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Saturday 22 November 2008

Naija Entertainment News + Richest Hollywood couples

RIP to Chief Orlando Owoh

Child witchcraft in Nigeria

Sometimes I'm lost for words. Please read the article here

There is a charity in Nigeria 'Stepping Stone Nigeria', where donations and information could be obtained from. They have a group on facebook you can join, as well as forward to friends. Link to charity website: www.steppingstonesnigeria.

Oluremi Obasanjo's Book

Oluremi Obasanjo, ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo's first wife, last week launched her biography titled 'Bitter-Sweet: My life with Obasanjo. The 141 page book is the engaging story of her life as Obasanjo's wife and mother of six of his chilcren. Amongst other intimate details, Oluremi reveals Obasanjo's love for women, those he dated and how he used to beat her during each of their matrimonial squabbles...

The book is in stores now...if you're interested...

Nkem Owoh speaks at last- Taiwo Obatuson
Nollywood star actor, Nkem Owoh, popularly known as osuofia has been in the news for the past weeks for alleged drug trafficking. He was also rumoured to have lost his life in Saudi. The news right now is that Nkem himself spoke to City People last week through the phone concerning the issue. Hear him "Don't mind the romour mongers, may be they could be talking about paracetamol because that is the only kind of drugs I know. I have not travelled out of Nigeria in the past six months. I have not gone to the international airport, so I wonder what they are saying and where the rumours are coming from. As I am speaking to you now, I am in Port Harcourt working. Nothing happened to me"

Silverbird Galleria Opens new branch

The first modernised Galleria in Nigeria, the Silverbird Galleria which is run by the Bruce Family, has extended it's capacity to the mainland. The new Galleria is located at Sabo, Yaba.

World Music Awards in Monaco
Tuafce Idibia wins Best Nigerian Artist

Tuface and Estelle on stage
Congrats to 2baba

City People is West Africa's soft sell of the year. It's publisher is W/A's Media Man of the year.

Seye Kehinde, the publisher of City People has won the prestigious West Africa International Award of Merit 2008. According to a two page letter written by Dr. Kwame Otibu-Asare, Editor in Chief/CEO of West Africa International Magazine, "The award is presented to a few West Africans or companies in West Africa that have made the various sectors/fields they operate in proud, by their extraordinary, distinctive achievements in that sector.
Congrats to the man and the organisation.
City People Brands Award
Here are some categories...
Soft Drink of the year
Coca cola

Energy drink
Power horse

Prefered domestic airline
Aero contractors
Arik Airline
Virgin Nigeria

GSM company

Sanitary Towel
Cable TV

Internet package
Starcomms internet services
GLO 3G Plus
ETC. There are about 50 categories. It is slated to hold on Thursday, November 27th at the Shell Hall of the Muson Center, Onikan Lagos.

I'd like to say a big congrats and happy married life to all the newly wedded couples...
Anita Uwagbale and Tom Iseghohi

Chinenye Ochuba and Kunle Akinlade

Doyin Haastrup and Ayodeji Olatokunbo

Cecil Hammond and Keke Adenuga aka Isis
May God bless their unions with love, laugher, children and a lot of blessings...
Pics thanks to bellanaija, Naijagal and Niyi tabiti
Now to the foreign scene...
The top 10 of Hollywood's Top Earning Couples (Forbes magazine poll) is as follows:
1. Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles - $162 million

Jayz $82mill, Beyonce $80mill
2. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith - $85 million
Will $80mill, Jada $5mill
3. David Beckham and Victoria Beckham - $58 million
David $50mill, Victoria $8mill

4. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill - $35 million
5. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie - $34 million
6. Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann - $30 million
7. Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani - $28 million
8. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman - $25 million
9. Tony Parker and Eva Longoria Parker - $22.5 million
10 Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart - $22 million
I'm out, see y'all later...

Wednesday 19 November 2008

It's a crazy circle + Your priorities

Sigmund Freud's Priorities
The fun is when you do it first time honestly without looking at the answer.
Try it...

Five things are happening in your house at the same time. In which sequence would you solve them?
1. The telephone is ringing!
2. The baby is crying!
3. Some one's knocking or calling you from the front door!
4. You hung the clothes out to dry and it is beginning to rain!
5. You left the tap on in the kitchen and the water is already overflowing!

In which sequence would you solve these problems? Write your sequence from 1 to 5, then scroll below and check how your decisions were made. BE HONEST to yourself!

It's a Crazy Circle
There are a few of us who don't particularly hold ourselves in high regard...mostly because people have told us too many negative things about ourselves...to our faces and behind our backs. When a lot of people tell you you're worthless, you start to believe it, and somewhere along the way you start having doubts about the beautiful person you really are.

Can I console you?

Someone came to see me at the office yesterday, while talking business a name came up, and for at least 30 minutes all he did was a count down of the top 20 reasons why this person was an ASS. He said things about this other person that I can't repeat anywhere else. It was dirty and uncalled for. I just sat there and listened wondering how many times someone somewhere has counted twenty things they didn't like about me.

