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Saturday 7 February 2009

Jim Iyke: Nigeria's Sexiest Actor? + Guess the beauty queen

Is Jim Iyke Nigeria's sexiest actor?

A poll was recently conducted by an independent media group; and Jim Iyke beat 16 other actors to emerge sexiest Nigerian actor with over 12thousand votes.
Here's how people voted...
1. Jim Iyke

2. Desmond Elliot

3. Emeka Ike
4. Nonso Diobi
5. Ramsey Noah
6. Pat Attah
7. RMD
8. Chidi Mokeme
9. Yemi Blaque
10. Kalu Ikeagu

For the ladies...
1.Genevieve Nnaji
2. Ini Edo
3. Mercy Johnson

So what do you guys think? Is Jim the sexiest?
What do I think? I think RMD is the sexiest Nigerian actor of all time...

Guess who...
This little girl beat 24 other girls to become Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria some years ago...
Who is she?

Photos of the day
Police woman: Madam stop this vehicle this minute!
Driver: For what? Pls get out of my way...
Police woman: You're not going anywhere today
Driver: Watch me....

Oh dear...
Madam driver, that wasn't very nice
Remember, the police is your friend...indeed!
Pix thanks to Ebi Johaan
I'm out.
Be blessed!

Friday 6 February 2009

419 Pastor: What a fool!

My sisters and I almost died of laughter yesterday after reading this story. It's the most hilarious thing I've read in a long time. If you have a healthy sense of humour, this story will kill you...LMAO

Can you guys believe this clown? The things people do for money...oh dear...I can't stop laughing...lol

It's about a Nigerian pastor who tried to scam a church in the US and they made an idiot out of him....lol

Read the story below as told by Ifeanyi N.

419 Pastor Disgraces us all in Naija

419eater, is an anti-scam person who specializes in helping people being scammed by Nigerian Pastors by simply pretending and assuming the person being scammed, takes over the entire negotiations/discussions with the scammer with the sole aim of exposing him to the world on the Internet.
Pastor Samuel Eze of God Love Bible Ministry in Apapa, approaches the Church of Bread and Wine abroad with the aim of helping them spread the work here in Nigeria, however he has a shortcoming: He needs funds. Thus he asked the Church to provide him with $74,000 to to foster a joint venture between the two churches...

419eater is contacted and takes over and poses as Father Ted Chilly of the Bread and Wine Church. He immediately responds to Samuel Eze's email requesting the funds ($74,000)

This is a picture of the "Church of Bread and Wine" and its Photoshop!! To fool Pastor Samuel!!

Says "Father Ted" (419eater) to Pastor Samuel in his email reply to him: "You have come to the right place. We have over 300 churches world-wide and love to help upcoming churches like yours. We don't, however send funds without recourse to our due procedures, in order to be sure of where our funds are being sent. You must follow the formal steps to identify yourself with our Church before u can claim the money.

They are as follows: You must identify with the symbols of our Church, which are BREAD and WINE."

1. You must send us a picture of yourself holding our Church name printed on a banner. You must be sitted.
2. You must send a picture of yourself holding a bottle of WINE to your ear.
3. You must send a picture of yourself carrying a loaf of BREAD on your head.

Here is Pastor Samuel doing as he was asked: Holding the banner of the Church!

Next, he has to hold a bottle of wine to his ear...

Just look at this mugu of a Pastor! Actually held a bottle of wine to his ear! Not knowing this is all to expose his fraud!

Next, carry a loaf of bread on your head!


Look at the picture Pastor Samuel sent to Father Ted claiming it is his Church...is this not the Vatican? Oh dear me, is this how potent greed can be?

Now "Father Ted" creates an imaginary Nigeria character to discredit Pastor Samuel. This too is Photoshop!! He superimposes him in front of a pic of the Vatican, using Photoshop, hold a Corel draw generated banner reading a message warning about Pastor Samuel.

419eater created a dummy email address with a Nigerian name and pretends those emails come from this non-existent person in this pic!! Clever! He used this dummy profile and name now sends damaging emails to Pastor Samuel asking him to refrain from his dubious work.

Samuel gets furious and this is where every thing is opened up on him...419eater now tells him who he really is, that he (419eater) and Father Ted are one and the same person! And also the imaginary Nigerian character in the pic....shameless mugu of a Pastor!

