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Saturday 10 July 2010

Very bad men...

“Every time this Ifeanyi will come and send my daughter to buy something for her and when she brings the items, he will pin her down and rape her. He always threatened them that if they say anything to anybody they will die. It was on one occasion my daughter was plaiting her hairs and when she wanted to go and ease herself, this Ifeanyi followed her and locked her inside the toilet, it was after the women that were plaiting her hairs had  waited and started calling my daughter that he released her and they saw them coming out from the toilet so they suspected a foul play. When I asked my daughter what happened, she told me and when I removed her wrapper, I saw semen on my daughter's vagina.”***

“I took her to the hospital and explained what she told me to the doctor and after examining her, I remember the first thing the doctor told me: she told me Madam, your little baby of four is no longer a virgin. I lost it there and broke done because I never imagined that anybody could do that with a girl her age. The doctor asked me to hold myself as my daughter also having a discharge for which she suspected she must have been infected” ***

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Introducing - Young Pizzy

Young Pizzy aka Da Paper Chaser is an anatomy of music. Born Uchechukwu Prince Agbambu on the 12th day of October sometime in the 80’s. Young pizzy (staunch hiphop head).

With three new tracks like “Dreamer” where he talks about where he wants to be and how he intends to go about it, “Liquid, leaf and sound” a song that he describes as a feel good song, in his words “its just about what happens everyday”, which is what he likes writing about.

The third one “Weapon of Mass Destruction” which definitely makes ladies go dirty whine, is a soft song that talks about how a lady can drive you insane.

Taking fashion to the extreme...

Na wa for this designer o...What kind of weird showcase is this?

German fashion designer Patrick Mohr showcased his summer collection at the Berlin Fashion Week yesterday, using bald, skeletal women, sporting hideous beards and looking like something out of a horror movie.

Too strange to be called creative abeg...abi?

Designer Patrick Mohr takes to the stage after his bizarre show

Photo of the day...

Peter Okoye surrounded by a bevy of beauties...in the US...
He must really love the life he's living...
E no easy at all at all...:-)

AY Begins Monthly Comedy Club

As part of his burning desire to promote comedy and the entertainment business in general, ace comedian AY has begun his monthly comedy club he tags “AY's Open Mic Comedy Club”. “AY's Open Mic Comedy Club” is a monthly comedy and variety show intended to entertain a distinct audience of high class, polished taste, decision makers and socially responsible individuals. It is designed to hold every second Saturday of the month at the prestigious Federal Palace Hotel & Casino Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria.

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General Pype's Champion sets a new record with Supersport on DSTV

Nigerian artist, General Pype, has done something that's never been done before. His massive hit song 'Champion' is now the official theme song of Super Sports - The channel of champions. A deal which is said to be one of the first of its kind done by a locally based Nigerian artist for international release.

General Pype is the emerging Dancehall Champion of the African Urban Scene and this song is now on rotation on BBC 1 extra and has also been on heavy rotation all over Nigeria and Africa. He's elated about this deal as it will promote his brand of music to an even larger audience.

In the meantime General Pype's Debut Album has a tentative release date for October 1, Champion and the remix are available on itunes, yahoo, amazon.com and all major media stores so please get your copy and support quality Music from the heart of Africa; Nigeria.

Star Actress Monalisa Chinda Honoured in Australia

 Afro Austalian Music and Movie Awards (AAMMA) honours star actress, Monalisa Chinda, today with an award for The Most Outstanding African Actress.
Venue of the event: Parramatta Leagues, 13-15 O'Connell Street, Parramatta, Sydney.
Contact: Daniel (0410791986) or Gideon (0403348373).


Thursday 8 July 2010

Beauty of the day - Osas Ighodaro

Osas Ighodaro - Miss Black Connecticut USA 2010.
Stunning huh?


Ronaldo's painted toenails...hmmm...

First, he pays a surrogate to have a baby for him, then he shaves all his body hair and now he's painting his toenails?
Think he's trying to tell us something? Oh yes, trying to remind us all that he's the world's most eligible bachelor! Ha, ha! Looks kinda cute on him tho...

Hope you are not thinking what I think you are thinking? Sports men are hardly ever like that...if you know what I mean...
I think he's just another Ricky Martin bored...lol. *I kid*

China signs major deal to build Nigeria refinery

 China has signed a deal to build an eight-billion-dollar refinery in Nigeria, a government official said on Tuesday, in a fresh example of Beijing's aggressive investment in Africa.

The agreement also highlights Nigeria's lack of fuel and electricity despite being one of the world's largest oil producers, with the country's refineries malfunctioning and having been hampered by corruption.

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Sexually molesting a child is okay in Africa?" GTFOH!

37year African refugee from the Congo, Kalunga Kanyela, was arrested in Las Vegas after his wife caught him molesting a 10-year-old relative. He's accused of assaulting three young female relatives total, one of them is only 6-years-old. Hospital officials have confirmed the girls were sexually abused. The three victims say they were forced to have intercourse and other inappropriate sexual acts with Kanyela. They also said the abuse started prior to the family fleeing the Congo.

