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Saturday 12 December 2009

Are you the other woman? - By Ekene Onu

Ekene Onu, the author of The Mrs Club wrote this piece on her FB page and I just thought a lot more women need to read it, especially if it affects you directly. It's a great, uplifting piece titled Are you the other woman? Check it out...

Are you the other woman? - By Ekene Onu

In light of the recent scandals...I wanted to repost this with a few extras. Please, I beg you if you know someone caught up in this, please forward. The saddest thing about all these women coming forward to kiss(lie) and tell, is their complete lack of understanding of what they are doing to themselves and how they are trying to glamorize their poor choices...So I dey ask?

Are you the other woman?

Before you all jump to shout loudly no, let’s be real, many of us are choosing this path, or at least find ourselves on it and at that moment are faced with whether to jump right off or continue along. Quite recently some notable women have admitted to being the other woman. Barbara Walters did, Oprah did and I know some of you did and are.

A while ago, a young woman sat in my living room and proceeded to tell me why she thought wives were the stupidest women. She said and I quote "Majority of the men I know don't love their wives, they love their girlfriends. The wives are the fools because they clean up after them, take care of them and at the end of the day, he goes to have fun with his girlfriend"

I resisted the urge to slap the stupidity out of her brain. She was sitting in a married woman's house telling me, how she thought me and my kind were stupid. Ah...but I have come to learn that in order to gain wisdom, you have to listen to even to the most inane of conversations.

So I poured my drink as I listened to this otherwise educated and smart young woman, justify her choice in a roundabout fashion. The mind is amazing, you can justify anything if you really want to...I mean, Bush justified Iraq and I have just rationalized this chocolate chip cookie, well I am trying to justify it, but the truth us I really can't justify it without lying to myself.

But I digress.

I think the key thing in her statement was that she was lying to herself. Affairs, adultery exist in a realm of lies. He lies to her, he lies to you, he lies to himself, you lie to the world, you lie to yourself and then you cry to yourself because there will be nobody left to lie to.

There was once a girl who told a married man that she missed him and wanted to see him soon. The wife found out and confronted her. The girl feeling like a hard chick told the wife, that if she were her, she wouldn't be making such a big deal, after all, all she did was flirt with the man.

I don't know when we as women started to believe the lie that we have to settle for less!

Now here is my two kobo as far as being with a married man is concerned. Please know that this comes from a place of love and also I have a deep understanding of what I am saying, trust me.

1. If a man is married and stays married and has you on the side, then you are only a side piece. You are simply there because you agree to be there. Occasionally he may become so besotted that he will contemplate or maybe even leave his wife, but even in that circumstance, most of the time, it's more about his needing to leave anyway and you providing a convenient safety net.

2. Men lie. Well, we all lie. We lie to get what we want. We lie to ourselves, so what makes you think that Mr. Man is not lying to you? He told you he doesn't love her? What line do you think he used on his wife, when she found out about your last tryst? The same one. Verbatim.

3. The wives of men who cheat, have agendas. They stay for a myriad of reasons. Don't assume stupidity is one of them.

4. Don't believe the “it's not where he is, it's where he wants to be” myth. Where he is, is where he wants to be period. Trust me, don't fall into that trap.

I know a woman, who was a man's mistress for at least twenty years. She was and is a beautiful, elegant, educated woman. I don't know what he told her to keep her hanging on in there for all those years, it must have been good. Long and short, this man had a heart attack and left everything to his wife and kids. His mistress and her child were left nothing. Their names weren't even penciled into the will. She couldn't see the body. She couldn't mourn him publicly. She was a shadow widow, just like she was a shadow wife. She went to the memorial alone, her friends refused to go, and she sat at the back like a nobody. As she sat their crying about his death, she began to realize that in his real life, she was nobody to him. His friends that knew her, pretended otherwise. She was a strictly after midnight, no status. I think about her a lot. I wonder how a woman like that could have fallen prey.

I wrote the book, the Mrs club, because I wanted to talk about how people feel when pressured to marry, but there is a secondary pressure. The desire to find love. When time starts racing by, you start to become afraid. The question of whether you’ll ever find love begins to ring in your head, like and unwanted bell. You start to panic. You think deep inside even though you might proclaim otherwise that maybe you won't find that perfect love. So sometimes when a counterfeit comes around, showing you all the romance you felt would come with that perfect love but none of the commitment, you think that you have to settle for less. Don’t feel bad, so many of us have fallen for their verse. It is practiced so it’s convincing, but it's no more real than the world they are promising you. Any man that is serious will close one door before opening another. This is fact, simple and true.

