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Saturday 27 February 2010

Contributing for a wedding

Someone needs your opinion on a matter.

A very good friend of hers is getting married in April and the bride-to-be has asked all her friends to contribute a specific amount (N50, 000) to enable her do a 'proper' wedding. The 50grand she's requesting for is minus paying for asoebi and bridesmaids dress.

This lady says she has no problem with paying for the aso-ebi but she's totally reluctant to contirbute the 50grand and wants to know if she's right not to.***

Personally? Sincerely? I would contribute N50, 000 for a lot of things but I don't know about contributing for someone's wedding. If you can't afford a wedding, your man can't afford it...your family members can't afford it...then look for a sponsor. If you can't find one, then have a small wedding (basically cut your coat according to your size, right?). But if you want a big wedding, then wait until you can afford one, and not inconvenient others!

Also, if you can't afford a wedding, how can you afford a marriage, right? Some women don't seem to look beyond the wedding. Anyway, that's my opinion, what's yours???

Is it OK to ask your friends to contribute for your wedding?

Pls let us know what you think...

Friday 26 February 2010

Banky W

I only just discovered this and thought to share...

After complaining about shoulder pains a routine check up revealed he had a tumor, a tumor the size of a baseball was removed and tested; he was diagnosed with cancer. Everything seemed to be going his way until he was put to test again. Another cancerous tumor grew in the same spot, the doctors said he wouldn’t make it but his faith and belief in God kept him strong. Another operation another tumor but Banky W is back and stronger than ever.

You can read the full article here...http://www.isound.com/banky_w

After chemotherapy, he started wearing hats. I guess that explains it all...
Love him, love his music...

Amber Rose VS Grace Jones

*Warning: Nudity...:-)

Our dear Kanye West relaunched his website yesterday and posted a picture of Amber Rose, channeling her Idol, Grace Jones. Amber recreated the classic Grace Jones pose which was later used for the cover of her 1989 album, Island Life. The picture is beyond sexy. Check it out...

Amber try sha...but you can't even compare...
Whatever happened to Grace Jones by the way?

Thursday 25 February 2010

Army Chief rejects Goodluck Jonathan

Army Chief Rejects Goodluck: "I am 100 % loyal to just one Commander in chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces and his name is President Musa Umoru Yar’Adua." Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lieutenant General Abdulrahman Bello Dambazau in reaction to criticism about mobilising troops to the Airport without the order of the acting commander in Chief Jonathan Goodluck.

Nigeria’s humiliated “Acting President” Mr Goodluck Jonathan, threaten to resign as first lady takes full control of government. Ministers report to Turai Yar’Adua, Security officials loyal to Yar’Adua conduct search on the office of the Vice President. Ministers now avoid Goodluck like a plague.

Source: Kayode Ogundamisi

What is going on in our country???
How can things like this happen in this day and age???

The robbery attack...

Warning: The pic is extremely gruesome. I will probably take it down if too many of you protest. I can't even look at it again...yes, it's that bad! So be warned. If you can't stomach horrible pictures, then please don't look. The pic is VERY disturbing.

...The story is that armed robbers attacked a bus traveling out of or into Lagos recently. The robbers raped the women and at gun point told the driver to run over passengers (whom they had placed on the road). These were passengers that had no money on them. The location hasn't really been verified, but some say it was the Lagos/Benin Road, others say it's Lagos/Ibadan Road.

Anyone have full details on this story...?

The pic

Elin apologises to daughter's school

Tiger and Elin Woods have signed a letter of apology to their daughter's school for the increased paparazzi stemming from Tiger's scandal:

"We would like to share our appreciation for your support over the past several months and offer our personal apology for any inconvenience you are experiencing due to the increased media scrutiny surrounding our children. We truly understand how frustrating it can be.

"We hope that the paparazzi will find something better to do with their time in the near future. In the meantime, it is our goal to keep life as normal as possible for our children. We are sure that as parents you can appreciate that. For Sam, that normalcy means attending the school that she enjoys so much."

Photo of the day

Who can try Konga's six packs...???
Damn! That body will give Peter Okoye and Ikechukwu a run for their money.
Loves it!

Before n After pics

Tina Turner at 35 (Left), Tina at 70 (Right)

Jay Z before...

And Jay Z now.

Wednesday 24 February 2010

Our president is back!

I'm sure you all have heard. Our sick president is back in the country and has asked the acting President to stay in charge while he recuperates.

What's going to happen now?

Cheryl and Ashley Cole split

Cheryl Cole, 26, yesterday announced she was separating from her husband, the England and Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole, 29, after fresh allegations of his infidelity.

