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Friday 2 March 2007


March 2nd in History
1882: Assassination attempt made on the life of Queen Victoria
1958: Antartic crossed for the first time by Dr Vivian Fuchs
1970: Rhodesia gains independence
1986: The British Queen signs a proclamation giving Australia legal independence

1316: King Robert II of Scotland.
1459: Pope Adrian VI, the only Dutch pope and the last non-Italian until John Paul II in 1978.
1545: Thomas Bodley, English founder of the Bodleian library.
1760: Camille Desmoulins, French journalist.
1810: Pope Leo XIII
1876: Pope Pius XII.1900: Kurt Weil, German composer.
1931: Mikhail Gorbachev, Soviet president.

986 Lothair, Carolingian King.
1127: Charles the Good, Count of Flanders.
1619: Anne of Denmark, Queen Consort of King James I of England.
1755: Louis duc de St.-Simon, French memoirist.
1791: John Wesley, British co-founder of the Methodists.
1797: Horace Walpole, English gothic author.
1840: Wilhelm Olbers, German astronomer.
1855: Tsar Nicholas I of Russia.1930: D H Lawrence, British author.


No woman should take this personal, it's just for laughs ok? But these men are so wrong. We rule the world, we just do it behind them. Right ladies? Right!


President Olusegun Obasanjo

Vice-President Atiku Abubakar

I usually don't like talking about politics. In Nigeria, it's a dirty game. When there are so many beautiful, cheerful things to talk about, why politics? But then I've realised that so many of you, especially those in the diaspora yearn to know what's happening in the Nigerian politics. So I've decided to digress a little today and talk the most controversial topic in the Nigerian political/government arena. The Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF)

Nigeria's President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo accused our Vice-President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar of misusing the funds in the PTDF account which was directly under the VP's care.

After all the accusations and counter accusations, the Economic and Financial Crime Commision (EFCC), led by Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, questioned Atiku, only for the latter to go to court and contest the allegations labelled against him. He went further by pointing out so many 'atrocities' he claimed the president had committed, including the misuse of power and buying cars for his girlfriends. (Lame right?). I must say here that all I heard Atiku say is "I'm guilty, but so is Obasanjo"

Anyway, to cut the long story short, President Obasanjo took the case to the senate, where a seven man Ad hoc committee, led by Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba, was set up to investigate the allegations. And after several weeks on a fact finding mission, the committee on monday Tuesday March 1st found the Vice-President guilty of misuse of power and mismanagement of the PTDF's funds. The committee said Atiku aided and abetted the placement of $145 million belonging to the PTDF in banks.. They added that the money which was meant for specific projects was fraudulently given out as loans to companies.

The loans given out:
1. 130 billion naira to Netlink Digital Television (NDTV)
2. 430 million naira to Mofas Shipping Company Limited
3. 300 million naira to Transvari Services Limited
All of this loans are yet to be recovered by the federal government.

The committee recommended that the Vp be penalised for the offences and all the companies and individuals that benefitted from the loans be made to refund the money.

Atiku's response to the report was "A partisan political hatchet job, that would not stand the test of public scrutiny". He called everyone to reject the finding. I hear you sir!

Meanwhile, the committee also found Obasanjo and the federal executive council guilty of allegedly using PTDF money for projects not covered within the law establishing the fund. Was he penalised? NO!

I'm not happy with the way things are going in Nigeria. The way the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. The same people who have proven themselves untrust-worthy are the same people who are coming out for elections, hoping to rule us. Where are the decent, God-fearing and honest men?

I hope at the end of the day justice, fairness and equity will prevail in this PTDF drama. And may confused and greedy men not disrupt the peace of our beloved nation. Amen!


God works in mysterious ways!!!


Ivory Coast striker Didier Drogba was named 2006 African Footballer of the Year, edging out Cameroon's Samuel Eto'o to deny the Barcelona marksman a record fourth successive award.

