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Saturday 10 October 2009

Style Night 5 - Oct 24th - Jade Palace

Ok, so finally we are ready to go. Our annual fashion show 'Style Night' is here again. It's a night of fashion, modeling, music, comedy and dance.

Style Night 5 details
Featuring - Top designers, models, music, dance and comedy stars.
Date - Saturday October 24th 2009
Venue - Jade Palace, Adeola Odeku Str., Victoria Island, Lagos
Time - 5pm (Red Carpet by Spice TV and Soundcity)
After Party - Volar Bar - Adeola Odeku Str., VI (Sponsored by Hennessy)
Gate Fee - N3, 000 only.

Lots of gift items to take away (All sponsors are bringing goodie bags) 
+ cocktail and drinks.

Style Night 5 is sponsored by
*Prestige Cosmetics (Makers of Active Man and Woman moisturizing cream)
*Multisheen Cosmetics
*Cybele Cosmetics
* Lacasera Drinks

And a few others yet to confirm...*Smile*

Style Night 5 is definitely the place to be.
If you are a reader of this blog and you want to come for this event...send me an email...I'll send you an invite. (Only the first 20 mails...so hurry!...lol)

Any print, electronic or online media that wants to come cover this event should please contact our media officer, Santiago - 07032327450. If you want to be one of our sponsors or participate in any capacity, call me - 016635848.

And please please help me spread Style Night 5 event around... on your blogs, radio stations, TV programmes, newspapers, weekly magazines, facebook and any other media available to you. It's just two weeks away...so pls help!

By the way, that's me in the poster, in a dress made by extremely talented designer, Yemi Osunkoya of Kosibah Creations. Oh how I miss the runway...*sigh*

Friday 9 October 2009

World's most annoying word.

According to a recent poll, "Whatever" is the world's most annoying word.

Yeah, that word is very annoying. Everytime I use it, I get seriously cautioned :-)

But I'm thinking there's another word more annoying than whatever in Naija...you know what it is?

Introducing Africa's Tallest Model, Xabuisa Salem

Xabuisa is one of my all time favourite models. He's the kind of guy you feel extremely comfortable hanging with. He's respectful, honest, dependable and very jovial. Everyone loves Xa as he's fondly called.  

The 25 year old top model and probably Africa's Tallest model, (standing at 6 '7'),  started modeling six years ago and has represented several brands including the very popular Etisalat TV commercial featuring Banky W. Xa was the guy who jumped high and shot the ball into the basket.

The very good looking Theatre Arts graduate of Lagos State University, who loves to be in front of the camera, has also modeled for a lot of Naija's top designers.

Xa is from Delta State. Check him out in pictures...

Xabuisa at Style Night 4

He's delcicious huh? :-)
Xabuisa also owns an Events and Security Outfit, X.A Events & Security Service with office in Lagos. So if you need security personel at your function, do contact him. Xabuisa's contact details: Tel: 08028822355, 080063762477, 07027954183. Email: darksailor007@yahoo.com.

Oh by the way ladies, Xa is very much single...*Wink*

World's New Tallest Man

The world's new tallest man is Sultan Kosen of Turkey. The 26-year-old is 2 metres 46.5 cm (8 feet 1 inch) tall, also claiming the record for the largest hands and feet. Kosen was in New York recently to promote the Guinness book of World Records.


P-Square Apologises to fans about Guinness 250 Concert

P-Square has officially apologised to their fans concerning their actions on the night of the Guinness 250 Anniversary concert at the Oceanview Restaurant, V/I...

“Our actions were in the heat of the moment and we say sorry to all our fans who expressed their disappointment in one way or the other. What happened was as a result of breakdown in communication between us and the organisers.

The relationship between us, 2face and Guinness remain strong and we all look forward to continuing to work together in the future to provide music lovers and Guinness fans with great experiences.”

Guinness on their part through their brand manager, Ohimai Atafo, also responded in like manner.

“We have no problems with P-Square; we totally understand their actions and look forward to future collaborations with them.” *

Source: Encomium Magazine.

Good thing to do....

Thursday 8 October 2009

The first picture of Jennifer Hudson's Newborn son

Here's the first picture of Jennifer Hudson and newborn son David Jnr. So adorable.

