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Saturday 31 March 2007


Wienna, Wienna, Wienna. Thanks girl for all the love. Do you know how many comments you left for me? Last count was about fifty...wow...I'm feeling you baby! Just thought to appreciate you the way you have appreciated me. Hope to hear you from you soon.

Meanwhile I was at Planet One today, venue for West African Idol Competition. Got introduced to Nana 'it doesnt werk fer me' Ambrewa, not very tall, but more good looking in real life than on TV. I lost my gold necklace, Dede was gracious enough to help me look for it...didn't find it though. I saw some of the contestants...cool guys. I also got introduced to the Idol WA crew from SA. It was nice seeing all this people you only see on TV.

Idol WA will be recording every Saturday at Planet One for the next eight straight weeks. I'll be there live watching and reporting it to you...behind the scene gist and gossip.

Also, tonight I watched 300 at the cinemas. All I'll say about the movie is that if you haven't seen it, you haven't seen anything yet. It's the best movie I've seen since Titanic and Sixth Sense. You got to see that movie. It will blow you away. I loved it, loved it, loved it!

Okay...go to go. There's 'something' waiting for me. Goodnight everyone. Sleep well. Especially you Wienna, see if you can contact me on my email address. It's linda@fmbmagazine.com.

Do take care!


This crazy looking Englishwoman, Nona Paris Lola Jackson, is claiming to be the mother of Michael Jackson's three children and has filed court papers in Los Angeles, seeking to share custody of the youngsters with the music legend. She alleges to be the biological mother of Michael's three kids, Prince Michael I, 10; Paris Michael, nine; and Prince Michael II, five. Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe is generally acknowledged to be the mother of Jackson's two older children, but it is unknown who gave birth to Michael's last child. In a motion filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday March 27th, Nona is requesting a say in the custody arrangement between Michael and Debbie and also requesting Jackson hand over his Neverland Ranch and another Encino, California home to her.

Nona writes in court documents, "Debbie's hospital records will prove that my kids are not hers because of DNA."I gave birth through the means of water birth because I am technically a(sic) herbalist."Jackson's spokeswoman RAYMONE BAIN has dismissed Nona's claims as "ludicrous".

Back in October, Nona Paris Lola Jackson said "Michael and I are a sexually active couple and have been this way from the beginning,". She also claims to have written more than 3,000 for Michael. A court hearing has been set for 2 and 30 May 2007.

First and foremost, this woman looks like a fraud I'm sure she is. Second of all, she said she's sexually active with Michael? She must be on weed. Michael is sexually active? In which world? Thirdly, Michael's children look more white than black, so there is no way on earth a black woman would have given birth to them. fourthly, she's demanding for Michael's two homes...now we know her motives. Lastly, why is any court listening to this woman, she seems like a joke to me...and what's with that shirt she is wearing. Girlfriend needs her head examined for real.
I'm sounding very harsh right? That's because I love Michael to death and don't like seeing all this 'wahala' happening. The guy needs a break please. Lola/Nona/Paris, should go look for another target.

Friday 30 March 2007


I think this lady, Blessing Ibiang, is the best model to ever come from this part of the world. She has the best body ever, the best catwalk, best stage attitude and will work any dress and runway like it's no one's business. Wat! This girl can ignite the fire on any runway. She knows how to 'work it'.

We used to model together in Nigeria until she left to pursue her modeling career in SA, where I learnt she's one of the most sought-after models. She's modelled in New York, Paris Milan, Cape town, you name it...for real.
She even featured in the season finale fashion show of America's Next Top Model, cycle 5, which held in SA. The edition Naima won.

Blessing has been on more runways than any other Nigerian model can boast of. And girlfriend knows how to capture the attention of even the most uninterested person. Her skills are phenomenal.

I remember she was one of those people who tried to talk me into furthering my modeling career in SA, but I had other plans for my life. I got into modeling to get by, though I eventually fell madly in love with it but not enough to leave Nigeria. Besides, back then I didn't really think I stood a chance outside this shores. I always thought I wasn't tall enough (I'm 5'8') to succeed in SA, UK, USA, where ever. Or maybe I did, I'll never know, 'cos I never tried.

