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Saturday 17 July 2010

Fake lashes can leave you 'bald'

The glue used to fix the lashes can pull natural eyelashes out as the fake set is removed, and if repeated frequently can stop hair growing.

'As with any hair follicle, eyelashes will cease to grow if they are repeatedly plucked out at the root." Dr Bessam Farjo, of the Manchester-based Farjo Medical Centre, said

Quote of the day

"There's nothing rewarding about modeling. It was a fun opportunity that allowed me to see the world but spiritually and intellectually there is nothing rewarding about the profession at all. I often felt that we were too glamorous. Because I'm not very glamorous it didn't feel true to me. I relate far more to the fashion of today than the Chanel miniskirts and Versace jackets of that time. Plus, having to wear all that make-up — what a waste!" Super Model, Christy Turlington, said while promoting her documentary, No Woman, No Cry.

Soldiers Batter 3 LASTMA Officials

Four soldiers and two naval officers have beaten three officers of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, LASTMA into unconsciousness at Mile 2 area of Lagos State, Nigeria. 

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Stars without make-up

More pics when you...Continue

Girl stabs man to death over attempted rape

A 23-year-old lady, Rachael Gbadamosi, is in police custody for allegedly stabbing a man, 30-year-old Christian Egwuchukwu, to death over the victim's alleged attempt to rape her.

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Thierry Henry retires from French national team, joins New York Red Bulls...

32-year-old France player and former Arsenal captain, Thierry Henry, has quit the French national team. He has followed in David Beckham's footsteps by signing with an American football club - New York Redbulls. His new contract runs for 4 1/2 seasons.

He is to make his Red Bulls debut against Tottenham on July 22.

Friday 16 July 2010

Official Statement from MOHIT on Wande Coal’s Nude Picture Saga

Somebody is after Wande Coal - Mohits

It has come to our notice that a purported nude picture of Wande Coal is being circulated on social networking site, Twiiter and that made him a trending topic yesterday and early hours of today.
Wande is very grateful to those who have shown him love and as well to those who were constructive in their criticisms. He is saying a massive THANK YOU.
We also want to state categorically that there is nothing wrong or to be ashamed about being naked BUT THE PICTURES IN QUESTION ARE NOT THOSE OF WANDE COAL, the multiple Hip Hop World Award winner. That is not him and that can never be him.
It is worthy of note to let you know that the rising star has been a target of orchestrated attacks in past months. Few months ago false reports of him being treated in a psychiatric home were widely circulated even when he was busy performing in shows in Nigeria and around the world. Later, another report of him slapping a fellow in a club was initiated by some faceless people as well, a report which was false in its entirety. Last year it was also reported that he slapped 9ice during an argument, a report 9ice himself denied. Now, it is a false naked picture that is being used.
We have reason to believe that the person behind these nude pictures is the same person(s) behind earlier negative and false stories. Therefore, we are no longer taking the matter lightly. Appropriate security agencies have been briefed and investigations are on-going so as to ascertain true identity of the culprit and bring him or her to book.
Wande would also like to appeal to his numerous fans to keep calm and assure them that he won’t stop making good music, love them and keep right in all his doings.
Please for further enquiries, interviews, clarifications and quote please contact Sunday Are on 08033480122 or Bigsam Media on 08028302862 or email bigsam@bigsam.org.
I've seen the pic..who hasn't? All I'll say is - every blog that has that pic up should consider taking it down. If he was posing for the camera i.e was aware that the pic was being taken, then he's fair game. But the person in that pic was sleeping and oblivious to his surroundings, so circulating the pic is in bad taste.
Just saying...

Thursday 15 July 2010

Mashonda bares it all...to Vibe magazine.

"I did everything I could do to save my marriage, but I knew there was no working it out when he admitted his affair (with Alicia Keys) to me… he was happy about it. After lying about it for so long and finally admitting it I was like ‘I can't take it no more!’ In the back of my mind I was like, ‘I have to fight for my family, this is my son's father. We were supposed to grow old together, we were supposed to raise this baby together, we were supposed to do all these things, I'm fighting for my fucking husband. I don't care who he's dating, I don't care how much money she's got, I'm fighting for my husband.’ And then I realized… I can't fight for him… he doesn't want to be with me. I'm not going to win this one"

Read the rest of Mashonda's Vibe interview here

HIV positive Nigerian gets life imprisonment for rape and murder

An HIV-positive man, William Imona-Russel, a 36 year old Nigerian refugee, who put a power drill to his former girlfriend’s head and raped her, returning to her home 10 days later to rape her again, was sentenced to life imprisonment with no chance of parole for 25 years.

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Burqa ban in France...

They are trying to ban face covering Burqa in France.

France's lower house of parliament overwhelmingly approved a ban on wearing burqa-style Islamic veils on Tuesday July 13th. The approval according to the parliament is part of a determined effort to define and protect French values that has disconcerted many in the country's large Muslim community.

