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Saturday 21 April 2007


Beautiful Tosin Dekalu is not getting married o! She contacted me directedly to say so. You see what gossip can do? Anyway, Tosin my apologies. No more gossip on this blog o! It will put me in trouble...nah...what's life without a little gossip?lol.

Tosin, I don't know you personally but I appreciate the woman that you are from the things I've heard about you! Didn't mean any harm. My apologies once more. Kisses!!! Linda


Bayelsa on fire
Less than 24 hours to the presidential and National Assembly elections, Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital was turned into a war zone on Friday as scores of militants invaded the state and engaged soldiers in a gun battle lasting several hours. Bombs and other explosives were freely used.

The militants stormed Yenagoa from the water side in many speed boats and immediately started shooting as they invaded the Police headquarters. The superior weapons used by militants over whelmed the police, as all men and officers of the command took to their heels.

After taking over the police headquarters, the militants advanced towards the Bayelsa state Government House and the office of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC. As the militants advance towards the government house and the INEC office, the army engaged them in a shootout, preventing them from advancing further.

The army and police moved to secure Governor Goodluck Jonathan who was in his office. Jonathan and his family were moved from his office to his lodge. But when the shooting persisted as the militants advanced thorough the secretariat annex complex towards the back gate of the lodge, Jonathan was moved again to an undisclosed location, while the government house gate was closed.

It was later found out that the bulk of the security operatives actually fled for their lives when the shooting became unbearable. Soldiers and other security operatives who managed to escape from the shooting were said to have immediately removed their uniforms and run into the streets to mix with residents.

On what might have prompted the attack, reports are saying that the militants were convinced that there was thumb-printing of ballot papers already going on at the government house, in readiness for today’s presidential election, in which Gov. Jonathan is running mate to Gov. Umaru Yar’Adua, presidential candidate of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Atiku in Yola for presidential poll
Vice President Atiku Abubakar arrived Yola, Adamawa State capital some minuted past 5 pm yesterday preparatory to the presidential elections today where he stands as contestant on the platform of the AC.The arrivalof Atiku had been awaited since Thursday when news filtered into town that he was expected as he is to cast his vote in his Ajiya Ward in the state capital.

New date for Imo Governoship elections
The rescheduled Imo Governorship election is no more 28th of April, INEC just announced a new date, Tuesday 24th 2007. The election in the state which held 14th April was cancelled by INEC due to irregularities.

Senatorial elections in Lagos
INEC just announced that the Senatorial elections in Lagos can only be conducted in ONE Senatorial district. The Lagos East Senatarial District. This they say is because of some omissions in ballot papers. This is wrong! Right? This announcement came just 5 minutes to 10. 5 minutes before the election starts.

National Assembly election postponed
Delta and Abia State National Assembly (Senate and House of Rep) elections has been postponed by INEC in those states owing to discrepancies in the ballot papers.


Over fifty people died in last week's Governorship election. The Presidential election hasn't even started and people are already planning on extinguishing lives.

Just this morning, at about 4am, 21st April, 2007, an oil tanker was seen heading towards the Independent National Electoral Committee(INEC) headquarters in Abuja. There was nothing suspicious about the tanker until it hit an electric pole and a little fire was seen coming out from beneath it.

A few people went to see if the occupants of the tanker could be rescued but there was no one in the vehicle.

The police was quickly alerted, and they (the police and the few people on scene) managed to put out the fire.

They discovered that a huge stone had been placed on the accelerator of the tanker which made it move on its own without a driver...4 gas cylinders were also found in the tanker.

The tanker had no registration number either so it cant be traced.

The good thing is that the aim of these selfish evil doers was not accomplished. I am sure the perpetrators of this crime had the intention of destroying the ballot papers, which were late in arriving from South Africa to Nigeria yesterday, so that the election could be postponed.

Imagine the number of families who could have lost their lives out of some people's thoughtlessness.