Tell yourself what you like...but find a little time to tell yourself the truth. These so called hard babes and senior chicks that self medicate with gucci and prada are sometimes dying inside. They don't tell you that sometimes, he doesn't take their calls for days or weeks. They don't tell you that they have to beg sometimes for the money that they flash around like lottery winners. They don't tell you that sometimes, they get lonely. They don't tell you that sometimes they hate who they have become.

I guess that is what gets to me the most. I told that girl in my living room and I am telling you. If you are on the verge of making this choice. Don't choose him. Choose you. Don't give up everything you believe for a person that has made no commitment to you. Don't give up the right to dignity for a little bit of intimacy, don't give up being alone and end up lonely. You are worth more. You deserve to live and walk in the light. You deserve to subsist on more than crumbs, you deserve the cake.

I understand that fear, believe me I do. I think that sometimes that books and movies set us up. They are about romance, not love. When the screen gets blurry and the music starts, what is happening is not love, its romance. Love is commitment, pure and simple. It is not necessarily sexy. It doesn't necessarily come with perfect words. It simply is.

And if you stop looking for the lies, you will see the truth and say it.

Yes O! Anyone reading this, I am begging you...it is as the Bible says, God is not mocked. It is the principle of the world even, what you sow, you will reap. I tell you, any tears you cause any woman to shed over your affairs with her husband, you will weep double when and if you get married.

Secondly, it is a dangerous business, stepping outside of God's covering. I posted this here because so many "good" girls are falling for the lie and before you know it, they leave their morals and their faith behind because of shame.

My darling, I don't speak because I am perfect, I speak because I know all too well. Don't give room to the enemy. Not one inch. No matter how lonely you are, no matter how fine he is, or how lonely he claims to be, you deserve more. You are worth more.

And if you have fallen, if you are there, maybe he is sleeping right beside you right now...it is not too late to get up and say no more. Never mind the lies that float around in your head saying you are ruined. Hmm, who is ruined, what was Mary Magdalene, what about Rahab, no one is ruined before God. He is watching you and wanting you to come back to Him. He will receive you with open arms.

You are loved. By the most High. Now tell me what man made from dust can compete with that?

Friday 11 December 2009

Fela Durotoye's 'Mushin Make-over'

Frequently asked questions ...

What is Mushin Makeover?
 Mushin Makeover is a 1-DAY community development face-lift program which will bring about the physical beautification of selected areas of cities by the efforts of up to 5,000 volunteers – including you - from within and outside the community. This specifically involves painting of buildings and roadside curbs along the most noticeable and eye-catching parts of the seven selected streets in Mushin over a duration of 8 hours NON-STOP!

Where are the Pickup points?
National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos
New State High School, Palm Avenue, Mushin

Fela Durotoye

Any transportation arrangements?
Buses will be available at the National Stadium to convey volunteers to their designated streets. Tomorrow Saturday 12th Dec @ 7am prompt.
Where are squad / street locations?
Squad 1&8: Agege Motor Road
Squad 2: Olateju Road
Squad 3: Olanibi/Ojekunle Street
Squad 4: Ladipo Street
Squad 5: Isolo Road
Squad 6&9: Palm Avenue/Fafolu Street
Squad 7&10: Ogunmokun Road

Where are registration points on the streets?
Agege Motor Road – Olorunsogo Bus-Stop
Olateju Street - House No 32, 64, 81, 103
Olanibi/Ojekunle Street - House No 22
Ladipo Street – House No 41 and 20
Isolo Road - House No 31, 56, 64, 99, 117
Palm Avenue/Fafolu - No 95,23/25,Mushin LG Secretariat
Ogunmokun Road - House No 87

I can’t bring paints, what can I do?
Simply come to any registration point on your designated street on Saturday and be part of history!

For further enquiries please call ‘Seun on 07069690585 or e-mail makeover@gemstone2025.org

Thursday 10 December 2009

Tiger Wood's emails to mistress

Tiger Wood's cheating scandal gets messier. Check out the emails the golfer allegedly sent to his main mistress Rachel Uchitel - courtesy In Touch magazine.