This is what Pastor Samuel claims is his Nigeria passport!!! Sent this to Father Ted...is this not normal plain sheets for typing? Real pity....
The end***

My people, can you guys imagine this silly man? He actually carried the bread on his head.
Wetin person dey see for this world.

Photos of the day
Check out pictures of other scammers

These people are so greedy, they can't see how daft they are...
Who's supposed to believe these images are real?
Linda shakes head.
You can read more about this scams here...http://419eater.com/

Thought of the day
You can educate a fool, but you cannot make him think

Have a ball laughing and have a FAB weekend.

Thursday 5 February 2009

Top 10 Religious Soundbites + P-Square chilling

I read this piece and totally loved it. Quite real and hilarious.
It's the Top Ten Nigerian Religious Soundbites: The Countdown
Written by Ayo Shonaiya and DJ Abass
Check it out...

10. "We must pray and fast"In Yoruba, "e kun fun aduaa".
Commonly used in times of tribulation such as Police/EFCC cases, looking for a husband or applying for a UK or US visa.

9. "This is my year of breakthrough"A new year's eve special.
The ready-made lazy man's annual prayer whether or not he has put in an honest day's work the year before, and a popular headline at most money spinning end-of-year religious crusades.

8. "I thank God for your life"
Usually an acknowledgement or appreciation of a benefactor but you scratch your head to find a real meaning to this one. People just drop it anyhow, eg. "I saw Pastor Kososhi drive past me in his Hummer yesterday on Allen Avenue", Reply: "Oh, I thank God for his life".

7. "...but he's a Man of God"As in the old 'over-the-hill'
Brother Jero Pastor who doesn't know how to toast women but secretly lusts after your wife/girlfriend in church. These are the "close your eyes, let us pray" guys who's always around to help or advice, waiting and hoping to take advantage of any misfortune to console his way into your woman's life.

6. "J.E.S.U.S."
Now very popular at Christian weddings across Nigeria as the newly-wed couple cut their cake. This has taken over from the evergreen "3,2,1...". Speaking of weddings, some wack MCs now blackmail the wedding guests by saying "If you want to live to see the new year, let me see your hands up", thus punishing them for not laughing at his dry jokes. Fear has become our God.

5. "I bind you..." (AKA "Holy Ghost Fire! Fire!! Fire!!!")
As in, put a curse on you, or threaten you with the wrath of God if you're deemed to be disturbing them for whatever reason. For example, against jobless guys who are proposing marriage, or the Landlord who has come to collect the rent after 8 months!

4. "The Devil is a liar!"
Often used right after surviving a ghastly auto accident, general misfortune, tripping over your children's toys or mistakenly dripping peppersoup on your favourite pink T.M. Lewin shirt!

3. "In the name of Jesus..."
Also abbreviated on Facebook as "IJN" or for maximum effect "in the MIGHTY name of Jesus!". Favourite end-of-sentence soundbite for most Prosperity Pastors on television.

2. "To God be the glory"
The last line of 99.9% of Nollywood films, and fast rising closing remarks at government / corporate seminars (usually just before they share the 'gbemu' in Ghana-must-go bags)

1. "It is well"
Self explanatory enough. Classic soundbite even if it is VERY OBVIOUS that it is not well.

And don't forget "It is not my portion" and "No weapon fashioned against me shall proser".
Any religious soundbite you know? Do share with us...

Meanwhile check out pictures of the Okoye brothers, popularly known as P-Square, chilling with family and friends at Caliente, Lagos.

Ha, Paul no gree o...lol

Peter with Segun Akinborewa

Jude 'Engees' Okoye

Pictures thanks to Emem Udoh

Story of the day

A man, fired from his job, shot and killed his wife, 8-year-old daughter and two sets of twins, 2-year-old boys and 5-year-old girls, before shooting himself. Read the very sad story here…http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28952291/

News Joke of the day
Gaddafi calls for a United States of Africa
Libyan leader and new AU chairman, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has called for the creation of a United States of Africa and raised the prospect of a single currency for the continent.
United States of Africa? He needs to get off his crack pipe…lol
You can read the full story...http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/425929.stm

Photo of the day

World's smallest body builder...

