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Saturday 15 August 2009

Naija news

Ojora family reclaims Iganmu community after 37 years – Leke Adeneye (Encomium)

The Ojora family have just secured a full legal repossession of the Iganmu community after 37 years of serial legal battle. Well informed sources informed encomium magazine that the family eventually executed an order of the Supreme Court to repossess the land from the said community. The execution of the order was carried out by a Lagos State high court sherriff, under the supervision of over 150 armed policemen.

The Supreme Court had reportedly declared the Ojora family as the legitimate owner of Iganmu community. And by that order, over 50, 000 houses and buildings, including some occupied by blue-chip companies, are to be taken over. The companies include First Bank Plc, Nigerian Ropes, Thomas Wyatt, Power Holding Company of Nigeria (also known as NEPA) and Nigeria Breweries Pls. The affected corporate organisations and residents in the affected area had been dully notified of the court judgement and of the need for them to rectify their titles with family before the enforcement of the order. The villages affected by the court order include Orile Iganmu, Aloko, Savage, Coker, Ajabe, Oko Olodi among others.

Hmmm, now that’s something.

Ado Odo/Ota boils. 30 houses razed. 10 feared dead.

It was weeping and wailing, combined with gawking and gnashing of teeth in Ado Odo/Ota Local Govt area of Ogun State as 30 houses, including the palace of the Oba-elect of Ijoko/Ota, Oba Fatai Matanmi, with properties worth millions of naira, were razed. Ten persons are also believed to have lost their lives in the mayhem. Encomium mag investigations revealed that the Awori and the Owu in Ijoko/Ota are enmeshed in a battle of supremacy over the stool of the Onijoko and a parcel of land on which the Supreme Court had ruled three years ago. According to Encomuim sources, trouble started in the early hours of Tuesday July 28th, when some miscreants and hoodlums allegedly working for the Olowu, imposed a coronet king, one chief Ogunseye. They laid siege on Ijoko, razing 30 houses including the palace of the Oba elect. It took the intervention of a detachment of anti-riot policemen, including men of the gateway rapid response squad, mobile and conventional policemen, led by Sango Ota DPO, to restore law and order.

Entertainment News

The Danger of P-Square – Chilee Agunnana

The brothers are ready with a brand new album which they titled ‘Danger’. The album is a ten tracker and contains songs like ‘Super fans’, which is dedicated to their fans. ‘I love you’, ‘Who dey there’, ‘Possibility’ and ‘bye bye’. It features Tuface Idibia, Frenzy and Jay Martins. According to their brother and manager, Jude Okoye, the album is fully ready for release. “We are releasing it this month, but we are trying to get the best deal from the best marketer. We will first release super fans to promote the album and then the full album would follow a week later.”

Totally looking forward to their album.

Pasuma wonder plans big for 25th anniversary

Plans are in top gear to mark the 25th anniversary celebrations of Fuji exponent, Wasiu Alabi Odetola alias Pasuma Wonder. Among the activities slated are a reception at K’s Place, a beach concert at Oniru beach and courtesy visit to a couple of charity homes in Lagos, plus a novelty football match.

Congrats to him.

Silverbird partners with Zoe Steve – Adegbola Oni

A Nigerian company, Zoe Steve Solution Ltd is partnering Silverbird Group to launch a new family game show ‘Are you smarter than a 10yr old?’ (Same concept with Are you smarter than a fifth grader?). The game comprises five pupils from schools and a participant. It only gives the participant an opportunity to answer all questions from some of the subjects offered in primary school such as English, Mathematics, Sciences etc. The winner of any episode will be awarded N5million. So watch out for that!

Tit bits...

*Ruggedman and Kleever jay of ‘Koni koni love’ fame have recorded a new single titled ‘Wa sexy’. It was produced by Spankie.

*K-solo’s Igberaga Records has signed management deals with Lord of Ajasa and H-Man. The deals do not interfere with their recording deals elsewhere.

*Omawunmi has also released with a fast rising rapper, Da Grin, a new track titled ‘Thank God’ and would soon hit the airwaves.

Lagos agog for Julius Agwu’s Laugh for Christ’s sake

This year’s edition of the annual gospel comedy show, Laugh for Christ sake, will hold on Sunday August 16th 2009 at the Muson Centre, Onikan Lagos. The show is in its sixth year. This year’s edition will feature performances by midnight crew, Atorise, Mike Aremu, Ali Baba, Gordons, Koffi, Owen Gee and many others.

That’s the place to be this Sunday.

That’s all folks


Nigerian inducted into space hall of fame

In faraway California a Nigerian was honored with the prestigious Todd B. Hawley award for “Commitment to Excellence in Space Research and Leadership”. Ayodele Faiyetole an alumnus of the International Space University in Strasbourg, France was on the 7th of august, 2009 honored at the NASA Ames Research Centre, Moffett in California, USA.

