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Friday 12 January 2007


My Kayode Fayemi is gone. I can't believe it. I'm still in great pain. I keep hoping its false and somebody will call and tell me he's alright, that it was all a joke. My heart bleeds as I write this. I can't begin to express my pain at his demise. Why you Kayode? You were just 42yrs old. Your wife just had a baby. My did you have to go without any warning. You were not sick, you were a vibrant and jolly fellow who loved life. Why did God take you away so suddenly? Did he think you were too good for this world? Why do good people die young? Why do things like this happen. Kayode was not only my publicist, he was a friend and like a brother to me. I met Kayode in 2000 at a fashion show I was part of. He walked up to me and said I was the best model on stage and he would like to have an interview with me about modeling. Guess I forgot to tell you all that Kayode was a journalist. At the time I met him he was working with city people magazine and he was the first guy to write about me in the paper. He made me news material as he did a series of interviews and write-ups about me. He was the first to call me a super model in the papers, and the first to put me on the front cover of a magazine. He made other journalists notice me. He made me popular. When he became the editor for celebrity magazine, he asked me to write for the paper, he gave me a page where we both choose the name fashion and modeling with linda ikeji. I worked with Kayode and the magazine for over a year and it was during this time that I was inspired to start my own magazine. So you can say Kayode inspired FM&B magazine. He was a mentor to me, he looked after my reputation in the media. I leaked most of the stories I wanted people to know about me through him. He sent journalisst upon journalists to interview me. Kayode made me newsworthy. He loved me as a sister, he loved me in ways I could not understand. He never allowed any bad stories to be written about me. He was my protector. And I loved him. He officially became my media consultant in 2005 and the best part of it all is that I never paid Kayode a dime. He never asked, instead he gave me. He never forgot my birthdays. Never forgot to wish merry xmas, happy new year, barka de sallah etc. He was always the first to send me a text. He really was a friend.

On wednesday afternoon, 10th january 2007, while at waterparks where he had gone for a meeting, my Kayode had an asthma attack and didn't survive it. He died at the hospital. Some attribute the attack on the whether, but Kayode has survived 42 years of harmattan, why this year 2007? Was he not with his inhaler? That's most unlikely because I know he goes around with his inhaler. Could it be that the people around him could have saved his life if they had known how to administer first aid to an asthma patient? Or was it just Kayode's time to go? What happens to his four adorable girls? What happens to his young beautiful wife? How will they cope without their bread winner? Why is life so unfair?

I remembered the last time I saw Kayode, it was dec 3rd 2006 at Zakky Adzay's album launch. We sat on the same table and chatted non-stop for hours until we left the venue at 9pm. I remember we walked together to his car, he hugged me and promised to see me soon. I didn't know that would be our last meeting. If I'd known, I would have held on to him a little longer or maybe I never would have let him go. The last time I spoke to him was 8th january 2006, two days before he died, when I called to tell him about a programme I was working on. He promised to call me before the week ran out, but he didn't fulfil that promise. Death wouldnt let him.

Kayode I've cried for you, maybe more than anybody else who knew you.I'll always cry for you. My heart bleeds, and I feel an emptiness inside now. I feel lonely without you. You were not only my publicist and friend, you were also my confidant. I told you everything I wanted somebody else to know and you were always there to give me advise. You shaped my life Kayode, and I'll miss you tremendously. Adieu my friend. May the angels take care of you. May God keep you in his bossom. May your beautiful soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.

I'll always love you.

Linda Ikeji

Wednesday 10 January 2007


Happy NEW YEAR everyone. I can't believe I waited this long before saying this. Really sorry. Whats my excuse? Been so busy doing this and that. I am coming up with a new TV programme called CATWALK WITH LINDA. I'll tell you what it's all about later. Gotta run. Cheers

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