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Friday 15 January 2010

Joseph Yobo and Adaeze Igwe's wedding pictures

I told you all I will find it and I have. Don't ask me how I do it ..trade secret... *wink wink*
They gave an interview to Encomium Weekly but I will bring that to you guys later...gotta step out now.
Enjoy the pics for now...and yes they are expecting...

Congrats to them...

Baby born with her heart outside her chest

Ashleigh Louw has been born with her heart outside her chest. The baby is being treated for the rare condition after being born in South Africa. Doctors say the child's ribcage failed to develop properly in the womb, leaving her heart covered by just a thin layer of skin.Ashleigh's mother Anastacia Louw, 30, said the condition was only noticeable once the child was born.

The couple live in the Eldorado Park area of Johannesburg. Specialists at the Chris Hani-Baragwanath Hospital, where Ashleigh was born, have identified the rare condition as 'pentalogy of Fallot ectopia cordis'.Doctor Lynda Bleazard said: "I have never seen a case like this before. As there are no bones to hold the heart in place, it is a dual problem to deal with. The doctors are still busy assessing the child."

Poor baby!

What is racist about avatar?

What's all the hoopla about the movie Avatar being racist? What is racist about it?

"Avatar" is being criticized by some people who allege it contains racist themes — the white hero once again saving the primitive natives.

Since the film opened to widespread critical acclaim over three weeks ago, hundreds of blog posts, newspaper articles, tweets and YouTube videos have said things such as the film is "a fantasy about race told from the point of view of white people" and that it reinforces "the white Messiah fable."

The film's writer and director, James Cameron, says the real theme is about respecting others' differences.

Also the Vatican has spoken out against the film for 'attempting to lead the flock away from God with his “Nature Worship”'. It criticized Avatar for flirting with modern doctrines that promote the worship of nature as a substitute for religion.

I see!
What's your take on this? Is Avatar racist? And did it 'attempt' to lead the flock away from God? Like anything can do that...abegi. It's a work of fiction...Get over it!

Donate to Haiti

Haiti Needs Your Help!

By now, we have all seen what is going on in Haiti; if you can donate $5 it can go a long way towards helping the people there.

Please visit Wyclef Jean's charity organization at www.yele.org or to donate your $5 please text the word “yele” to 501501.

God bless.

Oluchi to release 03 Pro Fitness Video

Supermodel OLUCHI to Release 03 Pro Fitness VCD/DVD across Nigeria/Africa January 19th 2010

Are you a new or stay-at-home mother? Do you work full-time? Are you a full-time student? Would you like to get back in shape but think you don’t have the time? O3ProFitness provides the answer to the excuses.
Oluchi Onweagba takes another bold step toward total beauty and enters the world of fitness. Recognizing that strength and beauty come from within, Oluchi with the help of her trainer Rafael Ulloa, bring personal training based fitness within reach. Having worked to prepare Oluchi for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, Rafael knows how to create workouts that bring the best results. With O3Profitness, Oluchi has found a way to bring this highly sought-after trainer to everyone’s living room. The result of their collaboration is a fitness video that is fun and challenging without specialized gym equipment.

While keeping total health as the focus, the video challenges consumers to change their bodies for life. O3 contains a full length 45 minute total body workout as well as a 10 minute workout for those with very compressed schedules.

The inspiration for the video has been with Oluchi since she first moved to the United States.

“I remember living in the model apartment at an early age and we had Cindy Crawford workout video in the apartment that we all had to exercise to. Exercising helps maintain the balance between my mind and my body. It keeps my mind clear and focused…as individuals, we’re our own little gods and our body’s our temple. With daily and frequent exercise we build our temple. We can start building our temple by exercising to stay fit, strong and healthy. Now, [women] can have their own trainer at home by watching the video and learning how to work-out so they can stay in shape” – Oluchi

VCD/DVD is marketed by Happy Boys entertainment: 0806 006 5688

New Airport Attire...Go get yours!

Beat the stress of security at the airport, go to the airport this way...so other countries will know that Nigeria is not a terrorist Nation. :-)

Also, it eliminates getting to the airport 2 hours early...but you still have to take off your shoes. :-)

Wednesday 13 January 2010

Earthquake hits Haiti

The biggest quake to hit the country in 200 years leaves a grim scene of bodies and crushed buildings - following a major earthquake on January 13, 2010 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. A 7.0 earthquake rocked Haiti today, followed by at least a dozen aftershocks, causing widespread devastation in the capital of Port-au-Prince. According to the The Red Cross, upto three million people have been affected and thousands are feared dead. (Population of the country is a little over 9 million)

Some pictures from the devastation that has left hundreds of thousands homeless...

Even the presidential palace was also brought down.

Our hearts go out to the people of Haiti. May God give you the strength to overcome this.
Such a sad thing to happen. RIP to all the dead!

Question of the day

Who will return home first?
Yar'Adua or the Super Eagles?

Let's know what you think.
Naija for life!

Photo of the day

Tuface Idibia with his daughter (with Annie Macauley), Isabel Ene Idibia
Awwww, too cute!

Save Nigeria Rally Pictures

The Save Nigeria Group (SNG) rally held yesterday Tuesday 12th in Abuja. The rally was led by Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka. The aim was to force the National Assembly to resolve the constitutional problem created by the disappearance of Nigeria's sickly president Umaru Yar'adua 49 days ago ostensibly for medical reasons.

Check out some pictures from the rally...

Monday 11 January 2010


There's a new totally FAB website in town. There you will see all the behind the scenes stuff, pic and info on Nollywood. The site was started on the the 1st of January this year and y'all need to shekirout...  http://www.nollywooduncut.com/

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