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Saturday 11 August 2007

Beauty & Style

Alot of people know how to apply make up, but not too many people know how to pluck their eyebrows...so for those of you who fall in this category...here are a few tips on how to create a well-shaped eye brow.

Plucking the eyebrow
*Brush your brows straight up with an old toothbrush or an old mascara wand, and then level off the top, smoothing along with the brush.

*If you have a few extra-long hairs, don't pluck them. Trim off about half of the hairs so they lie down properly.
*After that, apply either an ice cube or some baby teething gel to numb the area (it might hurt a little)
*The inside edge of your eyebrow should align with the inner corner of your eye.
*The easiest way to work out how long the tail of your eyebrow should be is to imagine the under-eye line continued to where it would meet with the eyebrow.
*The arch of your eyebrow should follow the curve of your upper eyeline
* Then, take out any stray hairs in the middle bit above your nose. It will help you get used to the feeling of plucking the hair because it is usually less sensitive here than above the eyes.
*Start plucking from underneath the eyebrow, working from the inside, by the nose, to the outside. Grip the hair firmly and smoothly, and pull it in the direction in which it grows. If you quickly yank it out, you stand a chance of the hair breaking off under the surface of the skin and becoming infected. Painful and not very attractive!
*Do a single hair at a time.
*If you need to take unruly hairs off the top line of the eyebrow, be extremely careful and only do a bit at a time. Taking from the top of the eyebrow is normally against the golden rule, but it's sometimes necessary to give a graceful line. However, it can drastically change the shape of your eyebrow and remember - it doesn't always grow back!
*When you think you are done, hold a mirror in front of you, and look into another mirror behind you. This is the best way to see if everything balances.
*But after all said and done, if you really haven't got a clue, pay a professional to do it for you!

Some of the world's best perfumes...

When next you want to go buy perfume...put some of this names in mind...this fragrances are in a class of their own

Black Cashmere by Donna Karan

Very Sexy by Victoria's Secret
Oro Feminino by Roberto Cavalli

Blonde by Versace

Ladies by Issey Miyake
Romance by Ralph Lauren
Black by Polo
Soul Boss by Hugo Boss

Aqva by Bvlgari

Tender Touch by Burberry

Poison by Dior

Irresistible by Givenchy
Angel by Thierry Murglar
Ckin2u by Calvin Klein

No 5 by Chanel

Imperial Magesty by Clive Christian...world's most expensive perfume...over $200, 000

Here also are some of the world's best cosmetics brands

Black Opal


Christian Dior

Elizabeth Arden

Estee Lauder


The Body Shop

Mary Kay



Designers bags to die for


Jimmy Choo

Della Moda

Marc Jacobs


Peace Keeper
Louis Vuitton
Chloe Bay

So which is your favourite designer bag, perfume and cosmetics brand?

Friday 10 August 2007

'Fake' partners

Been missing in action since yesterday…it’s been crazy busy at work. Running after sponsors for our next fashion show and also trying to get everything set for our TV show. So we finally booked the studio…it’s costing so much to shoot just three episodes of the show. Without meaning to sound unpatriotic, this country has a way of killing dreams. So many people with great ideas, no aid! People who can afford to invest in great ideas have no interest whatsoever in doing so…but then when you have God…he makes things happen. Not only do I have a loan facility to get my magazine out...at last, I also have an executive producer for Catwalk wit Linda. Today, he gave us all the money needed to get the show on the road…I’m so grateful to God! Please always pray, I mean it, It really works…I can’t even begin to count the changes I’ve seen in my life since I started going down on my knees…

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be going to the studio with my set designers. I’ll take pictures of the studio, so y’all can see it and tell me what you think of the place. Also, I’ll be taking and loading pics of of the show, models at the office, at the salon getting their hair and nails done, shopping for clothes and accessories, dress rehearsals, make-up sessions, stage/runway design, basically pre/post production pics…so get set for that. Maybe later I'll explain the structure of the show.

