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Saturday 3 May 2008

FM&B 3 is out!

My third edition is finally out! YESSSSSSS! I did it again. I am ecstatic. I Thank God!

Know why I always insist on everyone going after their dreams? Because when it's fulfilled, there's no feeling like it. I've been kinda broke since paying for the print, it cost me over a million 'cos we printed 2, 000 copies this time, but after seeing the magazine, it's worth it. I love being broke...lol.

The quality is good, the content is FAB, every one who's seen it loves the cover (thanks to everyone who chose this cover).

The third edition is a great improvement from the first and second one and I have absolutely no doubt that this will fly off the shelves.

Like I said earlier, it's no longer strictly fashion, modeling and beauty. There's a whole bunch of stuff in it now. Like career, parenting, street life, interviews, issues, love, sex, music, movies, young people...just basic stuff that will guarantee a good read. Hopefully you will love it when you see it.

From next week, you can get it at:
@Collectibles boutique, Talk to me boutique, Bobby's signature, All Mr Bigg's outlets in Surulere.
Nu metro-shoprite, Hair limited on Sanusi Fafunwa, Silverbird Galleria, Lydon supermaket on Amadu Bello V/I. Also, vendors around surulere and yaba.
I will let you know where else you can buy it. I have three marketing companies distributing the mag, I will find out where they're taking them to.

Those who live abroad, I will tell you how you can get a copy. I'm working that out.

Meanwhile, we've started work on our fourth edition, we're like 40% done. I have a great team but I need more help...abeg. So if there's anyone out there who can write, contribute in anyway, on any beautiful, relevant topic, pls let me know. It's 110 pages and I need to fill it up with great stuff. So pls contact me...mailto:me...lindaikeji@gmail.com.

Like I said, I want this mag to one day be a force to reckon with...so please help me with it. I am hoping to get the next one out in July/August...so whatever you can write, will really appreciate it.

Know why I am so proud of this particular edition? I saw my dad reading it for like two hours yesterday. And when I went to his room this morning at seven, he was reading it! It was a great feeling. And a few people have said the cover looks like a foreign mag...lol. Grand!

Like I always say, when you believe in yourself, the sky will not be your limit, but your starting point. Confront all your challenges and conquer the impossible. Do what others say can't be done. Make your dreams come true.

Good luck in all your endeavours.

Thursday 1 May 2008

Is Infidelity Enough? + Celebrities: Before and After Pictures

Is infidelity enough to end a marriage?
Someone I know is ending her marriage of 7 years, two kids, because her husband is seeing another woman.

I know infidelity is a good reason to end a marriage, but is it enough reason to call it quits after so many years and children together?

If a man is taking care of you physically, emotionally, financially and everything that has 'lly' at the end...lol, respects, loves and cares for you and your kids, is it ok to divorce him because he's unfaithful? Because the bitter truth is that most of them are...especially in this part of the world.

Call me stupid, crazy, foolish, immature or whatever, but I don't know if I can end a marriage because of infidelity. I feel negligence is a better reason to walk away. You know, when you no longer exist to him...or when you don't love him anymore, then it's ok to move on but infidelity? I don't know mehn...but then again it depends on the severity of it. You know some men don't have any control...and they batter a woman's soul so badly she can't take it anymore. When it's very extreme, then it's ok to leave but otherwise? Like when he's very discreet and does it few and far in between?

Please don't get me wrong, I think infidelity is so so wrong and unfair, but then again life itself isn't always fair, so what do you do? I mean I can walk away from a relationship because of infidelity...I did it...but only after giving too many chances and I only walked away when I realised it will never stop. But that was a relationship not marriage. Nothing binds you in a relationship, but God binds you in a marriage. I think marriage is too serious to give up on too easily. If you stand in front of God and promise to be with a man for better, for worse, shouldn't you stay for better, for worse? Because of God, your love, the years together, your children?

Our mothers stayed with our fathers, are we saying our fathers never cheated?

Maybe I'm talking nonsense, maybe I need to be educated, what do you guys think? I'm sure I am going to get a lot of bashing for this...bring it on...lol.
Is infidelity enough to end a marriage?