What is going on people? Will this election also shed blood? How many of our loved ones will die just because some people are desperate for power? Innocent people are the ones who get killed when there's a blood battle. God knows how many of them died last week.

Anyway, I'll keep you updated with happenings in Nigeria on this day that will mark a change in the future of Nigeria and Nigerians.

Stay tuned...

Friday 20 April 2007


The Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index defines corruption as the abuse of public office for private gain, and measures the degree to which corruption is perceived to exist among a country's public officials and politicians.

Most Corrupt Countries, 2006

Rank - Country

1. Haiti

2. Myanmar



5. Sudan


Democratic Republic



9. Uzbekistan

Equatorial Guinea

Côte d´Ivoire



Least Corrupt Countries, 2006

Rank - Country

1. Finland


New Zealand

4. Denmark

5. Singapore

6. Sweden

7. Switzerland

8. Norway

9. Australia


If we are so corrupt in this country, how come we are not on the top ten list of world's most corrupt countries? Story! We are not that corrupt... but wetin my eyes day see for this country...no be small thing!

Nigeria is not that corrupt sha...at least Transparency International no recognise us abi?


Most Livable Countries

The Human Development Index (HDI), published annually by the UN, ranks nations according to their citizens' quality of life rather than strictly by a nation's traditional economic figures. The criteria for calculating rankings include life expectancy, adult literacy, school enrollment, educational attainment, and adjusted real income.

Rank - Country

1. Norway

2. Iceland

3. Australia

4. Ireland

5. Sweden

6. Canada

7. Japan

8. United States

9. Switzerland

10. Netherlands

Least Livable Countries

Rank - Country

1. Niger

2. Sierra Leone

3. Mali

4. Burkina Faso

5. Guinea-Bissau

6. Central African Republic

7. Chad

8. Ethiopia

9. Burundi

10. Mozambique

This list was compiled and published in 2006 by Transparency International.

See! Nigeria is not on the list of 'Least livable countries'. Hopefully, oneday, we'll be on the list of 'Most livable countries'.

It's so sad to realise that all the least livable countries in the world are in Africa


Name - Position - Estimates of funds allegedly embezzled (in U.S. $)

1.Mohamed Suharto -President of Indonesia (1967–1998) - $15 to 35 billion

2.Ferdinand Marcos - President of the Philippines (1972–1986) - 5 to 10 billion

3.Mobutu Sese Seko - President of Zaire (1965–1997) - 5 billion

4.Sani Abacha - President of Nigeria (1993–1998) - 2 to 5 billion

5.Slobodan Milosevic - President of Serbia/Yugoslavia (1989–2000) - 1 billion

6.Jean-Claude Duvalier - President of Haiti (1971–1986) - 300 to 800 million

7.Alberto Fujimori - President of Peru (1990–2000) - 600 million

8.Pavlo Lazarenko - Prime Minister of Ukraine (1996–1997) - 114 to 200 million

9.Arnoldo Alemán - President of Nicaragua (1997–2002) - 100 million

10.Joseph Estrada - President of the Philippines (1998–2001) - 78 to 80 million

Did they say Abacha only stole $2-5 billion? I thought it was about $40billion.

This list was compiled by transparency international in 2004.


Australian rescuers were today Friday April 20th shocked to find a yacht floating off the coast with its engine running, food on its table ready to eat, laptop turned on, radio and global satelite working, but no crew was found.

The 12-metre (36 feet) catamaran was found 80 nautical miles off Townsville on the northeast coast, but there was no sign of the three crewmen who had set sail from Queensland state bound for Australia's west coast on Sunday.

Three life jackets and survival equipment, including an emergency beacon, were found on board, but no life rafts.

The KAZ 11 was spotted adrift on the outer Great Barrier Reef on Wednesday. Rescue crews boarded the vessel on Friday but there was no sign of the three crew men, aged 56, 63 and 69.

Rescuers have retrieved the boat's GPS system to analyse data for clues to the mysterious disappearance of the crew.