Ayodele Faiyetole is the 3rd recipient of the Todd B. Hawley Award, and the 1st black to be so nominated. Past winners include Loretta Hidalgo (2005) and Jim and Lin Burke (2007).

Naija, we always represent. We should be proud.

MKO Abiola Immortalized

By Tade Asifat - Encomium magazine

After several deliberations by members of the House of Reps on whether the late winner of June 12 1993 presidential election, Chief MKO Abiola’s name should be written in gold, there seems to be light now at the end of the tunnel.

On Thursday, July 30th 2009, the House passed a motion calling on the federal government to name the derelict national stadium, Lagos, after the late politician and billionaire business man.

In a motion by Hon. Friday Ituah and 36 others, it was suggested almost unanimously that the name of the pillar of sports be immortalised. Ituah noted that nobody has done what Abiola did to lift sports, particularly football, in the country, adding that many youths were beneficiaries of his large heartedness in promoting sports and youth development.

Great thing to happen.


Dozens of excited visitors gather every evening on the seashore near the Israeli town of Kiryat Yam, near Haima. They are all desperate to catch a glimpse of the area's latest star attraction, a mermaid.

According to numerous eyewitnesses, the mythical sea creature looks like a cross between a little girl and a dolphin, and only comes out at sunset. "People are telling us they are sure they have seen the mermaid and they are all independent of each other," said Natti Zilberman, a local council spokesman.

They spotted a Mermaid? Oh please...lol. Do you believe in their existence?

News of the day

C-Murder sentenced to life imprisonment

Corey “C-Murder” Miller was sentenced to life in prison today after being convicted of second degree murder this week. District Judge Hans Liljeberg gave Miller the mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole for murdering 16-year old Steve Thomas in 2002. This was the second trial in the case after his first conviction was overturned due to problems and motives of several of the witnesses.

After the sentencing, C-Murder's attorney Ron Rakosky filed a motion to be removed as the rapper's attorney and that he wouldn't be representing C-Murder for his appeal process. Rakowsky stated that he hadn't been paid by the brother of music mogul Master P.

C-Murder is already serving time after pleading no contest to two counts of attempted murder from a separate shooting in 2001.

C-Murder is Master P's younger brother...

Photo of the day

Solange Knowles shaved her head...and she still looks cute...

Friday 14 August 2009

The Inspire Africa Benefit Concert: The aftermath

Street children. We all know they exist, but how many of us have actually spent time with them? I have. Sometime last year I spent a few hours with street children who live under the Obalende Bridge. (Pictured below). I was in their world. I spoke with them, played with them...looked into their eyes... and saw things there. Some of the children seemed content in their little world. I’d ascribe that to the fact that that’s the only life they know. But some of the children seemed to know there is
a better life out there, and with the yearnings in their eyes and the way they looked at me, I could tell they had hopes and dreams of finding that life one day.

It was a life changing experience. So yes this topic today is very personal to me.

The Inspire Africa Benefit Concert. When I heard about the objective of this benefit concert, I was more than thrilled. Because they said the benefit concert was to raise money for STREET CHILDREN. To build a home for them, send them to school etc. Oh I was thrilled, especially when I found out the people behind it. Mrs Mo Abudu of Moments with Mo, in conjunction with the Lagos State Govt. The concert held January this year and I remember calling on people to support it, and give whatever they could ‘cos these children really need help.

The event came and went and in all honesty I’ve been waiting to hear or read something about the outcome. Finally I did read something, written by one of the many female editors I hold in high regard, Remmy Diagbare, a senior editor at Vanguard Newspaper. I read it and I was sad. I am going to reproduce what was written here.

Let me state here that this is not written to tarnish Mo Abudu’s name. In fact I have the utmost respect for her and she’s one of the many women in Nigeria who inspire me. So that’s not the intention here. I just want people to be aware and hopefully get a reaction. It’s all for the street children.

Editor’s letter. As written by Remi Diagbare in the August 9 issue of Allure pull out from the Vanguard newspaper.

''Last week, a Sunday newspaper reported that Mo Abudu was refusing to collaborate with the Lagos State Govt on the project to build homes for street children. The Inspire Africa concert which was used to raise funds for the project took place early this year and till date not much had been heard until the Sunday paper’s lead on the purported dispute.

It would appear that Ms Mo kept the figure that was raised close to her chest and is not prepared to disclose the sum. Neither, it would appear, is she prepared to work any longer with the Lagos State Govt on the road to Eldorado.

This is an ugly development as she rode on the understanding that the project was in conjunction with the Fashola-led govt. It was this position that brought about Fashola’s massive endorsement for the concert, which no doubt helped in raising the sum in dispute.

