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Saturday 20 March 2010

Naija Fashion Police. Please feel free to comment...:-)

Tara's HIP Range now in stores + H.I.P Launch Pictures

Do you have a set of the new Tara H.I.P range eyeshadow set? Get yours today @ their stores nationwide
And get the uber Fab look.

You can reach them at 22a, Omotayo Ojo Street, Ikeji, Lagos. Tel: 08022922921

Pictures from H.I.P Official Launch

Tiger Wood's Blow Up Dolls

Warning: Adult content. Under 18 shouldn't look abeg...:-)

Pipedream Products Inc. a novelty item production company, has created a line of Tiger Woods sex toys, giant condoms, and blow-up dolls.

Nick Orlandino, COO of Pipedream says:
"We're following in the footsteps of Larry Flynt and all of the other porn parodies out there, and the Take Home Tiger is no different. Look for more hilarious products from Pipedream in the future"

Tiger's lawyer has already sent a letter to Pipedream Products, demanding they stop selling the porno products, recall all items that have already been distributed and then destroy or dispose them "in a manner and at a time as directed by Tiger Woods."*
Wonder when this nightmare will end for this man and his family. They should leave him alone abeg.
But I kinda like the doll below...lol

Please don't ask me to take this pic down. I want to look. It has teyed! lol
The only problem with these dolls is that his wife will be constantly reminded of his affairs. Sad!

Secret to a Natural, Flawless Look - Tara Durotoye

1. Apply foundation to your cheeks, forehead, and chin using a foundation brush, sponge, or clean fingertips. Blend the foundation all the way to your natural hairline with long, light strokes.

2. Continue blending over the jawline and onto your neck to achieve a natural, seamless look.... Check your face and neck in natural light to make sure the foundation is completely blended in all areas.

3. If under-eye circles or red spots remain, do not add more foundation; it can look heavy and cakey. Instead, try a concealer.

Tip: Choose the shade of your foundation carefully. When testing out shades, pick one that matches the tone of your jawline exactly. It helps to use a mirror outdoors to see how shades look in natural light.

Tip: Begin by applying a small amount of foundation then increase amount to achieve the degree of coverage that suits your skin.

Tip: For daytime, mix your foundation with a light SPF moisturizer before applying for a smoother, more sheer application.

Friday 19 March 2010

Can a relationship work without sexual chemistry?

Hi Linda, a question for you. Can a relationship work without SEXUAL CHEMISTRY? I am currently dating someone who DOES NOTHING for me SEXUALLY. And before you ask, YES I AM IN LOVE WITH HIM!

How can you be in love with someone you are not sexually attracted to? Are you not supposed to feel the heat 'down there' before you feel the one up there? Or is it the other way round? lol.
What am I even writing? Please don't ask me question o jare...I don't know..:-)
All these talk of sexting, sexual kini, sexual gbogboe, onya mi crazy. It has teyed! Lol!
If you have an answer to the question, please share your thoughts.

The Michelle Obama Inaugural Doll

doll has been released of Michelle Obama dressed in the iconic Inaugural Jason Wu dress.

The Michelle Obama inaugural doll is an exquisite, all-porcelain collector doll capturing the very essence of  US First Lady.

It is available exclusively at Danbury Mint and is priced at just $149 plus $9 dollars shipping and services.
To order, go here...http://www.danburymint.com/

I want one!

Sexting pair arrested in dubai

 A 47 year old Indian man and a 42 year old Indian woman, who worked as cabin crew for Emirates airline, have been sentenced to three months in jail for sexual content found on their cell phones, otherwise known as sexting.

The conviction said the sexual content of the texts suggested the unnamed pair planned to "commit sin" – a reference to an extramarital affair, which is illegal in the United Arab Emirates.

The court ruling said there was not enough evidence to determine whether the couple had an affair, which would have likely brought a harsher sentence.

The text messages surfaced in a divorce lawsuit by the woman's estranged husband.

