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Saturday 30 August 2008

Things You Probably Don't Know About Me + Beach Pictures

Sat in front of my computer for at least two hours wondering what to blog about. I need to get a life eh? lol

Anyway, came across Tosyn's blog here...http://speechgirlbucknor.blogspot.com/ and decided to follow suit. I want to share with you guys some things that only a few friends and family members know about me...
Some of them are a little weird though...lol
Let's go

1. My middle name is IFEOMA and I am from Imo State

2. I have five sisters and one brother...

3. I'm a good cook. They call me 'kitchen practical' at home. My brother gets very excited when he hears I'm cooking.

4. My favourite colour is Black

5. My favourite food is - amala and gbegiri ati ewedu. (if u don't know what that means, go find out lol)

6. I used to be a loner. I could go for days without talking to anyone. Now? No way, I need people around me.

7. I've been arrested before...sat behind the counter for at least an hour with no shoes on. During my bitchy days, I had a huge fight with my landlord and he called the police on me...long story!

8. I'm not particularly a relationship kind of person. I don't believe that the only way to be happy is to have a man in your life. But I think love is a beautiful thing and I'm currently smitten like never before...

9. I don't like going to social events alone. If no one is going with me...I probably won't go.

10. I'm a very good driver. You probably won't find a safer person to drive you. I mean I'm a little rough but extremely careful.

11. I've never had a nightmare. When people tell me about a nightmare they had, I wonder about it, 'cos I dont have that experience.

12. I am probably one of the best catwalk models you will ever see. I'm quite good on the runway.

13. I used to be a little addicted to porn movies. I wasn't having sex so I was curious about the whole 'act'. I haven't seen a porn flick in many many years now.

14. I once had a crush on Ramsey Noah. As a teenager, he was my ultimate 'fantasy'. I think we got married and had 10 kids together. What happened to my crush? I grew up...lol

15. I used to be wary of female friends. I tried not to get close to women, I was a little of scared of them. But now I think I have more female friends than male friends.

16. I contested at the 2003 Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageant. I didn't make top 10...lol. Don't ask me what happened. Guess I wasn't as 'all that' as I thought I was.

17. My role model is Ben Murray-Bruce of Silverbird Group.

18. I had an extra year in the University. I graduated in 04 instead of 03. Tacky huh? lol

19. I have high moral values. When people see me or know of my profession, they wonder what kind of a woman I am. The kind that doesn't mess around. I believe as women, we should all have our pride and dignity intact.

20. I pray a lot and I believe with God, anything is possible.

That's it. Don't you feel like you know me a little better now? I'm a little weird huh? lol

Moving on, remember I told you all about a beach party I went to recently? Well, here are a few pictures from the party. Birthday girl is Becky...

One of my closest friends, Andy, me and ex-model Kunle (Kunle used to be a top male model in Europe...he doesn't look it does he? You should see his portfolio...unbelievable!) BTW, that's one of my Rukkies dresses

Andy, Becky, myself and Santiago 'd genius' Roberts

Andy, Becky and Oteri Agboro

Becky and Noble Igwe

Andy, Me and My Chanel Glasses ;)
That's it!

I'm going to try catch a nap.
Later people...

Thank God for Great Sisters...

Sandra Ikeji...my sister and best friend

I might be taking a one-week break from work but my younger sister, Sandra, who runs my modeling agency isn't resting. Sometimes I feel she's more hardworking than I am. She's a third year student of the University of Lagos studying Geography.

She's quite young but one of the most ruthless business women you'll ever meet. Sometimes when I have major meetings with clients, I bring her along to sit in and listen and advice me later...

Sandra, Oteri (He also works with me...probably the most fun person you'll ever meet) and moi...

She's been working with me since I started my company three years ago. She used to assist me with the agency but when we expanded and I had to take care of other things, she took over the running of the agency completely.

Now I don't even know all the names of the models in our agency, some of the new models have never even met me. She supervises some of our other staff who scout for models and has contact in many of the big advertising agencies in Nigeria. I must say she's doing a much better job than I did when I was in charge of the agency.

Have I ever said here that of everything I'm involved in, the agency brings me the most profit? Well, it does...at least for now. The mag isn't bringing in any profits yet but it's almost beginning to pay for itself...

I feel like with her I can build an empire. We share the same passion and have the same drive. She's as hardworking as I am, if not more. I'm hoping that after she graduates from school, she'll continue to work with me. She's such an asset.

She's the most reliable person I know. Ten times more reliable than I am. When I'm not around, I hand over my business to her and when I get back I feel like the business has done better in my absense.

She's shrewd, very observant, doesn't like being idle like myself , trusthworthy and very intelligent.

I feel so blessed to have her working with me...

I'm so so grateful for great sisters...

Some of you have spoken to her. If you've called the phone number I have on this blog...then it was her you spoke to. She'll tell you she's my PA (she likes to prop me...lol. I don't have a PA) She's really my sister.

Anyway, she told me today that we have more jobs than than we have models. Half of our models are traveling on Sunday for a road show for a Telecom company, another set will be leaving next week for another Telecom company and she has all these castings lined up for the next few weeks and most of our models won't be around.

So basically, we are looking for more models. Fresh models. Good looking models of all ages. We are in the modeling season and we are kinda short of models. So if there's anyone interested or knows anyone interested in photography modeling, ushering or even road shows, contact sandra on 08033595004.

Family, there's nothing better than that, is there? Please appreciate your family, because at the end of the day, that's all you really have.

See y'all tomorrow.


P.S: Happy birthday to MJ as he turned 50 yesterday.
Cheers everyone. L

Friday 29 August 2008

My Complexion + Mr/Miss Unilag 2008 in Pictures

Hi people, what's going on? I woke up around 10:45 am today. Can you believe that? I haven't done that in so long...quite refreshing.

So now I'm sitting in front of my computer wondering what to blog about...I have no clue...lol

You guys have to help me from now on. If you have stories, pictures, breaking news...whatever, pls send it to me via email so I can share it here...

Meanwhile I need some expert advice. I think I have a fairly nice skin. I don't break out, no pimples, blackheads, dark spots etc. I don't use moisturisers, toners or facial cleansers. I don't have the patience for it...lol. I just take my bath, put on my clothes and I'm out. That's not a nice thing for a woman to say huh? Well, that's who I am. I find it a little tiresome going through the ritual of cleansing, mositurising...and all the works. I've tried a few times to do it but after a week or so, I give it up.

But I'm going on TV soon and I want a clearer, brighter, smoother skin.
Like Rihanna's skin...can I achieve this?
I'm dreaming huh? lol

Seriously what can I do to make my skin better and smoother? What can you recommend? Help a sister out...and I promise to judiciously follow whatever ritual you recommend...

While you're thinking about that, here are pictures from Mr/Miss Unilag 2008 Beauty Pageant that held on Tuesday August 26th at the School's Sports Center...
Didn't bother to arrange the pictures but enjoy...

The winner of Miss Unilag and Dr Pat Agboro

The contestants

Cossy Orjiakor, that's me on the side she's smiling at...

Cossy, myself and designer Steve Ray (judges at the pageant)

Jazz singer, Toba Gold and the Dean of Student's Affairs

Mr and Miss Unilag

The contestants in casuals...

The winner of Mr Unilag, Danmola and Weird MC

Cossy and 3rd runner up, Francis

2nd runner-up, Miss Unilag and 1st runner-up

The top 5...cute guys.

That's it. Whaddayathink?

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