Tongues had been wagging before now as the silence, months after the event, was deafening. It was becoming obvious that something ominous was going on. First, the non-disclosure of the amount raised, surely raises not a few eyebrows. Then, as the silence stretched, so did tongues begin to wag.

All manner of wags had been postulated, none of which I am pretty sure is correct. However unless, and only when, Ms Mo comes out to give the true picture, will they cease to build momentum.

Perhaps, Mo has been cushioned from the spin wag; hence her tacit turn down of opportunities to discuss this matter with anybody, least of all the press. I am told she sniffed at the idea saying that the press was prying into what she terms private matters. Mo errs on this, if that was her actual response because there’s nothing private about collecting public funds under whatever guise and keeping mum about it.

Transparency should be uppermost and this would have been obvious if a few weeks after the concert, she held a press conference to announce how much was raised; exactly what it was meant for; a schedule of when the project would commence and how long it would take to complete it. But Mo did nothing of such. All we heard was silence.

This has given rise to stories like 400 million naira was raised at the event and she was keeping half of it to keep her programme on air.

We doubt this. But such stories and even worse will continue to weave itself around the project unless Mo comes out to clear her name.

We need to show that charity is credible; otherwise no one will reach out and touch somebody’s hands again. How do we make this world a better place if we cannot trust the person holding up the plate?

Allure is involved in charity; indeed, we have the Charity Runway project being organised in conjunction with some celebrities. Disputes like the Inspire Africa case, casts a bad spell on efforts put in to help others. And so we implore Mo to break her silence."


The end


I do have an opinion about this Inspire Africa Benefit Concert issue, but not to sound prejudiced, I won’t say much about it, mostly because this is just one side of the story. I’m sure there’s another side to all this. Ms Mo’s side. I’ll find it.

After reading Ms Remmy’s article, what do you think? You guys have the liberty to voice your opinions...but please keep insults out of it.

Also I wanted to add, shouldn’t there be like a body that regulates charity organisations and events in Nigeria? You know the way you need authorization from NBC before setting up a TV house; can’t there be an organisation like that where people must get permission before putting up charity events? And also work hand in hand with this regulatory body to ensure that money realised from charity is really used for charity.

What do you guys think?

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Nigeria ban TV at work

The head of Nigeria's civil service, Steve Oronsaye, has banned televisions from public offices from the end of this week as they distract workers.

His spokesman said that Mr Oronsaye had observed that they "contributed to lowering productivity".

Correspondents say it is not uncommon to see people watching soaps and Nigerian "Nollywood" films at work.
Ministers' offices and areas that needed televisions for media reports will not be affected by the ban.

According to Nigeria's Daily Trust newspaper, subscriptions to satellite television stations will also be cut.

"The attendant subscription cost of cable television networks has become a drain on the recurrent expenditure in public offices without commensurate benefit", the paper quoted the statement as saying.
LOL. The things we make priority in this country.
Any thoughts on this?

Moving on...
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has arrived in Nigeria on the fifth leg of her seven-nation tour of Africa.
During her 36-hour visit, Mrs Clinton will meet her Nigerian counterpart, Ojo Maduekwe, and later hold talks with President Umaru Yar'Adua.
Analysts say she will take a tough line on corruption and electoral reform.

Will keep you posted...

Finally...our hearts go out to the many who lost their homes and loved ones to Typhoon Morakot, which swept across to the mainland from Taiwan where the typhoon caused the worst flooding in 50 years. My God, did you guys watch it on CNN and Sky news? Couldn't believe what was happening to those people. Even a rescue helicopter crashed. God help them.

Typhoons regularly hit China, Taiwan, the Philippines and Japan in the second half of the year, gathering strength from the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean or South China Sea before weakening over land. Most casualties tend to be in mountainous regions prone to landslides and flash floods.
Really sad!

Will bring you entertainment news next...

Behind the scene pictures from Darey's new video - Let you know

Darey Art Alade has released yet another video from his second album ‘Un.DAREY.ted
The video titled ‘Let you know’ was released on Friday August 7, 2009.

The video which features rising talent ‘Pheel’ was shot in Cape Town, South Africa by Mark and Gwydion, the same directing duo responsible for Darey’s previous videos ‘Not the Girl’, ‘More’ and ‘No stars’.

The video plays out a funky and fun concept. Darey and Pheel acting like close friends approach a female dancer who is on a set of a video shoot. Their attitude is boisterous and fun and their interaction with the girl is filled with flirtatious energy. The look is styled, abstract and slightly theatrical.

The song is track 9 on Darey’s second album ‘Un.DAREY.ted

Check out the pictures...

