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Friday 4 May 2007

Got Ya! + Linda Ikeji Pictures

Got y'all!!! I played a trick on you abiti baba lol.

I'm so so sorry for being so so naughty. My 'I won't be blogging for a while' was just a joke. And everyone bought it...hey yah!!! Make una no vex abeg, I was just playing...see all the loving comments I got. I even got a comment from Nigeria Politricks, he's never left a comment on my blog before, that was an achievement. Set and Lurlar, I deleted your comments by mistake, with the way I'm craving for comments, loosing two was very very painful...but I saw your comments and I appreciate it.

Sweethearts, Linda ain't going nowhere, I'm here to stay. This is what I love doing, and I'll keep doing till I can't do it anymore.

I was just teasing, people. I actually wanted to achieve two things, tease you and have so many people pray for me. You put me in your prayers, tell the truth, tell the truth.lol. I've been laughing all day I'm sorry you guys, I told y'all I was a little crazy abi?

I even got an email from someone who said he almost had a heart attack when he read I won't be blogging for a while. The silly nice man has never dropped a comment...what happened to that heart attack? Just kidding sweets.

But seriously am I a genius or what? lol. I hope I am the first blogger to play this trick. Any other blogger done this before? Yes? No? I'm sorry if I got some of you worried. I know there are a few of you out there who care about me even though you do not know me. I promise I will won't do this again.

To compensate y'all, I've posted 35 of my modeling pictures. I'm sure some of you don't know I was one of the top models in Nigeria in my time. I started modeling at age 17 in 1998 and quit in 2005.

I modelled for every designer who was actively involved in the Nigerian fashion industry. I travelled to all parts of Nigeria and some West African countries for shows. I featured in several calendars, billboards and TV Commercials. I miss those days.

60% percent of my pictures are gone. Either through journalists who did interviews, took pictures and never returned them, or friends who took them when I wasn't watching. I also lost so many memorable pictures when my album was beaten by rain, but I was able to salvage some.

Here are some of them, pardon the untidiness and bad quality, it all came from an almost damaged old album. If you aren't interested: SKIP. If you are: ENJOY!

My first fashion show. Silverbird International Fashion Show June 1998

Silverbird International Fashion Show 1999

For Meggitto, Nigerian Fashion Show 2000.

For Jimi Delaja, St Moritz Style Selection 2002

For Nigerian Broadcasting Commission, Abuja 2000. I'm 3rd from the left

For Regalia

For Elegance Ankara

For Tiffany Amber

With some of my models after a photosession

For Labanella

For designer, Rose of Sharon

For Rose of Sharon

For Monami, for St Moritz Style Selection 2001

For Zizi Ethnic Clothing

Nigerian Fashion show 2000, for designer Meggitto. She won that year's competition for Designer of The Year. This were the outfits that clinched her the award.

For Bijoux Boutique

For one of Nigeria's most successful designers, Mudi


For Dakova

with John Fashanu and top male model, Tunji Oni

My prestige billboard

With one of my best friends, Denrele Edun. Unilag 2000

As an usher for 7up. 1999

with my bodyguards soldier friends

For Rimali billboard

For Mudi

My 21st birthday. 2face is standing right behind top Nollywood actor Emeka Enyiocha. Faze is standing beside Jazzman at the extreme left. Sound Sultan, Lexxy Doo and LD Extra large are also in the pix

The launch of my company, Blackdove.

My Magazine Launch, with Chief Mrs Opral Benson and Ohaneze ndi igbo of Lagos

My Last fashion show, Red, Bold and Jazzy 2005 for Frank Osodi

This was the last time I went to the studio (2005). I need to go back and take real professional pix and let y'all see it.

So I fine or I no fine?

To anonymous and co who say I've been dropping hints that all's not well with me, trust me, everything is well with me at this point in my life. I feel blessed and happy with myself. I 've made over 500 new friends (my site meter tells me that), I have a man in my life who deeply loves and supports me, my business is growing, my mag is about to hit the stands, all my loved ones are alive and healthy, what more could I ask for? Ok...I can ask for more comments. So I'm asking! lol

I'm off to go have me a crazy, loving weekend.

Have a fun filled weekend everyone.

See y'all later


Thursday 3 May 2007

I'm gone for a while

I won't be blogging for a while. I'm sorry folks. I have a serious crisis to attend to. Please put me in your prayers and send me comments. It will make the months I've dedicated to this blog worthwhile.

Please take care of yourselves till we meet again.


Linda Ikeji

Relationship Question!

If your friend asked you to seduce their partner, just to test their loyalty and faithfulness to them, would you do it?

Share your thoughts.

Spider Man 3 In Pictures

I'm so looking forward to watching the third and most likely the final episode in the Spider Man movie series. It's opening worldwide at the theatres tomorrow April May 4th. It will be showing at the Numetro Cinemas, the Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki, for all you movie lovers. I know there's a 6 o'clock and 10 o'clock showing.

I am so sad about the exit of the guy I thought would win American Idol. 29 year old Phil Stacey was eliminated yesterday alongside 22year old Richardson, leaving four remaining contestants with only one male amongst them. Oh well, I guess things don't always happen the way we want it to. But I'm sure he has a future in the music industry...His voice is imcomparable. Who else loves Phil?