Source: telegraph.co.uk

Three months in jail for sending flirty text messages? A little harsh. But then their law is their law...
Imagine if they had a law like that in Naija, how many of us go don land in jail? Lol.
What does SMH and LWKMD mean by the way?

Top Rated artists to feature in d Monologues on Sunday March 21 & 28 @ Terra Kulture

On Sunday, March 21 & 28, a battle of the sexes will be staged at Terra Kulture, Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. The once in a life time experience will feature The V. Monologues versus The Tarzan Monologues. The Tarzan Monologues, probably the first of its kind is a platform for men to express themselves. As against the norm where men are expected to remain silent and strong in the face of adversity, the Tarzan Monologue provides a platform for addressing issues that affect manhood. First performed in October 2009, the success of the performances caught the attention of the Hafsat Abiola-Costello led organisation, the Kudirat Initiative for Democracy (KIND) which brought the original Vagina Monologues written by Eve Ensler to Nigeria. The appearance of the aspect has now given rise to what is regarded as the ultimate face-off in The V. Monologues vs. The Tarzan Monologue.

Thursday 18 March 2010

The 12th Annual Kennis Music Easter Fiesta

Now in its 12th year, the organizers of the Annual Kennis Music Easter Fiesta say this year’s edition will be bigger and better than previous editions.

First show...
Date: Good Friday April 2nd 2010
Venue: Lagos Oriental Hotel, Lekki, Lagos.
Fee: Ticket - VIP - N10, 000, Regular - N5, 000

Second show
Date: April 5th, 2010
Venue: Kuramo Beach, VI
Fee: N750 or purchase any Kennis CD or VCD and pay N500 at the gate.

Terry G, Banky W, Essence, Skuki, KSB, Sheyman, Omawumi and Goldie, Star Quest winners Diamonz and The Pulse, Timaya, 9ice, Eedris Abdulkareem, Lord of Ajasa, Mo’ Cheddar, Ill Bliss, Maye Hunta and K-Solo.

Alli Baba, Tee A, Gbenga Adeyinka de 1st and Julius Agwu will host activities on both dates.

Be there!!!

Swizz Beats' ex-wife speaks

Our marriage and our family was never respected, nor has been a concern to the parties involved. Both of them have been extremely determine to disregard the fact that I am a human being with feelings, a mother, and the woman whom was there when this man was sick, down, and without money or fame. Amazing how people forget! I recently saw a video of his, his words completely took me by surprise. It was an awful demonstration of lies and tales. All in the name of “saving face… I believe the two of them are meant for each other. Only a certain type of woman would sleep with a married man, and only a certain type of man would abandon his family for another woman. I guess they are “equals.” Those were his words on that video. The past 12 years of my life with this man has been a complete learning experience and I’m proud to say that I am a better woman today, because of it…Fortunately, I’m able to walk away with a prize or two. My self esteem and my son. My focus is my son, coupled with figuring out a way to make this all make sense to him at the end of the day, so that he can be a great man. I seriously hope people can learn a thing or two from all of this. Its a disease to family growth and human behavior.” ~ Mashonda, Swizz Beats soon to be ex-wife.

Swizz left her for singer Alicia Keys.
Sad! As a woman, you can almost feel her pain.

Swizz and Mashonda when the going was great.

Swizz is with Alicia Keys now.**

I don't understand why some women can't just leave married men alone.
I love Alicia Keys...but I'm not feeling her right now.
I know some of you will say...'no woman can take a man that doesn't want to be taken'
BS. If he's married...stay the hell away from him. Don't tempt him. Simple!
Think of his kids, think of his wife, think of the marriage you could be breaking and go find yourself a single man. Why would you want a man that's married anyway?

We women are our own worst enemies. We complain about our men constantly cheating when we are the ones that sleep with them knowing they are married.

Sandra Bullock just moved out of her matrimonial home some days ago for the same reason.
If only some women can say - your wife also has a vagina, and she's the one you gave the ring to, so why don't you go home and do her?

Ha! I tire for some women. But we all know what they say about cheating - 'if he cheated with you...he will cheat on you'
All the best to Alicia.