Tiger Woods' devastated wife, Elin Nordegren, may be trying to ease the pain of her husband's hurtful indiscretions by reminding herself that the growing list of buxom nightclub hostesses and waitresses were just hookups. But, in fact, Tiger committed the ultimate act of betrayal -- he fell in love with one of his mistresses. In Touch can exclusively reveal that the woman originally at the center of the storm, party promoter Rachel Uchitel, was more than a fling to Tiger. They weren't just having sex -- they were in a relationship. "Tiger told her he would divorce his wife for her," an insider says. In fact, hundreds of secret e-mails between the two show that not only was the superstar athlete over the moon for Rachel, he desperately wanted to leave Elin and their two kids to be with her.

On November 9, Tiger, 33, wrote Rachel, 34, and showered her with gooey, angst-ridden proclamations of devotion. In an e-mailexclusively obtained by In Touch, the golfer gushed, "I know it's brutal on you that you can't be with me all the time. I get it. It f***ing kills me, too. I finally found someone I connect with, someone I have never found like this. Not even at home. You want someone to witness your life. I want you to lay next to me, lay on me or where ever you want to lay. F***. Why didn't we find each other years ago. We wouldn't be having this conversation." After Rachel replied and complained that she didn't want to play out their relationship over the computer, Tiger wrote back, "You don't have to answer that e-mail. I just wanted you to know what's going on inside me."

Also in their correspondence, Tiger and Rachel got into a fight after he questioned her motives and accused her of only sleeping with him because he was famous. "I don't know if this is going to work," Tiger said. "I thought I was getting to know you, but it feels like I'm just another person who happens to be famous. Every time I think about it, I get a lump in my throat. Some of the other parts of your past really get to me. I don't know what person I was falling for so hard. The one I got to know on the phone, e-mail, text and in person. Or the one who likes famous people. I am so confused, because what my brain is saying and what my heart is saying are two different things. Is it the Rachel I know or the character? That's what's hard. It guts me to think I've fallen for the wrong one."

"I finally found someone I connect with, someone I have never found like this, not even at home"?
If Tiger really wrote that email then I think it's time for Elin to walk away. It's one thing for your husband to have flings, it's another for him to fall in love. If he's not fulfilled at home, what's there to fight for?

Some of  the women linked to Tiger. There are about ten of them now..

Seriously why do most some men behave like this? Why is ONE woman never enough for you guys?

Some guy told me the reason most married men cheat is because they can't do with their wives what they can do with their mistresses/girlfriends. Every man wants wild, crazy, kinky, freaky, dirty sex and they respect their wives too much to do it with them...so they go outside to find it. BS huh?

Actress Thelma Okoduwa welcomes baby girl

Newly married actress Thelma Okoduwa Ojiji has just welcomed a baby girl. The little bundle of joy has already been named Minka. Congrats.

Mike Ezuruonye becomes Face of Malta Guinness

Good looking actor and Glo Ambassador, Mike Ezuruonye, has just become the face of Amstel Malta and for this, he got paid in millions. His contract will run for one year.

Julius Agwu's 'Crack Ya Ribs'

Lagos is on 20th Dec @ Expo centre... PH is on Xmas Day @ Hotel Presidential.
Gate fee: N5, 000, VIP - N10, 000.
Be there!

Jacob Zuma's £5.3m home expansion prompts outcry

Jacob Zuma, the president of South Africa, has prompted anger with a reported R65m (£5.3m) expansion of his personal residence in one of the country's poorest regions.

Zuma's rural homestead will gain a police station, helipad, military clinic, visitors' centre, parking lot for 40 vehicles and three houses, according to South Africa's Mail & Guardian newspaper, which claimed taxpayers would foot "the largest chunk of the bill".

New houses are apparently being built to accommodate Zuma's three wives, the paper said. Critics accused the president of "conspicuous consumption in the face of dire poverty".

The rural family homestead is in Nkandla, in KwaZulu-Natal province, where many of Zuma's neighbours lack electricity or running water. Official figures show that more than half of KwaZulu-Natal's 10 million population live in poverty, with 1.2 million surviving on less than R200 (£16) a month. Sources told the paper that the expansion will cost an estimated R65m.

Source: Guardian UK

Wednesday 9 December 2009

Pictures from Darey's event

Singer Darey Art Alade hosted friends, journalists and colleagues to an event where he premiered his new single 'Stroke me' and announced the winner of 'the most undareyted show' on Sunday, December 6, 2009.

