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Saturday 28 July 2007

Whose face? + Mr and Miss Nigeria

Can you guess whose face this is?

Monachi Nwankwo (MBGN 2007) and Bryan Ikenna (Mr Nigeria 2007)

These are the faces representing all male and female in Nigeria...who thinks we are well represented?

Personality: Chika Okpala aka Chief Zebrudaya alias 4:30

Chief Chika Okpala, aka, Chief Zebrudaya Okoroigwe Nwogbo alias 4:30, is one of Nigeria's greatest comedians and my all time favourite Nigerian comedian. His TV comedy series 'New Masquerade' is probably the funniest of all TV comedies in Nigeria. It ran from 1983-1993. This man became famous for using incorrect English in his role as chief Zebrudaya and continued with that style years after New Masquerade was rested. He gave new meaning to the word comedy and I remember not being able to take my eyes off the TV whenever he was on. He made those years really memorable...Thought to pay him a little tribute.

Here's all you need to know about him...

Personal Data
Full Names: Chika Chukwunonso Okpala, Mon. Mfr
Place & Date of Birth: Ahoada, June 10, 1950.
Marital Status: Married With Two Children.

Primary: St. Paul’s CMS School, Ebenisi-Nnobi 1956-60 1961. Government School Ahoada Rivers State Baptist Day School Join Karama Rivers State. (1962-3).
Secondary: Prince Memorial High School Onitsha 1964-1972.
U.N.N Nsukka 1989-91
ESUT (Enugu State University of Science And Technology Enugu) (1989-1996).


Best Actor Runner-Up 1959-84 – BON.
Best Male Entertainer 1985 – Palm Beach.
Traditional Chieftancy Conferment “Eze Onu Nekwuru-Ora of Nnobi. 1981
Traditional Chieftancy Conferment “Eze Onu Nekwuru-Ora of Aba. 1981
Traditional Conferment of Chieftancy Title of: “Eze Odenigbo of Akabo – Mbaise” 1993.
Fellow Institute of Journalism Enugu.
Afro Hollywood Award London 1999.

National Honours
Member of The Order of Federal Republic (MFR) – 1999
Member of The Order of The Niger (MON) – 2000.
National/Merit Award For Arts & Culture (NAMAC) – 1997.

Working Experience
Commercial/Traffic officer NTA Aba 1977-1980.
Production Manager NTA Cock Crow At Dawn 1980-82.
Producer New Masquerade Comedy TV Show On NTA 1983 To 1993.
Chief Executive officer Zodiak Brains Films Ltd, Enugu. 1990 – Date.

Stage Performances
Man of Character By Ene Henshaw.
Sons And Daughters By J.C. Degraphat.
Dance For The Dead By James Irohaoon.
Life Everlasting By Pat Maddy.
Through A Film Darkly By Pat Maddy.
Cock Crow At Dawn – Ist Ever Movie On NTA Net Work.
NTA Longest Lasting Comedy Series “New Masquerade TV Comedy”
The New Broom.
Counselling Video On Family Planning For Ppfn, Jhu/Pcs.
Over 500 TV Commercials And Radio Ads.

Favourite Food: Pounded Yam With (ofe Onugbu)
Hobbies: Driving, Swimming, Reading, Lawn Tennis.
Star: Gemini.

If you love this man, drop him a line...he just might see this some day...let's show him we appreciate his contribution to art in Nigeria. I blow you a thousand kisses Chief Zebrudaya. You are the greatest of them all!

Top 10 cars of 2007 + Movies to watch + Did You Know + Where are these guys?

The cars you are about to view will probably make some of you hunger so badly for some serious mooooney! They are the Supercars of 2007...May I drive one of these cars...or something close to it, in my lifetime...amen! lol....check them out!
1. Audi R8
Top speed: 187mph - 0-60mph: 4.5 seconds Max power: 420BHP
Price: £76,825 For an extra £830, the R8 comes with seats that adjust electronically in every direction. The suspension system adjusts itself to suit the road conditions. Even though Audi is frantically knocking out 15 R8s a day, you won't be able to get one until mid-2008!

