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Friday 16 April 2010

Please pray for rapper Dagrin

Only just heard about this unfortunate incident today. I haven't been online that often lately so I really don't know what's going. But anyway I heard about Dagrin's horrible accident and it left me stunned.

According to netng.com, the incident happened around 3am on Wednesday morning infront of Alakara Police Station in Mushin. A truck was parked outside the police station on the road and he ran under the truck and his car was crushed. He's currently receiving treatment at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital.

Such a sad thing to happen. Our prayers are with you Dagrin. Please get well soon.

Thursday 15 April 2010

Linda Ikeji’s inspirational book, It Takes You, is out. Press release

It Takes You (A Book of Inspiration) is a 130-page book of 30 inspirational, motivating and life changing articles, written by Imo State born ex-model, entrepreneur and blogger, Linda Ifeoma Ikeji.

“All the articles in the book are inspirational but I also share my life experiences with readers. I hope more than anything else that everyone who reads this book learns something from it. I hope it changes their perception of some things and more than anything else I hope it inspires them to go out there and make something of themselves. ” Linda said.

An official book launch/presentation has been scheduled for -
Date: Wednesday May 5th 2010
Venue: Theatre 5, Genesis Deluxe Cinema, The Palms, Lekki.
Time: 5pm

Book signing session – Saturday May 8th, 2010
Venue: The Hub Media Store, The Palms, Lekki
Time: 2pm

Please help use.

I am an Author! I am an Author!! I am an Author!!!

OMG! Linda Ikeji is an Author! I am in heaven. I'm beyond ecstatic. My book came out two days ago and it's been really exciting for me. Totally proud of myself. I decided to do this book in January...and by April, I actualised that dream. That's why I titled the book - It Takes You. Everything in our lives is really up to us.

From now on when you want to address me, you must include Author. For example, ex-model, blogger and author, Linda Ikeji...oh yeah...loves it! lol

Alright let's get serious. Basic info you all need to know.

The book - It Takes You, (A Book of Inspiration) is a 130-page book of 30 inspirational, motivating and life changing articles written by ex-model, entrepreneur and blogger, Linda Ikeji. (Make sure you write my title like that :-))

It will sell for N800 naira at the bookstores (You can start buying at the stores after the launch). But if you buy directly from me, it's just N600, but totally free to students. I don't have that many copies to give out for free, that's why I'm hoping to find a generous individual or a corporate organisation to pay for the cost of printing more copies. I'm talking to one already. Hope it turns out well.

Book Launch/Signing
The official launch date is May 5th, @Theatre 5, Genesis Deluxe Cinema, The Palms, Lekki.
Time: 5pm prompt.
Book signing is 8th May at the Hub Media Store, The Palms, Lekki.
Time is 2pm.

Home/Office delivery.
The book is N600, but if you want it delivered to your home or office anywhere in Lagos, it will cost you an extra N1000. Anywhere at all in Lagos. If you want a copy, please call Uche on 08030529633. Just text her your address and how many copies you want and it will be deivered to you...then you pay when you get your delivery.

If you live abroad and want a copy or some copies.. contact me directly. (I want the western union in my name and my name alone :-)). The book is less than $5 but to deliver it to you will cost money. So you will be looking at buying a copy between $30 to $50 or even more depending on where you reside. Contact me - lindaikeji@gmail.com or 08033595004.

Please buy my book :-). I'm trying to raise money to print more copies. Thank u very much.

I need you all to come through for me abeg. If you are a blogger, please, please help me spread this info on ur blog. Mostly about the launch and book signing. Please help me publicise. Appreciate.
And I'd also like to do Newspaper, TV and radio interviews about the book, so please invite me to your programmes/paper, please.

Thank you everyone.
Signing off, Linda Ikeji, Author.

Natures Gentle Touch celebrates her 13th Anniversary, Unveils the new look Natures Gentle Touch Kit Relaxer Pack

Premium hair care brand, Natures Gentle Touch hosted friends and consumers in a luxurious cocktail party to celebrate her 13th anniversary and unveil to the public the new look Natures Gentle Touch kit relaxer. The event was hosted at the prestigious Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute, which is the largest hair institute in sub-Saharan African, and was attended by the young and stylish as well as cross section of notable Nigerian socialites. The special guest of honor at the event was Nigeria’s international supermodel, Oluchi who is also the brand’s ambassador.

During the unveil of the new Natures Gentle Touch kit relaxer which was performed by Oluchi, the supermodel who has been representing the brand since 2005, said that the brand’s driving force is her believe in the inherent potentials of the African woman and that’s why they are committed towards designing products that will empower the African woman with the confidence to unleash her style. She envisioned Natures Gentle Touch as a global brand which all African women will be proud of. She also enjoined women who value cool styles and are innovative in everything they do to get on board the Natures Gentle Touch train and was quick to remind them that she’s been using the product since she was a teenager.

Guests at the party were entertained with Champaign, canapés and cool Nigerian songs.

Natures Gentle Touch is manufactured by Recare Limited, a personal style brand involved in the research & manufacture of hair care products.


 And here I am looking like a celeb with my PA by my side...lol
 Only I don't have a PA and I don't even know who that lady is...:-)
And that hair of mine...thanks to the guys at Zabel Hair...

Monday 12 April 2010

Linda meets Oluchi...

Sorry I haven't blogged since Thursday.
Nah...I'm not really sorry ...I was busy having fun all through the weekend. I didn't have time for you people abeg...lol..
I was busy being an unknown celebrity... and then meeting the real celebrities. :-)
I was at this event and when the MC saw me, he said, 'OMG Linda Ikeji is here with us'. People turned towards me and were like...'Linda Ikeji? Who's that?'...lol
And then when Oluchi walked into another event I was at...everyone wanted to take a picture with her, including me.

Do you know of any lady who would wear flat sandals to a red carpet event?
I present to you - Linda Ikeji...lol
Oh what da hell, whatever rocks my boat huh? :-)

...And then I met Oluchi...

You know, Oluchi and I went to the same 'lesson' for our WAEC in 1997. I was in Lagos Anglican Girls Grammer Schl, she was in Surulere Girls Sec Schl, but we attended the same after-school tutorials, where we were friends classmates for a few months. But when I tried to remind her a few years ago when we first met...she didn't remember me.
Oh well, there are people I don't remember too...
That's what happens when you become a celeb...lol
*I kid*

Let me explain the difference in height. You see Oluchi is 6 '2' and I am 5 '8'.
You understand now? :-)
The picture was taken at the 13th anniversary of Gentle Touch Relaxer.
Will bring you more pictures from that event later.

Will get back to regular blogging in a few days...
Hope everyone is doing great..
Catch you soon

Oh by the way, that hair of mine is ZABEL HAIR. 100% human hair. Real cute, real expensive. Given to me by the guys at Zabel Hair free of charge. One of the advantages of being a blogger *wink*
Will tell you more about it later..
Cheers people.

Jonathan meets Obama....

Our acting president, Goodluck Jonathan, met with US president, Barack Obama yesterday at the Blair House, which serves as President Obama’s Guest House a few meters across from the White House. Jonathan was accompanied to the meeting by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Odein Ajumogobia, the Ambassador to the United States, Ade Adefuye, and Nigeria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Joy Ogwu.

Pics thanks to Sahara Reporters...

The 4th Anniversary Issue Cover Spread of Mode Men

The Kings of Comedy.
Julius Agwu, Ali Baba, and AY

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