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Saturday 24 March 2007


The UK leg of an international hip-hop tour is in doubt after rapper Snoop Dogg was denied a visa to enter Britain.

Snoop is currently co-headlining a European tour with fellow American rapper P Diddy and had been due to play five UK dates.

The star - whose real name is Calvin Broadus - accepted a police caution after being arrested on suspicion of violent disorder and affray at Heathrow Airport in April last year.

"He has asked how he can help rectify the situation and would happily talk to and give assurances to the officials."

A planned concert at Wembley Arena on Tuesday will go ahead whatever the outcome, the spokesman added.

So celebrities can be denied visas? Nice!lol


This show is today. Unfortunately, I won't be there. But I'll get details of the show for y'all.


Bernie Mac, one of the Original Kings of Comedy, is hanging up his microphone.

Mac said Wednesday that he intends to retire from stand-up comedy later this year after he completes a tour and shoots a concert film that he says will be titled “The Whole Truth, Nothing But The Truth, So Help Me Mac.”

“And I’m going to tell the truth, and I’m going to let these young cats have it,” Mac told reporters at a promotional event in Philadelphia for the upcoming movie “Pride,” in which he stars with Terrence Howard. “They want it, they can have it.”

Mac didn’t say why he’s walking away from an art form that helped launch his successful movie and television career. But he alluded to the struggles stand-up comics like Richard Pryor and Oscar award winner Jamie Foxx experienced when they tried to venture beyond comedic performances.

I hope he does the Michael Jordan, Jay Z style and come back to stand up comedy after his cd's have sold massively. We know their trick. Hope this one is also a trick. If it's for real, I'll sure miss him.


This is the movie everyone has been waiting for. a movie that made a whole country (Iran) revolt. It's called 300 and is based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller.

300 is a ferocious retelling of the ancient Battle of Thermopylae in which King Leonidas and 300 Spartans fought to the death against Xerxes and his massive Persian army. Facing insurmountable odds, their valor and sacrifice inspire all of Greece to unite against their Persian enemy, drawing a line in the sand for democracy.

Starring Gerard Butler and Lena Headey, this visual feast of a film is at cinemas from 23rd March.

Silverbid Galleria and Numetro Cinemas will start showing from next week Friday march 30th. Can't wait to see it.


The 56th annual Miss USA was held yesterday Friday March 23rd at the Kodak Centre, Hollywood, California. Miss Tennessee Rachel Renee Smith was crowned the new Miss USA 2007. Check out her pictures.

Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner waves good-bye at the Miss USA 2007 pageant

Rachel Renee Smith, Miss Tennessee USA 2007, and Danielle Lacourse, Miss Rhode Island, wait to hear who will be announced the winner during the Miss USA 2007 pageant.Rachel Renee Smith won the competition.

Rachel in her swim wear. Sizzling hot

Rachel in her evening wear. Very regal

Miss USA 2007 Rachel Renee Smith of Tennessee poses with Donald Trump after the competition

Being crowned by out-going queen Tara Conners

The new Miss USA, Rachel Renee Smith. I think she's very beautiful. Congrats to her.

Watch out for Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, which comes up on Wednesday March 28th 2007, at the Eko Hotel. I'll be there live and direct.


What many believe to be the only painting of Jane Austen, the writer of classics such as "Emma," "Sense and Sensibility" and "Pride and Prejudice," is going on sale. The painting will be auctioned in New York in April by Christie's Gallery, a relation of the English author and owner of the picture said.

The painting is thought to have been made in 1788 or 1789 when Austen would have been about 14.

Portrait of Jane Austen, which measures about five feet tall and three feet wide, is expected to fetch between $400,000 and $800,000 when it goes under the hammer in New York on April 19 as part of the Important Old Master Paintings sale.

I grew up on this woman's books. So nice to finally see what she looked like.


Who's your favourite of them all?


Multiple award winning gospel artiste, the most successful and most powerful female gospel singer in the world, Cece Winans, and one of the world's top male vocalist, Donnie McClurkin are coming to Nigeria. This will be Donnie's 3rd visit and Cece's 1st visit in Nigeria.