This is such a mystery! I hope this men are found.


This is just for amusement. But really, this body paintings are amazing! You like?


A yet to be divorced Kimora Lee over the last few weeks has been showing off her new beau, hunky African-born actor, Djimon Hounsou. She was recently spotted flirting with him in the presence of her husband Russell Simmons at Forest Whitaker’s Oscar celebration party Tuesday night. Kim likes her some black men and Djimon is hot!!

Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin Yesterday left a very crazy, nasty voicemail message for his 11 year old daughter, Ireland. He dropped the message after his daughter didnt pick his call at their scheduled time to talk. In the message he described his ex-wife, Kim Basinger as 'thoughtless pain who makes him feel like shit, threatening to straighten her out after calling her a thoughtless little pig'. Kim apparently heard it all and leaked the voicemail message. Now a judge has temporarily banned Alec from seeing his daughter. Alec must be a temparamental person and it was so wrong of him to call Kim all those names to his daughter's hearing. It's only in Western world that I hear a judge will ban one from seeing one's daughter. How e for happen for Naija?

The home of G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo was recently shot up. Tony's mother, sister and daughter were home at the time of the incident but everyone escaped unharmed. Now it's being rumored that the attack was in retaliation for Tony slapping the 14 year-old son of Jimmy Henchmen, the CEO of CZAR Entertainment and The Game's manager. Imagine if the mum, sister or daughter had died in this thoughtless and unneccessary shooting. These gangsters don't think well.

Remember this pix I posted some days ago? Well that girl bumping and grinding with Akon is just 14 years old and the daughter of a preacher.

Now, the father of the 14-year-old girl has some words. Pastor Dave Alleyne says Akon took advantage of his daughter: "She likes dancing and won a competition," Alleyne said, adding that she became a victim in a situation where she had no control. That girl sure looks hot for a 14-year-old. I'm sure Akon was not aware at the time.

American Idol winner Fantasia, taking phone-pictures of herself.

A woman is claiming that her 13 year old son was fathered by comedian Chris Rock. Chris has asked a court to determine if he's the father of the boy. If he's proven to be the father, Rock wants to "contribute to the support, maintenance, and education" of the boy.

What would you do if you found out your husband has a love-child he never told you about?


Bollywood actor and son of Bollywood legend, Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan has finally wed his sweetheart, former Miss World Aishwarya Rai. The couple got married just today April 20th in a traditional Hindu wedding in which the groom rode a white horse before the pair took their vows around a sacred fire.

The ceremonies concluded three days of celebrations at the actors' homes in India's entertainment capital of Mumbai, creating, what industry pundits said is, Bollywood's ultimate power couple.

But something dramatic happened to almost mar the smooth running of the wedding ceremony after an Indian woman claiming to be Bachchan's lover slashed her wrist in front of his home.
She told reporters she wanted to kill herself because Bachchan had gone back on his promise of marrying her after having "physical relations" with her.

Police arrested the woman -- described as a struggling fashion model -- for attempting suicide, a punishable offence in India.
Police refused to register a complaint against Bachchan, saying the model had no proof of the relationship and it looked like a publicity stunt.

Rai and Bachchan have worked together in at least five films, and both have been romantically linked in the past to other Bollywood stars.

Here's wishing the power couple happy married life.


For Jade...

Singer, Ashionye just acquired a Honda CRV Jeep. Good for her.

I'm hearing that women of easy virtue have started establishing their presence at the Ahmadu Bello way, Victoria Island site of Silverbird Galleria. These ladies are said to move in groups of threes and fours and usually operate during the evening, most times trying to pass off as high class ladies in their bid to ensnare unsuspecting men with amorous interest. It's so hard to tell these 'ladies' from the decent ones going about their business, so they can't be easily detected and thrown out. I trust Ben Bruce, as soon as he figures out who this women are, he'll find a way of making life difficult for them.

