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Thursday 10 January 2008

About my post yesterday, pls don't take my rantings seriously. There really is crazy guy downstairs but I was smiling when I wrote that post. I don't loose my cool that easily...I just wanted to call him names... Can't do it to his face, might as well do it here! lol.

And Wienna, I'm not horny enough to start acting crazy...na so e sweet reach? lol

But I'm serious, when I learn how to fight, I'm whipping his ass.

And no, he ain't getting his N750..

Anyway to Naija news.

My publicist just started his blog...strictly Naija entertainment news. Find it here. http://niyitabiti.blogspot.com/

My own is coming tomorrow...see ya!


Wednesday 9 January 2008

What would you do?

If you buy something from somewhere, then realise when you get home that you were given twice what you paid for (by mistake), would you keep it? Go back to return it or pay for the other half?

That's the honest thing to do right?

I paid for a N750 recharge card yesterday, got back to the office, loaded it and realised I was given a N1, 500 recharge card.

I know he didn't deliberately give me more than I paid for 'cos his ass don't know how to be nice, or decent. He doesn't even smile...

So, I started making calls...

I've finished the credit.

And I don't care what none of you say, the bitch downstairs ain't getting his N750.

That's for all his nastiness for the past six months.

He's an ass

Did I say he?

It's a man but let's call it a she.

HeShe's an ass

And talking with a confused accent.

The N750 is for all the N10, N20 he adds to his recharge cards, for being such a gossip and a first class bitch...

The day I ever learn how to fight, I'm going after his ass


I'm sorry for cursing out, he brings out the worse in me

Let's move on from the ASS. What would you do? Assuming the seller ain't a bitch like the one downstairs?

If I get like 100 comments on this post, I just might bring you Naija Entertainment news tommorrow... otherwise...hmmm!

Just kidding..lol

Not about the bitch though! lol

See y'all tomorrow


Sunday 6 January 2008


The Naija Bloggers Party held yesterday but I didn't attend. I don't have any concrete reason for missing the event. I wasn't particularly doing anything so important that I couldn't leave it to spend some time with other bloggers.
I'm just a boring person
My apologies to all
I heard it was a lot of fun.
Twayne was there. So was Laspapi, Princessa, Unnaked, Tayo Odukoya, Overwhelmed Naija Babe and 20 others.
I'll definitely be at the Future Awards. I hope visiting bloggers will still be around. See you all then.

Now to the question of the day...
How do you help someone who is suicidal?

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