Catch y'all later

Wednesday 4 February 2009

How fulfilled are you? + Inspire Africa Concert Pictures

I had a conversation with a much older woman yesterday that I just had to bring here to discuss.
She has a boutique very close to my office and occasionally I go there to pick up one or two things.

When I went there yesterday she looked at me and said “Linda, every time I see you you're always bubbling with life. You always seem very happy"

"I'm generally a happy person." I said "I think it’s because I take pleasure in the smallest, simplest things in life. I don’t have much but I’m thankful for the little I have. I guess I'm fulfilled"

"You're fulfilled? Most people don't know what fulfillment is" She said

I didn't know how to react to that so I said nothing.

She looked at me for a bit without saying anything, then suddenly asked "How often do you pray linda?"
"Every day" I replied
"And when you pray, do you ask God for changes in your life?" she asked
"Of course I do." I replied "Who doesn't? That's the essence of praying isn't it?"
She smiled, shook her head and said "There was a time in my life that when I go down on my knees to pray, I ask God not to change anything in my life. I ask him to keep things exactly the way they are. That's what you do when you're fulfilled"

I left the boutique a few minutes later with a million thoughts in my head. Fulfillment is when you ask God not to change anything in your life?

Who asks God for no changes in their lives? No matter how much we have, we still want more right?

I’m not married, so obviously I can’t ask God to keep things exactly the way they are ;). I am happy where I am right now, but I also want to be more than I am now, so I talk to God about it...

Most of us are happy with our lives, but we do ask for changes...does it mean we're not fulfilled?

What is fulfillment then? Is there a difference between fulfillment and happiness?

Does anyone even have everything they want?
What do you guys think?

To other things...

Ade Bakare Couture presents Young Designers Creative Competition 2009

As part of his initiative to give back to society, Ade Bakare Couture London once again presents the Young designers creative competition. This initiative has not only encouraged creativity amongst the young in Nigeria, it has successfully created a trend in supporting potential talent across the land.
The event will take place in Lagos this March. So watch out for it!

News of the day

Gaddafi is new AU Chairman

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has been elected as the new chairman of the 53-nation African Union. He was elected by delegates at the AU summit in Addis Ababa Ethiopia on Monday 2nd Feb 09.

Erykah Badu gives birth to 3rd child

Singer, Erykah Badu recently gave birth to her 3rd child, a girl, romoured to be named 'Twitty Milk'. Erykah also has children with rappers Andre 3000 of Outkast, and west coast rapper The D.O.C. The latest addition is for her current Beau Jay, pictured with her above.

For Nigerian news...

Go here...http://thepmnews.com/

Pictures from the Inspire Africa Benefit Concert

Dbanj on stage

Banky W with Henry Buchi Mbagwu

International sensation, Carl Thomas, in the middle

Henry and Tuface

Christy Essien Igbokwe

Asa and Banky W
Pix thanks to Lori Tosan
Will get you more pix later...

Photo of the day

Sean “Diddy” Combs new ad for his “Unforgivable” cologne..
You like?

Thought of the day
People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost.”
~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


Monday 2 February 2009

Modenine VS Ruggedman

We gossip on this blog, right?

Half the time we don't mind our business, right?

This is a place where you read everything and anything, right?


I say we, 'cos we are all in this together, right?
Right? No one's answering me o...
Right? ;)

I gossip. You read. So we're all culprits.

Oh dear, this is such a naughty naughty post. With absolutely no malice intended here. This is just a fun post, please no one should take it personal or think there's any ulterior motive to this. It's just my usual gossipy self...lol

Modenine and Ruggedman on stage

I'm sure some of you know there's a beef going on between two of Nigeria's most respected rap artistes; Rugged man and Modenine. The beef has been going on for a while now, but Mode recently took the whole thing to another level when he dedicated a whole song to Rugged on his new album Paradigm shift, titled Death Blow pt 1.

I read the lyrics of Mode's song to Rugged in Encomium magazine this weekend...I had to bring it here...lol. Of course Encomium used the words with permission from Redeyed Records.