Drogba, 28, took the honour for the first time after captaining his country to the African Nations Cup final where they were beaten on penalties by hosts Egypt. Ivory Coast also reached the finals of the World Cup for the first time last year while Drogba won the English Premier League with his club side.

Chelsea team mate Michael Essien finished third for the second consecutive year in the poll of Africa's 53 national team coaches.

Last year, Eto'o pipped Drogba by two votes in the closest race in the award's 36-year history.

Drogba turned the tables on Eto'o this time, securing 79 votes against his rival's 74. Ghana midfielder Essien polled 36 votes as coaches gave three points to their first choice, two to their second pick and one point to their third.
Drogba's success came four days after he scored twice to help Chelsea beat Arsenal 2-1 in the League Cup final, taking his tally for the English season to 28 goals.

The Abidjan-born striker spent much of his youth growing up in France where he played for Le Mans, Guingamp and Olympique Marseille before moving to Chelsea in 2004. Drogba is only the third English-based footballer to win the award after Nwankwo Kanu, then of Arsenal, in 1999 and Senegal's El Hadji Diouf, who was with Liverpool when he took the title in 2002.

In other awards on Thursday, Olympique Marseille defender Taye Taiwo (Nigeria) was named best young African footballer while Ghana were chosen as international team of the year. Egypt's Al Ahli took the club prize and their Portuguese boss Manuel Jose was coach of the year.
Congrats to all the winners!!!

Thursday 1 March 2007


She's...I mean he's very...did I say he? She's beautiful...but what's that thing I see between her legs...balls? What do you guys think. He or she?


Djimon Hounsou

Kimora Lee with estranged husband, Russell Simmons

I'm hearing that one of my all time favourite men Djimon is now dating Russell Simmon's estranged wife, Kimore Lee simmons. Djimon Hounsou is one amorous guy. Last week, the "Blood Diamond" star was all over Cameron Diaz. This week, he turned his attention on Kimora Lee Simmons. Hounsou and Simmons made out all night at Boulevard 3 in L.A. Tuesday on March 1st, during a Dom Perignon dinner for Forest Whitaker. The two, there to help celebrate Whitaker's Oscar win, ignored Oprah Winfrey, Mary J. Blige, Chris Tucker and Quincy Jones to grope each other, and left together.

1st and foremost his union will piss Russell off, because even though they're separated, they are still legally married. 2ndly, why isnt Djimon married? He's over 4oyears old, what's the problem?

Do you guys think this union will work out? I don't think so...but there is no harm in having a little fun is there? Kimora Lee got married very young, I think she's about to start enjoying what she never enjoyed before. Freedom and hot hot hot men. Go Kimora!!!


How many of you have seen the new naira notes? Is it the most beautiful note you've ever seen or what? I went to the bank today and was given the notes and I just couldn't believe I was staring at our naira notes. There's a huge difference between this new ones and the old ones.

This are some differences I noted
The new naira notes are shorter in lenght and smaller in size.

The twenty naira has a transparent Nigeria's cote of arm on it.

The new notes all have their value written in Nigeria's three major Languages, Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa.

The new notes cannot easily be folded. When you try to fold it, It unfolds itself. It can't be easily squeezed and ruffled.

The new notes don't seem to be printed with paper. I'm not sure what exactly it's made of but I'll find out and let you guys know

The new notes now have pictures of women on them unlike the old notes

The new twenty naira, which is the finest of them all, is much greener than the old note

The Ten naira note looks like the 'euro', just a lot more beautiful

Only the five ten, twenty and fifty naira notes were changed. The one, two, five hundred naira notes will remain as they are, at least for now. And did I mention the re-introduction of coins? Yes...we now have one, two and five naira in coins. So now we can buy sweet or chewing gum for one naira instead of the regular three for five naira.

This notes were formally introduced to Nigerian's yesterday, February 28th, 2007.