The two are on tour in Africa and our amiable Governor Donald Duke invited them to Calabar to bless the people with their soul-lifting songs. So they'll be in Calabar to perform on Sunday April 1st and those of us in Lagos will have the opportunity of watching them live on Tuesday April 3rd at the Expo Hall of the Eko Hotel, time 7pm.

The show in Lagos is a benefit concert for Link-a-child, an organistion that helps you adopt a child all over Africa. The gatefee for the show is N10, 000 and all proceeds will be for the benefit of Link-a-child.

I'm also hearing that Reuben Studdard might just show up. That will be great! For those of you who live abroad...sorry lol. We are having all the fun here in Nigeria.

Also, Kenny's Easter Jam is coming up soon. There's just too much fun going on here.

Friday 23 March 2007


How many of you remember Nigerian actor, Francis Agu? He was the older brother of Bob-Manuel Udokwu's character and husband to Edith Jayne Azu's character in the 1990's Soap-opera, Checkmate. Remember him now? Unfortunately I don't have his photograph, but I'll look around for it to help you guys remember this great actor.

Anyway, he passed on yesterday March 22 2007. Agu 41 and single, died at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), after a protracted undisclosed illness.

May his soul rest in peace. Amen.


Who are you voting for in the April 14th and 21st general election? If you'd asked me that question about a month ago, I would have told you absolutely NO ONE! But then three weeks ago someone told me my vote is my power in having a say on who governs me. If I don't vote and the wrong person gets voted in, do I have a right to complain? No! So I decided to vote, but vote for who? Because I wasn't initially interested in voting, I didn't take any particular interest in any of the candidates vying for the Lagos State Governorship seat, so I didnt know the best candidate of the lot to vote for. To get the right person, who will do as he has promised, I came up with a list of all the candidates, did a background check on them, asked questions, read their, bios, manifestos, checked out their service and achievements in public and private sectors. I was basically looking for that man who was most qualified to Govern Lagos state, and one man stood out from the pack.

His name is Hakeem Gbajabiamila. Why did I single this guy out? I'll give you 10 reason.

10 reasons why Hakeem Gbajabiamila should be Lagos State Governor.

1. Age: He's young. He's just 47 years old. The people of Nigeria need a young responsible Governor with intergrity that they can look up to and emulate. It will be nice to have a governor that is at a decent age who will be able to understand and relate with the young generation, since the young generation are the ones who will shape the future of Nigeria. Therefore, they need a young leader that will take them there. We need someone young, with fresh ideas.

2. Family background: He's from a ruling, noble lineage. His paternal grandfather was the 3rd Bashorun of Lagos. His maternal grandfather was an Assistant Missioner and Chief Imam of renowned Islamic organisation, Ansar-ud-deen Society of Nigeria. His grandmother was the 'Olori Omokewu and Iya Adinni of Alasalatu of Nigeria. His uncle was once a Lagos State Magistrate Judge, another uncle was a commissioner for Finance in Lagos State. Hakeem's mum is a well-known grass-root political leader of repute in Lagos State. Why is all this relevant you may wonder? The Gbajabiamila's are not new to the service of their motherland. All this shows that he's not new to the call of public duty...it runs in the family.

3. Education: He has a B. Sc in Civil Engineering from the Southern Illinois University, USA. He also has a Masters of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Washington University, St Louis, Missouri, USA. Then he attended a specialised Chief Executive Officer programmes at Harvard University and the Lagos Business School. He was top in his class. That tells me this is a brillant guy.

4. Work experience: He's worked on special projects across the private and public sector as a professional both in the US and Nigeria. Hakeem worked as an engineer with Randle Associate, St Louis, USA. An assistant area manager for multi-national construction company Camperon Bernard Construction Company, in France.

5. Achievements: Hakeem's company Projectscope built a 10, 000 office complex for the Ondo state Government.
. Construction of various bank buildings, single and multi family luxury residential projects in Lagos.
. Construction of 32 residential units and a recreational centre for the Memphis City Park Commission, and Memphis international airport.
. Hakeem initiated the development of the 'T' series Waterfront Tourism and Recreational projects. The first of it's kind.
. Between 2001 and 2002, he organised a highly successful and acclaimed world black heritage festival in Badagry to promote a sense of homecoming to blacks in the diaspora.
. Establishment of regional foodstuffs market, the Ikoyi and Victoria Island model city plan.
. The upgrade of slum communities like Badia, Olaleye, Iponri to mention a few.