These two fellas are my friends, known them for many years so it's nothing personal and I'm not taking sides. And no one should either, just read, smile, laugh, be amused, do whatever...and move on ;)

Modenine to Ruggedman

I didn't want to do this, 'cos your career's already thru
Now see what you did to you
Ama hop back in the lab and bring the ether to you
I got more respect for your dancers than you

Heard you sacked a few cos they refused to sleep with you
No wonder there's no one left in your crew
Suave Nomoreloss, Jafar and T boi all left you
Now you wanna pull a p-boy (plan b) coming at me

Boy you're getting destroyed
I'm talking to you, the track was a decoy
Take my advise, read boy, stop faking
You said I'm lame, but I go take you out

You're pitiful, ridiculed, stop making noise, listen and learn
My fire go burn, my tire go turn individual lyrical
Shut up you little ass worm
You claiming that you have dough, you still skinny,

Cocoa yam head, long neck like a guinea fowl
I told you before una go bow, I vowed not to blast you
I rap pass you.
I’m bringing a wrecking ball for your sand castle
Built to out spit, out wit and out last you

My delivery bangs like letter bomb parcels,
Spit in your face and shake the hands of KENNIS
Now you’re contemplating suicide like Ayeni

Look Napoleon get ready for your waterloo today
Ama prove it mic wise, you got nothing to say
Wild like a baboon under the moon…nothing to say

You’re going ape shit right now you don’t want it
The joint you did with nice was nice ‘cos 9ice was on it
Boys don’t spit, boy dey vomit, boy are sick
Boys are not smiling we no well oh

SWATROOT, baby those are tight rappers hello
You rap for mechanics, I rap and you panic
You’re manic depressed damn it, I’m too nice.

I expose you, now your covers compromised
Shames on you now pull your head warmer over your eyes.
Take it off, eh hen!! Modenine is with the prize

I’m bigger than you lyrically, forget about size
Heard your third album is gonna be your last album…bye bye
Hustling to sell it to shoe makers, dem no buy
Waka waka waka was a track nobody felt

OJB rap better than you, you need help
Know your secrets but I won’t hit below the belt
Huuuuu @, do I hear a sigh of relief?
Too easy I thought son was nice with the beef

I’m the rap pugilist, knock the plaque out ya teeth
You ain’t banging, you’re a firecracker
I’m the shit man, you’re the shit packer

Rasqie was wack, but your new shit’s wacker
Ama Rhymzo that ass, you’re a boomboclot
Head warmer in the sun, what you are
Don’t let me 50 Jah you
End your already ending career and discard you

Let me help you out, you got a little money
Maintain got more money than you, ain’t that funny
No, the funny thing is you’re a dancer now
Trying to compete with Kaffy and Suzie howww

Mr Penguin, happy feet just got served,
Banging didn’t bang, no nice words
It was wacker than your freestyle for Silverbird’s 25th anniversary
Daddy Showkey took you to the nursery, mercy me
Now you wanna kick a verse for me

No courtesy, I just aired him out
Tysonized him, with his ear in my mouth
I got more verses dude, I no fit shout
We can make it personal, you know what I’m talking about

I got some info on you, incriminating no doubt
Many former close friends and they all ratted you out!!

Talk till fade…

Ruggedman's Response to Modenine

"Now lets check the Ruggedman he is talking about. I have done more for myself and the industry than he can only dream to do. Last year alone I won the awards for best rap album,best rap artist and best indiginous video concept. What did he get? I have more awards than he can ever dream of. I have rocked more shows than him, I have made more money than him.

I have more popular songs and albums than him. I have touched and helped more artistes. I am and will for ever be more relevant to the Nigerian music industry than he will ever be. If he continues making the kind of music he does and continues with this type of attitude, he will not get anywgere.

Acts bigger and richer than him are humble to a fault. He says I claim to have dough and I am skinny. Its funny really Coming from someone that has no car or home of his own. He has been squatting with different people till date since he came to Lagos and I will say their names later if need be. It's mad funny I tell you.

Meanwhile I have run through a BMW 3 Series, A Nissan Murano, A Mercedes Benz C Class, A Volkswagen Toureg and I dedicate my new Chrysler Crossfire to mode9, its to inpsire him not to give up, he still fit make am."

If you want to read Rugged's full interview, go here...

Thought of the day
When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.

That's the end of my amebo...lol
Don't tell anyone you read it here o...
I'm out.

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