Check the pictures out...

Woman Tried To Cut Out Unborn Baby

Veronica Deramous had told her boyfriend and family she was pregnant. She held her 29-year-old victim hostage for five days at her apartment in Washington after befriending her at a nearby homeless hostel and lured her to her flat by promising to give her baby clothes.

She tied her up and sliced open her stomach to try to remove the child, using a box cutter and some razor blades, police said. Deramous allegedly gagged her victim, turned up the volume on her TV, and told her: "You're strong, you can handle what I'm going to do to you."
Her victim then managed to escape after Deramous, 40, fell asleep. A neighbour called police after spotting the woman covered in blood in a car park.
Doctors delivered her baby girl by emergency Caesarean section. The victim is expected to make a full recovery and her child has been named Miracle Sky.

She has been charged with attempted first-degree murder and false imprisonment.

Hemma 2010 Collection

Hemma is a new luxury collection that launched The Hemma Foundation to benefit education in West Africa while donating a percentage of all sales directly to the schools.
Hemma is a chic and bold collection using authentic hand-woven Kente, an intricately detailed fabric imported from Ghana and rich in royal tradition.

A few photographs of the collection...

Here is a brief video about the company – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCAlybhf4l0.
For more, go here... http://www.thehemmacollection.com/

Femi Kuti speaks on his Grammy nomination

Femi Kuti has been nominated for the 2010 Grammy awards in the category of Best Contemporary World Music for his album, Day by Day alongside Malian Oumu Sangare, Amadou and Mariam, Bela Fleck of the USA and Omar NOsa of Cuba. This is his second nomination. He was first nominated in 2003 for his album Fight to Win.

“I was shocked and surprised when I heard” Femi said “It was something I least expected or even thought about it. I was even worried about my generator that broke down at The Shrine. They had just given us high quotation. There was no light. So, I was just complaining about the whole situation and then a text came in. I was very happy and excited. So the Grammy people are listening to my works, so they have nominated me? That’s good. I am very happy"

He deserves it! Congrats!

Obi Asika weds Yetunde Bakare

Awww, see the love in his eyes...too cute.

Obi Asika, boss of Storm Records is married. He married his longtime love, Yetunde Bakare, a lawyer with more than ten years experience, on the 27th of November 2009. The Storm boss was said to have gathered few close friends at his Lekki, Lagos residence, invited a registrar and had a quiet ceremony.

“We just wanted a very quiet ceremony” He said “The most important people are the people involved and I have lived with my wife for over two years and we have been happy together. What just happened was a formalization and legalization of the union. I wanted her to be called my wife.”

Congrats and the very best of luck.

RuffnTumble Holiday Collection for your kids

For girls and boys
Cotton Pique Dresses, 3-Piece Suits, Silk Dresses Dress Shirts, Linen Dresses, Silk Damask Waistcoats, Hair Accessories Cravats, Bow Ties & Ties, Lace Trimmed Socks Classic Cut & Trendy Trousers, Trendy Jeans Trendy Jeans & Shirts...

They promise to make your children the best dressed!

There’s lots of free gifts with every purchase
20%-50% discounts on selected items.

The Holiday Collection is available at:
RnT Flagship Store (HQ): 23a, Isaac John Street, GRA Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: +234-1-2700817, +234-803-3255183

RnT Ikoyi: 91, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: +234-1-2701008, +234-802-2081834

RnT Abuja: Ceddi Plaza, 264, Tafawa Balewa Way, Central Business
District, Abuja, Nigeria.
Tel: +234-805-1161416, +234-9-8720402

The Inspiring Actions Initiative

Can Your Actions Inspire?
…yes, they can. They just need the P.I.N!

The non-profit charity organizations, AIPA and COUGARS, invite you to our first annual joint initiative:
Inspiring Actions: Power In Numbers (P.I.N).

The Inspiring Actions initiative was set up with the ultimate goal of emphasizing to the local community the importance of an action-oriented perspective and strategy in charity efforts.

We invite you to play a significant role by joining us on the 30th of December so we can utilize the power in numbers in giving the students of Hope Primary School the best educational environment they deserve!