The central bank has said that the old noted can be used up until ending of may, when hopefully it would have fizzled out. In otherwords, from June 2007, all the old notes will be unusable.

If the Central Bank of Nigeria Governor, Charles Soludo, was running for 'Office', I would have voted for him. He's a visionary and has done more for our currency and economy than any other Governor before him. These are the kind of people we need in Nigeria. Congratulations to all Nigerians. Hopefully oneday, our economy will give us something to rejoice about


There's nothing I love more than history...ok maybe fashion...and modeling...and writing...and reading...then history. For those of you like me who love history, this is for you. Enjoy!

March 1st in History
1780: Pennsylvania becomes the first American state to abolish slavery
1932: The baby son of Charles Lindbergh is kidnapped
1954: First American hydrogen bomb test on the island of Bikini
1966: First ever (crash) landing on Venus took place by the soviet probe Venus 3
1978: Coffin of Charles Chaplin stolen, only months after being buried

March 1st birthdays
1810: Frederic Chopin, Polish composer
1902: Langston Hughes, American poet
1904: Glenn Miller, American bandleader
1910: David Niven, Scottish actor
1927: Harry Belafonte, American singer
1954: Ron Howard, American director


My girl Kelly Rowland is back with her sophomore CD, and the first single - Like This - is hot. Did I say hot or what? The track is tight! And it features a guest rap by Eve. Like This is straight up deelish. Big beats. Catchy hooks. Simple. Sexy. Easy. Breezy. A real club banger. Here's hoping that her new album does better than the last one. Congrats Kelly


First and foremost, happy birthday to everyone born on this day. May God continue to guide and protect you all. This is a new month, a time for sober reflection, a time for change, a time to make new resolutions, a time to do things better and a time to get closer to God. If things didn't go well with you last month, don't worry, it will be much better for you this month. All you need to do is ask yourself what you are doing wrong, because it's only when you know what the problem is that you can correct it. If you don't like the way your life is going, then please make changes. Stop the things you were doing before or start doing something you were not doing before. A new month gives us an opportunity to start all over again. Your resolutions don't only have to come in a new year, it can start in a new month. Get your life back on track and be rest assured that God is with you all the way. God bless us all.

Tuesday 27 February 2007


Here are 100 funny, witty, crazy text messages to send to your friends, enemies and family...Enjoy!!

1 A dentist married a manicurist and they have been fighting tooth and nail ever since!

2 Many a women started out playing with fire and ended up cooking over it!

3 Mosqitoes are nature´s way of fighting nudity!

4 Even if you can´t read a girl like a book, its nice to thumb the pages!

5 Nature seems determined to make us work. The less hair we comb, the more face we have to wash!

6 The best way to drive your wife crazy is to smile in your sleep!

7 More husbands would leave home if they knew how to pack their suitcases!

8 Women are smarter than men. They have figures to prove it!

9 The skirts are getting shorter and the necklines lower. I would like to be there when they meet together!

10 A divorce costs much than a marriage but its worth it!

11 A smart husband is one who thinks twice before saying nothing!

12 Business is so bad that some hotels are stealing towels from the guests!

13 Virginity is like a ballon. One prick and its gone!

14 History repeats itself because no one pays attention to it the first time!

15 Men and mice are just the same. Pussy gets them both in the end!

16 Marriage isn´t a word but a sentence!

17 When we are right nobody remembers. But when we are wrong nobody forgets!

18 The differenve between HERPES and AIDS is that one is a love story and the other is a fairy tale!

19 Never marry for money, you will borrow it cheaper!

20 What is the definition of unskilled labour? A pregnant prostitute!

21 Love is a game that is never called off on account of bad light!

22 Love your enemies. It will drive them crazy!

23 Mobile phones are the only subject on which men boast about who´s got the smallest!
24 To err is human but to blame the computer is even more human!

25 It is better to sleep on things beforehand than to lie awake on them afterwards!

26 Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die!