Naija Entertainment Gists.

Plantashun Boiz regroup
The talented trio of Tuface, Faze and Blackface are coming back together for real to make another Plantashun Boiz album. A particular marketer is said to have paid the trio millions of Naira to go to the studio as a group and make another album. On Friday April 27th, the group sang together at Nigga Raw's album launch at the Vault. The three of them left the venue of the concert together in a jeep confirming reports that the relationship between them is now cordial. Let me feel important here lol. In 2000, I paid Plantashun Boiz one of the highest fees they received that year for a concert. It was for the Miss Unilag pageant that I co-ordinated. I paid them fifty grand. Yes all three of them. I remember taking Blackface to the sponsors of the event (Amigos) to collect the cash. Imagine how much they demand individually now. Change is the only constant thing in life. Moving on...

Mama Gee's video
I just finished watching top Nollywood actress patience Ozokwor's new video. I can't remember it's title but it was an Igbo/pidgin english version of Ghana sensation VIP's popular song 'Ahoum ke hum'. I know I didn't get that name right...pls correct me somebody. The song was about forgeting your sorrows and drinking, eating Naija delicacies like 'Nkwo bi' 'Nsi ewu' etc..
Anyway, if you guys see Patience's dressing in this video...na wa o! She had on an alter neck jeans over-all with her bum figure in clear display. Mama Gee the Mama. BTW, Mama Gee is her stage name.

Omotola's new video
How many of you have seen Omotola's new video for her song 'Dance' with Ruggedman? I love her acting skills, I like some of her songs and if her husband is okay with her dress sense that's fine by me. But this video was over doing it. If you haven't seen it, you won't understand what I'm saying. It was a shabby funny imitation of Jay z and Beyonce's crazy in love. Remember the scene where Jay z was rapping and B was dancing around him in a bikini? Well Omosexy and Rugged tried to re-enact it albeit unsuccessfully. Omotola wore a pant that was up to her stomach and a bra-top, with her mid-section showing and dancing around Rugged while he was rapping. Omotola has not been able to shed that much weight since giving birth to her four kids, so wearing skimpy clothes does not do any justice to her body.

Ade Bakare's fashion show
Ade Bakare is set to have a fashion show on the 19th/20th of this month at the Civic Centre, Victoria Island. I'll be there live and direct and report to y'all

Grace Egbagbe set to leave NTA
Barrister Grace Egbagbe, the GM Marketing of Nigeria's largest Network, Nigerian Television Authority, NTA, will be retiring from the company next month June after having put in almost thirty years of active service. She has been with NTA since October 1978 after her film and TV degree from the University of California, Los Angeles where she graduated with an MFA in May 1978. Magazines in Naija are reporting that the very elegant woman already has offers from companies in the banking, telecoms and oil industry. There's also talk of her friends planning a red carpet pulling out parade for her.

Wild Child's wild party
Rhythm 93.7 top radio presenter Wild child celebrated his birthday last week Friday April 27th and everyone who attended said the party was definitely one of the best parties ever. I first heard about it on radio, the guy just couldn't shut up stop talking about his party lol. He even announced the names of invited guests on radio. Your name not on the list? Don't dare show your face at the venue which was 11:45, after party, Coconut Groove, Awolowo Ikoyi.

OJB's third time
I thought 2face was the champion lover but this guy takes the crown. 40 year old producer/singer OJB Jezreel is about to marry wife no 3. This is no joke or rumour. He got married in the early 90's, had three children with the first wife, then some years ago he married and had a child with singer Amah. Now he's set to wed wife no 3, a dancer called Korede, who is already carrying his baby no 5. I remember watching an interview where he said he's planning on marrying five wives...he laughed immediately he made that statement so I figured he was joking. But he apparently wasn't kidding 'cos he's more than half way through.
Well it's his life. If that's the way he wants it, nothing else matters..I'm just surprised that young girls don't mind being 2nd/3rd wives. Moving on...

Girl Power Unleashed moves to Ibadan and Benin.
The organisers of GPU concert are set to move the train to the capital cities of Oyo and Edo state next month June 2007. The female singers of GPU include Ashionye, Niyola, Blaise, Kemistry, Sasha, Zeal, Amaka and Amina. I love this concept.

KC Presh new ride
I just heard that KC Presh just acquired a Lincoln Navigator. Owned by both of course. Didn't know they were selling that many cd's. Good for them

Oh by the way, Super Eagles skipper Kanu Nwankwo is currently in the studios getting set to release a music album. He's being produced by OJB Jezreel whose sick daughter (she has a hole in the heart) is being taken care of by Kanu Nwankwo's Kanu Heart Foundation. What is this crase fascination with singing by these our Naija celebs? Maybe I should also hit the studios. At least I have enough family and friends to buy my album lol.

If you're feeling my Naija gists, send me comments.

My site meter tells me I now have between 500-600 views. Great improvement, but it's still not what I'm targeting. So please tell everyone you know who surfs the net to come check out my space.

Thanks. Ciao!!!

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