Interestingly, immediately he left, another guy came into my office and didn't understand why I would grant audience to the guy who just left. "He's a failure" this new guy started, and for at least 10 minutes he mentioned so many reasons why he's not a person to be associated with. And like before I just sat there and listened.

But you know the funny thing? This new guy sitting in front is one of the few people I just tolerate. Every time I see him, I almost ask him to go see a psychiatrist..., he's always acting like there's something wrong with him upstairs...lol.

Then this morning, three models came to the office to pick up their cheques and while waiting at the reception, I heard them talking negatively about another model who they felt sold out. When my sister eventually came to the office, I asked her about the situation with the model they were talking about, and she told me not to pay any attention to the three models, and she said something about one of them in particular that left me stunned.

A few hours later, someone called me to report my sister to me...

I dropped the phone and called my publicist, Niyi Tabiti, and he told me some things that I do that he doesn't like...

That was when I realised what a crazy circle it really is...everytime you talk about someone, someone else talks about you.

For everyone who thinks you're stupid, there are ten people who think they're foolish. For everyone who tells you you're uncultured, be rest assured that there's someone somewhere who thinks they are crude. Every time people gather around and talk about you, best believe there are people gathered somewhere talking about everyone one of them. I guess this means no one is perfect.

So every time someone says nonsense about you, don't let it phase you, instead imagine the 10's of people saying something negative about them at that moment. That's the circle!

And there are no exceptions. No matter how good you are, there's someone who doesn't like you. Sometimes they don't have a reason, they don't need one, they just love to HATE!

So don't let what people say to your face or behind your back make a difference to you. She thinks you're crazy? It's OK, someone else thinks she's an idiot...lol

Photo of the day...

Hollywood actor/model...Oris Erhuero

And yes, what you see is what I saw...
If only we can LOOK.....AND TOUCH! lol

Anyway, here's the answer to Freud's Priorities:
Every individual point represents something in your life. On the list you can see which meaning every point has:
1. Telephone represents Work
2. Baby represents Family
3. Door represents Friends
4. Clothes represent Money
5. Tap represents Sex
Your chosen sequence determines the priorities in your life. Now....did you turn off the tap first ?

Naija Entertainment news next. This time you'll get it...I promise!
Kisses everyone!

Sunday 16 November 2008

Don't Forget the Lyrics + Future Awards move to the UK

Well, the popular TV show has come to Nigeria and is being sponsored by ZAIN
Here's the press release

DON'T FORGET THE LYRICS debuts in Nigeria
A leading music game show which debuted in America just over a year ago and has produced, various version currently running in 31 countries across four continents is set to come to Africa with its launch in Nigeria.

DON’T FORGET THE LYRICS Is open to all residents of Nigeria ages 16 and above who have great passion for music of any genre (local/international) and who crave for that moment to become an instant millionaire through their ability to remember lyrics correctly. On Don’t Forget the Lyrics, you don’t have to sing great, just get the lyrics right.
The search is now on for the Show’s Host and Contestants as a massive audition Road Show hits Ibadan, Jos, Enugu and Lagos. The lucky contestants will be invited for the recording of the show before a live audience in Lagos.

DON’T FORGET THE LYRICS Is proudly sponsored in Nigeria by ZAIN. It is being produced under a pan African License secured by Rapid Blue Format, a leading global audiovisual content provider with offices in Lagos, Johannesburg, London, New York and Hong Kong.
Have you got the stuff to host DON"T FORGET THE LYRICS?
Fill in your details at http://www.zainlyrics.com/
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for auditions


Fresh off massively successful tours of Benin, Abuja, and Enugu, The Future Awards 2009 hit in quick succession the cities of Kaduna and Calabar with its ground-breaking idea of town hall meetings.

The Kaduna town hall meeting held in the final week of October at the NAF Club, Kaduna, with more than a hundred young people from the state of Kaduna as well as neighboring northern states in attendance, including Jos, Zamfara, Abuja and Kogi.

As has been the experience since the town hall meetings began, examples were given of role models for talent, hard work, persistence and achievement that these young people could relate to: specifically, names like Tara Fela-Durotoye (Young Person of the Year 2007), Ali Nuhu (Actor of the Year 2008), Jeremiah Gyang and Psquare, came up.

The Calabar Town Hall meeting was at the beautiful Seafood Hall of the Marina Resort; overlooking a breath-taking view of the sea - held in conjunction with Adstrat Communications, which just opened its Tornado’s Place II Calabar office. The event held on Saturday, the 1st of November.

The massively successful nation tour that began after the launch event on the 30th of September now has just one final stop - in the south-west zone of the country. But just before that, it will be all about The Future Awards this weekend in the UK, as the organizers undergo a blitz of small events for different targets in different locations, especially in London.
Have a great week ahead.

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