I've said my piece. Say yours...but no insults abeg...:-)
I took that kind of personal huh? lol
What's your stand on this?

"My wife can't cook" - Festus Keyamo

Popular Lagos lawyer, Mr. Festus Keyamo yesterday told an Ikeja High Court presided over by Justice Elfrada Williams-Dawodu that his wife, Irene cannot cook.

Keyamo who had last year instituted a divorce proceeding against his wife on the ground that their marriage had broken down irreparably told a bewildered court yesterday that his wife is absolutely irresponsible, foul mouthed, ill-tempered and cannot cook.

In the suit, he had also asked the court to separate the six years old wedding which was blessed with two children, but agreed that the wife should take custody of the children.

However, the wife, Irene in her cross-petition accused the husband of being tight fisted, philandering and grossly irresponsible, and prayed the court for a N20 million alimony from Keyamo.
The couple got married on May 15, 2004 in Benin City.

Narrating his ordeal before the court, Keyamo alleged that his wife severally harassed him at home and office, including barring him from his matrimonial home.

He said: “She is absolutely disrespectful, foul-mouthed and ill-tempered. I even had to greet in the morning. Worse still, she can’t even cook. Sometimes I had to make the food myself.”
Keyamo also denied the allegation made by his wife in her cross petition that he abandoned his children and that he was a wife beater. “I never abandoned my children. That is a wicked lie. My wife prevented me from seeing them to spite me. Despite that I continued to send her money for their upkeep. She said I battered her. That is also a blatant lie. I never laid my hands on her”
He recounted an incident when the wife prevented him from entering the house, after he had arrived late, despite repeated knocks at the door.
“I came and knocked at my door but my wife refused to open the door for me. I left in anger and my wife did not bother to look for me until after a month when she had finished the money for the house keep,” he said.

He also accused the wife of wild behaviour, stating an instance when she onced stabbed the four tyres of his Toyota Jeep, after assaulting him in the office.
The wife, Irene in her cross petition, had accused Keyamo of severally physically assaulting her and lacks respect for womanhood.

Keyamo, however, refuted the allegation and assured the court that he would not falter in his fatherly responsibility of taking care of the children.
“I proposed at the critical stage of their life (children), I might not give her the full custody of the children. In the event that she is married, I will get my children from her because I do not want them to grow under the tutelage of another man.”
Keyamo continues his testimony on 21 April, 2010.

Source: PM News.

French first lady, Carla Bruni Sarkozy's bad plastic surgery...

Carla before...

Carla now...

Why would anyone do this to themselves? If you are young and not deformed, what do you need plastic surgery for?

Wednesday 17 March 2010

Goodluck Jonathan dissolves cabinet

Nigeria's acting president, Goodluck Jonathan, has dissolved the country's cabinet.

Information Minister Dora Akunyili said after a cabinet meeting: "Today, the acting president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, dissolved the Federal Executive Council (cabinet). He did not give us any reason for the dissolution. Permanent secretaries will take charge of the ministries from tomorrow." 

Ms Akunyili said that Mr Jonathan would issue a statement soon on the future make-up of the cabinet.

Mr Jonathan will have to submit the list of new ministers to the National Assembly.

Hmmmm....things fall apart...45 ministers all gone.
Wonder who the new ministers will be...

"Nigeria should be divided into two nations" Gaddafi

"Nigeria should be divided into two nations to avoid further bloodshed between Muslims and Christians," Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has said. In a speech to students, he praised the example of India and Pakistan, where he said partition saved many lives. Splitting Nigeria "would stop the bloodshed and burning of places of worship," state news agency Jana quoted him as saying.

He has a country to run...I think he should concentrate on that. What do you guys think of his statement?

"Don Jazzy should pay homage" OJB Jezreel

Delta State born producer and musician OJB Jezreel has produced many hit songs including Tuface Idibia's African Queen. He gave an interview recently to City People magazine.

Can you rate the top 3 Nigerian producers?
OJB Jezreel "That's very tight because there are a lot of them now. Definitely Cobhams, Frabs and I wish I could put it together, that is ID Cabasa and Joe Kenny in one place.