27 Police never wait for backup!

28 Up with dresses, down with pants!

29 Capitalism is the survival of the fattest!

30 God created orgasm because he couldn´t wait for the second coming!

31 Home is where you hang your @!

32 The e-mail of the species is deadlier than the mail!

33 A journey of a thousand sites begins with a single click!

34 You can´t teach a new mouse old clicks!

35 Speak softly and carry a cell phone!

36 C:\ is the root of all directories!

37 Pentium-wise pen & paper foolish!

38 The modem is the message!

39 Too many clicks spoil the browse!

40 The geek shall inherit the earth!

41 A chat has nine lives!

42 Don´t byte off more than you can view!

43 Fax is stronger than fiction!

44 What boots up must come down!

45 Windows will never cease!

46 In Gates we trust!

47 A user and his leisure time are soon parted!

48 Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to use the net and he won´t bother you for weeks!

49 My wife dresses to kill and she also cooks the same way!

50 A good wife always forgives her husband when she is wrong!

51 My wife and I were happy for twenty years. Then we met!

52 I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury!

53 The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret!

54 When a man steals your wife, there is no better revenge than to let him keep her!

55 I haven´t spoken to my wife in 18 months - I don´t like to interrupt her!

56 My girlfriend told me that I should be more affectionate. So I got myself two girlfriends!

57 Man is incomplete until he is married. Then he is finished!

58 The trouble with being the best man at a wedding is that you never get to prove it!

59 A few good quotes: 1. Nobody dies a virgin, life f*** us all; 2. I was born brilliant, education ruined me;

60 Don't drink water, fishes f*** in it.

61 A priest lost his parrot, asked during mass. Anyone got a bird? All men stood up. I mean, anyone seen a bird? All women stood up. I mean, anyone seen my bird? All nuns stood up!

62 Love is like a bowl of oatmeal; warm, mushy and good for you. Lust is like soup, it is only good when it is hot.

63 God saw your parents hungry, He created pizzas. God saw they are thirsty, He created Pepsi. He saw them walking, He created car. He saw them without problems, He created you!

64 Dying husband: I have something to tell you. Wife: Don't speak, just rest. Husband: No, I must confess, I had sex with your sister and your best friend. Wife: Sshhh. I know! That's why I poisoned you!

65 What is the difference between a new husband and a new dog? After one year, the dog is still excited to see you.

66 What is a difference between a Kiss, a Car and a Monkey? A kiss is so dear, a car is too dear and a monkey is U dear.

67 I want u... To be with me In a nice Restaurent To have candle light dinner.... & to say say those sweet three words to U.... "Pay The Bill"

68 When u get ths SMS, send it to 1 person U luv, 1 u hate, 1 u always think of & 1 u wish to kill. now keep guessing why I send it to u!!

69 U r a nice person... but..U have to do 2 things early in the morning... 1st. pray to God so that u can live.... 2nd.take a bath so that others can live....

70 In heaven together we were in a big hall. An Angel told us to write our sins before going in, but before l could start writing any thing l heard you calling for ''EXTRA SHEET''.

71 A baby monkey asked his mother"Mom, why r we so ugly"???Mom said - Thank GOD we look like this, u should see the person reading this SMS

72 Not every flower can represent love but roses did it. Not every tree can stand thirst, but cactus did it. Not every monkey can read SMS but hey you just did! Enjoy your day, and dont forget to smile!

73 Husband & wife are like liver and kidney. Husband is liver & wife kidney. If liver fails, kidney fails. If kidney fails, liver manages with other kidney.

74 Dad to Son : When I beat u how do u control your anger. son: I start cleaning toilet. Dad: how does that satisfy you? Son: I clean with ur tooth brush.

75 Dad to Son : When I beat u how do u control your anger. son: I start cleaning toilet. Dad: how does that satisfy you? Son: I clean with ur tooth brush.