Source: People Magazine

2009 Miss Earth Nigeria dethroned

Nkesi Gift Okandu was crowned Miss Earth Nigeria on September 12th 2009. But on Sept 28, she was dethroned and the 1st runner up crowned. When contacted, the organiser of the pageant Ms Ibinabo Fiberesima had this to say about why the new queen was dethroned so quickly...

"The girl does not have a passport, and I had a deadline to submit my delegate from Nigeria. The first runner up then submitted her own passport details and I submitted hers to meet my dead line. I then offered the girl that won to go to Miss Globe in Albania. She agreed because that's what we have on our contract. The next day I started getting threatening calls from her family that I have no right to substitute the winner. I tried to explain why I didn't have a choice, but the more I explained, the more threats I got saying, I don't love my life and I should remember I have children and this is Port Harcourt. They said they don't think I value my life. After all the threats, I had a meeting with my directors and we decided to dethrone her and make the 1st runner-up our queen". *

Source: Stella Dimoko-Korkus

Caroline Johnson's message to all

Caroline Johnson, the lady diagnosed with Leukaemia I featured on my blog many weeks back, is back in Nigeria after undergoing treatment in India. To everyone who helped...with money, with prayers and by spreading the news around, I say thank you on her behalf. Though still recuperating, Caroline found strength to write a letter to everyone. Read it below.*

Dear all,

This is Caroline Johnson and am happy to write this letter. Firstly, I would like to let you know that Jesus Christ really lives and I thank God for seeing me through.

I sympathize with those out there going through this because I have been there; I know what it is to be helpless, hopeless and sick. My prayer is that our good Lord will rise up on your case as he did with mine.

I am inspired and glad to write you all and with sincere appreciation deep down within me, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to every one who has been a part of my medical trip to India and above all your Prayers.

I arrived safely from India and I am in good health. Before I left as you must have read, I was diagnosed with LEUKEMIA (cancer of the blood) and with CENTRAL NERVOUS complication and breakdown to the point that I could no longer walk, loss of hearing and loss of vision and at a point I started having seizures. But today, no single LEUKEMIC CELL (cancer cell) can be found in me! PRAISE GOD!

Though I have scars and still on physiotherapy due to a foot drop, I know that my Lord will perfect that which He has started. I will be going back to India in a couple of months for further check up.

In as much as I would like to thank every one personally which I know may not be possible, you can reach me on my e-mail caroline@savecarolinejohnson.com and on my yahoo messenger cece_za@yahoo.com my face book Caroline Johnson. I will personally respond to every email I get to read.

Once again, thank you very much, the good lord will bless you, keep you, uplift you and continue to show you mercy.

Before I conclude, I thank God for giving me a second chance to be what He wants me to be, the mother to my wonderful children and wife to my ever supportive, loving and caring husband.

Thank you very much and God bless you all.

Caroline Johnson (a.k.a Uju Heavens Gate)

Here are some pictures of Caroline's journey

Caroline arriving India

At the hospital in India

Trying to walk

Treatment begins

Caroline with Neurologist

Receiving treatment

Getting better

Day of discharge

Caroline after discharge

Caroline with contact doctor and hubby, Tony Johnson

Arriving in Nigeria with Tony.*

Our God is GREAT, isn't He?

e get as e bi

You see this picture above? e get as e bi...

But you all know I'm not very good with English, so help me out. How do I say/write e get as e bi ...in English? What's it's translation in good, correct, queens English? And no it's not ...It has as it is...lol
So what's your answer?

Saudi Man Gets 5 Year Sentence, 1,000 Lashes for Sex Talk

A court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced a man, Jeddah resident Mazen Abdul Jawad  to five years in prison and 1,000 lashes for speaking openly about his sexual escapades on television. 

During an appearance on the talk show of a Lebanon-based television channel, LBC satellite TV network called "Bold Red Line" in July, the 32-year-old airline employee and divorced father of four described his first sexual experience at age 14 and the ways he approaches women on the street.

On the program, Abdul Jawad is also shown in his bedroom, where he holds sexual aids up to the camera. The episode ends with him cruising the streets of Jeddah in his car looking for women.