He was said to have indulged in “text sex” with two women, sending lurid pictures of himself. His “conquests” include a hairdresser, two models, a secretary and a US political aide.

The couple's riches have been put at £20 million, with £14m of that attributed to England defender Ashley, who is said to earn £120,000 a week at Chelsea.

Cheryl's contribution is estimated to be £6m, including her earnings with Girls Aloud, a contract with L'Oreal and a £1.2m deal for her role as an X Factor judge.

Cheryl stood by him when allegations he had cheated surfaced two years ago, but recent claims appear to have been the final straw.

She reportedly sent a message at the weekend to Ashley that said: “Move out. It’s over.”
Her PR company confirmed the separation.

I guess there's just so much a woman can take...

Fifty Cent's 'Things Fall Apart'

Actor and G-Unit Label Boss, 50 Cent is starring in the upcoming "Things Fall Apart" movie. The film centers around a star football running back, played by Jackson, who faces a personal tragedy as well as his own mortality while in his senior year in college.

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson and Randall Emmett have green-lit their next feature, "Things Fall Apart." The movie will be filmed via Cheetah Vision Films banner. Mario Van Peebles has been named as the director. The script was created by Jackson and Brian Miller.

"Things Fall Apart"?, common 50, that's our Chinua Achebe's very popular book - I kind of feel protective of that title...most of us Literature students practically grew up on that book. Drop that title fifty...drop it right now!
As if...:-)

Nike Oshinowo speaks

"I have always told you for a long time that all they write about me in the newspapers is fiction. They are not true. People just sit down and concoct all sorts of stories. What led to all these reports is because of my new business. They are jealous of the success we are recording and they think the way to embarrass me is to publish all sorts. The whole rumour is meant to soil my business so that people won't buy into it, but that is not working our because the acceptance is overwhelming. I can tell you that my marriage is intact. My husband and I are very happy together. My husband is also not sick. He is in good health. Because of my business, I'll be shuttling between Lagos and London a lot this year. 2010 is my year. My fitness DVD hit the market last month. Then comes my perfumes which I will soon launch, then my hair range of products will come out in Easter. So you can see that I am going to be very busy. So the negative stories are meant to attack my person"

Nike Oshinowo, when asked if there was a problem in her marriage and if her husband was ill.

Source: City People Magazine.

Movies! Fashion! Music! March!

On the 21st Touch a Cell Project the sister project of Still Standing will hold the second edition of the TOUCH A CELL BENEFIT CONCERT

An evening of 9ja sounds in Jazz, Gospel, Classical, R&B;, Afro Hip Hop & more, with dance, fashion & charity auction. Purpose of the event is to provide medicine to sufferers in specific clubs in Lagos & Ibadan and provide medical assistance in Kaduna

COBHAMS ID CABASA, YINKA DAVIES, KORE(Olorioko), EFE & FLO, TOMIWA (Project Fame), DAVID AJALA & others will be in the house. With fashion by TUOPSY'S & ACT OF GOD.

Mc’s: Tosyn Bucknor, Ifeanyiwa Ado(Radio Continental), Senator (Comedian)
Red Carpet & Pre Event Cocktails - 5.00pm Showtime - 6.00pm
Dress Code : Smart Casual
For ticket/invitation call 0809 800 SAMI(7264), 0805 477 1589
On Mar 27th, These Genes will throw the JEANS FOR GENES Music... Fashion...Sickle Cell party!
Featuring designers like: Toni Payne, Strictly Naija, OUCH!, HappyFacez, Imagine Clothing.

With music by Dipp, Skuki, Lami, S.K.A.L.E.S, Hakym the Dream, Zara, Overdose, Willy Bang, Loose Kaynon, Mo Cheddah.

There will be teeshirts, accessories and more on sale, plus a runway and photo shoots!
Jeans for Genes creates awareness about sicklecell, and this time, will also try to help a lady living with sickle cell with her hospital bills!

For more information, please check www.thesegenes.blogspot.com
And to book, please send texts to

Cristiano Ronaldo erected

A huge statue that looks nothing like futbol stud Cristiano Ronaldo has been erected in Madrid.

The 33 foot tall 'replica' to Euro Greasy was built as part of some sort of Nike promotion.

Tuesday 23 February 2010

Where is Naija's version of 'We are the World'?

I don't know what Jay Z is talking about, I love the new version of 'We are the World' by All Stars for Haiti. The old version is def better but kudos for the effort. God bless them!

Now coming to Naija, when will our Stars come together to do something similar? There are a number of communal/religious crisis in our motherland; a lot of problems that need to be addressed.