WHEN: Wednesday, December 30th, 2009
WHERE: HOPE Primary School, Ikoyi, Lagos

For more information, including sponsorship opportunities and volunteering, please visit
or send an email to

Plot 1225, Bishop Oluwole St., Suite 119
Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
0805-820-4767 • (01) 621.7777 • 0809-999-9062

Tuesday 8 December 2009

The Future Awards 2010 Nominees List

Nominees List for The Future Awards 2010
It’s the definitive list of the brightest and best young Nigerians in the past year!

Actor of the Year
Omoni Oboli
Gideon Okeke
Mercy Johnson
Kemi Lala Akindoju
Tonto Dikeh
Ali Nuhu
Mercy Aigbe
Nonso Diobi

Best Use of Advocacy
Tunde David (YGC Africa)
Stephen Oguntoyinbo (Talk Village International)
Onodi Daniel Chinedu (Nigerian Youth Association, Benin Republic)
Ndubude Matthew Ekene (Nigeria Youth Fight Against Malaria)
Emmanuel Odiase (Smokefree Foundation)
Chuks Etuka (Will to Survive)
Isoke Aikpitanyi (Casa de Isoke)
Light Up Nigeria

Best Use of Science
Oteri Ogoghorie (0.1 Seconds Automatic Changeover)
Akintunde Babatunde (Novel tidal-flow constructed wetland system for wastewater treatment)
Ify Aniebo (Research in malaria)
Tunde Ojoye (Power Back Alarm)
Tosin Ogunrinde (Invention in robotics)
Okelola Mayokun (Research in climate change)
Godspower Oboide (Magnetic safety bumpers)
Kamal Olaleye (Power inverter innovation)

Best Use of Technology
Bode Pedro (Veda Technologies)
Ike Orizu (mytruspot.com)
Olufemi Akande (iWorks)
Temi Kolawole (Antigravity)
Uche Eze (bellanaija.com)
Saheed Adejuwon (Reverie Factory)
GobbleAbba Studios
Jay Aloysius-Chukwuemeka (Bluelabs LLC)

Businesss Owner of the Year
Oghenekaro Agono (Tremor Perfect)
Erefe Fynecountry (Deheney Services)
Debola Lewis (Yvent Couture)
Ayo Arigbagbu (Dada Books)
Hassan Rilwan (Focal Point Publishing)
Henry Orajiaka (Motomedia)
Uyi Omokaro (DM2)
Sylvester Olusola Adade (Pearl Creations)

Creative Artist of the Year
Olanrewaju Oluwafemi
Onyeka Nwelue
Andrew Esiebo
Jumoke Verissimo
Babadeji Ogunnubi
Adekunle Samuel Owolabi
Yakaa Celestine
Richardson Oviebo

Excellence in Public Service
Dr. Iofarfa Tor-ayin (Federal Medical Centre, Makurdi)
Emmanuel Etim (UNFPA)
Jerry Uchechukwu Eze (UNFPA)
Dr. Idoko Abraham Braimah (General Hospital, Lagos)
Fatima Zara Modibbo (Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria)
Dr. Adedayo Osholowu (Lagos University Teaching University)
Ngozi Iheukwumere (University Teaching Hospital, Ilorin)
Oluwatoyin Jegede (Engineering Department, University of Lagos)

Journalist of the Year
Toyosi Ogunseye (The Punch)
Ruona Agbroko (NEXT)
Rachel Ogbu (Newswatch)
Chinedu Iroche (NEXT)
Segun Adeoye (TELL)
Amina Alhassan (Daily Trust)
Afolabi Adekoya (Citypeople)
Funke Adetutu (BusinessDay)

Magazine of the Year
Soundcity Blast
The Applause

Model of the Year
Aminat Ayinde
Ibukun Jegede
Olubunmi Ademokoya
Tayo Ishola
Warebi Martha
Isi Atagamen
Bisi Sowemimo
Owobowale Ogunlaja

Musician of the Year
Dare Art-Alade
Wande Coal
Banky W
Rooftop MCs

Music Producer of the Year
Jesse Jagz
DJ Clem
K Solo
Tee Y Mix
Dokta Frabz
Terry G

On-Air Personality of the Year (Radio)
Tosyn Bucknor (Top Radio)
Matse Uwatse (Wazobia FM)
Toolz (Beat FM)
Amake and Charles (Hot FM)
Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi (Beat FM)
Gbemileke Oyinsan (Inspiration FM)
Bernie Ark (Cool FM Abuja)
Chuks Roberts (Cosmo FM Enugu)

