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Friday 24 July 2009

R Kelly denies duet with Tuface Idibia

A few months ago I was at the galleria with a friend when three people approached me. One asked ‘Are you Linda Ikeji?’ I replied in the affirmative. Then she said, I love your blog, it’s really nice. One of the people with her asked what my blog was all about and she replied ‘If you want to know the latest gossip in town, go to her blog’. For some reason I didn’t particularly like that description. I know I’m a gossip but to be reminded of it is such a turn off...lol. So I decided to lessen my amebo, (I’m sure you guys have noticed a reduction in hot gossip and controversies on this blog). But then again, it’s probably too late to redeem my image, so let’s gossip away...lol

But you know what they say about gossip, don’t believe everything you read. And my apologies to 2face if this story isn't true...

Check it out...

RKelly denies duet with Tuface Idibia – Afolabi Adekoya (City People)

Since he release d his latest album, UNSTOPPABLE, popular singer, 2face idibia has found himself faced with one controversy or the other. The latest centers around the duet he claimed to have done with American RnB star, R. Kelly. The song in question is titled ‘FLEX’. According to him, in a recent interview, the deal was brokered by Toyin Subair, boss of HiTV cable network and he (2face), actually met R. Kelly in the US before recording the song. One of the reasons people seemed to be debating the authenticity of his claim of a collabo with R.Kelly is because the beat of the said song has been used by R.Kelly before in one of his songs.

While the entire nation seemed to have forgotten the issue, the whole collabo brouhaha came up again when R.Kelly visited Nigeria a few weeks ago. Expectedly, many people were expecting to see Tuface perform with R. Kelly but that didn’t happen. Rumours started flying that Tuface may have lied to Nigerians about having done a duet with R.Kelly.

Surprisingly, 2face, who’d featured in past music festival organized by ThisDay didn’t make the list of the performing artists billed for R.Kelly’s show. An insider disclosed that when R.Kelly was asked if he knows Tuface, he denied him, saying he had never heard the name before. He was said to have listened to the song they were meant to have done together and he laughed over it, insisting that he made the beat a long time ago, and that it must have been tapped on the internet.

This City People learnt got the organizers upset and it is for this reason, sources revealed that 2face may have been dropped from the show.

Last week Thursday, City People put a call across to 2face to comment on the allegation but his line was not available, so they called up his manager, Efe Omoreige who spoke exclusively on the issue “Well, I have not heard anything from the organizers of the show that R.Kelly disclaimed Tuface, so I might not be able to respond to it. About the allegations that Tuface didn’t record with R.Kelly, I will explain to you. Yes the duet was real. Tuface recorded with R.Kelly but not in the same studio. The met but couldn’t achieve being in the studio at the same time because of their tight schedule. R.Kelly did his own part and sent it to Tuface and that is all about it. Tuface didn’t perform at the show because he was already engaged elsewhere. We were contacted for the show, but we were already booked to be in Benin. You don’t expect Tuface to neglect a show he has been paid for to convince people that he knows R.Kelly”

Hmmmm, interesting!

Let me tell you what I think. If these guys actually spoke with R. Kelly and he said the things they claim he said, then I don't think R Kelly would lie about not knowing Tuface. He has no reason to. But I also do not think that Tuface Idibia would stoop so low to do what he's being accused of. He's far bigger than that. So there must be something else going on here that we don't know about. There's definitely another hook to this story.

What do you guys think? And please no insults...

Thursday 23 July 2009

R70's Green Shorts

R70 World and Independent Film Nigeria presents Green Shorts, a short film initiative aimed at helping young Nigerians (Ages 18-25) make their first film on 35mm film stock by Kodak. 5 successful applicants will be chosen to learn and work with experienced Nigerian filmmakers and producers while making their first short film.

The completed shorts shall be submitted and entered in film festivals around the world showcasing the talents of the new generation of Nigerian filmmakers, creating awareness and sourcing investments for feature length films to tell beautiful Nigerian stories to the world.

Applicants who show high level of creativity and potential will also win scholarships to study at film schools in the UK and the US.

Green Shorts is the brainchild of Ayo Shonaiya and is developed and produced by R70 World, supported by Kodak, the world leader in film products and largest supplier of photographic films to the motion picture market. Independent Film Nigeria (IFN) is a new collective of like-minded Nigerian filmmakers from around the world.

Green Shorts is being developed into a reality TV series/documentary across Africa.
So watch out for that!

Olu Maintain presents Kentro World: With All Due Respect PRESS PLAY

Here's the album art for the upcoming album With All Due Respect PRESS PLAY to be released on the 27th of July, 2009.
Also look out for that...

Photos of the day

Ciara new hairstyle

Ciara before

Ciara now.

I kinda like it. It's really nice.

Ok, I'm through with blogging today, catch ya'll tomorrow


Guinness 250

I was at the Guinness 250 launch which held on Saturday the 18th at Jade Palace Victoria Island, and what a spectacular show it was. Oh, I had the most amazing time.

Unfortunately I didn't go with a camera so I don't have personal pictures to show but believe me when I say the event was so well put together and every
one who came, especially the ladies, were beautifully dressed. Oh, you all should have seen my Steve Ray dress...hmmmm! lol

Anyway, the Black carpet was invaded by a host of paparazzi from top media channels and while their camera’s greeted the invitees and celebrities alike, some were invited for interviews while others enjoyed the company of friend and Guinness cocktail, before proceeding upstairs for the event proper.

The event itself lived up to and surpassed everyone's expectations, Frank Edoho steered proceedings brilliantly, Waje brought new melody to the National anthem, Dare-art Alade put up a sterling Performance and Omawumi stunned the guests.

Guinness announced a National Consumer Promotion to celebrate 250 years and reward loyal consumers and asked that everyone be in expectation of September 24th as Nigeria raise their glasses and the worldwide celebration of Arthur Guinness day”

And the highpoint of the night, was the Unveil of Jay-Jay Okocha as the new Guinness ambassador.

Then it was capped with knock-out performances by Banky W, MI and DJ Jimmy-Jatt held down at the Volar Bar, and whats more, the drinks were all on Guinness

Your browser may not support display of this image.

I have just a few pictures, but I'll sure get you more...


IMG_7875.JPG - Gmail

Dare performing. He stole the show. Incredible performer...

Frank Edoho, Isio Wanogho, Ego Ogbaro and Segun Arinze

Omawunmi Megbele doing her thing. What a voice!

The MD of Guinness, Okocha and Guinness brand manager, Ohimai

More pictures coming...

Update: Linda at Guinness 250

Hmmm, I thought my Steve Ray dress rocked, but looking at it now, I'm not so sure...lol

I know the designer said something about ironing the dress, but I'm not big on ironing, so I didn't do that. Hmmm, maybe I should have. Chai!

Hopefully there's a better picture of me somewhere...lol

Pix thanks to bellanaija.

Icecapade 2009 in photos

It was all GLAM, GLITZ & GLITTER at N4LIFE's ICECAPADE on 18th JULY 2009 @ Tereza Joanne Boat. These are just some of the official pics to wet your appetite!


Shakar, uk based artiste, ICED out the guests & Mic with 2 dancers

The VIP ICE LOUNGE hostesses

The N4LIFE team wore some HOT designs by JIRO clothing at the earlier part of the night... see more amazing designs at http://www.jiroshop.co.uk/

The man, Ace Adegoke

Ayo, Shade and Tokunbo Adegoke

*The end*

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