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Friday 19 September 2008

It's my birthday...

Go linda, it's your birthday,
We gonna party like it's your birthday
We gonna sip juice like it's your birthday

(A birthday card from a fan of this blog)

It's my birthday y'all

I think the guys at work have a surprise for me, heard them whispering yesterday but instead of celebrating, I'll be working. Will be at Jade's Place on the Island choreographing a show for Virgin Nigeria. Didn't know they'll fix the first day of rehearsal on my birthday, but a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.

Working on my birthday...Dear God, give me a life...lol

Thanks to everyone who's sent me birthday wishes via Facebook, text messages, phone calls and the very special someone who sent me the most beautiful gold necklace and ear-rings I've ever seen...at least in real life...lol

Hopefully I'll get more birthday greetings here
So holla at your girl...

Love you all


Wednesday 17 September 2008

What people will say...

He comes to my office today, asking me to lend him money.

I'm surprised because I know he made a few millions a few months ago after working on a project for almost six months. I remember asking him a day after he got his cheque what he planned to do with the money. He talked about buying shares and I remember saying something about investing.

So here he is two months later asking me to lend him a few thousands. What happened to all your money I ask him.

Well, here's his story. He spent 85% of the money to buy a brand new Jeep (4x4), another 10% to revamp his wardrobe and the last 5% finished a few days ago, so he needs a loan.

Then I ask him why he spent all that money buying a Jeep instead of investing some of it.

His answer leaves me speechless for at least 5seconds.

He says 'well, all my friends drive Jeeps, I have to join the club, besides how else can I show that I have arrived?"

Y'all don't wanna know what ensued after that and no he didn't get any money from me.

But this brings me to my question for today.

Do we humans do half the things we do because of what people say, will say or have said?

Do we get married because the society expects us to be married at a certain age and not because we're ready?

Do we refuse to walk out of a miserable, unhappy marriage because of what people will say?

Do we buy big, fine houses and cars just to impress people not because we really have a need for them? Why do some people have 6/7/8 cars? Is it because they really enjoy collecting cars or because it shows off their wealth?

Do we join a profession just because we think it's prestigious not because we have a passion for it?
'I want to be a lawyer'
'Because lawyers have a lot of respect'

Is that all we are about? Living for other people?

If he had said I bought the car with all my money because I needed it so badly...then maybe, but to say 'How else can I show the world I have arrived'

I don't think you need a car to prove you've arrived but some people don't get it.

So I ask again, do we do half the things we do because of what the society thinks or will say?

Sunday 14 September 2008

So What?

I'm in my 30's and I'm not married...so what?

I have been married twice and my marriages didn't work out...so what?

I've been married for five years without a child...so what?

I have five female children and no male child...so what?

My husband left me for another woman...so what?

I walked out of my marriage...so what?

I have a child and no husband...so what?

I'm dating a younger man...so what?

I don't have a boyfriend...so what?

I'm in my first year in the university when all my mates have graduated...so what?

I graduated with a third class...so what?

All my mates drive cars and I don't have one...so what?

You earn more money than I do...so what?

You have a house and I don't...so what?

I lost my job...so what?

I'm not pretty and curvy...so what?

I limp in one leg...so what?

I'm fat...so what?

I like to dress weird...so what?

You don't like me?...so what?

I have an album out and no one's buying...so what?

I started a business and it collapsed...so what?

I have made a lot of mistakes...so what?

I'm not who you want me to be...so what?

I'm not perfect...so what?

So freaking what? I ask you.

How's my life and the way I choose to live it any of your business?

Most of us don't know how to mind our business, I'm guilty of it sometimes, but it's not about the other person now, it's about you.

To everyone reading this today, no matter what your situation is, I hope when people remind you of it, you're confident enough in who you are to say 'SO BLADDY WHAT?'

Despite your circumstances, the bad decisions you made, wrong turns you took, despite your anger, pain and disappointment, despite your failures and successes, despite what anyone thinks or says about you, I hope that when you look in the mirror, you love the person staring right back at you.

I hope you find the goodness inside of you and wrap it around you to protect you from all the craziness around you.

I hope you don't live in regret.
I hope you don't wish you could change your life.
I hope you don't wish you were somebody else.
I hope you appreciate God's work in your life
I hope you discover who your true friends are.

I hope you find that your strength supersedes your weakness.
I hope you find that you've done more good than bad.
I hope you realise that people carrying bad stories about you don't know shit about you.
I hope you believe in your strength and in your truth
I hope you discover who you really are and master yourself.
I hope you realise you only have one life to live and living it to the fullest is the best way to do it.

I hope you face your fears, because that's the easiest way to gain strength, courage, and confidence in who God has made you.

I hope you love the person you are despite what people say is wrong about you.

If for instance you're attracted to men and you're a man, people like me will talk.
I hope you find the strength inside of you to face me and say 'I like men Linda, so what? SO BLADDY WHAT?"

Have an incredible week everyone.
God Bless

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