The episode caused an uproar in deeply conservative Saudi Arabia, where sharia, or Islamic law, is practiced. Pre-marital sex is illegal, and unrelated men and women are not permitted to mingle.

Saudi Arabian authorities shut down two of the Lebanese channel's offices in the kingdom and arrested Jawad shortly after the program aired on charges of "publicizing vice."

Speaking about promiscuous acts "is a violation of the sharia regulations on the one hand and against Saudi customs on the other," police spokesman Suleiman Al-Mutawae told Arab News, an English-language daily newspaper in Saudi Arabia.

Before Jawad's detention, Arab News reported that he initiated a damage-control campaign, apologized for his comments and was considering filing a complaint against the show's producers for presenting him "in the worst possible manner by taking two hours of footage and condensing it down to a minutes-long segment."

Source: VOA

I feel so sorry for him. Going to jail for speaking freely. Imagine if Linda Ikeji lived in Saudi...with the way I talk and write, I would have gone to prison ten times over. lol. We thank God say na omo Naija we be...:-)

But seriously speaking, what do you say to something like this?

Five ways to love your body

Serena Williams was one of the six atheletes that recently stripped down naked for the cover of ESPN magazine’s upcoming “Body Issue”. This lady obviously loves her body and isn't shy to show off her muscular physique.

Serena has the kind of body some women won't be proud to embrace. But she loves herself well enough to embrace hers. Here are five reason why showing yourself some love will make a difference:

1. Laugh out Loud. This isn't just an Internet acronym spelled out. It's an action that will do your body some good. Don't be afraid to show the world your smile. It's contagious.

2. Have safe sex. Loving our bodies is about keeping them healthy and free from diseases. And besides, there's nothing like getting a two for one on Love Your Body Day.

3. Spend time with your family. Whether it's a pet or partner, your spouse or a sibling, quality time is a must-have in nurturing relationships which in turn nurture and love your body.

4. Listen to positive music. Developing a theme song can do wonders for your body esteem and your overall outlook.

5. Develop a creative outlet. Everyone needs a medium to express daily stress and frustrations constructively. Maybe you're a photographer, writer, poet or all three. Maybe you can knit, make shapes out of clay or finger paint. Loving your body is also about loving your mind.

N.B. To treat your body with respect. Give yourself a break from women's magazines and the mass media. Try a new physical activity just for fun, not to lose weight. Stop weighing yourself, and change your goal from weight loss to improving your health.

Source: nowfoundation.com

Darey at Guinness 250

Pictures of Darey at the Guinness 250 Years Gala dinner for the delegates. It held on Wednessday September 26, 2009 at Ocean View...

Wednesday 7 October 2009

Man weds four women same day

A South African man married four women at the same time on Saturday 26th Sept 2009. Milton Mbhele, 44, a municipal manager in Indaka, showed up for his wedding in Weenen, near Ladysmith, in a white limousine, with four brides.

The women in white gowns each received rings and a kiss from the groom at a ceremony attended by hundreds of people. The brides, aged between 22 and 35,  took their vows together, answering "we do" when asked if they take Mr Mbele as their husband.

Mbhele, who has seven children with his four brides and three from previous relationships, cited his Zulu "culture" and economic reasons for the unusual wedding.

South African law recognises traditional polygamous marriages, even President Jacob Zuma has three wives. Yet while polygamy remains common among several tribes including the Zulus and Swazis, simultaneous weddings are rare.*

Can you guys believe this?

Chidi Mokeme on why he started his Sex Toy business

If you haven't heard this before, then hear it now. Sexy actor, Chidi Mokeme, sells Sex Toys. Sounds delicious huh?..lol. This is what he had to say about his new venture.

Chidi Mokeme "When people hear sex toys, because we have preconceived idea of what sex toys are all about, there is a tendendy to immediately put a fence. In the bedroom, there is a campaign for the use of condoms and protected sex. People try not to use it because of all sorts of excuses. Some say they don't get their feelings; it takes away the sensation, and some say it is soft and hard. What sex toys do is to bring together varieties that can help you play safe in the bedroom. It is up to you to select what works for you. Aside that, couples are allowed to enjoy within the confines of their bedroom. Sex toys help you bring creativity into the bedroom. It is actually promoting couples who are legally together, more that ones who are not. So I will advise couples to introduce sex toys into their bedroom to help step up the excitement. Products range from the smallest to whatever. From a simple condom of N50 to toys that go for thousands of naira."