6. His Party: He's the only candidate running for Governor in Lagos who is representing the ONLY party that has won all the elections in Lagos State since 1999

7. Leadership posts: General Manager of the Lagos State Waterfront and Tourism Development Corporation.
. Commissioner for Physical planning and Urban Development.
. Chairman, reconciliatory group on the crisis within Apapa Local Government, Lagos State.
. Leader, the dynamic group of AD. And so many more.

8. Exposure: He's schooled, worked and lived in developed countries. That exposure to what is obtainable in developd societies will go a long way in directing him on how to take Lagos State to the next level. Exposure has given him experience that can be shared with the youth of Nigeria. Young Nigerians will respect and learn alot from a man who has seen it all. Exposure is key to leadership. How can you lead when you know nothing?

9. His priority areas when he becomes Governor :
Unemployment: Over 200, 000 jobs will be created annually through small and medium scale businesses, funded with bank loans. Some of us who are in dire need of bank loans will benefit tremendously from this man.
Education: To rehabilitate and upgrade educational and school infrastructures, train and retrain teachers and improve their benefits and pay packages.
Health: Pay packages for all categories of health workers, rehabilation of health infrastructures.
Youth empowerment: He intends to establish in Lagos, FOUR centres of the world famous United Nations Youth Empowerment Programme. The objective is to produce thousands of youth enterpreneurs who will make a living through small-scale agricultural, aquaculture and poultry businesses. His Government will provide 10 billion annually to run this programme

10. His philosophy: 'The mark of a complete person is the ability to do the best in every circumstance, for your immediate group, for your society, your nation and for humanity'

It is very important that before we vote for any candidate, we do a thorough research on them. I have done mine and I think Hakeem Gbajabiamila is the kind of man we need. He's young, vibrant, has good leadership qualities, experienced, dedicated, respectful, humble, compassionate and well read. What else do we want?

It's going to take energy to change this State, we need a young intelligent man with intergrity that can do the job. We all know that Lagos needs a change that will better the lives of all Lagosians and lead our young people into a brighter future.

Hakeem is that man. I'm voting for him. What about you?


Naomi's second day on the job. Still smiling!
I love this woman anyday, anytime.


It must suck being Michael Jackson's children. How can they live their lives with their faces always covered like this? What is Michael so paranoid about?

This picture was taken at Heathrow airport yesterday March 22nd.

This is just not fair!


The most useless thing to do.... ...............Worry
The greatest Joy............... ......Giving
The greatest loss................Loss of self-respect
The most satisfying work...............Helping others
The ugliest personality trait.............Selfishness
The most endangered species.........Dedicated leaders
Our greatest natural resource...............Our youth
The greatest "shot in the arm"..........Encouragement
The greatest problem to overcome..... ............Fear
Most effective sleeping pill.... ....Peace of mind
The most crippling failure disease... .....Excuses
The most powerful force in life............. .....Love
The most dangerous pariah..................A gossiper
The world's most incredible computer... .....The brain !
The worst thing to be without................... Hope
The deadliest weapon.......................The tongue
The two most power-filled words..............."I Can"
The greatest asset...... .....Faith
The most worthless emotion..................Self-pity
The most prized possession................Integrity
The most beautiful attire................ ......SMILE!
The most powerful channel of communication..... ...Prayer
The most contagious spirit............. ....Enthusiasm
The most important thing in life..................GOD

Everyone needs this list to live by.


Something really funny happened to me today...on a second thought, it really wasn't funny. Here's the story.

I called a girl on the phone to talk to her about a boy. She allowed me talk for about 3 minutes after which she said she hadn't heard a word I'd said. I cut the phone, waited for 5 minutes, then called again. Once again, she allowed me talk for about 5 minutes before telling me, again, that she hadn't heard a word. I cut the phone again, waited for about 15 minutes, hoping the service would have been better by then, but it was the same story I heard after talking for another 2/3 minutes. The girl then suggested that I text her everything I wanted to say and ask her, and she would reply me via text too. Well, seeing that she couldn't hear a word I was saying, and I really needed to pass a message to her, I agreed and sent her a text.

