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Saturday 29 May 2010

Malawi President Pardons Gay Couple

Malawi’s president, Bingu wa Mutharika, on Saturday pardoned a gay couple who had been sentenced to 14 years in prison after their conviction on charges of unnatural acts and gross indecency.

Their sentence, the maximum penalty allowed, was a consequence of the couple’s holding a traditional engagement ceremony in an insular nation where homosexuality is largely seen as nonexistent or something that must be suppressed.

The case had drawn international attention as another example of the broad antigay sentiment in Africa and was condemned by human rights groups worldwide.

“These boys committed a crime against our culture, our religion and our laws; however, as the head of state I hereby pardon them and therefore ask for their immediate release with no conditions,” Mr. wa Mutharika said after meeting with the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, here in Malawi’s capital. “I have done this on humanitarian grounds but this does not mean that I support this,” he added

Source: The New York Times

Big Brother Africa 2009 Housemates in Nigeria

Kevin and his dad...

Naeto C quote...

"While I was away, Ikechukwu joined Mo'Hits. Obviously you can expect me to be disappointed but I don't feel betrayed. It happened while I was away in school and to be honest, all I could do was to wish him the best. I couldn't say, oh no, you should stay with Storm Records, I didn't really know the reason why he left. But the Mo'Hits people are my friends as well. Obviously as he joined Mo'Hits, running WFA (World Famous Academy) was no longer a combined effort. It was just like a solo effort for me. WFA can't be dead because it was something that was created by Ikechukwu, and it is now a brand that needs patience. But the way I look at it, I am not with Mo'Hits, I am with Storm Records, so it is not going to work that way." Naeto C tells City People Magazine

Suspected Sabotage Derails Train In India; 90 Dead

Railway authorities canceled all night trains in an eastern Indian state on Saturday after a passenger express train derailed and was hit by a cargo train, killing at least 90 people and injuring hundreds. The government accused Maoist rebels of sabotaging the tracks.

Railway workers and paramilitary soldiers used cranes to lift and pry apart train cars to search for more bodies from the Jnaneswari Express, which was heading from Calcutta to suburban Mumbai when it derailed early Friday.

By The Associated Press

Tunde of Styl Plus marries

Tunde Akinsanmi, a member of the popular RnB group Styl Plus is married. He got married to the love of his life, Joke Ige, on May 22nd 2010 at St James Catholic Church, Ijan, Ekiti State. The newly married couple met in Feb 2009.

Joke Ige works with NTA Abuja as a producer and is a Theatre Arts graduate graduate of the University of Ilorin, Kwara State.

Wishing them a happy married life!

Styl Plus

Friday 28 May 2010

D'banj with Chaka Chaka

He's currently in South Africa for the Africa Day concert. He's pictured here with legendary singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka.

My only question is: What's with the lip gloss? Abi is it lipstick? :-)

The Fabulous Mrs Nuttal

Gary Coleman passes away...

Different Strokes actor, Gary Coleman has passed away. He died this afternoon May 28th as the result of injuries he suffered earlier this week at his home. He died of a intracranial hemorrhage.

He had slipped into a coma and was initially put on life support. After being taken off the life support, he passed away hours later.

Gary was only 42-years-old.

Segun Odegbami re-marries

Ex-football legend, Segun Odegbami has remarried. He married Ondo born Adedamola Elizabeth Adeyemi after his first marriage crashed over twenty years ago.***
Pics thanks questionmarkmag.com

Usain Bolt fails to break Michael Johnson's world record

It was his dream to break the record. He already holds the world records at both 100m and 200m, but the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, narrowly failed to break Michael Johnson's world best in the rarely run 300m event that took place in Ostrava yesterday Thursday May 27th.

He clocked 30.97 to finish 0.12 seconds outside the global mark set by Michael Johnson in 2000.

Aww...better luck next time.

2 yr old Indonesia boy addicted to cigarettes

  I'm hoping this is photoshop, but apparently a 2 year old boy from Indonesia is addicted to cigarettes. Ardi Rizal, who lives in the fishing village of Musi Banyuasin, in Indonesia's South Sumatra, was given his first cigarette by his dad at just 18 month old. He smokes two packs of cigarette a day.

His mum, Diana, understands her son has a problem. She said: "He's totally addicted. If he doesn't get cigarettes, he gets angry and screams and batters his head against the wall. He tells me he feels dizzy and sick."

But Ardi's father, Mohammad Rizal, is unfazed by his son's smoking habit.
"I'm not worried about his health, he looks healthy. He cries and throws tantrums when we don't let him smoke. He's addicted," he was quoted as saying.


WTF? Seriously the parents of this boy need to be arrested. This should be illegal....

'No more local shows for me' - Zizi Cardow

"No more local shows for me because it is stressful and at the end of the day, people would copy your styles. Internationally, my label is doing okay, and its been recognized by international magazines. I now have a buyer and a marketer in the USA who markets my stuff. It's more profitable to do business over there than in Nigeria." - Zizi Cardow tells Encomium magazine..

Spotted: Stephanie Okereke re-rocking.

Actress Stephanie Okereke has been photographed wearing the same dress three times now. 
On the left of the above picture is Stephanie at the Guinness 250 party in September 2009. On the right is Stephanie at the Future Awards event that held in January 2009.

And here she is again in May 2010 at the Cannes Film Festival in France wearing the same dress.
Oh, loves it!
She's officially my role model now...lol.

 Meanwhile the very hard working actress was at the Cannes Film Festival for the screening of her movie - Through The Glass. The screening was made possible through the partnership between her company Next Page Productions and ID Communication, Canada.

The movie was screened to a very diverse audience on Monday May 17th, giving a very international promotion to the ever growing Nollywood industry.

Great stuff!!!

50 Cent's new look

Rapper, 50 Cent recently lost 54 pounds to gear up for his next film “Things Fall Apart”. He will play the role of a football player who is diagnosed with cancer.

He brought his weight down to 160 pounds from his original 214 by going on a liquid diet and walking three hours a day on the treadmill for nine weeks. 

The 50 cent we all know.
Totally love that he is so dedicated to his role...just hope loosing so much weight is not dangerous to his health...

Tuface Idibia's Unstoppable album is sold for N1, 000

In case you didn't know, Tuface Idibia's latest album, Unstoppable, is being sold for N1, 000.

And some people aren't happy about it.

They even went as far as opening a facebook account called - Nigerians say NO to Tuface Idibia selling his album for N1, 000...

What they wrote - This Group was created to make an awareness, concerning the outrageous decision by a popular artist in Nigeria called 2face selling his latest Album for 1000 Naira, considering the hardship in Nigeria, and knowing full well an average Nigerian cannot afford to buy it, what becomes of them?

What becomes of people who can't afford to buy Tuface's album for 1, 000? lol ..what a question! Nothing will become of them...is it by force? :-)
But anyway, what do you guys think? Is N1, 000 too pricey for an album?

Thursday 27 May 2010

Photo of the day

Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! Bad ass chicks. Our Naija actresses representing.
In this pic - Genevieve Nnaji, Kate Henshaw Nuttal, Ini Edo and Rita Dominic, in the May Issue of Genevieve Magazine.

Pic thanks to - questionmarkmag.com

Pictures from the UK premiere of 'The Tenant'

The event held on Friday, 21, May, 2010 at the Odeon Cinema, Greenwich, London. It was hosted by DJAMEDIA.
Pics thanks to DJ Abass

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