Tosin Dekalu set to wed
Also, softsell Magazines in Naija are reporting that Lady Cobbler owner, Tosin Dekalu is set to wed her heartthrob, Emeka Odogwu, from the Odogwu family. I don't know how true this is...both parties haven't come out to say they are getting married, but softsell magazines in Naija have a way to finding out the truth. So Tosin might just really be getting married. I hope so...she's so beautiful and hard working and I hear the guy is equally good looking and loaded. Good for them.

Meanwhile, I also hear that Fred Amata's estranged wife, Agatha Amata is building a house in Lekki and the house is nearing completion. BTW, Fred lives in a flat in Surulere...the way things happen!

Colleagues deny drug actor Uche Oduputa
Aware of the negative implication of their name being rubbished again after the Wunmi drug shame, Actor's Guild of Nigeria AGN, has disowned their own, Uche Oduputa. The guild does not want to have anything to do with him. They've totally washed their hands off his case. That's sad, this guy is in real big trouble.

Fast rising comedian Abagan is now a father. His wife Angela gave birth to a baby girl on Wednesday April 4th. This one no be gossip o.

More gossip later. Ciao!


FG declares Friday work-free day
The Federal Government has declared Friday as work free day to enable the citizens to travel and participate in the Saturday’s presidential and National Assembly elections. A statement signed by the secretary to the Government of the Federation, Chief Ufot Ekaette said the declaration of work free day would not affect the operations of banks and other essential services in the country.

Buhari won't boycott the election
The All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) Presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari yesterday confirmed his disagreement with other opposition candidates for tomorrow's presidential polls, saying "boycott is not a democratic action because by boycotting the election, we forfeit our right to participate."In a statement he personally signed, Buhari said the "history of boycotts suggests that if we boycott Saturday's (tomorrow) elections it will make it easier for government to manipulate the process and we shall have no legal right to question any wrong-doing."

Atiku feels betrayed
In a swift reaction to Buhari's statement, the Action Congress (AC) Presidential candidate, Vice President Atiku Abubakar also expressed his readiness to participate in tomorrow's presidential polls, after describing the action of the ANPP Presidential candidate as a "stab on the back!" Atiku said he is "aware that opting out of the polls will preclude us from a possible legal recourse in case the riggers, out of desperation, go ahead with their plan." He, however, criticised Buhari for reneging on the earlier agreement of the 18 opposition political parties to seek a postponement of Saturday’s Presidential/National Assembly elections. The party said that "unfortunately, the ANPP and Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, who called the meeting where the agreement was reached, who presided over the meeting and also signed the agreement, have opted to jettison the resolutions so they could participate in the elections. We regret this stab on the back!"

INEC cancels photographs on ballot papers
The Independent National Electoral Commission has said that photographs of candidates will no longer be embossed on ballot papers for Saturday‘s presidential and National Assembly elections. They said it would be more cost effective to do away with the pictures of contestants on the ballot papers.
According to them, logos of political parties would be used in place of the photographs.

Soldiers kill 25 militants in Kano
No fewer than 25 militants were shot dead in Kano in a bloody encounter with soldiers Wednesday morning. The conflict, said to have been provoked by the fundamentalists suspected to be behind the killing of a renowned Islamic cleric.

IG orders shoot on sight
Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Sunday Ehindero, has ordered his men to shoot on sight any person or group wielding arms and other dangerous weapons to attack police stations, even as he vowed that the force will not allow miscreants to disturb the conduct of the forthcoming presidential and National Assembly elections.Ehindero, who was apparently bitter over the number of casualties the force recorded in attacks on police formations and at last Saturday’s elections, gave the directive Wednesday, in Abuja, while finalizing strategies with senior police officers from the rank of Commissioners of Police (CPs) and above, towards the conduct of the elections scheduled for Saturday.

Obasanjo: No Nigerian lives below $1 per day
President Olusegun Obasanjo has rejected the often repeated claim that many Nigerians were surviving on less than one United States ’ dollar per day, saying that although a lot of Nigerians do not earn the equivalent of $1 a day, they however eat three square meals per day from what thy are able to produce on their farms.