Kanyela now claims he didn’t know touching a child sexually was a crime in America since it is acceptable in Africa.

This guy needs to be shot. What kind of bullshit talk is that?
In what part of Africa is it acceptable? Oh yes, we have the Yerima case in Nigeria...but it's totally unacceptable to us. Totally!
Hope they lock him up for a very long time...

Oluchi on the cover of July Issue of Flair Magazine...


"Beyonce was never meant to come to my wedding" Bella Adenuga Disu

"Beyonce was never meant to come to my wedding. I am a huge Beyonce fan. Someone somewhere who probably knew that just cooked up the story. And they said $2million? I feel privileged that I come from the background that I do but spending $2million on an artist who's just to come and sing max 2hours, is a waste of money. My wedding was my way, which was supposed to be for Jameel and 1. We didn't need that kind of international artist to come and over shadow our wedding. So bringing Beyonce was never a question." Bella Adenuga Disu tells Ovation magazine.

Nigeria @50 anniversary budget slashed. Ha ha, what a joke!

This our leaders sef. Guess what they did about the budget proposal for Nigeria @50 anniversary? They proposed a budget of N10billion initially, Nigerians protested. They reviewed the budget and raised it to N16.4 billion. More outrage from Nigerians...then they decided to review it again. And guess what? They've slashed the budget!
Yeah, they slashed it from N16.4billion - to what it was before N9.5billion.

The official budget is now N9.5billion!

Wow, clap for them! What a thieving listening Government.
They must think we are stupid.
How about slashing the budget to N100million maybe? Even that is too much...

Sacred rats...

In India some parts of the world, rats are sacred!

Wednesday 7 July 2010

Caster Semenya Allowed To Race After Being Declared A Woman

Caster Semenya, 19, can now compete in races...as a woman! After it was determined that she is indeed a woman.

Semenya, who won the 800 meter race at the world championships, had her gender questioned, due to her deep voice, and improvement in speed and muscle.
Public reports had suggested that Semenya was a hermaphrodite - someone who holds both male and female sex organs. But it's been determined that she's after all a woman.

Semenya expressed her gratitude and excitement for being allowed to complete, claiming that: "I am thrilled to enter the global athletics arena once again and look forward to competing with all the disputes behind me"

Great news!!!

Ex-militants Block Abuja Highway

 Ex-militants from the Niger Delta area of the country caused pandemonium in Gwagwalada area of the Federal Capital city as they blocked the Lokoja-Abuja Highway, a major road which links the capital city with the Southern parts of the country. This resulted in long traffic jam as travellers on the very busy road were unable to proceed beyond Gwagwalada. 

The militants, who carried white flags, said they came to inform President Goodluck Jonathan about the failure of those saddled with handling the amnesty programme to pay them their N65, 000 monthly allowances. The militants told journalists that they were tricked into surrendering their arms and abandoned by the government.***


Veteran actress Toun Oni dies

She died this morning, Wednesday July 7th, 2010, after a brief illness. 
What a sad loss. She will be forever remembered.
May her soul rest in peace...amen.

Usain Bolt Race for Charity

Usain Bolt, the world's fastest man and Hublot Ambassador raced against 10 children to raise money for the Usain Bolt Foundation. Hublot donated USD 100,000 to the foundation after the kids won the race.

Tuesday 6 July 2010

Beauty of the day - Mina Horsefall

Mina Horsefall is 2008 Miss Value Nigeria, an actress and sister to Malaria crooner, Sotie Horsefall

Uti Nwachwukwu releases new single

Uti Nwachukwu, Big Brother Africa 3 contestant is now a musician. He recently released his new single titled "Go Down".

Photos of the day...

Couldn't resist...:-)

BTW, that's Prince in concert...

"My wife keeps me straight" Sammie Okposo

"I am so happy I am getting married now. I am glad didn't do it before now and words are not enough to describe how I feel. I am happy that God gave me such a woman. There's a calmness about her that I can't explain. I am an extrovert and I needed a calm person that would give me balance. I needed a woman that would keep me straight, and I found her." Sammie Okposo

Sammie Okposo married Ozioma Mkparu on July 1st 2010 at Lagoon Restaurant in Lagos.

Pictures thanks to thenetng.com

'Vitiligo Purple Evening' event...

 Be our guest at the Vitiligo Purple evening as we premier a documentary on vitiligo (the very first in Africa), directed by Izu Ijukwu.
Date: Sunday July 18th, 2010
Venue: Hall, Air Force HQ 1, Kofo Abayomi Str, V/I, Lagos
Time: 5pm

The Fresh Air Fund

The Fresh Air Fund is in need of host families for this summer. Host families are volunteers who open their hearts and home to a child from the city to give them a Fresh Air experience that can change lives.

