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Saturday 12 September 2009

Notorious SA Magazine

Notorious SA (NSA) is a monthly entertainment magazine targeted at South Africa's vibrant and newly independent urban black professionals. The magazine primarily showcases sexy black models with their typical african voluptuous figure, in sexy lingerie;which makes it the first and only South African print magazine of it's kind! South African men will treasure this new title and the women will read it for the latest lingerie fashions, accessories & clothing.

The magazine presents an upbeat look into SA life offering reports on entertainment events & interviews with well-known sports, music personalities and local celebrities. Readers have the opportunity to interact with each other by blogging, sending dedications and posting perosnal ads. NSA will feature fun articles, quizzes about social city lifestyle and relationships. NSA will also have information about community development initiatives and urban city movers.

Check on their website here...http://www.notorious-sa.com/

Jerry Jideobi's Pretty Woman

Talented make up artist, Jerry Jideobi, has gone into music. He recently completed work on his debut album called Pretty Woman. His listening party will hold Oct 16th. Check the poster for more details...

Jerry's Lord of Chamz

Lord of Chamz is a fashion designing and make-up artistry company, in tune with the tastes and preferences of the top most celebrities in Nigeria. We are involved in facial cleansing, skin care and management, cosmetics prescriptions, marketing and customized usage planning, General beauty management and consulting, costuming and fashion designing, models training and modeling agency. echelon events management as well as award shows planning and execution.

Check out some of his works...

His office is located at Opebi, Ikeja, Ikota Shopping Complex VGC and Bode Thomas, Surulere. Telephone number: 08038625303, 07025111116.

Bill's Ranch

Bill's Ranch is a FREE fun multi-player simulation adventure and strategy game set in the Old West that can be played from any web browser.

The story begins in 1855 with Bill, a strong, brave cowboy destined for greatness--if you can take him there.

Already a global phenomenon, the exciting and freeonline adventure game has everyone talking. Check it out here...http://billsranch-pressrelease.com/

A Perspective on Contemporary Nigerian Photography

The New Awakening magazine, a publication of the Ben Enwonwu Foundation in collaboration with Essential Interiors magazine proudly presents a photographic exhibition titled, ‘A Perspective on Contemporary Nigerian Photography.’

The exhibition is scheduled to hold at the Omenka Gallery, Ben Enwonwu Foundation at Ikoyi on Friday 25th of September at 5:00pm and end on Saturday, the next day. It will be opened by Dr. Sam Amuka, publisher of Vanguard Newspapers, who is the guest of honour. The New Awakening is an art and lifestyle magazine and the first of its kind in Nigeria.

It educates, informs and guides its readers on the arts including visual arts; sculpture, painting and photography. The publication is also a business guide with great entertainment value.

Essential Interiors is Nigeria’s first interior design magazine. It is a source book of ideas, inspirations and product information indicating everything related to interior design in Nigeria. The exhibition aims to showcase the remarkable works of Nigeria’s best-known names in this genre as well as emerging talent.

It provides a rare opportunity for the public to see and enjoy the exceptional skills and the progress made in the development of form and technique in contemporary Nigerian photography. The exhibition is sponsored by Interior Specifics, Regus, Cornerstone Financial Services, Svengali Designs Limited and I Design Interiors.

'A Perspective on Contemporary Nigerian Photography’ will feature outstanding works of veteran Nigerian photographers such as...

Tam Fiofori is an internationally renowned film-maker, photojournalist and media consultant. He has exhibited widely and remains a major influence to many photographers.

Sunmi Smart-Cole, an internationally acclaimed photographer, is self-taught and is known for his versatility and range of his interests. He is a multi-award winner whose works reflect his lifelong advocacy for the environment and sensitivity for natural subjects. His work is influenced by his love for music, fashion and art. He has trained over 30 photographers and is a role model and inspiration to many more.

J.D. Okhai Ojeikere is recognised as a world-class photographer. He became a studio photographer for the first African television station in Africa in 1961.He is well-known for his series of photographs dedicated to Nigerian culture and owns an impressive archive of images. Ojeikere has published several books on his work including his black-and-white book Nigerian Hairstyles (shot in the sixties and seventies).