To the crux of today’s topic, I ran into an old friend today, hadn’t seen him in two years, so it was a pretty good surprise. Last time I saw him was with his newly wedded wife of just a month, they seemed pretty close and in love…I remember thinking this young couple will ‘make it’, they sorta seemed so perfect for each, so it was really surprising when I asked after his wife and he told me they were no longer together. Apparently, their marriage had lasted on 17 months. Pretty short, pretty surprising! And instead of leaving well alone, the typical nosy Linda asked her friend why the marriage packed up so soon…what went wrong I wanted to know. Here I am thinking of settling down and most marriages around me are crashing…quite disheartening!

Fortunately, he had no qualms opening up...but guess what he said first…She (Ex-wife) was a fake! A fake? I’ve heard all sorts of reasons why marriages crash, never have I heard anyone say their partner was a fake. This was new to me so I needed more explanation (Like it’s any of my business right? lol).

He explained to me that he'd had met his wife at a time in his life when he was desperately looking for a wife. He said she came and practically turned his whole life around…for the better…she would come to his house, sweep, clean, cook his meals, wash his clothes, take care of him and his younger siblings who were living with him at the time. She was the kind of wife every man dreamed about, kind, gentle, loving, domesticated, never complained, was religious, helped him with his office work and was very obedient. He said at the time, he felt extremely lucky to have found his dream woman…nine months after they met, he married her.

Three months into their marriage, he was in serious shock. He said she stopped washing his clothes, stopped going to church, started nagging, sent his siblings, she used to take care of, out of the house, and became very nasty. At the time, she had been pregnant, so he blamed her new and ugly behaviour on nerves. But he said it got worse after she had their baby…she now officially refused to cook and left every house hold chore to their house help, while she lounged around all day, doing nothing.

She’d had told him she was a graduate of a university, he found out that was a lie, so she wasn’t qualified for most of the jobs he'd applied for on her behalf…she had lied about alot of things...he found out she had lied about her age…she was 29 at the time they married, but told him 26.

She had made enquiries about him, found out what he liked and was looking for in a woman and lived that life just to nail him…after the marriage, her true self took form.

He said things were so bad at home a year after their marriage that he'd had a mind of ending the union, but hesitated because of his daughter and his parents who had also fallen under her spell…

Eventually, he opened up to his mum, who then went to talk some sense into her daughter-in-law but her daughter-in-law walked her out of their home after raining insults on her…warning her never to step foot into the house again.

So, 7 months ago, 17 months after their wedding, my friend packed his belongings and walked out of his marriage.

I also remember a true story of a woman who dated a guy for 4 years and he never laid hands on her. But five months into their marriage, while she was 6 months pregnant, he beat the life out of her just because she admonished him for dropping his toothbrush on the bathroom floor. That was the beginning of a beating that lasted 4years…until she found the strength to walk out of her marriage with her two kids…

I think it’s unfair to pretend to be what you’re not. Let your partner know exactly what they’re getting into…if you’re a nasty person, don’t pretend to be nice, if you're not domesticated, don't pretend to be, if you hate something, don't pretend to like it…why dishonesty and disillusion? Why cause such heartbreak? Faking never lasts…your true self will appear one day and when it does, it won’t be nice for everyone involved.

So the message here really is try to get to know someone as much as possible before making a lifetime commitment to them…I know it’s extremely hard to really know people who don’t want to reveal their true selves, but paying more attention could help detect some hidden character traits…

After all said and done, it’s very important to talk to God before settling down…let him find that right person for us…it doesnt mean we won’t have ups and downs in our relationship, but at least it won’t be about something so vile that it kills our soul or make us loose hope in the human spirit

So this is my question: Why do people pretend so much? Why can’t we all just be ‘what you see is what you get’? How can you tell someone isn't real? Why do people change? Does anyone even know?

Wednesday 8 August 2007

Naija Gists/Gossip

Let me start by apologising to two of my ardent readers I offended. Nma and Damilola...sorry sweets...I don't like it when people are mad at me, especially when they're I'm wrong...I've said it a few times that I can be pretty annoying sometimes...if any of my post really piss you off, just think of my other nice posts and smile for me ok? Kisses!

Ok so to Naija gossip gist. I'm sure y'all know I get most of all this stories from our Naija gossip mags...the journalists here will tell you that most of what they write is true. Some are actually true, some are total lies, while others have a little element of truth in it...so you choose what you want to believe or not...

Here we go...