Anyway, Blessing is a graduate of Theatre Arts, from the University of Calabar. She is also an actress and a producer of repute. How many of you have seen the movie 'African Queen'? She produced it.

She is the one on the front cover of my magazine.
What do you guys think about Blessing? Send me your thoughts.


. One of Nigeria's best female vocalist Ego Ihenacho, who was Lagbaja's main vocalist for several years, has finally left the masked one to pursue a solo career. She said this in a recent interview she gave to True Love Magazine. Here's wishing her a successful solo career.

.The Lagos State Government recently opened the Lagos Film Office, headed by Makin Soyinka, son of Nobel Laurete, Professor Wole Soyinka. The agency is operating under the state's Ministry of Culture and Tourism and aims to facilitate film making in Lagos State as there has been a mass movement of movie makers to the east, where it is more convenient to shoot movies without the problems of area boys and getting permit to shoot in some places. With this new office, film makers will find it easier and hassle-free to film in Lagos.

.The Bank PHB sponsored 'The Intern' was won by Adetola who went home with N3, 000, 000 money price, a brand new Nissan car, brand new laptop, automatic employment, and an MBA scholarship at a business school as well as full executive wardrobe.
1st runner-up, Ayodele Oguntubi, 28, and 2nd runner-up Abosede Alimi got N1, 000, 000 and N750, 000 respectively. They also got brand new laptops, automatic employment and an MBA scholarship in a business school.

. As a way of promoting tourism in Cross River State, the Child Survival and Development Organisation of Nigeria will host Tinapa Film Festival tagged 'Film' from today Friday March 30th to Sunday April 1st. The film festival has alot of activities lined up which includes film screening, panel discussion and workshops.

. A new movie awards tagged The Nigerian Movie Award has been born and it's first edition is slated next month in Calabar, Cross River State at the opening ceremony of at the much publicised Africa's business resort, Tinapa. NIGMA as it is being called will reward other genres and segments which have been previously neglected, including outstanding stage plays, television dramas, fashion and photography, make-up and costume.


Have any of you seen this? It's this week's Us Weekly Magazine cover page. See the screaming headline? Are these people for real? All dem Angelina Jolie fans like myself, who love her greatly, not only as an actress, but also for her humanitarian work and adoption of orphans around the world, don't want to hear that everything is not fine with her in the homefront. After everything she's been through, the fight with her dad, two failed marriages, her mum's death, she deserves all the happiness she can get. She once said Brad was the best thing to ever happen to her and will forever remain grateful for finding him when she badly needed to stay sane. So what is this fight they are talking about? I sincerely hope it works out with them.


It just came to my notice that there is a search for Nigeria's 'Song Of The Decade', put together by Sun Newspapers and sponsored by Star Lager Beer.

Here are the nominated songs
A. African Queen - Tuface Idibia
B. Akanchawa - Princess Njedeka
C. Bang Bang Bang - Femi Kuti
D. Bussy Body - P-Square
E. Diana - Daddy Showkey
F. Danfo Driver - Mad Melon And Mountain Black
G. Ijoya - Weird MC
H. Jagajaga - Edris Abdulkareem
I. Kerewa - Zuleezoo
J. Konko Below - Lagbaja
K. Mosorire - Paul Play Dairo
L. Mr President - African China
M. My Car - Tony Tetuila
N. Olufunmi - Styl-Plus
O. Oruka - Sunny Neji

If you are interested in voting for your song of the decade, type SOD, leave space and type the codes of your favourite five songs (A-O). Text to 33570. You can vote as many times as you want. Sorry my pips abroad, it's only for those who live in Nigeria.

My song of the decade would be a tie between Femi Kuti's 'Bang, Bang, Bang' and Paul Play's 'Mosorire'.

What's your song of the decade? Is it even in the list? Let us know!


I was sitting in my office having lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time. She and I went to thesame secondary school and we remained in touch until she left for the UK in 1999. My girl came back looking really different. I can safely say living abroad has done her good. Anyway, there we were catching up on lost time, when I heard something on TV that totally stopped my discussion with dear friend. What is this I'm hearing? The British government has effected increase in it's visa application fees. It wasn't just that they increased it, but how much they increased it to.