2. SSC Ultimate Aero TT
Top speed: 240mph - 0-60mph: 2.78 seconds Max power: 1,183BHP

Price: £400,000 Although its official top speed is 240mph, SSC reckons the Aero TT will actually do 270mph. If this is true, it would make it the fastest car in the world, ahead of the 252mph Bugatti Veyron. However, when it was tested in Nevada earlier this year, bad weather meant it "only" reached 221mph. It's power is awesome. When the driver changed into sixth gear at 190mph, the wheels span.

3. Porsche 911 GT3 RS
Top speed: 193mph - 0-60mph: 3.6 seconds Max power: 415BHP
Price: £88,000 The GT3 RS has the same power as the normal GT3 but, at 1,375kg, it is 20kg lighter. This means the RS is 0.1 secs faster than a standard GT3 from 0-60. The GT3 RS comes in either black or silver but, as an option, you can also get it in bright orange or green.

4. Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera
Top speed: 196mph - 0-60mph: 3.8 seconds Max power: 522BHP
Price: £150,000 With a 5.0-litre V10 that produces a healthy 522bhp, the Superleggera comes with 10bhp more than the standard Gallardo. It is also much lighter than the standard model because most of the bodywork is carbon fibre and most of the glass has been replaced with lighter clear plastic. The braking's a bit better, too - from 60mph to standstill, this car stops one metre before the standard version.

5. Beck LM800
Top speed: 210mph - 0-60mph: 3.2 seconds Max power: 650BHP - Price: £310,000 It's made in Switzerland, the home of watches and cuckoo clocks. It's made using the lightest materials on earth to improve performance. The 4.2-litre V8 produces 650bhp, but special editions - 850bhp and 1,000bhp - can be ordered.

6. Dodge Viper SRT-10
Top speed: 190mph - 0-60mph: 4.0 seconds Max power: 600BHP

Price: £65,000 The new Dodge Viper has the most ridiculous engine the car's ever had - a brand new 8.4-litre V10! It's not what you'd call shy on the power front either, pushing out a monumental 600bhp! Massive 14in Brembo brake discs mean the SRT-10 can go from 60mph to standstill in under 100 feet!

7. Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 60th Anniversary
Top speed: 196mph - 0-60mph: 4.2 seconds Max power: 540BHP
Price: £130,000 This limited-edition Scaglietti was designed for Ferrari's 60th anniversary. Only 60 will be made. The coolest new edition is what Ferrari calls the "electrochromic glass roof". Basically, it's a clear roof in which the darkness can be adjusted at the touch of a button. How cool is that?

8. Locus Plethore
Top speed: 205mph - 0-60mph: 3.5 seconds Max power: 750BHP

Price: £140,000 Canada's first supercar for 30 years uses a Chevrolet V8 engine that can be tuned up to 1,300bhp. It's rumoured that the new model of the car will feature a central driving position. Fancy one on your drive? Well, the good news is that it'll set you back a pretty reasonable £140,000.

9. McLaren Mercedes SLR 722
Top speed: 209.4mph - 0-60mph: 3.5 seconds Max power: 650BHP
Price: £350,000 The 722 is the even faster version of the already quick SLR. It's got 650bhp, and it's 2mph faster! The "722" is a nod to the Mille Miglia race of 1955, when Stirling Moss (ask your dad) won in an SLR that carried the number 722. Before its release this year, potential customers were invited to test the car at the Paul Ricard Circuit where most F1 teams do their testing.

10. Aston Martin Vanquish Ultimate Edition
Top speed: 201mph - 0-60mph: 4.7 seconds Max power: 520BHP - Price: £182,095 The Ultimate Edition is a slightly tweaked version of the already amazing Vanquish S. Only 40 of these badboys were made, all of which were snapped up within weeks of their release. The main change is the colour - this version comes in Ultimate Black, the only Aston it's used on. Customers are able to request a stick-shift gearbox, as opposed to the normal paddleshift one.

I know most guys are already dreaming of the day they can even touch the wheels, tyres etc of any of these cars...dreams come true sha! lol

Here are some Movies to check out this weekend...

I know who Killed me

Arctic Tale


Goya's Ghost

Chuck and Larry

Did you know?

El Azizia in Libya recorded a temperature of 136 degrees Fahrenheit (57.8 Celsius) on Sept. 13, 1922 - the hottest ever measured.

Crocodile only animal & reptile that sheds tear while eating.