George Esiri is a well-experienced photographer who has worked for Reuters International Press Agency UK and received many awards. He is renowned for his work documenting the Niger Delta region.

Kelechi Amadi-Obi a trained lawyer and has earned international recognition as a painter and photographer. He is well-known for his work in the advertising industry.

Mudi Yahaya, is a social documentary photographer, photojournalist and cultural activist, and works largely on long-term, self-assigned projects often focusing on the aesthetic relationship between images and post colonial deconstruction of the African identity. Over the years Mallam Mudi has worked with international organizations including UNICEF, UNAIDS and the BBC Trust.

Jide Adeniyi-Jones has worked as a professional photographer in Europe, Africa and the United States since 1974. His practice includes documentary, industrial and editorial photography.

Uche James-Iroha, a trained sculptor is also a photographer of international repute, having received several awards including the Prince Claus award in 2008. His works are enhanced with texts and graphics and address social and general issues. He is the director of Photo Garage, an outfit that provides logistics and offers an indigenous platform for domestic and global intellectual photography exchanges. Uche is also the director of the Depth of Field, a photography collective based in Lagos.

Emeka Okereke won the Best Young Photographer prize in the 5th edition of the Festival of Photography in Bamako, 2003. His work currently explores the relationship between video and photography. He has had a hand-full of impressive outings at major festivals and Biennales.

Others include...

TY Bello

Yetunde Ayeni-Babaeko

Lolade Cameron-Cole
Emeka Okereke, Amaize Ojeikere, Adolphus Opara, Deji Ajose and Sunday Ukonumu.
Lolade Cameron-Cole.

Source: Moriam Musa.

Oluronbi Musical

Oluronbi, a unique musical drama that would parade some of the best characters in the Nigerian dance, music and theatre is packaged by Ikhane Akhigbe's Aboriginal Productions. It is the story of a beautiful but barren queen who makes a bargain with the devil in order to get a child. The play then narrates her struggles in her bid to fulfill her own part of the bargain after getting her child.

Two performances of the production are scheduled to run on Saturday September 19, 2009 at 2:00pm and 5:00pm at the Agip Hall of the Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos.

Omawumi and Dr Frabz

The star studded cast include: Dr Frabz, Hafiz Oyetoro, Ireti Doyle, Ivory Ambassadors, Omawunmi Megbele, Timi Dakolo, Toba Gold, Tunde Aladese (Writer), Uche Onah (Choreographer), Victor Eze-Okwuchukwu (Director), Wale Iruobe and Yinka Davies.

A must see!!!

Ibadan youths Dare To Be Different


On the 5th September 2009, Ibadan witnessed a transformational change as RISE, Nigeria’s Leading Youth Interaction Centre, took the town youths on a ride with the established and excelled of our time with Dare to be Different National Interactive Youth Forum under the theme “OUR TIME IS NOW”

The participants that arrived early were treated to short clips from the Lagos Session of the Interactive Youth Forum which entertained speakers like the Governor of the Central Bank, Dr. Lamido Sanusi, Hon. Minister of Information and Communications, Prof. Dora Akunyili, Chairman, Silverbird Group, Mr. Ben Bruce, amongst others. As at 10am, all the seats in the hall had been taken and more space had to be created. The event started by 11am with an inspiring and thought provoking video on the four possible futures for Nigeria in the year 2025; NAIJA JUNCTION. The historical event came to a graceful end with the recitation of the National Pledge by all at exactly 5.45pm.

Under the skilled and experienced hands of the speakers; Mike Bamiloye, Founder of Mt. Zion Faith Ministries, Tara Fela-Durotoye, MD, House of Tara and Funke Bucknor-Obruthe, MD, Zapphire Events, amongst others. The speakers emphasized on the need to stand up to our responsibilities as young people instead of waiting for other people to help especially with the recent ASUU strike that’s rendered most of the undergraduates lazy and useless.

The first speaker Mrs. Tara Durotoye of House of Tara, after apologizing for coming late addressed the youths on the challenges faced while establishing House of Tara, a beauty shop. She spoke passionately about having a vision if you want to get to the top. She also encouraged the youths on the possibilities of being a successful entrepreneur.