This is the new visa fee
The Direct Airside Transit Visit, which was formerly N7, 800 is now N11, 450
Six months visa from N13, 000 to N16, 400
Students visa from N22, 000 to N25, 750

Now, longer term visit of N22, 000 is now N52, 000
Work permit which attracted N22, 000 is now N52, 000
While Highly Skilled Migrant Programme formerly N22, 000 now also attracts N52, 000
Just as settlement visa fee which was N67, 000 is now N130, 000

Can you guys imagine this? I'm not against increase, they must have their reasons, (They said something about wanting to provide a modern, effective service to Nigerians) I don't have a problem with that but increase from 22grand to 52grand is stretching it a bit too far isn't it? Nigerians who want to go to the UK do not only have airfare to contend with, but also a high visa fee. But I trust my Naija people, no amount of money will stop them from going after what they want.

By the way, this new fees take effect from Sunday April 1st 2007.


I use a Toshiba P35-S605 Pentium 4-M laptop. I was thinking of trading it in for a higher grade of Toshiba or maybe even a different product, like the Sony Vaio products. I saw one with a friend and went totally crazy for it. Now I want nothing more than to have a laptop like that. It's the cutest thing ever, very sleek, stylish, portable, classy...you know...sexy lol. But quite expensive. Anyway, in my quest to find the best laptop there is in the market, I came across ten of the best ones for anyone to buy. It's extremely important to know the fuctions, durability, battery life, portability and capacity of any laptop before buying it. We all know it's a very delicate gadget to own. And when a laptop starts giving you problems, boy...you don't want that.
Here are a list of the ten best laptops in the market.
1. TOSHIBA QOSMIO G35 (8.1/10. Excellent)
This third-generation Qosmio delivers a best-in-class multimedia experience that's built on a state-of-the-art set of components, including Intel's new Core Duo chipset. It also boasts virtually every feature under the sun, including an HD-DVD drive. As with past models, the Qosmio G35 offers one of the best 17-inch wide-screen displays around and an integrated TV tuner, as well as a full complement of ports and connections, a rocking set of stereo speakers, and an unparalleled set of multimedia controls

2. SONY VAIO SZ (7.5/10 Very Good)

The 3.8-pound Sony VAIO SZ isn't the lightest laptop available, even within Sony's lineup, but it manages to be eminently portable without sacrificing a readable screen or a usable keyboard. Even better, the VAIO SZ has all of the features a business user will need, from an integrated microphone and Webcam for videoconferencing to a fingerprint scanner for security, not to mention a solid array of components, such as an Intel Core Duo processor and an Nvidia graphics card.

3. LENOVO THINKPAD X60S (8.4/10 Excellent)
The latest model in the ThinkPad X series, the ultraportable X60s improves upon the previous generation by adding a few more features, including built-in WWAN connectivity and the latest Intel Core Duo processors. It still lacks a built-in optical drive, but the X60s does include that fabulous ThinkPad keyboard, making it the better choice if comfortable typing is more valuable to you than viewing CDs and DVDs. And if you can do without a built-in optical drive, the ThinkPad X60s delivers a best-in-class balance of comfort, performance, battery life, and portability.

4. GATEWAY NX100X (6.0/10 Good)

With a sleek black case, brushed-aluminum details, and dark blue status lights, the NX100X looks like a minimalist's dream laptop. The impact on your bottom line will also be minimal: the NX100X costs significantly less than competitive models. Though that minimalism extends to features as well (among other omissions, the NX100X lacks a built-in optical drive), if you're looking for an extremely portable and stylish laptop and can do without a built-in optical drive, the Gateway NX100X is a solid, economical choice.

5. HP COMPAQ PRESARIO V5000Z (6.9/10 Good)
The Presario V5000Z is a solid all-around notebook for a student or a home user who needs good, not great, performance and a fairly complete set of basic features, including a LightScribe double-layer optical drive and a multiformat media-card reader. Best of all, its starting price makes the V5000Z one of the least expensive base models on the market.

6. DELL XPS M1710 (8.2/10 Excellent)
With the XPS M1710, the company adds just a few aesthetic curlicues to the same basic form factor found on Dell's other 17-inch wide-screen models, upgrades it to Intel's Core Duo platform, and drops in Nvidia's new top-shelf GeForce Go 7900 GTX GPU. The unsurprising result: an extremely pricey system that extends the company's dominance of our gaming benchmark tests and solidifies Dell's reputation as the vendor to beat in the gaming laptop market. If you're a hard-core gamer who's looking to play the newest games (Oblivion, F.E.A.R.) at the highest settings, this is the best system that (a lot of) money can buy.