You guys know what happened next? About 15 minutes later, the subject of my discussion with the girl,called me to say he saw the text I sent to the girl. The girl had apparently forwarded the text I sent her to the guy. That was when it occured to me that the girl had been pretending not to hear the things I'd said to her, so I'd send her a text and implicate myself.

I found it funny at first, but then I realised that it actually wasn't funny. If it had been something very implicating, she would have had evidence.

Trust anyone you think deserves your trust, but please never under-estimate anyone. That person you think isn't smart enough might be the one to explain to you the meaning of S in Smart.

Be careful.


How can millions of people watch your sitcoms, movies etc and you don't watch anyone's? Is that wierd or what? Our homeboy Terrence, recently told the press that he doesn't watch TV, he doesn't even own one. Imagine!

Hear him "There's stuff on TV that'll mess up your mind - Girls Gone Wild all night," he says. "I have trouble when I go to hotels 'cos I'm bored and you're curious, man. They've got, like, five channels and all the other channels, the adult channels, they've got weird stuff that I'm curious (about). So I called them (staff) and I told them, 'Take the TV outta the room...' I'm not a pervert, but I'm curious."

What's wrong with you Terrence? What's wrong with you? You guys know what this dude's problem is? There is nothing wron with watching TV. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. Na wa o!


I'm sure you've all heard stories of Foxy's unacceptable 'behaviour' in recent time? Assault, drunk driving etc.

Well, the ex-rapper is in another 'wahala' again. She was scheduled to appear in a Broward County (Florida) court on Thursday morning March 22nd, but she did not show.

Foxy was facing battery charges from a fracas that ensued at a local beauty shop a few months ago.

After she failed to make her appearance, the judge issued a bench warrant for her arrest.

Something tells me she will be arrested and put in jail if she ever shows face in Florida. Girlfriend better stay away. And what's this anger management issues with Foxy? She better clean up her act and do something more productive with her time...like rapping again? What do you guys think?


BMW 3 Series Convertible

Mercedes Benz CLK-Class Convertible

Audi A4 Cabriolet

Volvo C70 Convertible

Saab 9-3 Convertible

Put this names in mind if you want to get yourself a luxury car. As far as I'm concerned Convertibles are luxury cars...and there's nothing wrong with luxury. You can afford? Get one.

I love the Mercedes Benz CLK-Class Convertible.

Hmmm...maybe oneday!


Nollywood actress, Dakore Ebguson is deeply inlove with the only son of one of Nigeria's richest men, Chief Harry Akande. His name is Lou Akande.


By Monday, we will all know what actually killed Anna.

The autopsy results will be announced at a news conference on March 26th at 10:30 AM.

Can't wait to find out.


His name is Denrele Edun. And he's presenter, producer and voice over artiste. His mum is Indian and his dad is Nigerian. Alot of people do not know this. That's why he has a peculiar look, long hair and a little crazy mien.

He was on Sunday March 18th named City People Award For Excellence's Entertainer of The Year.

I'm so proud of Denrele and how much he's achieved since leaving the University in 2003. He's always wanted to be an entertainer and he went after his dream.

Denrele and I were best friends in School (Unilag). We were called the 'Crazy two' back then because we went virtually everywhere together. There he was, the 'eccentric' Indian and the 'snobbish' model. We were 'too much' for some people in School. We heard all kinds of things said to our faces and behind our backs, some boldly made fun of us, some loved us. It was fun with Denrele. I love him to bits.

Congrats boy.


For those of you who want to know what Dare's new wife looks like...well, that is her above with her hubby. Her name is Deola Ayeni Art-Alade. Hmmm...what do you guys think?

Thursday 22 March 2007


His name is Ngoli Okafor. He's a Nigerian born, American based top model
That body is sizzling.


Self acclaimed 'World's 1st Super Model', Janice Dickinson's 'thing' in display. Nice!


Venantia Otto (2006)

Oluchi Onweagba (1998)

Benvinda Mudenge (1999)

Nombulelo (2000)

Ramatoulaye Diallo (2001)

Kaone Kario (2005)

Where are these girls? Does anyone know what became of them? Please let me know.

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