The issue has been debated across Europe, and Spain and Belgium have similar bans in the works. In France, which has Europe's largest Muslim population, about 5 million of the country's 64 million people are believed to be Muslim. While ordinary headscarves are common in France, only about 1,900 women are believed to wear face-covering veils.

The legislation would forbid face-covering Muslim veils in all public places in France and calls for euro150 ($185) fines or citizenship classes, or both.

The bill also is aimed at husbands and fathers – anyone convicted of forcing someone else to wear the garb risks a year of prison and a euro30,000 ($38,000) fine, with both penalties doubled if the victim is a minor.

What do I think of this ban? I'm kinda scared of writing it but I will...hope I don't get bashed too much o..:-)
OK here it is. I find this ban a little oppressive really. I mean what happened to freedom of expression/living the way you wanna, as long as you are not hurting anyone? It's part of the Muslim culture and I think we should all just learn to tolerate other people's cultural values/religious differences.

The argument is that the face-wearing Burqa veil is a symbol of abuse of women by Muslim men, BUT there are women who actually WANT to wear it! What happens to that percentage? I would 100% support this ban if women were actually forced by their men to wear it, because that makes it demeaning, but like I said there are women who have no qualms wearing it, in fact, will not step out of their homes without it! Except you say if they want to wear the Burqa then they should move to a country where it's the norm? Yeah, that makes sense. See how confused I am? :-)

See, if they are banning this veil for security reasons then that makes sense, but if it's for women liberation/equality, then...? I don't know sha...what's your thoughts on this?

Terry Da Rapman launches T-Shirts line

Terry Da Rapman has launched his line of T-Shirts. They come with the bold inscription - Boyz are not smilin, which is also the title of his current album. The shirts come in mostly black and navy blue colours.

The T-Shirt line according to Terry, was initially a concept to promote the title of his album before it actually drops but has now become a business because the demand for the T-Shirts were enormous. There will also be the Girlz are not smilin T-Shirts for the girls.

Introducing - Blessing Eboike, Nigeria's youngest comedienne

8year old Blessing Eboike also known as Iya Kulikuli is Nigeria's youngest comedienne. The talented young girl who hails from Orhiomvbon LGA in Edo State, is a Pry 4 pupil of Blossom Private School, Lagos.

She started her stand-up gigs last year at the age of 7.

Never seen her on stage but I hear she's good.

Kelis' Flesh Tone album sells below 8, 000 opeing week

Kelis new album Flesh Tone which was released into the market last week sold a dismal 7,833 copies its first week on the charts, coming in at #46. The album was preceded by the single Acapella, which hit number one on the Billboard Dance chart.

Below 8, 000 in a country like the US?
Ouch! Wonder what happened...

Kristos Jewelry by Freda and Louise

KRISTOS Jewelry by Freda & Louise is an exclusive luxury brand. Each KRISTOS Jewelry is generously designed and completed for beauty, functionality, durability and longevity. These original pieces of jewelry are all one of a kind and feature beads made of Black Onyx, Pearls, Clear Gem stones, Gold and Diamonds, accented by an 18k Gold/Black onyx cross featuring an18k rose gold peace sign.
The official launch of the Jewelry was @ Six Degrees North Lounge & Bar last week.

One of Kristos Jewelry Clients, D'banj and Don Jazzy rocking KRISTOS.

More pictures of the launch and jewelry when you continue

Natures Gentle Touch @Ozone Cinema

Nature's Gentle Touch have been running free giveaways at Ozone Cinemas. Every lady that buys a movie ticket gets a chance to win a Natures Gentle Touch Goodies Bag, which includes products and a free hair makeover at the Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute.

Pictures of some of the lucky winners as well as the Natures Gentle Touch Experience at the cinema when you continue

Mary J blige's Melodies Sunglasses

Queen of Soul, Mary J Blige is set to launch her own line of sunglasses, called Melodies by MJB.

The line will start with four styles available in four to six colours in Mary J approved shapes like classic aviators, oversized 'red carpet' frames, and another retro-inspired pair. The frames will retail from $165 t0 $225
and will start selling in October.

Wednesday 14 July 2010

Colton Harris-Moore - the Barefoot Bandit

On July 11th, 2010, teenage airplane thief, Colton Harris-Moore, 19, known as the barefoot bandit was captured in the Bahamas, ending his 2year run from the authorities.

He's a suspect in more than 70 crimes investigated by police in nine states and three countries.

Colton after his capture...

He's a petty criminal but there's something fascinating about his story. Google him and read more here

Teco Benson shoots first Yoruba movie...

movie director/producer, Teco Benson, is set to shoot his first Yoruba movie. The movie titled Ole Meta, is the brainchild of popular Yoruba actress Toyin Aimakhu and will be shot in the city of Ibadan, Oyo State and features stars like Oga Bello, Femi Adebayo, Bimbo Oshin and many more...

