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Thursday 8 January 2009

Quincy Ayodele's Urine Therapy + Ibukun Jegede

I admire this woman. She's a renowned herbal medicine practitioner and the Medical Director of Quincy Herbal Slimmers Health Centre and is an outstanding achiever whose exemplary lifestyle is worthy of emulation. I've Watched her severally on TV talking about different methods to take care of yourself using herbs.
Recently she talked about Urine therapy. This is what she said "Do you know that you can use your own urine to heal a lot of diseases? You can use your own very urine to lose weight? treats acne? and lots more.... "
I have absolutely no doubt that this thing works...but I don't know if I can deliberately put urine on my face...that would be so painful...lol
What about you, do you believe in Urine Therapy and can you do it?
Pls discuss

Meanwhile I’d like to introduce you all to a young dude who’s doing Nigeria proud. Some of you probably already know him, I just discovered him about a week ago or so. His name is IBUKUN JEGEDE and he is 08/09 Britians Next Top Model of Colour.

The 21 year old model and student of Information Technology in Notthingham Trent University only relocated to the UK two years ago after a dabbling a little into modeling in Nigeria. The 6'2' extremely humble dude beat over 3400 other models from around the world to become BRITAINS NEXT MODEL OF COLOUR. He won the modeling contest on sat 8th November 2008.

On the night of the contest. Ibukun is flanked by 1st runner up, an Italian, and 2nd runner up, a British Black model
Check out more pictures...

He also won Most Outstanding male model in the UK in 07

Naija, we always shine every where we go. I'm mightily proud of him and his achievements. This is just the beginning of his journey.
Drop Ibukun a line
And do let me know what you think about Urine Therapy
Oh by the way, about the previous post, that's rapper Naeto C and TV gal Kemi Adetiba
Una try...

Wednesday 7 January 2009

Guess Who?

Let’s have fun with this post.
Let’s play guessing games

Who is this famous dude? He was so cute as a toddler wasn't he?

It's rapper Naeto C

And who is this well known lovely lady in her father's arms back in the day…

It's TV gal, Kemi Adetiba

Tuesday 6 January 2009

Tuface Idibia Interview

I love Tuface Idibia
The guy’s hilarious
Nothing obviously fazes him
When you really think about it, it’s probably the best way to live life
Make the best of every situation you find yourself in
He recently granted an interview to Uche Olehi of Encomium magazine
I found the interview hilarious; I don’t know how you would find it...

What would you say is the nicest thing that happened to you in 2008?
I thank God for my lovely and healthy kids (Five in number). I also won World Music award and equally embarked on a world tour"

What about your album? It wasn’t a commercial success?
“That wasn’t a complete album. Each of the tracks is a single. The album is still coming"

How are you starting the New Year?
“I go start am by stopping every bad thing wey I do last year”

Like womanizing?
“You know all of them (laughs) I don’t need to tell you"

How many kids do you have now?
“You can count them, but we don’t count children in my place"

Congrats on your new child with Annie Macauley
Thank you”

So you have got something to show for the on-and-off relationship at last?
“if you say so. I loved her without any condition”

How is the bundle of joy doing?
“I’m not there with them, but from what they say, they are fine”

What are you most grateful for?
Tuface “My family"

Why are you a people’s man?
“That’s my nature”

And all the women in your life?
“I no wowo now (I am not ugly) Check am, see am, that maybe why they are after me"

You also have too much money to spend on them?
Thanks God for that

They say married women now use Tuface as a point of contact to have children
“I thank God for their lives (laughs)

What do you wish for your kids?
Good luck and blessings”

And the mother of your children?
I wish them more blessing and I respect them"

Not that funny is it?
Here's a FAB blog y'all need to check out. It’s psychiatry and psychology in simple ways. You really will enjoy and learn a lot from it. Check on it here... http://kconxepts.blogspot.com/

See y'all later

Sunday 4 January 2009

Face of West African Fashion Week...

He called me on the phone today and said 'I'm just calling to say something to you'
'What?' I asked
He said 'You're a lovely person Linda, I just called to tell you that. I gotta run, speak to you later'
He hung up
I stood where I was grinning from ear to ear...

I've been called a lot names and described in many ways but this was different. I've heard you're nice, unassuming, down to earth, super cool... You're a bitch... yes I've heard that ;) but I don't remember ever being called or described as lovely. There's something so sincere and sweet about it.

Lovely Linda...hmmm, I like it!
09 will be such a great year for me...and for you. Yes YOU. I'm talking to you, God will bless you so much this year it will bring tears to your eyes...Whether you're a lovely person or not ;)

Speaking of lovely people, here's one lady I think is incredibly lovely, actress Rita Dominic.

Before I got to know her I thought she was probably one of those stuck up famous ladies, but she blew me away with her simplicity and down to earth nature. I went to a Xmas party (The only party I attended this Xmas...lol) she hosted a few days ago at her house and I had an incredible time hanging out with her and her friends. She's courteous, nice and has absolutely no airs about her. A really lovely lady.

Another Lady that's after my heart is Emem Ema of former hot group KUSH.

I'm a fairly nice person but Emem showed me a side to being nice that I haven't seen in a bit. Spoke to her a few days ago and was blown away by her humility and how much she appreciates people. Emem, also known as Mem'O has a hit single GREENLIGHT that's blazing hot. Y'all need to check it out.

OK, to the koko of the day...
I told y'all about the Face of West African Fashion Week contest that took place a few weeks back. Frank Osodi, the top designer behind the event was looking for the 1st West African Fashion Week Model, who will win a N1million contract to feature in all the West Africa Fashion Week advert material.

A lot of models entered for the competition but only six girls were picked and on the 14th of Dec, a modeling contest held and a winner emerged.
But the thing is, some people didn't agree with judge's choice. I did but some people didn't...

Below are the pictures of the top six finalists. What I want you to do is look at all the girls and tell me who you think should have won, or who you think best represents West Africa...

1. Tamara

2. Taka

3. Ruth

4. Rebecca

5. Keme

6. Jennifer

And here they are together...
The six finalists of the Face West African's Fashion Week

And here they are with designer Frank Osodi, Make-up artist Divine Looks and the CEO of Make Me Salon...
So, who deserved to win. Pick a model and tell us why...

Meanwhile, here are the pictures from the Face of West African Fashion Week Contest. I was there but no picture of me was taken...poor me ;)

Silverbird Galleria





Top 6

Top 3

Susan Eyo honesty (City People Deputy Editor In Chief) and the top 3

Benny Uche and Frank Osodi

Chief Mrs Opral Benson and Chief Mrs Abba Folawiyo

The ushers

Jedi the MC and one of the night's performers...sorry I can't remember her name ;)

SpiceTV in the house

Chief Sunny Odogwu with Nneka and Isaac Moses
Chief Odogwu greeting the ladies...
Chief Mrs Oprah Benson with Chief Mrs Abba Folawiyo

GM, Frank Osodi, Chief Odogwu and Designer (Nobel Couture) Akanni Oyefusi, who is also the President of the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria, FADAN
Frank with Nigeria's Next Super Model 08 winner

Isaac and Nnenna Moses with friends...
That's it!
The war...
We might be partying and having fun in other parts of the world but it's not a happy new year for some people in the Middle East. They are currently living in a state of terror, no lights, water, food or safety. Rip to the over 500 people who have died in the week-old unneccesary Israeli/Palentinian war. At a time like this, all we can do is call on God to intervene. Pls pray for them.
Thought of the day
If you change your thinking, you can change your life. This is a new year, change has to come

Let us know what you think about the girls...

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