Where do you place someone like Don Jazzy?
OJB "He's a good producer but you said my top 3 and he's not in my top 3. I'm sure if you ask him who's your top 3, he will say Terry G, Terry G, Terry G.

Do you guys talk when you see?
OJB "Of course we do

But you are not really in good terms?
OJB "We talk well, but all the same, someone can be greeting you and laughing with you everyday but it doesn't mean that the person is doing the right thing"

What do you think he should do?
OJB "Come and pay homage, simple."

Jos boils again

Troubled Plateau State experienced yet another wave of violence in the early hours of Wednesday, March 17, with at least 11 people killed in Riyom, just outside Jos, state radio was reported as saying.

Source: 234Next

Photo of the day...

I'm sure there's an explanation for this...
Do you know...?

Quote of the day

"I like to put girls in my video that I think are hot. If a really hot black girl came to a casting, she’d be in my video. I think that people even focusing on the race issue in my videos is a problem. And I would almost react by never putting black girls in my video, because I’m that type of person – rebellious. I’d be like, ‘If that’s how you’re gonna be, I’m never gonna put black girls in my videos.’

UK artist Taio Cruz reacting to being criticised for not having black girls in any of his videos.

Does he have any Nigerian blood?

UKIP Party Poster

Chase foreigners away from the UK. UKIP party poster!

Not nice!!! Don't vote for them!!!

Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop Sponsored by Nigerian Breweries

Farafina Trust will be holding a creative writing workshop in Lagos, organized by award-winning writer and creative director of Farafina Trust, Chimamanda Adichie, from May 20 to May 29 2010. The workshop is sponsored by Nigerian Breweries Plc. Guest writers who will co-teach the workshop alongside Adichie are the Caine Prize Winning Kenyan writer Binyavanga Wainaina, Chika Unigwe winner of a Rockefeller Foundation fellowship for creative writing, South African writer Niq Mhlongo and celebrated Ghanaian writer Ama Ata Aidoo.

The workshop will take the form of a class. Participants will be assigned a wide range of reading exercises, as well as daily writing exercises. The aim of the workshop is to improve the craft of Nigerian writers and to encourage published and unpublished writers by bringing different perspectives to the art of storytelling. Participation is limited only to those who apply and are accepted.

To apply, send an e-mail to Udonandu2010@gmail.com
Your e-mail subject should read ‘Workshop Application.’
The body of the e-mail should contain the following:

1. Your Name
2. Your address
3. A few sentences about yourself
4. A writing sample of between 200 and 800 words. The sample must be either fiction or non-fiction.

All material must be pasted or written in the body of the e-mail. Please Do NOT include any attachments in your e-mail. Applications with attachments will be automatically disqualified. Deadline for submissions is April 22 2010. Only those accepted to the workshop will be notified by May 6 2010. Accommodation in Lagos will be provided for all accepted applicants who are able to attend for the ten-day duration of the workshop. A literary evening of readings, open to the public, will be held at the end of the workshop.

Hakeem Kae-Kazim filming in home country of Nigeria

Nigerian-born, United Kingdom-trained actor Hakeem Kae-Kazim who is known for Hollywood blockbusters like 'X Men Origins: Wolverine', The Fourth Kind and Hotel Rwanda, is back in his home country of Nigeria filming his latest flick ‘Inale’.

Hakeem stars in the Nigerian film ‘Inale’, with Jeta Amata (Amazing Grace, Alexa Affair, Queen) directing this wonderful story. The film is set to the music of the RENOWNED Bongos Ikwue and features songs from his past present and future. The story features an Idoma princess called Inale, who is said to have married the prize winner of a wrestling match and is played by Hollywood actress Caroline Chikezie (Eon Fluxe).
Hakeem Kae-Kazim will be back in Nigeria very soon to film another story with the same director and production team. With his aim of raising the bar of Nigerian movies and to make its presence really felt on the world stage, his face will stay familiar both on a local and international level.

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