Meanwhile here are some of our celeb BEFORE AND AFTER pictures...enjoy!

Janet Jackson

Brad Pitt

Halle Berry

Jessica Alba

Cameron Diaz

Eva Longoria

Kate Beckingsale

Kate Winslet

Pierce Brosnan

Keira Knightley

George Michael

Mariah Carey



Jennifer Aniston

Elizabeth Hurley

Sarah Jessica Parker

Catherine Zeta Jones

Angelina Jolie

Patrick Swayze

It would have been nice to do the Before & After pix of our Naija celebs but you know how difficult it is to get hold of their pictures...I will do it one day!

Anyway, this post was inspired by bella's fabulous post here http://bellanaija.blogspot.com/search?q=rerock

So ladies, is infidelity enough to end a marriage?

Wednesday 30 April 2008

Increase in price of foodstuff + China Engrish

This is the third time my mum will come back from the market complaining. What's going on people? The price of foodstuff in Nigeria has increased by almost a 100% in the last two weeks or so.
A cup of rice that used to go for N80 is now N150.
A bag of rice that used to go for N6, 500 is now N12, 000
A cup of beans that used to go for N50 is now N80
A pack of Maggi cubes that used to go for N180 is now N250
A bottle of groundnut oil that used to go for N140 is now N250
A tuber of yam that used to go for N200-250 is now N350
A bag of pure water that used to go for N70 is now N100
While a sachet of pure water that used to go for N5 is now N10.
What is this?

But then someone told me it's not only in Nigeria that this is happening. Is it true that the price of foodstuff has increased in most parts of the world? Are you experiencing it too in your country of residence? Is this temporary? If this is going on in most parts of the world, then what the hell caused it?

The problem with Nigeria is that once a price goes UP, it never comes DOWN
How will the less privileged people survive when they can't even afford a cup of garri? This is not funny o...and there's even no salary increase.

What is going on Mr President? This is not what you promised us o.

On a lighter note, let the Chinese people entertain you...hilarious!


And if you're dead, please get to a hospital...

A difficult meal...

Other children are OK...

I think it was that 'screw you' comment...

Start with the big toe...

Are you smiling?

Well, it is free...

That would explain the beer cubs outside...

Flavor with heart...

Falling should be planned...

I told gramps to use protection...

Plenty of meat for everybody...

Got too many kids?


We really never know what kind...

I wouldn't dare...

No crack?

How do you do? lol...lol..lol

Translation: 'no parking on bicyclists at any time'

Thank you for open!
This cracked me up so bad...lol

One lump or two?

Operators standing by....lol

Stylist Ben Dover at your service...

Yeah, cheated out of breathing...

New in this section: 'Bowling with Bilbo'

The pool man is gonna freak...

Damn, these fireworks reek....

Press it because you want to....

I'll keep a look out....

I give my life and my company, but they just keep demanding more...

LOL. These Chinese people have got to be kidding me! Had fun with this. Check out more fun stuff here http://engrish.com/

Photo of the day

Halle Berry's first public appearance since giving birth. She's still the most gorgeous woman in the world...after Aishwarya Rai Bachchan?...no? yes? yesno? lol.

My mag's 3rd edition should be hitting the stores on Monday. I'm picking it up tomorrow afternoon. If I get there tomorrow and don't get my magazines, I'm exchanging blows with everyone I see there. From the security man to the MD. They're all going down. I swear I'm going 'Jackie Chan' on all of them. I gave them the mag to print in March and they said it would be ready in two weeks, this week will make it five weeks...isn't that so annoying?
Let me get there tomorrow and not get my mags...we'll see who will land in the hospital...ME or THEM.

Just kidding, I'm not that violent...lol. But I should be picking it up tomorrow. Hopefully!

Meantime here's a new blog to check out...http://www.shonavixen.blogspot.com/

And if you want know who the 100 most beautiful people are, check it out here http://www.people.com/people/package/0,,20193583,00.html?cid=redirect-mostbeautiful/


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