Obasanjo extends emergency rule in Ekiti
President Olusegun Obasanjo yesterday extended the emergency rule he declared in Ekiti State till May 29, 2007, blaming it on the violence and mayhem which characterised the governorship and state house of assembly elections

Tinubu after my life –Pedro
The Deputy Governor of Lagos State and Labour Party’s gubernatorial candidate in last Saturday’s election, Otunba Femi Pedro has accused his boss, Governor, Bola Tinubu of plotting to eliminate him.

All news thanks to Punch, Thisday and Sun Newspapers.

Thursday 19 April 2007


A package mailed to NBC News by Virginia Tech killer Cho Seung-Hui contained disturbing video, writings and photographs of the troubled student. Authorities say Cho killed 32 people and then himself at the Blacksburg, Virginia, campus on Monday, April 16. The network reported the package was mailed at 9:01 am, between two shooting incidents and the photos show Cho handling the two handguns he used in the massacre. NBC News has given the material to investigators.

Here are some of the photos.

Cho's parents are said to be a hard-working couple who speak only a little English and run a dry-cleaning business. Their daughter graduated from Princeton in 2004 and works as a contractor for the State Department. The Chos are said to be cooperating with police; they allowed a 90-minute search of their home on Monday evening.
At Virginia Tech, Cho sometimes referred to himself as Question Mark and spoke in a whisper. It was a big deal to get a hello out of him.
Cho exhibited strange sexual behavior at Virginia Tech
In December 2005, campus police and mental health professionals in Blacksburg, Va., arranged to have Cho committed to a state psychiatric facility. He was taken to St. Albans psychiatric hospital in Radford, Va., on Dec. 13 of that year after two women students (neither of whom was among Cho's shooting victims) called campus police complaining that Cho had made troubling contacts with them.
For years, Cho's odd behavior indicated to some university authorities that he could be dangerous.
In coming weeks, the school will almost certainly have to explain why it did not do more to help him or expel him before his massacre.
This guy was just a cold-blooded, calculated killer. He was deranged and tortured quite alright, but I think he killed those students just because he wanted to be mean and wicked and not because he was mentally ill.
May God judge him.


My favourite reality TV show, Big Brother Africa is back! I'm so so delighted. M-Net confirmed some days ago that season 2 of Big Brother Africa is now a reality. The channel did it in 2003 for 106 memorable days as it kept the continent entertained.Now M-Net is doing it once more in 2007!

The channel has started calling for entries for Big Brother Africa 2, searching for 12 contestants from 12 countries -
South Africa

Those of you in in Nigeria start entering! Nigeria has to win it this time.

Like the last time, whoever wins the competition takes home $100 000.

So if you are 21 and above, a citizen of one of the participating countries and in possession of a valid passport, you can enter.

Accrding to M-NET, they are looking for housemates that are vocal, fluent in English, fun-loving, creative, original and articulate. Entrants should also be tolerant of views and lifestyle choices other than their own and have the social flexibility to live in close proximity with others

Big Brother Africa 2 will begin on the DStv channels, M-Net and AfricaMagic, on Sunday August 5 and end on Sunday November 11.

It is produced by Endemol SA, and will be filmed on location in South Africa.

The deadline for entries is Wednesday May 2, 2007.

So what are you waiting for? Go to mnetafrica.com to download an entry form. Good luck!!!

Wednesday 18 April 2007


The first ever Miss and Mr Ebony World is coming up in Abuja Nigeria, on 17-- 23rd June 2007, at Sheraton Hotel and Towers Abuja according to the organisers. The grand finale, with 100 nation participating will be held in Cape Town South Africa, 30th Nov 2007.

The organisers say they are also staging Face of World Supermodel Contest, and World Women of Style Award (wwosta-award 2007).

