell me that some photographers do that to them and I sincerely used to think they were joking...well it jokingly happened to me recently.

I took some pictures recently and the photographer tells me I can not use MY photographs that I PAID for without his consent. He calls it his intellectual property.

I'm looking at him like you have got to be kidding me...I AM your intellectual property? Somebody get me out of here...;)

I preach RIGHT OR KIND and I believe so much in it, but this time I wanted to Kindly slap his face...;) but instead I said 'How about I use my pictures for whatever I want to use it for...and you sue me?"

He eventually consented and now I have full RIGHTS to my OWN images. Isn't he so kind? lol

But seriously, a lot of models are faced with this problem, and when they come to me, I really don't know how to react to it. I sincerely don't think the photographers have any rights to the pictures but I might be wrong, so I really want to know. Do they? Especially when you paid them for it?

Genevieve Magazine Pink Ball pictures

The annual Genevieve Magazine Pink Ball held last Saturday 23rd May

Check out some pictures from the event...

Grace Egbagbe, Florence Ita Giwa, Funmi Iyanda, Genevieve Nnaji

Betty Irabor, Eyimofe Atake and wife Dorothy and Kate Henshaw Nuttal

Pics thanks to celebratingjustu.blogspot.com

Will get you more pictures later...

Photo of the day
Linda's new gadget...
Shizeeeeehh!!!! ;)

A few weeks back, a very good friend of mine said 'You're always on the internet Linda, let's get you an internet phone'.
I got it today!
A T-Mobile G1 phone with Google
I can't get over it!
I'm now a confirmed gbo gbo bigz girls
You know, as in, it's like, I mean...

Naija Ent. news coming next
Stay with me people
Catch ya...larer...

Monday 25 May 2009

Jim Iyke prepares for the alter

Saw this story and thought you guys might like to read too...

Jim Iyke prepares for the altar
*In love with a Jamaican actress,
*His grouse with Nigerian women
Written by Ekerete Udoh

Story thanks to Seun Oloketuyi

He has been variously described as Nollywood’s playboy -a serial heartbreaker, one whose motto vis-a-vis relationships with women, appears to be “use them and leave them.” Tabloid stories about his sexual escapades are in volumes, leaving many to wonder what he is looking for in a woman or if he will ever find that unique woman who will melt his heart and make him entertain the thoughts of walking down the aisle.

During a recent encounter with Jim, in New York, the issue of his play-boy image and stories of his sexual liaisons were exhaustively probed. As reported before, he vehemently denied being a playboy, however, admitting that “a million women may pass through your life, but only one will stick and strike that chord in you.” It appears that that one woman may have finally materialized, and struck a strong chord in Jim Iyke’s life.

There have been some rumors and published speculations that the handsome actor may have finally found a woman of his dreams - a fact that he has neither denied nor confirmed, until now. Jim Iyke was asked explicitly if he had finally found the elusive dream woman, and if so, what qualities stood her out of the numerous others that competed for his heart, love and affection?

Smiling infectiously, Jim volunteered, “I am going to tell you everything you need to know. As a matter of fact, I am going to use this opportunity to finally break my silence over this issue. As you rightly pointed out, a lot has been written about my new found love, most of them largely speculative in nature.

“Yes, it is true. I have found the woman of my dreams, and we are in love in totality. She is the embodiment of all that I have been looking for: tall, pretty, exotic and supremely intelligent. I was looking for a woman who would complement and reinforce my intellectually curious mind -someone who would add and not subtract, and I’m happy to admit that I have finally found her. Her name is Phil, and I would leave it at that.”

How They Met

“I met Phil sometime last year in the United States. She’s of Caribbean ancestry - more specifically Jamaican. We had a movie shot in Baltimore and Phil was invited by her then friend, Ruth Okoro, to the set, and we had an instant connection. Initially, I thought I was just going to have a good time with her, and keep it moving.

But her beauty, intellect, deeply ingrained values and an abiding capacity to understand and deconstruct me struck me. No other woman I had met ever took time to learn who I was, and what elements and values define my entire being.

"Phil’s love for me was not based on my fame, rather she cared much about Jim Iyke, as an individual and not Jim Iyke as a star-actor and Nollywood superstar.I have always believed in the partnership of body, soul and the mind. Oftentimes, the women that crossed my path in the past were more interested in the partnership of the body. But Phil possesses both the intellectual ability and the traditional values that were in short supply with my recent past relationships.”

In the past few months, the tabloid newspapers had regaled their readers with the case of betrayal on the part of Jim’s new found love. According to reports, “ Phil, supplanted and betrayed her close friend,- Ruth Okoro, who was said to be seeing Jim Iyke at the time she introduced her then best friend, Phil to the Nollywood Sexiest Actor.”

As a result of this betrayal, the two erstwhile friends are mortal enemies today. Asked if he ever had an affair with Ruth, Jim replied in the negative. “No. Ruth is not my kind of woman, and the notion that I was seeing her is totally preposterous. How could I be seeing Ruth, when she was even married to my boy, Philips Ehigiwina?

It is true that Ruth introduced me to Phil. I didn’t need to deny that. I saw a winner in Phil and I went for her. I have no regrets. What Ruth wanted from me, unfortunately, I couldn’t give it to her because of the fact that I have some morals in me. All the negative things she has said about Phil never bothered me because I know who she is, and I am comfortable with who she is.”

Marital Plans

“Yes, we have discussed it. But we are taking it one at a time. I am actually at a point where starting a family is becoming an attractive proposition, and I am seriously exploring it. Phil and I have been to Nigeria. She has met with my parents and family members and they all love and adore her. Her values and background mirrors ours and it’s a great feeling. I would say that it appears as if we have the same DNA.”

Why a Jamaican Woman?

“I have nothing against the Nigerian woman. As a matter of fact, I think some of the most beautiful women are in Nigeria, and indeed Africa in general. But I have made my choice, and my choice is a Jamaican woman, someone who has come to understand and appreciate me for who I am.

I do have my grouse with the Nigerian woman, though. Our women often go by the dictates and symbol of status, parental influence or pedigree as opposed to substance. I struggle hard to make them understand who I am, but I am always unsuccessful. I am tired of that struggle. I have come to realize that it is better to deal with a foreign woman.

With our women, you struggle to define yourself. Foreign women are willing to take you for who you are, as opposed to what you are, which our women tend to emphasize. If I am in a relationship with a Nigerian, and I am seen outside chatting up another girl - innocently, with no strings attached, I will have a lot of explanation to make to gain back her trust - even though I have nothing romantic to do with that woman.

It’s always a struggle to prove that you are not the person the society has defined you to be, and I am really tired of that struggle.”

What do you guys think of Jim's views about Nigerian women?

Have a great week ahead people!

Sunday 24 May 2009

RIP Ladi Lawal

Alhaji Ladi Lawal was the Group Managing Director of Daar Communications (owners of AIT, Raypower, Daarsat) and former Chairman of Lagos State Council of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ). He died yesterday 23rd May after a brief illness. He has since been buried. He was aged 54. May his soul rest in peace, Amen.

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