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Saturday 1 November 2008

FM&B 4 Out + Choose Cover 5

Let me start by saying happy new month to everyone. And I'm so so sorry for being a little absent here. Had to travel out of Lagos for a couple of days to choreograph a show. There are lots of shows going on in Naija right now and a few of them I have to co-ordinate.
I love my job! lol
Hope everyone's doing so well.

Our Mag's fourth edition is finally out...it took forever didn't it? lol. Well, we encountered a few problems along the way. The advertisers weren't ready at the time we were ready to go for printing...so we had to chill. We also increased the number of copies, and the cost ran into well over a million and you know how long it takes to raise a million plus. And the printers here don't release magazines until you've finished payment. (Thank God I do other things, otherwise this magazine will wreck me...lol)

Anyway, we finally did it! And it only gets easier from now on
From next year, it will be a bi-monthly magazine...one day it will be monthly...God help us!

The fourth edition will be hitting the stores in a couple of days. As soon as our marketers and distributors spread it around, I'll let y'all know where you can get them. Please support your girl by buying a copy for yourself and a friend. You'll love this edition I promise.

One of the hardest things in publishing a magazine is getting adverts, especially if the mag is relatively new... but we managed to get a few. I'd like to say a big thank you to all the companies that believed in us enough to give us adverts.

Amigos Hair

Gentle Touch


MARS Cosmetics

Lacasera Drink

Silverbird (These guys are doing so much for us it's stupid...gracias!)

Prestige Cosmetics
BTW, I shot this job for the cosmetics company. I came up with the concept, provided the model, the costume, did the make-up, took her to the studio, directed the shoot and produced this. I try abi? lol

We've already started working on our fifth edition which we hope will be out in December/January, so please if there's anyone out there who will like to write for us on any topic whatsoever, reach me at lindaikeji@gmail.com. We really need help. Many thanks.

Choose a cover
So here are the two options we have for the cover for the next issue
Which cover should we go for?
Pls say cover 1, pls pls pls. You know I go with your opinions so don't break my heart.

Cover 1

Cover 2

The girl on the cover is Oby Ezenduka, one of the top models in Nigeria currently.

Note: This is not the final thing...we might be changing background, colours and stuff, if you have any suggestions pls feel free to pass it on and if there's anything on the cover you think needs to be improved on...please let us know.

So what do you say? Cover 1, or 2 and why?

Monday 27 October 2008

Are the children justified?

I have a friend who's dad has 6 children from 5 different women. He had two in his 20's, later got married, had two with his wife, while married, had another kid outside his marriage. Wife found out and left him. He had another one in his 50's with a fifth baby mama.

Now he's in his 60's, very sick, needs serious medical attention and only two of his six children give a shit.

His first born child says he's seen his dad only three times in his entire life. He hardly visited while he was growing up...in fact he denied the child as his initially. The second has never seen him 'cos her mum took her abroad when she was a toddler. Th 3rd and 4th are the ones who give a shit...he married their mum and they grew up with him.

The 5th (my friend) is married to a rich dude, but doesn't acknowledge the man as her father. He had her while still married so he kinda never really acknowledged her as his daughter. The last is just a teenager. He too doesn't give a shit. He, like his half brothers and sisters say he never played any role in their lives. They all grew up with different fathers. Now he needs them to take care of his health and put food on his table.

The only two who care don't have that much money so they went to all their half brothers and sisters and every single one of them turned their back on their father...

Are the children justified?

Photo of the day

P Diddy and his twin girls. Is this right or wrong?
Source: bossip.com
I ask again, are the children justified?

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