9ice to sell new CD for N2, 000

Hip Hop star, 9ice, recently confirmed that his new international CD version will sell for N2, 000. Tuface started the trend earlier this year when he announced that his CD will be sold for N1, 000. A few other artists including Ruggedman followed suit. A lot of their fans aren't happy about it tho.
Now 9ice wants to surpass everyone...hmmm!

I supported Tuface's N1, 000, but N2, 000? That's a bit of a stretch really. But like 9ice said on twitter "buy or u don't buy..."
Hopefully, he has a lot of die-hard fans.

Photo of the day...

 When men were boys...:-)

The First Ladies of some African countries....

The first ladies of Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Congo Brazzaville, Niger, Senegal, Madagascar, Gabon, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Togo, and Mali with the first lady of France Carla Bruni, during the Bastille Day Parade, a national celebration in France.

And this is the first lady of Cameroon, Chantal Biya, with Mrs Sarkozy...
Interesting hair...

Crack Ya Ribs Live in London...

Coming soon!
Watch out!

Dagrin Movie in the works...

A film based on the life of late rapper, Dagrin, is in the works. Titled Ghetto Dreams, the film will chronicle the growing years of Dagrin, his struggles, his rise to fame and his death.

Renowned Director, Lancelot Imasuen (pictured above) has been drafted to be the Director of the film which is being produced by Stingomania Entertainment.

Also a foundation has been set up for the late rapper, The Dagrin Memorial Project. The foundation, amongst other things will ensure that the family Dagrin left behind is catered for and the loss is made more bearable for his family in a tangible measurable manner. The memorial project will also provide a lasting structure and means to encourage upcoming, struggling and budding entertainment stars, while helping talented artistes deal with the different challenges and lack of resources limiting them from fulfilling their potential and set up a foundation to provide assistance for upcoming and struggling musicians with limited means and poor backgrounds to realize their ambition. The foundation will provide help for young musicians in areas of Finance, Training and Mentoring. All these were ideals the late musician stood for.

Obesere set to drop Hip Hop album in September

A new genre of hip-hop will be berthed this September as Popular Fuji maestro; Abass Akande Obesere announces plans to release his much anticipated hip-hop album.
Obesere will be the first fuji artiste to sell his album for a thousand naira. Already, the record label of Obesere, Stingomania Records are following the trail blazer by 2face Idibia by selling all albums for a thousand naira.  The album which title is believed to be Revolution will be double album, a CD of hip hop and another of fuji.

The yet-to-be released album is an 8-track hip-hop album and same number of tracks for fuji. The album features popular hip-hop musicians like, Lord of Ajasa 9ice and Timaya.

Sunday 11 July 2010

Our President on facebook...

"Again I spent time reading your comments and yesterday a youth named Toyin Dawodu indicated that he had an idea for a project that could deliver 4,000 MWs of electricity. I believe in the creativity and the spirit of innovation resident in our youth and I want to give Toyin Dawodu a chance to be heard. Toyin, someone from my office will make contact with you regarding your idea. I know I can not attend to every comment or suggestion due to time constraints, but please do know that I read them and they influence my actions." GEJ

It's an established fact that our president actually writes all this himself...
There are over 2million Nigerians on FB, and only about 100, 000 on our president's page. If what we say to him on FB really influences his actions, then many more of us need to join his page...
I'm hoping we can all influence him to cut down the Nigeria @50 anniversary budget...among other things...:-)

Nigerian Cinema Goes Sci-Fi as 'Kajola' Set to Premiere

A new futuristic movie titled 'Kajola', which gulped a whooping N130 Million to make, is set to premier on Friday, 30 July in Lagos.

According to the producers of this movie, "Kajola is the upcoming revolutionary action movie, complete with stunning Hollywood style visual effects!"

Directed by Niyi Akinmolayan and produced by Adonis Production with visual effects by Anthill, the movie is computer generated, combined with real images and camera shots of Lagos and abstract computer generated illustration to deliver a story shot in 2059.

Totally looking forward to this...

Lagos Parents Could Go To Prison For Flogging Their Children.

There's a criminal bill currently being deliberated by the Lagos State House of Assembly - a very nice, funny  and weird bill..:-)

The bill has prescribed prison terms for various offenses, including the beating or flogging of children by their parents - (WEIRD). The bill also sees the maltreatment of animals as a criminal offense while the culprits are liable to imprisonment - (FUNNY). It also seeks to legalize abortion but this is limited to incidents of rape and incest - (NICE).
The bill also seeks to look at persons whose conducts indicate that they are disposed to commit offenses.
The bill which is divided into nine parts, 48 chapters and 414 sections, classifies offences into three types namely: felony, misdemeanours and simple offences. Section eight of the bill defines felony as “any offence which is declared by law to be a felony, or is punishable, without proof of previous conviction with death or with imprisonment for three years or more.

Source: PM News

So parents could go to prison for flogging their kids? LOL
This is Africa abeg...
They should also look at flogging in schools...some teachers go overboard with that...

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