I'm going to give y'all a task. Whenever you're free and feel like working your mind a little, this is where you should be. Look closely at the pictures of these men below, some are living, some are long dead but one thing they all have in common is greatness. They have all contributed in one way or the other to the bettermant of this world. Some names are quite popular but the faces behind the names aren't so, which is the case in most of these men I have below. So see if you can guess who is who.

Picture A

Picture B

Picture C

Picture D

Picture E

Picture F

Picture G

Picture H

Picture I

Picture J

Picture K

Picture L

Picture M

Picture N

Picture O

Picture P

Picture Q

Picture R

Picture S

Picture T

There are 20 pictures above and there 20 names below, see if you can match the pictures to the names. So pick out a paper and pen and start solving the puzzle. Just write aiv, kii sxiv etc. Later I'll load up the correct answers for you all but first, lets see how much you know the people in your world.

i=Adolf Hassler, Founder, Adidas
ii=Steve Forbes, Founder, Forbes Magazine
iii=Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson's father
iv=Paul Fireman, Founder, Reebok
v=Ray Kroc, Founder, Macdonalds
vi= Franklin Roosevelt, Former US President
vii=Henry Ford, Founder, Ford Motors
viii= Richard Williams, Venus/Serena's father
ix= Edouard Heuer, Founder, Tag Heuer
x= Guccio Gucci, Founder, Gucci Label
xi= Walt Disney, Founder, Walt Disney Pictures/Disney world
xii= Winston Churchill, Former UK Prime Minister
xiii= Gottlieb Daimler, Founder, Daimlers Motors
xiv= John Johnson, Founder, Ebony Magazine
xv= Christian Dior, Founder, Christian Dior Label
xvi= Phil Knight, Founder, Nike
xvii= Earl Woods, Tiger Wood's father
xviii= Paul Allen, Co-founder, Microsoft
xix= Nicholas Hayek, Founder, Swatch
xx= Emil Jellinek, Founder, Mercedes Benz

Have a great time working this one out.


What I'll start from now on is check out events that happened in the past on every particular date. I'll call it 'Today in history'. Let's be more enlightened about the world we live in, by knowing what happened in the past, because that is the only way we can understand the future. Right guys? Right!

So let's look at today February 27th in history

1991 End of the Gulf War after the last of the Iraqi troops have retreated from Kuwait.

1981 Former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson announces he will not be standing for Parliament again at the next General Election.

1965 Goldie' the eagle escapes from London Zoo and settles in Regents Park before being re-captured 12 days later.

1933 The Reichstag building in Berlin is destroyed by fire.

1907 London's main criminal court, the 'Old Bailey' is built on the site of Newgate Prison.

1900 The formation of the Labour Representation Committee in Britain by the Independent Labour Party, the Fabian Society, the Social Democratic Federation and trade unions at a conference in London. Aim: to increase the independent representation of working people in Parliament. Committee secretary was future Labour Prime Minister Ramsey MacDonald.

1900 Boer leader Piet Cronje and his army surrender to British commander Lord Roberts at Paardeberg during Boer War.

1879 Discovery of saccharin by chemists in Baltimore.

1557 First Russian Embassy is established in London.

1941 British politician Paddy Ashdown.

1932 American film actress Elizabeth Taylor.

1930 American actress Joanne Woodward.

1902 American writer John Steinbeck.His best-known novel: 'The Grapes of Wrath' (1939). Other works include 'East of Eden' (1952) and 'The Winter of Our Discontent' (1961). Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1962. Dies 1968.

1901 Italian sculptor and painter Mario Marini. Best known for equestrian statues of horse and rider.

1807 Poet Henry Longfellow.

1735 John Arbuthnot. Scottish mathematician and physician to Queen Anne.

I'm so excited about this new idea I came up with. There's nothing I love more than history...ok maybe fashion and modeling...add writing to that. Other than those, history is 'it' for me. Hope you guys will appreciate and love this. Can't wait to load it up for you everyday.