Chocolate can kill dogs! Chocolate affects a dog's heart and nervous system. A few ounces is enough to kill a small sized dog.

Bruce Lee was so fast that they actually had to slow a film down so you could see his moves. That's the opposite of the norm.
By raising your legs slowly and lying on your back, you can't sink in quicksand.

Mosquito repellents don't repel. They hide you. The spray blocks the mosquito's sensors so they don't know you're there.

Michael Jordan makes more money from Nike annually than the entire Nike factory workers in Malaysia combined.
The three most valuable brand names on earth: Marlboro, Coca-Cola, and Budweiser, in that order.

To escape the grip of a crocodile's jaws, prick your fingers into its eyeballs. It will let you go instantly.

The average person falls asleep in seven minutes.

The "pound" (#) key on your keyboard is called an octothorp.

The only domestic animal not mentioned in the Bible is the cat.

The three wealthiest families in the world have more assets than the Combined wealth of the forty-eight poorest nations.

The first owner of the Marlboro cigarette Company died of lung cancer.

Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair.

The world's youngest parents were 8 and 9 and lived in China in 1910.

A normal person will die from total lack of sleep sooner than from starvation. Death will occur about 10 days without sleep, while starvation takes a Few weeks.

Where are these guys?
By the way, where are these guys? Heard 'Incomplete' and saw 'Rush Hour' last night and wondered whatever happened to Sisqo and Chris Tucker? Anyone know? Haven't seen Chris in any movie in a while and haven't heard any new song from sisqo...please supply me with an answer if you know what it is.

Chris Tucker

Got something to say? Do drop a line...I'm off to go get ready for my event, see y'all later. Ciao!

Friday 27 July 2007

Style Night + 'Fashion' police in Lagos + Dog fighting scandal

Style Night
Venue: Moods Bar, 57, Ogunlana drive, Surulere.
Date: 28th July, 2007
Gate: N1, 000

'Fashion' police

Meanwhile I heard that the police in Lagos have started arresting people for indecent dressing. Now I really don't know how true this is, I actually heard it for the first time last week but didn't take it seriously until my younger sis told me today that one of her friends was arrested.

I find this so hard to believe, but everybody I've asked in the last two days have confirmed this new development which they say started last week. I can't even begin to understand this...what is indecent dressing? How indecent is indecent dressing? What is their yardstick for measuring indecent dressing? So we now have a morality law in Nigeria when the police haven't even started clearing our streets of armed robbers and area boys? They are more interested in who's wearing what?

By the way, aren't they supposed to make an announcement before they start embarrassing, harrassing and arresting people? Do the guys at the top even know about this?

Harrassing people for indecent dressing is NONSENSE! Not at this time and age...but let me stop here until I get all the facts right...

But please just to avoid getting harrassed or being exorted, mind what you wear out until something is done about this situation...What the hell happened to freedom of expression?

Also who has heard of NFL Michael Vick dogfighting scandal. People actually train dogs (pitbulls) to fight themselevs until one of the dog dies? The Atlanta Falcons quarterback and three others were charged with competitive dogfighting, procuring and training pit bulls for fighting and conducting the enterprise across state lines.
The operation was named "Bad Newz Kennels," according to the indictment, and the dogs were housed, trained and fought at a property owned by Vick in Surry County, Va. If convicted, Vick and the others could face up to six years in prison, $350,000 in fines and restitution.

I heard that these guys shoot these dogs if they get wounded after a fight...get all the scoop on net.

Anyway, Nigeria's Next Super Model screening took place today...all I'll say is that it wasn't what I was expecting but I reserve my comment till later.

Also I heard ex-Bayelsa Governor, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha has bagged 2 years jail term of each six count charges...what news!

I'll see y'all tomorrow. Take care

Thursday 26 July 2007

Fashion - Designer, Frank Osodi's Collection

The designer, Frank Osodi.

Bunor Creazioni, 50/52, Adelabu Street, Surulere, Lagos. Tel: 08033257711, 08025942057. Email: frankosodi@yahoo.com. website, frankosodiforbunor.com.

Tomorrow is Nigeria's Next Supermodel screening. If I am allowed to take pictures of the whole thing, I'll load it up for y'all to see, otherwise, I'll just give you gists from the screening.