According to them, they are expecting Tyra Banks, Queen Latifah, Stephanie F Chase, and many others, to grace the event. They told me the show is being sponsored by Celtel Nigeria, but Celtel sent me an email saying they were not aware of any such arrangement. Celtel has nothing to do with this show.

For further information on the contests, visit http://www.missebonyworld.org/

They sent me an email to be part of the event. As soon as I ascertain it's authenticity and get more information, I'll let you all know. Ciao!


Bamaiyi dies at 58
Former Chairman, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Maj. General Musa Bamaiyi (retd) is dead. He was aged 58. Bamaiyi died in Zuru, his country home in Kebbi State on Tuesday.His remains have been buried in his country home on Tuesday evening April 17th.

Buhari, Atiku, others call for postponement of elections
Four days to the Presidential election, the meeting convened by the Coalition of Opposition Parties (COC) in Abuja, last night called for its indefinite postponement and the immediate disbandment of the Prof. Maurice Iwu-led Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), for the irregularities and fraud that characterised last Saturday's exercise. The "Granite Coalition", led by the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) Presidential candidate, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), also called for the outright cancellation of the elections conducted last Saturday for the governorship and Houses of Assembly in the 36 States of the federation. The COC also demanded the publication and authentication of the voters register as required by the Electoral Act 2006. They equally demanded verification and manual counting of ballot papers used in the last election to ascertain the thumb prints with the aide of the Direct Data Capture Machine (DDC) of INEC. While calling for the reconstitution of INEC, the coalition said unless its demands were met, it would boycott future elections. The coalition would reconvene tomorrow April 19th.

Mayhem in Kano
Tragedy yesterday struck in Kano State when some gunmen, suspected to be Talibans, hacked the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) and 12 other policemen attached to Panshekara Police Division, Kumbotso Local Government, and set fire on the police station. The Talibans were dressed in long gowns and red turbans, and some of them had long bears and were speaking a foreign language suspected to be Arabic. They entered the area at about 7.30 am and made straight to the nearby police station, and opened fire on the officers on duty leaving some dead and many others injured. After attacking the police station, the gunmen addressed residents of the area who had taken cover saying “We are not here to harm any of you. We are here because of state of insecurity in the state which had led to the brutal murder of Sheik Jafar Mohammed Adam.” they reportedly said. The suspected gunmen were said to have appealed to the residents of the area to stay clear of the fight between them and the police so that they don’t get hurt while assuring them that they would not be hurt.

Abike Dabiri alleges abduction plot
Barely four days to the House of Representatives election, the Action Congress candidate for Ikorodu Federal constituency, Hon. Abike Dabiri on Tuesday raised alarm over threat to her life.Dabiri in a petition to the State Commissioner of Police, Mr Bashir Azzez alleged that people suspected to be agents of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have perfected plans to abduct her to an unknown location. According to her, information revealed that the group that was employed for the job have been given her photographs, car number plate, her house description, also all her aides phone numbers and their movements. Dabiri further explained that the reason given by those people was to ensure she did not participate in the election to the Federal House of Representatives on Saturday, stressing that all her aides have also been marked for abduction and subsequent assassination.The meeting where the issue of her abduction, according to her petition to the state commissioner of police, was hatched was held last Sunday at an hotel at Ojigo area of the state

Supreme Court says INEC has no power to disqualify candidates
In a landmark judgement, the Supreme Court yesterday ruled that the Inde-pendent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has no power to disqualify any candidate submitted to it by a political party, thereby setting aside an earlier judgment of the Court of Appeal on the matter. According to the Supreme Court, “INEC has no Consti-tutional power to disqualify a candidate from contesting elections without a valid order of a court.” The ruling thus set the stage for INEC to include the Vice President's name in the ballot for this Saturday's presidential election. It also throws up more puzzles regarding the fate of some candidates who were disqualified by INEC in the governorship election held last Saturday. Prominent among such victims are the ANPP governorship candidate in Anambra state, Prince Nicholas Ukac-hukwu, his Action Congress (AC) counterpart for the same state, ex-Governor Chris Ngige and the AC candidate for Delta state, Mr. Peter Okocha and many others. The Commission is said be in a dilemma over whether or not to print fresh ballot papers since the ones already printed for Saturday's polls will not bear the name and photograph of Atiku who is the flagbearer of the Action Congress (AC). In the wake of the epochal judgement, Vice President Atiku Abubakar, winner of the case, condemned INEC and the Police, saying he had lost faith in them because the two institutions have compromised their constitutional duties and were partisan in the electoral process