. Governor of The Year: Adamu Mu’azu/Donald Duke

• Minister of The Year: Obiageli Ezekwesili

• Senator of The Year: Ken Nnamani

• Govt Person of The Year: Charles Soludo/Ifueko Omoigui

• Representative of The Year: Farouk Lawan

• Bank of The Year: UBA Plc

• Most Improved Bank: Oceanic Bank Plc

• Banker of The Year: Jim Ovia

• Best Bank in Mergers: Diamond Bank

• Stock Offer of the Year: Intercontinental Bank

• Transaction of The Year: BPE/Transcorp NITEL Deal

• Product of The Year: Indomie Noodles

• Brand of The Year: Celtel/GTBank Brand

• Car of The Year: Honda Accord I-VTEC

• Hotel of The Year: Eko Hotel & Suites

• Airline of The Year: Virgin Nigeria Airlines

• CSR Coy of The Year: Zenith Bank Plc

• Company of The Year: Globacom Ltd

• Young Mgr of The Year: Wale Tinubu/Oando

• Regulator of The Year: NCC

• Sportsman of The Year: Nwankwo Kanu

• CEO of The Year: Aliko Dangote

• Entpnr. of The Year: Aliko Dangote/Obajana Cement

• Oil Mkt Coy of the Year: Zenon

• Oil & Gas Coy of The Year: NLNG

• Insurance Coy of The Year: Leadway

• ICT Coy of The Year: Zinox Technologies

• Govt Agency of The Year: NTA

Those who bagged the Lifetime Achievement Award Winners are Dr. Christopher Abebe, Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar, Most Rev. Peter Akinola, Dr. Kofi Annan, Chief Philip Asiodu, Alhaji Aminu Dantata, Chief Cyprian Ekwensi, Dr. Alex Ekwueme, Alhaji Wahab Iyanda Folawiyo, Amb. Christopher Kolade, Dr. Moses Majekodunmi, Alhaji Alade Odunewu, Chief Chris Oladipo Ogunbanjo, Chief Adekunle Ojora, Mr. Gamaliel Onosode, Dr. Olusola Saraki, Alhaji Shehu Shagari, Alhaji Umaru Shinkafi, Chief Ernest Shonekan and Alhaji Bamanga Tukur.

How come no woman bagged a Lifetime Achievemant Award...hmmm? What do you guys think about this Award and it's winners? Send me your thoughts.


Paula Abdul

Paula is a don't. She looks like she just got out of surgery and has Ace bandages wrapped around her to hold her together so that there's minimal scarring! The dress is pulling so tightly that it's not only pushing her bust down and making it unattractive, but it's also giving her that sort of third boob, that underarm boob, which is not necessary.

Jennifer Hudson

She's a 'do' for sure - she's given herself a sexier silhouette by virtue of that halter, giving her a nice long line. It's attractive because she's younger and her breasts are still perky enough. In 10 years she can't wear that halter dress without the Brooklyn Bridge being underneath her!"

Christina Aguilera

There's just too much distance between her bust, so it leans more towards a don't than a do. But I like the way she looks. This dress looks cute on her, but I wish there was a little more cleavage. The real do here would be to use those silicone cups which would've given her a fuller cup and a little more cleavage in the center.


Fergie is a 'do' because she has a dress that's perfectly executed for her bust. It's fabulous and beautiful and that neckline is really pretty on her - it doesn't work on everybody. She's got the right sized chest and that's the biggest you can go with that square neck without looking like Paula Abdul."

LeAnn Rimes

It's not a 'do' and it's not a 'don't' - it's just okay, but it could've been better. She's very safe. I would've encouraged her to use those self-adhesive cookies to give her a fuller bust. They would've helped fill out the gathering in the fabric and given her a more voluptuous silhouette"

This is courtesy Us Magazine!!!

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