Also those who want to know the gate fee for Nigeria Model Award, it's N10, 000. Too exorbitant. So not cool!

It's BellaNaija's Birthday. Happy Birthday to YOU babes. Many more happy returns. May God take care of you and everything you hold dear. You Rock!

So till tomorrow, be good to yourselves!


Wednesday 25 July 2007

World Entertainment News.

Rumour has it that Jay Z is set to leave Island Def Jam to join his lady love Beyonce, at Colombia Records. Time will tell if this is true. Also beyonce fell from a flight of stairs at a concert on Tuesday. Being the diva that she is, she got up and continued singing like nothing happened and actually begged the audience not to release the video...lol...the video of that unfortunate incident is on youtube.com

Kate Moss who finally dumped her rocker cocaine addict boyfriend Pete Doherty, has told friends that two of her sex tapes with Pete are missing in her home. She's scared that Pete might have stolen them to either put it on the net to humiliate her or to sell to make money to keep up with his lifestyle.

lauryn Hill's gone crazzzzzzzzzzy! At a recent concert in Norway, she was spitting and giving the finger to her audience. She also asked for all black security personnel, who were not allowed to look at her at the scene and backstage. Then she went crazy and started hitting the security guys. And when the electricity blacked out at the beginning of the show, she refused to continue, and had to be talked into getting back on stage again by the people who were responsible for the concert. What's up with her? Is she on drugs?

Lil Kim looks...?

Prince William and his long time girlfriend, Kate Middleton, who broke up some months back are rumoured to be back inlove. The power of love!

Kanye is determined to release his album same day as 50 cent. 50 is so pissed at Kanye. If they both release their album on the same day, then we'll finally know who rules...with album sales...
Here's what Kanye had to say to get at 50 Cent for saying he should push his album release date back:
“I’d rather come out on a day like that, up against 50 — where people are excited about going to the stores and it’s an event and people talk about it — and be #2 on that day rather than come out and be #1 on a day nobody cares about,” West said. “It’s about things going down in history. It’s not that much exciting stuff in hip-hop right now. I think people are going to make it more than what I’m making it myself. At the end of the day, I’m making music and I’m trying to sell.”

Kanye and 50? I'll go for Kanye

Jessica Alba recently dumped her live in lover, Cash Warren via a text message. Not so cool!

Rare sight...Tom Cruise getting jiggy with it with Mrs Cruise, at the welcome to America party for David and Victoria Beckham. Gossip Mags always say she's an unhappy wife, but she looks happy and content to me. Hope this marriage work!

Kylie Minogue is also said to be back with her longtime love, hot french/spanish actor? Olivier Martinez. The couple who broke up some months back after years of togetherness are trying to patch things up. If I had a hot guy like Olivier...I won't break up with him for no reason lai lai.lol What! The guy is smoking hot!

With the way this girl is going, I hope she doesn't end up committing suicide. At a recent OK Magazine photoshoot, the former pop princess went totally crazy. Stole things worth over $10, 000 and destroyed things worth over $6, 000. The pictures didn't not come out well, she kept talking and acting crazy...now her family is siding with her ex Kevin Federline to take full custody of their two kids. This girl needs help asap.

This picture gladdens my heart...a scandal free pregnant Christina Aguilera.

Haven't heard or seen this lady in a while...JLO knows how to rock everytime.

Unusual sighting...A black and white celebrity couple. Pirates of the Carribean co-stars, Orlando Bloom and Naomie Harris are the latest celebrity couple in town now. Hmmm...this union is?

This young actress is trying to mess up her life..Lohan was was arrested in Santa Monica for possession of cocaine, driving under the influence, transporting a narcotic into a custodial facility and driving on a suspended license. Sources say her blood alcohol level was between .12 and .13.
She was placed behind bars, and freed later on $25,000 bail.
According to police, Lohan’s assistant quit just hours before Lohan was arrested; and when the assistant’s mother came to pick her up, the red-headed moron gave chase. The assistant’s mother called the police, warning them that Lindsay was hot on their tail, and that she was headed for the nearest police station. The actress is now back in an undisclosed treatment facility.

It's easier to gossip about the oyinbo's than the ones here. I hear alot of gossip about our Naija people, but blogging about it might put me in troublo o lol. Anyway, enjoy!

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