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Sunday, 22 July 2007

Nigerians in the diaspora

They say there are millions of Nigerians scattered all over the world. And one thing I've noticed about our Naija people is that no matter where they go, no matter how difficult the terrain, no matter how hard it is to penetrate certain industries in other parts of the world, our people always find a way out. They always shine.

There are those world famous ones like Wale Agbaje, Alex Okosi...sigh!, Sophia Okonedo etc, and there are those who are not so well known but have carved a niche for themselves in the various industries they choose...

Below are some Nigerians doing BIG things in other countries...check them out...

Name: Yomi Abiola
Profession: Modeling - Click Models, NYC
Location: New York, USA

Name: Yemisi Ogunjimi
Profession: Gospel Singer
Location: Canada

Name: Emporer Adichie

Profession: Musician, Dancer, Actor
Location: New York, USA

Name: Chet Anekwe
Profession: Actor (Phat Girls)
Location: NYC, USA

Name: Joy Carter

Profession: Comedian

Location: UK

Name: Ben Okri
Profession: Writer/Poet
Location: UK

Name: Nick Oshikanlu

Profession: Actor

Location: UK

Name: Fishe

Profession: Rapper

Location: USA

Name: Sokari Douglas Camp
Profession: Sculptor
Location: UK

Name: Kelenna David Azubuike
Profession: Basket ball player (Golden State Warriors)

Location: USA

Name: Bodam Taiwo
Profession: Beauty queen lol (First ever Miss Malaika UK, 2005)
Location: UK

Name: Andre Tyler Iguodala
Profession: Basket ball player (76ers)
Location: USA

Name: Efe Echanomi

Profession: Footballer (Striker, Leyton Orient)
Location UK

Name: Akim Aliu
Professon: Hockey player (London Knights)
Location: Canada

Name: Michael Olowokandi

Profession: Basketball player (Boston Celtics)

Location: Boston, USA

Name: Lucky Supremo (aka Moses Dada)
Profession: Actress, Model and 2005 Miss Glamour Queen International
Location: USA

Name: Benjamin Eze
Profession: Basketball player
Location: USA

Name: Olusegun Aranmolate

Profession: Model

Location: USA

If you want to know more about any of them, just google their name. I'll research and get you more names later.

Please send me names of Nigerians in the diaspora doing great things, they need to be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Not surprisingly there's just one Northerner there. They are so unentrepreneural (I sense someone's frowning as hell now). i think it's cos most of them are born in wealth so they kinda sit back and feed or work for that same wealth source, not bothering to make a name all on their own.

Kudos to these ones featured. Olusegun Aromolate and Chet Anekwe are totally hot cookies. I love what Sokari Douglas Camp is into. Totally fab!

Whatelse can I say? watch out... TRUTH coming sooon!

classybabe said...

oh my,ben okri,loved his novel the famished road.

Anonymous said...

My cousins-Dr.Nelson Bola Oyesiku- neuro-surgeon @ emeory uni.Atlanta
Lara Oyesiku-head of haemophilia society, U.K

flawsandall said...

ahhh you forgot oluchi,agbani and emeka okafor(NBA). Id think of more...oh yeah and that guy that acted in "lost" Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Anonymous said...

Hey zephi, the beauty in the post lies in the fact that most of these names are unknown. or haven't you heard all there is to know about Oluchi, Agbani and the rest? They are already much celebrated. Let's give a standing ovation to those doing fab things yet keeping a low profile as of date.

Anonymous said...

Bodam Taiwo?!?! You are not serious. There are more industrious people out there and what do we have? Miss Malaiak UK! *Sighs and shakes head*

Anonymous said...

osi umenyiora also...

My 2 cents said...

There are so much more Linda, but glad you showcased our young men and women that are doing well. Atleast the west can see we are not all criminals and fraudsters.

Anonymous said...

Akim Aliu plays for the London Knights in London, Ontario,Canada not the UK :)

Great list though

LurLar said...

Nice...We are smart pple(VERY).

Anonymous said...

nice list.what about nike badru?

Anonymous said...

always on point my of dem is my relationship.tanks for remembering them

Unknown said...

Aaargh, you forgot to put my name there? :( hahaha

Anonymous said...

pls most of these ppl are not known here o? chet anekwe that was shown for less than two seconds in phat girls???? abegi!!

Anonymous said... forgot Nicholas Obileye.....he's an upcoming actor in england.....and brian in the big brother


Naijadude said...

And where is my name, Ma'am! lol
The one that caught my eyes na d drag queen ooh, kai Nigerians are sure tough to beat.
lots of Nigerian achievers in Canada as well...
Put Jerome Iginla...dude is the biggest nigerian thing in Canada.. and the Ayanbadejo brothers that play football in the USA! hmm lots of them, nonetheless ur list is pretty good

Unknown said...

please take andre off the list, he doesn't identify as nigerian at all, his popsie has been out of the picture forever, but dre will correct you if you call him naija.

Unknown said...

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Grrrrrrrrrrrrr My name dey miss on the list now? :))))) Nice one Linda more grease to ur elbows...let them oyinbos see that we ain't all 419ers or con masters....We are waiting for more compilation of niaja achievers in d diaspora

Anonymous said...

Don't forget adewale ogunleye and israel idonije who are in the nfl and play for the chicago bears.

Anonymous said...

There is godfrey,micheal blackson,and ankintunde who r comedians in the usa.

Anonymous said...

Uzooma Okeke, Philip Emeagwali , John Amaechi, Rubin Rafael Okotie .

Anonymous said...

@jadedjune, who tell u say Brian from BB na naija? Naijas sha, we always claim to being from motherland where. Dat's how naijagal said, Charley's from naija too. Na only Chet and Ben Okri obviously i recognise from d list. Me loves Chet all d time and he knows it. laaaawlu

Anonymous said...

@ wienna....brians full name is olawale mohammed bello......

nuff said!

Anonymous said...

oh i lvoe what you're doing here linda.... highlighting nigerians that are doing big things.. keep it up mami...

Anonymous said...

Linda, I ve to commend on your good job.. I stumbled on your blog by luck.. I always refer my collegaues and friends to you blog!! Simply because it is informative and entertaining at the sametime.

I am always happy to read about Nigerians in diaspora who are projecting positive image of who we are and what we truly represent.

I am the only Nigerian in my company, I work with the an international airline.

95% of my colleagues are caucasians, I am the 1st black to be training the cabin crew(It was a challenge initially. Most of the trainees will ask me about the bad press we always receive especially from CNN and since 90% of them are white, they initially stuck their nose up until they realised that to pass and work for the company they need my knowledge and expertise.

Right now the crew,my colleagues and even management staff always ask for my opinions and suggestions, and even allowing me to assess managers!

Guess what it takes a lot of hard work. Not only I am a Nigeria but the very 1st female to be undertaking pilot training(self sponsor though) in the company.

My aim as a Nigerian, a young black female, is to be a force to be reckoned with.

I am proud to be a Nigerian.

Lola said...

who's got beef for Bodam?!?! chei!

YAY Bodam and Chet!

Linda Ikeji said...

thanks for all the new names.will do a profile on most of them...they deserve to be celebrated

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