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Monday 25 June 2007

Just a few days...

I know I shocked a lot of people this week with everything I wrote. To some, It was wrong of me, to others it was a bold step, to me it was what I wanted to do...maybe it makes me a good or bad person, insecure or courageous, stupid or wise, maybe I did it out of love or out of revenge...whatever it was, I did it my way and that's the most important thing.

I know for sure that it has helped me be a better person...I've learnt so much in just a week

I'm wiser and stronger now and I hope sharing my experience has helped alot of women out there...

Last week happened but I've decided to let all that go...no more talk of sad things...

I'm going to take some days off blogging. I need to go regroup

When I come back this blog will be bigger, bolder and better..

See y'all when I get back.

Kisses and much love!

Linda Ikeji

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