Sex toys huh?. You feeling that?

Tuesday 6 October 2009

Sound Sultan Marries

Good looking musician, Lanre Fasasi, popularly known as Sound Sultan, has married his  heavily pregnant longtime girlfriend, Chichi Farida. The lowly publicized traditional wedding took place on Thursday Oct 1st 2009 at the bride's family home. Chichi, a final year student of Industrial Relations at the Lagos State University is from Anambra State while Lanre is from Ogun State. They were together for six years before deciding to tie the knot. *
Wishing them the very best.

Nigga Raw set to wed

Abia State born talented musician, Okechukwu Ndukwe, popularly known as Dat Nigga Raw will tie the knot with his girlfriend of three years, Ewere Ekun, on Oct 17th 2009 in Delta State. Ewere is a graduate of Public Administration from the University of Calabar. *
Wishing them the very best.

Active Man and Woman

I'm sure you all know I own a modeling agency? A striving one at that. In fact that's the only part of my business that's keeping me afloat in this harsh economic times...My clothing line hasn't picked up much, but I'm talking with experts in that field to help me with it (You will see my new collection in a few weeks), the mag is in hiatus because we are revamping...with new partners..., event management doesn't come that often, at least not the type I'm interested in..., but there's something else I do that keeps me very busy that I don't talk much about. It's not illegal or anything like that o...it's just not supposed to be part of my job spec, but I've gathered experience over the years.

I have some clients who have more faith in me than just providing models to represent their products. What I do for them is provide the model, come up with a concept, shoot the job, direct and design it. Then give them the final product. If they like it...they pay me. If they don't like it...well they still pay me...lol. But so far no complaint. :-)
I do mostly calendars and press ads.

My latest work is Active Man and Active Woman Moisturising cream with Vitamin E. It's a new product that hasn't been launched yet.

I did everything...concept, models, make-up, directing, design etc etc...you like?
Err, biko bia, if you don't have anything good to say, pls, ejo move to the next post...biko. Don't abuse my work o...or at least abuse small...lol

Anyway, the reason I'm promoting this particular product on my blog is because Active Man and Woman is one of the sponsors of Style Night 5, our annual fashion show. This product will be officially launched at our show. Style Night 5 will take place end of this month or early November, just waiting for my event managers to confirm a venue. This years event will definitely be bigger and better...and yes we are still looking for more sponsors (016635848). Will bring more details about Style Night5 in a few days.

To other things...You can see the changes to my blog...when the template was changed to a three column template, I lost all the widgets and info on the old one...so please if you gave me an advert before, resend it. And despite the fact that I've monetised my blog (Had to succumb to pressure...besides a few extra dollars won't hurt...:-)), I'm still giving free ads...and there's plenty space for ads. So feel free to send your ads to my email.. lindaikeji@gmail.com. I don't need much words, just an image, product description and contact. *

Ok, I'm out, catch you guys later...Mwah!!!

Monday 5 October 2009

Rihanna and Naomi in Paris

Rihanna at the Paris Fashion week.
Check out some of the clothes she wore all over Paris.

In a braless see-through dress

Is this a call for help you think?

Naomi Campbell in Paris
Naomi Campbell strutted her stuff on the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week.The supermodel looked uber-glamorous on the runway when she made a surprise guest appearance during Russian designer Igor Chapurin’s show. The 39-year-old easily stole the show from her younger rivals.
Catwalk queen: Naomi Campbell struts her stuff at Russian designer Igor Chapurin's show during Paris Fashion Week on Saturday
Catwalk queen: Naomi Campbell struts her stuff at Russian designer Igor Chapurin's show during Paris Fashion Week on Saturday
Racy: The 39-year-old showed off her toned frame in a transparent corset, with a tiny cream skirt
Party time: Naomi leaves The Dorchester hotel in Park Lane to attend Simon Cowell's birthday party in a dazzling silver dress split to the thigh
Naomi at Simon Cowell's 50th birthday in London over the weekend.
May I look like this at 39...amen. :-)
Later my people.

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