To check out the new video, please visit- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-N-W0qqFZs

To check out all Darey’s videos online, please visit www.youtube.com/dareyonline

For further details and interview requests contact ayeni@ayenithegreat.org nike@ayenithegreat.org or call 018102840

Harambe holds 2nd conference to encourage Farming amongst the youth.

On the 28th of August 2009, Harambe Nigeria , will be holding its second annual conference on youth development, themed ‘Planting the seeds for tomorrow’. The conference will hold the Shell Hall of the Muson Centre. Harambe Nigeria is the country’s arm of the global Harambe Endeavor Alliance, with a mission to revolutionize the way Nigerian youth engage with the agricultural sector by nurturing them into agri‐entrepreneurs and leaders.

Omotola Synmonu, President, Harambe Nigeria with a reporter.

The global Harambe project is an alliance of African students attending world-class universities, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Stanford, Oxford , Cambridge and the London School of Economics.

The conference is held with support and partnerships with the Songhai Institute, LEAP Africa, The Future Project, Nigeria, and the Obafemi Awolowo University – will be followed by a fund raising dinner that same day; targeted at selected attendants from the conference, a handful of upwardly mobile young people, celebrities, corporate executives and government.

Reps from nigerdelta

Students from OAU
The symposium on youth and development aims for an intellectual gathering of representatives from relevant agricultural institutions and, aims to build Nigeria’s first online Agricultural network for youth that will represent the multifaceted nature of agriculture and the un‐harnessed potential available within the field and to actively transform the negative image surrounding agriculture into a positive image that is appealing to Nigerian youth.

According to the organisation’s chief executive, Tola Sunmonu, “Our careful selection of individuals will represent the vast array of opportunities available in agriculture including agricultural policy, agri business, and farming techniques. A significant portion of the youth in attendance will be from agricultural universities around Nigeria . We will select students from each of the following universities: University of Agriculture ( Abeokuta ), University of Agriculture (Abia), University of Agriculture (Makurdi), Ahmadu Bello University , Obafemi Awolowo University , University of Lagos and Delta State University .”

The older panel

The youth panel

The symposium will culminate in a networking banquet dinner open to selected conference attendants. The banquet dinner will be the channel for a transfer of information amongst all Agricultural parties, particularly amongst different generations, that will be sustained via the project website.

Tola with Dr Sola Aliyu

Also, the first 20 young persons with bright agricultural ideas who send application to mailto:hharambenigeria@yahoo.com, will get a chance to exhibit their plans and speak to stakeholders in the industry at the Garden of opportunities for possible investment.

Tola Sunmonu and Gbenga Sesan

The success of the conference was evident in the large crowd that overfilled the capacity of its Terra Kulture hall, attracting guests from across Nigeria as well as the extensive media attention including from the BBC. That first conference set up the path to launch the Harambe Incubator for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural development [HISARD], which is currently operating at Obafemi Awolowo University in Ife . 10 carefully selected fellows from the agricultural department receive the training and skills to enable them create innovative and sustainable solutions to agricultural problems facing the local Ife community as well as transform the image of agriculture amongst their peers and the next generation of agrileaders.

Sunday 9 August 2009

Save Caroline Johnson

I am going to stay on Caroline's case on this blog for a while...until I know help has come. I got a mail from her husband and I thought you all should read it. Plus more info on how Caroline is currently doing and how you can contribute financially...

Hi Linda,

I am Tony Johnson: (Caroline Johnson’s Husband). I have been through your blog and comments and I am so happy that you guys have us in prayers.

I thought of dropping a quick update on carols health. She is in serious pains and the leukemia cell have infiltrated into the CNS (central nervous system) and finding sanctuary in the brains. So she has been having terrible headaches with little loss in hearing and she can’t sit uprightly.

I wish that every one who reads this would help with at least N10, 000 and in a short while we will hit the target to quickly evacuate her from Nigeria to India please do not look at the huge amount as that will scare u, just as little as u have will go a long way.

I honestly hope that by midweek we can consider to fly her out if we can raise about 50% of the total cost.

A lot of people want to know how to get money to me from UK and USA. Please kindly feel free to call me on 08023139587 and email me on tonyjohnson@savecarolinejohnson.com.

I am currently arranging for an easier and faster way to receiving your support from abroad. But if you mail me I will tell you how to go about it.

For the Nigerian account no. we have set aside a GT BANK account a trust account under our church 'save Caroline Johnson' as the account name and the account no. is 206179570-110. The church's name is 'The Potter's House Christian fellowship church. (please see letter)

For more clarity please call me.I sincerely hope that you all get to read this.
Tony johnson.

This woman deserves to live. Please let's give her another chance. Just N10, 000, that's all she's asking...please, please.

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