7. PANASONIC TOUGHBOOK 74 (6.9/10 Good)

It's expensive and bulky, but the Panasonic ToughBook 74 incorporates some of the design principles used for its military-grade laptops into a more consumer-friendly "business rugged" model that's designed to withstand everyday abuses. This laptop was tossed around, dropped on cement, and spilled a total of five cups of coffee on its keyboard...still running. Given the ToughBook 74's starting price, though, it is recommend for users who are likely to do most of their computing beyond the office, airplane, or hotel room and whose laptop will need to withstand extreme abuse.

8. SONY VAIO UX (6.0/10 Good)

The tiny Sony VAIO UX has a 4.5-inch (diagonal) wide-screen display that slides up to reveal a QWERTY keypad. Despite its small size, the UX runs on a full-fledged laptop CPU, a full version of Windows XP, and a touch-screen interface. Weighing 1.2 pounds, the VAIO UX has 1,024x600 native resolution display, is equipped with some pretty modest components, and has tons of networking connections. And, remarkable for such a small device, the Sony VAIO UX makes room for two cameras as well as a biometric fingerprint scanner, headphone and mic jacks, a USB port, and a Memory Stick slot.

9. MACBOOK PRO (6.9/10 Good)

With the MacBook Pro, Apple hasn't radically redesigned the PowerBook form factor, and that's a good thing. The sleek, aluminum MacBook Pro is slightly wider, thinner, and lighter than the 15-inch PowerBook, striking a successful compromise between portability and usability. What's more, the MacBook Pro delivers unparalleled style and a solid set of features and software, though a few transitional performance issues keep it from rivaling the most powerful PC laptops.

DELL XPS M2010 (7.3/10 Very Good)

Something between an all-in-one desktop PC and a proper laptop, the XPS M2010 accommodates a foldout 20-inch display, a detachable Bluetooth keyboard, a premium set of components, and most of the trappings of a modern Media Center PC, including an impressive sound system; a pop-up, slot-loading DVD player; and an integrated video camera and microphone for videoconferencing. It's a striking feat of engineering that's sure to garner attention in a stylish home or on a multimedia-intensive sales call. The target market here is clearly those for whom money is no object.

I'm saving up for any of the Sony Vaio products. But if you know any laptop that is better than the ones listed above, do let me know.


Beautiful 21 year old Ethiopian model and student, Kamilat Medhi, had a bright future ahead of her. She dreamt about doing a degree and becoming an air hostess.

All that changed one night when she was walking home from work with her two sisters and a stalker poured sulphuric acid in her face.

Kamilat and her sisters were on their way home from their mother's shop when a young man forced them to go down a dark alley and then someone came and threw acid in their faces. Her sisters, Zeyneba and Zubyeda, escaped with lesser injuries but their faces were also burnt by the acid. But Kamilat was the target so she was worse hit.

It was later discovered that the man who bathed Kamilat with acid was someone who had been bothering the young girl for over 4 years. He had been giving her a hard time but she didn't tell the family for fear that something would happen to them. He was always saying he would use a gun on them.

Kamilat is now lying in hospital disfigured beyond recognition.
Her skin is red raw, her eyelids have almost been entirely destroyed and her hairline has been burnt back.

All this is for what? The guy who did this to this young girl was aiming for...? I don't understand the cruelty of the human mind. How anyone can plot such a barbaric act against another fellow human is beyond my understanding. No matter what the offence, no matter the provocation, this is just not the way to go about life. I don't know who this guy is, but God does and I know his punishment is waiting for him. He will get what he deserves!


On Tuesday March 27th 2007, Nestle USA proudly announced that the year-long search for America's most-extraordinary young people had culminated in the recognition of 27 Nestle Very Best In Youth. From nearly 1, 000 nominations, only 27 youths were selected, with significant achievements in both academics andcommunity service, these remarkable youth have proven that kids, too, can make a difference in the world.

