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Friday 12 June 2009

The Artist

There was this girl who was very sick. So sick she couldn’t stand or walk, all she could do was lie in bed and depend on others to take her from one minute to the other. After many months of care, the girl’s doctor told her family that there was nothing else he could do. She had a terminal illness that would eventually kill her. The best the family could do, the doctor advised, was to make her last days on earth as good as possible.

The family was so sad, she was a lovely and friendly girl who loved life... how could this happen to her they all cried...

Every day friends and neighbours of the sick girl came to visit. And they all always left her room crying. Everyone was sad.

And every day, each member of her family took turns in keeping vigil over her; they wanted to be with her when she took her last breath.

One day the sick girl had a visitor, it was her friend, who was an artist, who lived downstairs. He held her hands and listened to her speak. The sick girl pointed at a tree growing on the wall outside her window and she told him that every time a leaf fell, she became worse. She said when the last leaf fell that’s when she’ll die. The same story she told everyone that came to visit her.

The following day, the artist went to the tree, he picked a leaf and started painting on it. He painted in the morning, he painted at night. He painted when it was cold; he painted when it was hot. He painted in the rain, he painted in the sun. He painted through seasons, he painted tirelessly. He kept painting until there was nothing left to paint. And then he painted some more.

Many months passed and the sick girl didn’t die, instead she got better. Soon she was bouncing off her bed and playing once more. Everyone was happy and they all called her recovery a miracle.

It was a miracle indeed! You see, every leaf on that tree fell except the one the artist painted on. That leaf never fell, no wind was strong enough to fall it. So the girl lived!

The artist is that person who never gives up on you even when you give up on yourself.
He sees the best in you even when you see nothing at all
He loves you even when you don't love yourself.

The artist is that person who will make you see the truth when you are surrounded by lies and will stand by you through everything. He's your strenght when you're weak, your voice when you can't speak, your eyes when you can't see. He'll never let you fall no matter how hard it is to hold you up. And everytime you loose your faith, he will give it back to you.

The artist prays for you...before he prays for himself.

We all have family and friends but how many of us can truly say we have 'the artist' in our lives? Does 'the artist' even exist some of you will wonder. He does. Just look around you...He could your mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife, child, friend, lover...he could be anyone! Really look around you.

When you find 'the artist', you will find another reason for living.
I've found mine, hope you find yours

Thursday 11 June 2009

Introducing: Temilola Balogun of Vali Vazion and Toy Inc

Temilola Balogun is an up and coming Photographer/Designer (Tee-Shirts). Her photography studio is called Vali Vazion
Check out some of her work...

Now check out the tees Temilola and her fellow designer Kitoye have come up with for the summer under their Toy Inc Label.

Ibukun Jegede

You can check out more stuff on their website here...http://www.toyincworld.com/

Afribank sacks 500 + The Okoye boys in Atlanta

Afribank sacks 500
Calls it transformation strategy - Tiki Myvynn Chukwurah (Encomium mag)

As part of it's transformation strategy, Afribank Plc, has reduced it's workforce by at least 500.
Some of the affected workers at various branches of the bank were given severence letters on Thursday May 28th 2009. But the bank in a statement on Thursday May 28th, said the exercise was to achieve optimum effiency, adding that thge management had provided an exit window for the staff to retire voluntarily from the organisation. The statement said both middle and lower cadre staff had decided to take advantage of the exit opportunities provided by the financial house. According to the statement, the exercise is expected to right size the staff structure and prive optimum efficiency for the bank.

The Okoye boys in ATL

P-Square with Akon

Peter getting a tatoo

gen gen ;) tapping body.


Centage Superstar

Centage Savings and Loans Limited (Mortgage Bankers) in partnership with KENNISMUSIC presents...Centage Superstar. A musical talent show!

Prices to be won include:
The Official unveiling and more info is billed for tomorrow Friday June 12, 2009 @ The Civic Centre,V.I.,Lagos from 5-10 pm and after party afterwards.

Photo of the day
Not funny...but wetin man go do???
Pix thanks to pointblank news...

More stuff coming...

Ofuneke Youth Empowerment Trust Fund

Ofunneka Youth Empowerment Trust Fund and Resource Sharing Network held it's mentor meet mentees forum on 29th May 2009 at the Sweet Sensation Conference hall, the event also launched the 'After School Program' of Ofunneka Youth Trust Fund Foundation. The event have young mentees from different secondary school and mentees come together to charte a better course for the future.
Check out pictures from the event

Meet Ofuneka on Facebook...

'Pregnant Man' Gives Birth To Another BabyBold

A controversial transgender man has given birth to his second child, a year after his daughter was born. Read the full story here...http://uk.news.yahoo.com/5/20090610/twl-pregnant-man-gives-birth-to-another-3fd0ae9.html

Wednesday 10 June 2009

My Swagga Party pix

The First edition of the Elite's Plat Court: VOL 1 put together by SWAGA INC recently held at EKO GYM and SPA(Akarigbere CLose) Off Idejo, VI and it was quite an event.
Check out the pix...


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