Lagos State Police PRO speak on indecent dressing...
What do you have to say about the latest war on indecent dressing by the police?
Mr Bode Ojajuni "It is in the interest of the public"
But the police are abusing it, they even arrest innocent people at night without no reason
Mr Bode Ojajuni "We are only arresting people that are suspected. Don't you know that some ladies are being used to commit crimes? Those who are innocent and we screened them, were always immediately released by the police"
Don't you think the exercise is an infringement on people's fundamental human rights to freedom of movement?
Ojajuni "When robbers attack you, that is when you will know that it's not about fundamental human rights"
What an Arse! Ass! Arss! In every way it can be spelt!

Ben's baby mama, Tina Vukor Quarshie, (They have a son called Cody) since joining the Silverbird family two months ago, have sacked two top staff of the company. An accountant and a manager, and more people are at risks of loosing their jobs if they don't play by her rules. The other Bruce brothers are said not to be happy with her coming to the company as they see it as an affront on Ben's wife of over twenty years, Evelyn. Tina is a 45 year ex-banker, who was once married for ten years.

Gossip has it that Soul E’s soul mate, Ure Ukezie, is pregnant with the couple’s first child. If this is really true, then congrats to both of them…

Caroline Ekanem speaks
How old is your baby?
Caroline "I can't tell you how old my baby is"
Is he a baby boy?
Yes, if you want us to talk, leave my baby, my husband and my family out of it"
Did the father of your baby actually pay your bride price?
Caroline “ I don’t know what you’re talking about. People are free to talk. But lets leave that for now, when the time comes, we are going to invite everybody”

Eedris Abdulkareem, who is getting set to release his new album, the king is back or something like that, revealed recently that he's writing a book about his life and will also do a movie about himself. Who wants to read a book or watch a movie about Eedris's life? Raise your hands...my hands are raised...I need to understand why people smoke weed! Just kidding!

Nigeria's youngest book publisher, Olusola Oso, has opened a website that would enable people know more about him and his publishing company and also facilitate the on-line sales of his award winning, children's book, The Second Attempt. For more details visit http://www.osopublishers.com/

Rumour has it that Former beauty queen and actress Ibinabo Fiberesima is pregnant for her lover, Fred Amata. End of gossip!

City People hosts female hip hop artistes
Naija’s top softsell mag will tomorrow Thursday 9th august host 30 female hip hop artistes in recognition of their contribution to the growth of hip hop in Nigeria. The girls include Weird MC, Bouqui, Sasha, Kween, Zeal, Blaise, Genevieve, Resonance, Kemistry, Omotola, Essence etc.

Warebi Martha starts jeans line
South African based Nigerian model Warebi Martha is set to launch her own jeans wear line called Fabuleux Jeans. The top model is getting ready to launch this label in SA and another launch later in the year in Naija…the line will consists of various hippy jeans and classy casual shirt line.

Ishioma Onyebo, Aisha Ola and Chinwe Ezeribe tops NNSM
These are some top Nigerian models to watch out for in the maiden edition of Nigeria’s Next Super Model…the other 22 models are hot also. Watch out for that contest!

Pastor Chris Okotie set to wed
Gist has it that the head pastor in House hold of God Church, Pastor Chris Okotie formally confirmed to his congregation that he would be getting married very soon. Church members are now saying, from the description the pastor gave of his wife-to-be, it’s a certain member of the church, a widower of pastor Okotie’s friend called Stephanie Henshaw. Hmmm! Time will tell.

Ure/Soul E and Warebi pictures are courtesy Bellanaija.blogspot.com. I'm always stealing taking pictures from her blog without any mention to her. Sorry babes, It will won't happen again. lol
So feel free to gossip about others...you know what they say about gossip? If you don't gossip about others, they'll gossip about you...lol

On a final note, I'd like to send my condolences to the family of Thisday's deputy Editor, 36 year old Samuel Famakin, who died on Thursday July 26th 2007. I don't know him personally, but his death seemed to have affected a lot of Naija journalists, who seem suspicious of the way he died. He was a father of two and his wife is 8months pregnant. May his soul rest in peace. Also, to the family of Ibukun Adeniyi, the undergraduate who died on the Lagos-Benin road, on her way back to school, and to Senator Obanikoro, whose daughter was the only survivor of the accident. May pretty Ibukun rest in peace...amen!

See y'all later.

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