Honoring young people between the ages of 10 and 18, the Nestle Very Best In Youth award program pays tribute to those who are committed to academic excellence and devoted to leading a generation of positive changewithin their communities. With the belief that you are never too young to realize your dreams, these award winners have set the standard forexcellence.

Among the 27 youths, is Nigerian-born Folake Dosu, age 17, who lives in Bellwood, IL, USA. She is the founder of The Birthday Party Project, which organizes monthly surprise parties for Chicago-area children dealing with physical and/or emotional trauma.

Remember my favourite quote? 'You don't have to be a phenomenon to do phenomenal things, all you have to be is someone who cares and wants to make a difference'

Folake Dosu is an example of that. It's one thing to do something, it's another thing to be recognised for that thing. For being recognised, I say kudos to her.


There are some of us who are in relationships we don't really understand. Some of us are dating men we don't understand. Some of us don't understand why men act the way they do, why they cheat even though they love you. While some of us are just confused about love. There are those of us who seek to know how to fall in love, how to be loved in return, how to really know we are loved. How to catch and keep a man, how to keep your relationship solid, how to be a better person/lover to your man. And how to let go when a relationship is over.

Here are Ten of the best books in the market to help you deal with relationship/love/break-up/man issues

1. He's Just Not That Into You
A consultant and story editor from the hit TV show Sex and the City tell you what's really going on in a man's mind when he's apparently sending out mixed messages about his feelings for you.

2. Why Men Love Bitches
Sherry Argov delivers a unique perspective as to why men are attracted to a strong woman who stands up for herself. This no-nonsense guide reveals why a strong woman is much more desirable than a "yes woman" who routinely sacrifices herself

3. The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands
Therapist Laura Schlessinger finds that women who don't treat their husbands well are often depressed and unhappy. She advocates giving men what they want--food, sex, praise, and a serene home life.

5. The Rules
A guide for single women on "playing hard to get", which the authors state is a time-tested way of winning the man of one's dreams.

6. Be Honest - You're Not That Into Him Either
This hip and trendy treatise on interpersonal affairs is for the woman who would kick her man to the curb...if he weren't already across the room chatting up someone else.

7. The Dance of Intimacy
Takes a careful look at relationships where intimacy is most challenged by too much emotional distance, too much intensity, or simply too much pain.

8. Don't Call That Man
This uplifting and encouraging guide to letting go and moving on uses practical techniques to guide readers through a difficult and heart-wrenching process of moving on after break-up.

9. How to Make Anyone Fall in Love With You
Eighty-five techniques for making someone fall in love with you, based on scientific study.

10. How to Make a Man Fall in Love With You
Forget about learning how to make love to a man. First you have to learn how to make a man fall in love with you.

This books, all written by love experts, will go a long way in helping with all your love questions. I especially like 'Why Men Love Bitches' and 'How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You'.

Happy reading

Thursday 29 March 2007


Munachi Nwankwo, Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria
Contestants up-close

The Winners
Miss Akwa-Ibom - Miss Laca Sera. N1 million prize money
Miss Lagos, Best Traditional Outfit
Miss Cross River - Miss Photogenic

Contestants for 'Top Model Competition'

Contestants in ankara for their choreography dance

They are digging to Jazzman's 'Shake Something'

Contestants in their traditional outfits

Contestants in their swimwear

This is the pose I told y'all about
Miss Akwa-Ibom couldn't unwrap her shawl

Contestants in their evening wear

MBGN 2007
I'd like to reserve my comment about the pageant I witnessed yesterday but I'd like to know what you think about the contestants of this year's pageant and what you think about our new queen. How far do you guys think she will go in the 'Miss World' Pageant? Hmmm...top 100, 90, 80? Just kidding. Send me your thoughts.
Also, I'd like to say it's a darm shame that in country as populated as ours, only 47 people voted on-line for 'Miss Photogenic' at the just concluded MBGN Pageant. Only 47 votes. Can you guys imagine that? Most contestants didn't even have a vote. What happened to their families and friends?
Anyway, let's hope next year's pageant will witness an improvement. This year's pageant? I'm still reserving my comment.
For more info on the pageant, go to mbgnonline.com or silverbirdgroup.com
All pictures thanks to purefoto.com

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