I'd like to see the new school and the old school coming together to lend their voice to such a commendable cause. People look up to them, maybe they will make a difference?


Banky W's 'steamy' photos.

Hmmm...you find this sexy?

Pics thanks to Questionmarkmag.com

Durella's 2gbaski Sneakers

The winner of the premier edition of the MTV/Zain Advance Warning, Oluwadamilare Okulaja popularly known as Durella, has concluded plans to fully present his range of footwears labelled 2gbaski, to the public by March 2010. The sneakers, the first of it's kind by any Nigerian artist has been receiving positive reviews since the first installment arrived.
Source: Chilee Agunanna - Encomium magazine.

Watch out for 2gbaski people. Totally commendable.

Tuface Idibia honoured

Singer Tuface Idibia recently received a recommendation from the Ministry of Health for his efforts in combating the Guinea Worm disease. The honour came courtesy of the Honourable Minister of Health, Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin.

Great stuff.
That's a pic of him with the acting President.

Darey Meets George Bush

Darey co-hosted the THISDAY awards in Abuja, yesterday, and took time to pose and chat with Mr Bush and former US Secretary of state Condoleezza Rice.

Pics thanks to thenetng.com

Jay Z and partners under federal investigation

New York Post is saying that Beyonce's man, Jay Z may have done some corrupt dealings with the Governor of New York.

They say that Jay and the Governor and the Wall Street bankers at AIG decided to pull some kind of scam, where they would secretly grant themselves the exclusive rights to a new casino in New York.

Excerpts from the paper...

In early September, AEG Chairman Richard Mays approached Jay-Z through his business partners and asked whether he would be interested in joining the consortium -- which at the time ranked last among six bidders seeking the lucrative project. . .

"[NY Governor] Paterson directly told [Las Vegas businessman Steve] Wynn he needed to have a minority partner, so he went and got Jay-Z. But when Wynn pulled out, Jay-Z was without a home," a source told The Post.

"AEG went and grabbed Jay-Z after his deal with Steve Wynn fell through." AEG jumped at the chance to recruit Jay-Z, who has become increasingly close to Paterson, sources said. The two dined together in June and hung out in the Hamptons.'

AEG denies that it tapped the Hip-Hop heavyweight to win the governor's favor.

“Given [Jay-Z's] superstardom and his long and deep connection to New York, the partners thought he could bring a unique perspective to shaping a facility that would truly be an entertainment destination,” AEG spokesman Jonathan Rosen told the New York Post. “The partners were looking to bring in someone who could bring marketing and community advice to the team.”

A rep for Paterson also refuted the claims. “There is absolutely no relationship between Governor Paterson's friendship with Jay-Z and the choice of AEG.”

Jay Z is yet to comment on the issue.

Source: New York Post

Face of Africa Winning Couture Gown

Just in case you didn't know - Yemi Osunkoya of Kosibah created the gown worn by Lukundo who went on to win the MNET Face of Africa competition that held in Lagos recently.

The gown was made of Woodin and Duchesse satin and had 4320 Swarovski diamante stones hand fixed unto the Woodin fabric.


+44 (0)207 424 8832

Janet Jackson's 20-something new man

So she's joined cougar town? Good for her! They say he looks a little like her ex husband Renee Elizondo...

Quote of the day

"KC and I just dated, we never said we would get married"

Actress Ebube Nwagbo tells Encomium when asked about her break up with her ex who is getting married to Ijeoma Oduah soon.

*Sigh* I remember what I went through when something similar happened to me. All the calls from the press...lol. You will be alright babe, just hold your head up high and love who you are no matter what anyone says. You are probably better off. *wink*

Pictures from the making of OD's Video

The video for OD's current single 'alujo' was recently shot in South Africa. The rappper, who's signed to X3M music, plans to release the video next week. Alujo, which is currently enjoying airplay on radio nationwide, is the third cut off OD's upcoming second album.
Here are some exclusive location shots...

First Red Carpet Event in Ajegunle

It was indeed a day to remember as Africa Minds International (AMI) with support from Peculiar Magazine hosted the first red carpet event in Ajegunle. The event was tagged 'AMI RED CARPET VAL'S SHOW' on the 14th Feb 2010.

'Who says we can't have fun in the ghetto?' a word from an enthusiastic girl who attended the event. It's really a time to remember as people in Ajegunle and it's environs look forward to another red carpet event.

Some pictures from the event...

Check out what the girls wore to the red carpet...Ajegunle style...lol. Dem try sha! More red carpet events in Ajegunle pls o...

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