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Temitope Adenugba jailed over false rape claim made so she could get more time to do her homework

Temitope Adenugba, 24, was struggling to meet a deadline while studying at Oxford Brookes University last year.

She phoned police to tell them she had been abused as a child, before complaining she had also been subjected to a serious sexual assault as she slept in her college digs.

This one, e get as e be...read full story here

Caught in the act...

Let me tell you guys a story...:-)

Singer Geri Halliwell and her boyfriend were both walking down to the beach when an attractive young woman walked past them. Geri's boyfriend craned his neck round to take a second look at the lady.

 Geri turned around herself to see what he was looking at. She realises he's looking at the girl.
"Oh no he didn't!" lol

She flies into a jealous rage and started shouting at him, waving her arms in the air and even pushing him away from her.
The end.

Moral of the story? Don't ogle another woman while with us, especially if she's hotter than us. We don't like it! :-)

Rise National Youth Forun 2010

 RISE is an institution dedicated passionately to help young people express, create and achieve their freedom in change making and leadership aspirations. Our most paramount concern is culture transformation and the inclusion of young people in key roles of
representation and participation in Government and Private Sector. In the last 3years, RISE has pioneered and hosted one of the most successful youth events in the Country, RISE NATIONAL YOUTH FORUM

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Mercy Aigbe shows off her new baby...

More pictures of the actress and her bundle of joy when you contiune

Tae unveils Omoge event...

 Gorgeous pieces which form part of Tae's Omoge collection, will be unveiled at Terra Kulture on the 11th of July 2010.

The Omoge collection is quintessential Taé: fun, flirty with a touch of glam and dollops of the Wow! Factor, for which Taé s renowned. The colours are bold, the styles classic and the tailoring divine.

VENUE - Terra Kulture centre - Plot 1376 Tiamiyu Savage Street Victoria.
15-25% discount on old items...

Uduak Oduok, founder of Ladybrille Media Group Inc, nominated for 2010 AFI African fashion Awards

 Uduak Oduok, a practicing attorney, journalist, fashion model and founder of Ladybrille Media Group, Inc. has been nominated in the category of “Outstanding Contribution to Fashion Communication” at the 2nd Annual Africa Fashion International Africa Fashion Awards.

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Training for young people in TV and Film!

Do you want to be a TV presenter or film actor?
We’ve trained young writers; we’ve trained young business men and women…
Now, it’s the BIG ONE! We’re training TV Presenters and Film Actors!

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Monday 5 July 2010

Federal Government lifts ban on Super Eagles

The Federal Government of Nigeria today lifted the ban it imposed on the Super Eagles last week after Nigeria's poor outing at the 2010 World Cup.

Thank God the Federal Govt rescinded the decision, otherwise we would have been banned by FIFA, because they do not tolerate interference in the administration of football by the government of any country.

Now that we've settled that, how about we concentrate on more important issues - like the N10billion budget proposal for Nigeria @50 celebration.
Now, that's a project that needs to be banned! :-)

Father and son die in inferno

A vulcaniser, Isiaka Ishola and his 19 month-old son, Ibrahim Ishola, died when their one-room apartment was razed by fire at 15 Eze Ocha Street, Ajangbadi, Lagos State, Nigeria.

His wife, Silifat Ishola, was critically injured and has been admitted to an intensive care unit of a private hospital in the area.

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Nigerian boy, 15 yr old Zac Olumegbon, stabbed to death in UK

I'm sure you all have heard of the sad murder of the Nigerian boy, Zac Olumegbon, 15, from Brixton in south London, who was stabbed to death outside his school on Friday morning.
May his soul rest in peace...amen.

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John Utaka set to launch foundation..

Former Super Eagles player and top winger for Portsmouth Football Club of UK, John Utaka, is in Nigeria presently to launch his foundation, The John Utaka Foundation, which according to him is dedicated to helping educate and empower the youth of today within marginalized communities for a better tomorrow.

Here him: "I have been truly blessed by God and I wanted to set up a foundation that truly reflects my passion to help and empower the youth of today for a better tomorrow. I mean look at my story from my humble beginnings through God’s blessings and hard work I am where I am today. In Nigeria there are villages where basic amenities such as water, food and medicine are a luxury, so we are going to be having charitable events raising money for poverty alleviation for the less fortunate."

I hear you sir but I am more interested in that body of yours...lol, I kid.
Great initiative. All the best with it!

Clarion Chukwurah launches clothing label...

I told you all some weeks back that actress, philanthropist, producer and director, Clarion Chukwurah has gone into fashion. Well, this week she announced the launch of her label, Clarion Chukwurah Clothing (C3) with the debut of her summer jubilee collection.

Check it out below...

Wow, totally surprised by this collection. I expected something a bit..erm...old-fashioned?...considering, you know...but I am pleasantly surprised. This is definitely something I will buy and wear. It's youthful, colourful and trendy.
Loves it!

The label's official website is here

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