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Saturday 13 February 2010

Pictures from the Future Pre-Award conference 2010

"I'm getting married this year" - Cobhams Asuquo

Cobhams and Oduola

"I am in a serious relationship with a wonderful lady and we have been together for almost a decade. It is very deep, very wide, very rich, very rewarding, very enriching, very productive relationship. It's been my drive for years. It's driven me to achieve, to succeed, to be a better person, to be a more honest person. It is a very meaningful relationship. It has given me room to express and has taken me to another level of expressing myself. It has taught me to love, it hhas taught me to give and receive love. It has taught me to appreciate and to enjoy being appreciated in return. I am in a relationship with someone I consider a very wise woman at her age. She is an absolutely amazing and admirable woman. I like the way she laughs, it just kills me. She's a great and I do hope sincerely that she and I will get married this year."

Her name is Oduola, tall, dark, slim and very pretty. He's quite smitten isn't he?
All the best to them. He deserves the very best!

Nadia Buari speaks about relationship with Michael Essien

There are stories that you are dating soccer star Michael Essien. What can you say about him?
Nadia "Yes, Michael Essien is my fiancee. Micahel is a celebrity and so am I. Often there are stories about us in the media. Most of the stories written about us are not true.

What do you find interesting about him?
"Michael is a wonderful man. I can't compare him to any other man. He's very humble and a down to earth person."

How did you two meet?
"Michael met me through my movie. He watched the movie - Beyonce, the president daughter. I guess he was impressed about what he saw so he got my phone number and we started talking. This was in 2007. The rest is history."

What about the challenges you are confronted with in the relationship
"A good relationship is how you make it. We know how we handle each other in our relationship"

How do you feel when you watch him play?
"I am proud because of the fact that he is one of Africa's best. That is a pride I can't hide. He is part of my life and millions of people look up to him.

Does he support your career?
"Yes, he supports me 100%. He met me as an actress. He also takes pride in the fact that I am an actress."

Have you picked a date for your wedding?
"When there's a date, I will let you know"

Do you intend to stop acting after settling down?
"Acting is a career I have chosen. I am not going to quit it. I might do something alongside like producing, directing etc but I will continue with acting."

Source: City People magazine

Winter Olympics Luge Crash: Nodar Kumaritashvili dies

Sliding faster than ever in his life, 21-year-old Nodar Kumaritashvili had one turn left in his final Olympic training run. Flirting with 90 mph on a $100 million track pushing speed to the outer limits, the luger from the republic of Georgia tilted his head slightly forward as his sled climbed the high-banked wall.

His last move.

Kumaritashvili lost control, crashing into the wall entering the final straightaway. His body went airborne, arms and legs flailing over the opposite side of the track, his upper body smashing into an unpadded steel pole as his sled continued skidding down the track. It all took just 48.9 seconds, start to crash.

Paramedics began working on Kumaritashvili within seconds, quickly starting chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, all to no avail.

The IOC said Kumaritashvili was pronounced dead at a trauma center in Whistler.

Too sad! May his soul rest in peace! Amen!

Stella Damasus buries dad

Asaba Delta State capital was agog over the weekend when star actress Stella Damasus buried her father, Ogbueshi Samuel Kenneth Chukwunedum Damasus. His remains were laid to rest on Friday Feb. 5, 2010, after a requeim mass at St. Patrick's Catholic Church Asaba. He was buried at his compound at Ezenei Avenue, Asaba.

Present at the three day burial ceremonies were some of Stella's colleagues - RMD, Kate Henshaw, Zubby Enebeli, Theodore Anyanji, Mandy and Yinka Davies.

Rest in peace Pa Samuel Damasus

Tuface Idibia quote

"I tell people I am married, and I tell them I don't want them to know who I am married to, so that dem no go worry the person life. So I still want to maintain it like that, till the day we go do the celebrity wedding" ~ Tuface Idibia

Source: City People Magazine

Pregnant men

Worlds first prenant man - Thomas Beatie

Thomas Beatie, the so-called “pregnant man,” is expecting baby No. 3. The transgender Oregonian grabbed headlines around the world two years ago when he came forward announcing he was pregnant - and male.

Beatie underwent 10 years of sex reassignment therapy, while retaining female reproductive organs, before becoming pregnant with his first child. He gave birth via natural childbirth to a baby girl in June 2008.
His second baby, a boy, was born a year later.

Second pregnant man... Scott Moore

Two men are expecting a baby boy in February, in what will be the world's second known case of birth by a "pregnant man."

Moore and his husband, Thomas, were both born female and have undergone surgery to change their sex. The transgender California couple is legally married, as Moore still has his female birth certificate.

Moore, born Jessica, told the paper he first realized he wanted to be a man when he was 11.

"When I told my family, they thought I was crazy, but they gradually realized I was serious and allowed me to start taking male hormones when I was 16 years old," he said.

His parents eventually paid for him to have his 36DDD breasts removed, the paper reports, but he could not afford the high cost of full sex reassignment surgery.

Moore still has female reproductive organs, and got pregnant using the sperm of a friend in June 2009.

Source: Daily Mail

It's Peter again!!!

Kilode..! ..bobo yi fe pan ya ni sha!
Odi kwa very risky...
Peter Okoye won't kill somebody o!

Dipo Dina buried

The remains of the late Action Congress governorship candidate in the 2007 governorship election in Ogun state, the late Dipo Dina, who was assinated in the industrial town of Sango Ota, Ogun State by unknown assailants who shot him through the windshield of his SUV, has been committed to mother earth at his endurance garden, Erunwon Road, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, amidst wailing and sorrow for a great loss.

Dignitaries including the Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, Chief Olusegun Osoba, Alhaji Lam Adesina, members of the National Assembly, political associates were among those who thronged the Chris Ogunbanjo centre for peace and conflict resolution, venue of the special church service for the departed.

His widow.

May his soul rest in peace...amen.
Pix thanks to PM News

Fifth baby mama for Lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne is supposedly expecting baby number five with baby mama number five...the pregnant white chick with him in the pic above.

Seriously what's wrong with this dude? Another woman? Doesn't he have family around him?

Malawians refuse to leave their homes for Madonna's school

200 villagers in Malawi are refusing to leave their homes to make room for Madonna's School for Girls!

Even though Madge paid the families $115,000 for taking over the land and the government has offered them government land, the Malawi villagers want to stay put!

Headman Binson Chinkhota has tried to explain to them that the $15 million school will be beneficial to their children, but the 200 Malawians don't seem to be budging.

Assuming all goes well, her planned $15 million institution will enroll approximately 500 poverty-stricken girls beginning in 2012.

Very commendable stuff she's doing. If only the govt can find her somewhere else instead of displacing home owners...

Pictures from the making of PSquare's 'Danger' and 'I love you'

Pictures from "I love you' video shoot

Pictures from 'Danger' video shoot...

Friday 12 February 2010

Naomi Campbell goes naked again...

Naomi Campbell and some other super models get naked for Love Magazine.
Naomi will be forty this year!
What a body!
But I don't know about her still posing nude. She has nothing to prove anymore...
What do you think?

Other super models... 

Jeneil Williams...

Kate Moss

Amber Valetta

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