Mr. Mike Bamiloye, also spoke on the need for youth engagement as full partners in shaping urban development and governance goals. He reemphasized the need to be actively engaged in commendable projects or initiatives as against being idle, knowing full well that 'an idle mind is the devil's workshop'.

Mrs. Funke Bucknor-Obruthe, the Managing Director Zapphire Events, talked about overcoming the numerous social obstacles to the success of young Nigerian women in business, which entails managing ideas with tenacity of purpose, breakthrough innovation and support. She pointed out that a vision should not be termed as a failure simply because it has not been publicly embraced or accepted.
There was an Interactive Session with the Speakers’ after their presentations, and the participants were able to ask questions on issues that needed clarifications.

Timi Olagunju, (A final year student at the University of Ibadan) and Segun Ogundipe aka laugh up, (A stand up comedian), who were the comperes for the event thrilled the audience with rib-cracking jokes and insightful tips. The 2008 Winner of MTN Project Fame West Africa, INYANYA, was also present alongside Malta Guinness Street Dance Winners for Ibadan region, FLAMES to take the audience on another level in entertainment.

Check out the pictures...


Friday 11 September 2009

Breaking up: When love turns to hate.

I've had a break up. For me it went from 'Love or something like it' to 'No longer love and nothing else'. So when I hear 'I wish him death Linda, I wish him death, I hope he dies soon', I don't understand where that's coming from.

I was listening to her and crying; not for the man she wished death...(I knew she didn't really mean it, it was just anger talking), I was crying because of the deep pain I felt in her voice; the intence hatred, the extreme bitterness, the anguish, the sorrow, the confusion...but above all - the let down. "How could he do this to me?', I heard several times in the conversation "Where's my fairy tale ending Linda?" I also heard.

When someone we love deeply hurts us, we are expected to forgive them, and if we no longer want them in our lives; let them go, wish them the best and move on. But for some of us, it's not that easy. Once the love is gone, only hate remains. What I want to know is; where does the hate come from?

How can we go from - loving someone so much we marry them, have kids with them, spend the best years of our lives with them... - then turn around to hate them so much, we wish/want them dead. How can a love so deep turn so easily into the most intense hatred? What happens?
You find some divorced couples who can't stand the sight of each other and some actually go out of their way to try to bring the other down. And you wonder, was there ever love between these people?

At what point does love turn to hate? Why is the line between the two emotions so thin? And is the hate reversible? Does anybody out there have an answer?

Please share your thoughts...

Caster Semenya is Hermaphrodite?

Read the story below...

Tests have revealed South African women's athlete Caster Semenya is a hermaphrodite, born with male and female sex organs.

WORLD athletics is in crisis with tests showing champion runner Caster Semenya is a hermaphrodite - having both female and male sexual characteristics.


The tests, not yet publicly released, show the 18-year-old has no womb or ovaries. The International Association of Athletics Federations is expected to disqualify the South African from future events and advise her to have surgery because her condition carries grave health risks, The Daily Telegraph reports.

And she could be stripped of the gold medal she won in Berlin in last month. Semenya has three times more testosterone than a normal female. A source closely involved with the IAAF tests said Semenya had internal testes - the male sexual organs which produce testosterone.

Testosterone is a male hormone with a primary task of building muscle bulk. It also produces body hair and a deep voice. It is believed Semenya is unaware the tests identify her as an hermaphrodite.

We need proof abeg...

Wednesday 9 September 2009

Caster Semenya's New Look


Caster Semenya some weeks back arriving her country South Africa after winning the 800 metres at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics with a time of 1:55.45 in the final, setting the fastest time of the year.

After winning gold, her gender was brought into question and she was subjected to tests to determine her sex.
Semenya later said "I see it all as a joke, it doesn't upset me. God made me the way I am and I accept myself".

Look at her now...

And they thought she was a man???
Caster in a nice hair style, a designer black dress, jewelry, makeup and nail polish.

Today is 9-9-9.
It's the last set of repeating, single-digit dates that we'll see for almost a century (until January 1, 2101).

An extremely special day. Before you go to bed tonight, say a little prayer. I have a feeling God will be working overtime today. *Smile*

May all wishes come true.

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