Pat Utomi still in the race
Presidential candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) Prof. Pat Utomi hereby refutes claims by certain news media that himself and other candidates have withdrawn and are calling for a pull-out from the presidential election.
Prof. Utomi declares that he is still in the race, his campaign continues, and he remains convinced that he is the best material for the presidency as well as remaining the peoples' choice.
He states that on the contrary, the group resolve is getting stronger, the status quo remains, and the group is developing its resolution-document which calls on the Nigerian people and the international community to reject the elections so far and see it as a big fraud pre-decided and manipulated accordingly by the PDP.

Thanks to Thisday and Sun Newspapers for the information.


For those of you who love Naija comedy and live in the UK, you are in for a swell time come May 6th 2007 as one of Nigeria's best comedy talents, Tunde Adewale, aka Tee-A, is bringing his very popular comedy show Live 'N' Naked to the UK.

Artists billed to perform
Wierd MC

Basket Mouth
Teju Babyface
Basorge Tariah Jr

Date: Sunday May 6th

Venue: The Porchester Hall, Porchester Road, Bayswater, London

Ticket: 20 pounds regular, 50 pounds VIP

Ticket Hotlines: 07956374473, 07979754444

Expect full Naija meal with wine.

The show is supported by Virgin Nigeria, Ben TV, Ovation and R7o


For those of you who care to know, here a few personal details of the man who is to rule Lagos State, come May 2007.

Name: Babatunda Raji Fashola
State of Origin: Lagos State
Religion: Muslim/Islam
D.O.B: June 28th 1963
Education: Sunny Fields Primary School, Birch-Freeman High School and Igbobi College. University of Benin.
Profession: Lawyer

He was called to the Nigerian Bar in November 1988 after completing with flying colours the Barrister-at-Law (B.L) degree programme of the Nigerian Law School, Lagos, which he undertook between 1987 and 1988. He subsequently enrolled to perform the mandatory One year National service under the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme in Benin, in the then Bendel State, from 1988 to 1989.

He is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association, the International Bar Association and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria, a Notary Public of the Supreme Court of Nigeria who has been variously honoured with awards and certificates of merit including the Distinguished Alumnus Award recently conferred on him by the University of Benin Alumni Association.

Babatunde Fashola is also a Patron of the Law Students Association of the University of Benin and he is only the second law graduate from the University of Benin and the first member of the Nigerian Law School graduating class of 1988 to be conferred with the Rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria and the First ever Chief of Staff to be so honoured.

He is married to Mrs. Abimbola Fashola and they are blessed with three boys.

This is all you need to know...that is if you give a rat's ass lol.


This is painful to look at I know. But that's the idea. I wanted to sober some of you up. You are depressed about a love gone sour, no increase in salary, bigger house, better ride? Wherever you are, please count your blessings and stop wining as this is the reality for some people.
Facts on poverty in Africa.
One in two people survive on less than one dollar a day.
33% of African population suffer from malnutrition.
Less than 50% of Africa's population has access to the hospitals or doctors
Children account for half of the civilian casualties in war in Africa.
Less than one person out of five have electricity. 15 out of 1, 000 have a telephone line 8 of 1, 000 surf on the internet.
It's sad isn't it?
There's a way you can help.
Contact the following organisations through their websites:
Donate and make a difference!
There are so many other organisations where you can donate. If you know names of Africa aid organisations, please send it as a comment so others can see it. Thanks.

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