On-Air Personality of the Year (TV)
Yvonne Ekwere (Silverbird TV)
Cynthia Okpala (MTV Base)
Adaure Achumba (Silverbird TV)
Denrele Edun (Soundcity)
Gloria Ebong (Channels TV)
Veronica Onuchi (HiSoccer)
Deji Falope (Street Dance)
Andre Blaze (Nigezie)

Professional of the Year
Franklin Ozekhome (Insight Communications)
Abdularahman Aliyu (Abuja Investments Company Limited)
Simi Dosekun (Kachifo Limited)
Ifeanyi Ajuluchukwu (Access Bank)
Dipo Okuribido (Banwo & Ighodalo)
Fopefoluwa Adebayo (Goldman Sachs)
Aneto Okonkwo (Management Consultant)
Ifunnaya Maduka (Dean of Students, Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls)

Screen Producer of the Year
Dragon Fly Productions
Clarence Peters (Capital Productions)
Tola Odunsi (Storm Productions)
Imoh Umoren (Ultima Studios)
Chuka Ejorh (NeverMachine South Africa)
Yinka Obebe (Nigezie)
Gbenga Salu (Renders & Illusion)
Kenneth Gyang (“Finding Aisha”)

Sportsperson of the Year
Osaze Odemwingie (Football)
Vivian Chukwuemeka (Shotput)
Mikel Obi (Football)
Ikechukwu Uche (Football)
Fatima Abinu (Lawn Tennis)
Obafemi Martins (Football)
Janet Dung (Athletics)
Aruna Quadri (Table Tennis)

Style Entrepreneur of the Year
Muyiwa Osindero (Clothesense)
Uche Nnaji (Ouch!)
Tobi Vincent (Alvince)
Linda Ikeji (Blackdove Communications)
Ugonna Umeruo (House of Nwaocha)
Adetola Olateju (Xquizit)
Biobelemoye Omoniyegha (Labelle’s Touch)
Funke Ogunde (Phunk Afrique)

Team of the Year
Africa Youth for Change
Knighthouse Productions
Light Up Nigeria
Yellow Dog Productions
Salsa Federation in Nigeria
The Umusu Wives
Gbagyichild Entertainment
Glitz Youths

Young Person of the Year
Ik Osakioduwa (On Air Personality)
Toyosi Akerele (Youth Advocate)
Tolu Ogunlesi (Journalist)
Asa (Bukola Elemide) (Singer/Performer)
Ify Aniebo (Scientist)
Qudus Onikeku (Dance professional)
Stephanie Okereke (Actor/Movie Producer)
Cobhams Asuquo (Music Producer)

All nominees are Nigerian citizens aged 18-31.
For the next two weeks, any complaint about any of the nominees can be sent to nominations@thefuturenigeria.com. After that, no other complaints will be entertained.
The two-month judging process begins immediately.

Voting, which is 50% of the first stage of the judging process, begins immediately. You can get all the details on www.thefuturenigeria.com. Voting ends December 31 2009.

More information on the nominees and the judging process (including the Central Working Committee report) is on www.thefuturenigeria.com.


Another nomination??? Yeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh!!!
Bia biko nu... this is the third time o...third year in a roll, you people should give it to me now...e jo o!!
Let me climb that stage with a plaque in my hand and thank my father, my mother, my sister, my brother, my cousin, my village people...and gbo gbo everybody. lol. Just kidding.

I'm not kidding anything...I want to win...whether I deserve it or not...just give me. This long throat this people are doing me is not good o... a 3rd time?

Pls my friends and well wishers go and vote for me. All those Zain (Step Up), Etisalat TVC's on naija television...(and too many others)...na my models o! I try o! Vote for me o!

"I'm not saying I'm the best...my question is; who is better?

Lindsay Lohan's Muse Magazine spread

Lindsay Lohan  has posed for a spread in Muse Magazine. Inspired by the relationship between Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, the photos reflect debauched times, a threesome, one of Lohan's breasts and her butt.
Photographer Yu Tsai spoke to the NY Post and said:

"The three of them were very sensual and provocative, but Lindsay understands this piece was created not for any sensational value other than artistic integrity. There was never a discussion about pushing the boundaries. She was totally comfortable with the nudity as long as it had artistic integrity."
Check out the photos with 'artistic integrity'


Very artistic - I just don't know where to find the integrity...lol
You like?

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