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Friday 14 October 2011

My very first time...

Hmmmm, I no say na bad thing first enter your mind as you see 'my very first time'...:-)

But here's what I am talking about. This is the very very very first time in my life that I am traveling out of Nigeria...and I'm mad excited. Finally going to board an international flight...wow! Lol.

I'm going to Kenya for the Naija Nite Festivities...then to SA for Africa Fashion Week, Johannesburg. That's why my blogging this week has been a little scanty...was trying to disvirgin my passport...:-)

Hopefully, I can blog from these countries...will definitely try to...
Love u guys, catch y'all later, kisses.

Gbenga Daniel Granted Bail

The former Ogun State Governor, who is facing a 16 count charge for money laundering, conversion and theft of state funds, was today granted bail by a high court judge in Abeokuta.

The trial date is set for November 16 and 17th 2011.

Rick Ross Suffers Seizure, Passes Out On Flight

It's being reported that Rick Ross had to be removed from a flight out of Ft. Lauderdale after having a seizure and losing consciousness.

From TMZ
Rick Ross is unconscious and paramedics are desperately trying to resuscitate him. Rick was on a flight going from Ft. Lauderdale to Memphis today, when the rapper lost consciousness. The plane was forced to make an emergency landing.
Emergency workers tell us the call came in at 12:55 PM ET ... the caller reported a seizure.

Nollywood Goes to Hollywood

SAG general counsel Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, Nollywood actor Bob-Manuel Udokwu and Screen Actors Guild president Ken Howard
Nollywood actors, Uchenna Nnanna, Kingsley Ogbonna, Obi Osotule, Kanayo O. Kanayo, Emeka Rollas, Bob-Manuel Udokwu, Ejiro Okurame and Actors Guild of Nigeria president Segun Arinze were in Hollywood some days ago to meet the Screen Actors Guild president Ken Howard and other reps of the Guild.

The Screen Actors Guild welcomed the representatives from the Actors Guild of Nigeria at Marmalade Cafe Farmers Market on October 12, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

Flagship: a Lifestyle Store

Flagship is a high-end store that stocks strictly designer brands for very stylish and sophisticated men and women. At Flagship you will find shoes, slippers, jackets, shirts, belts, pants, denims, shirts and some of the best brands in vintage sunglasses like Dita Cazal, Porsche, Chrome, Boeing, Cutler & Gross etc...and the ambiance is unbelievable.

Flagship is located at Murphys Plaza, 27, Sanusi Fafunwa str.,V/I, Lagos. Check out their Facebook for more of what they have to offer here

Auditions for Nigerian Idol in PortHarcourt Today 14th and Tomorrow 15th of October

Do you think you can sing? Become the next Nigerian Idol and win a USD100,000 in cash and recording contract as Nigerian Idol auditions comes to Portharcourt.

Auditions hold on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th October 2011 at the Presidential Hotel by 7am.
You can also get a chance to Party with Nigga Raw, Dj Zeez and more at the auditions.

Blackberry phones and exciting prizes to also win instantly. Log on to www.nigerianidol.com/registration and fill the online form or just pick a form at the venue.

Nigerian Idol is brought to you by Etisalat, in association with Pepsi and Sony. It is also supported by partners, Air Nigeria and Beat FM.

Thursday 13 October 2011

Baba Suwe Allegedly Caught With Cocaine At MMIA

Veteran comic actor, Babatunde Omidina, aka Baba Suwe, was last night Oct 12 arrested by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency at the Muritala Mohammed International Airport for being in possession of Cocaine.

The comic actor was scheduled to board a 10pm scheduled Air France flight to Paris before he was caught. The drugs were allegedly discovered in the 53-year-old actor‘s stomach as he passed through the scanning machine at the airport and he was immediately arrested and detained.
Inside sources have revealed that the comedian has refused to go to the toilet. He is still in custody.

Is anyone surprised by this news?

Photo of the day: Gbenga Daniel in Court

The ex-Governor bows his head in court...this was yesterday Oct 12. Wow!

2.5 million Lagosians have mental disoder?

According to the Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Jide Idris, 2.5 million Lagosians have mental disorder.

He said this at a news conference to kick start the World Mental Health Day on Tuesday Oct 11. According to him, recent studies conducted by the ministry in Lagos shows that an average of 14.1% of the total population of the state suffer from one form of mental illness or another.

He explained that the illnesses might not necessarily be psychosis but untreated minor mental sickness, which affect the quality of life.

So what he is basically saying is that for every 5 Lagosian, one person is mentally unbalanced? If you live in Lagos, do you agree?

8 killed in Southern California salon shooting

A gunman opened fire yesterday Wednesday Oct 12, in a busy hair salon, killing eight people and critically wounding another while leaving bodies scattered throughout the business in a normally sedate Southern California beach community.

The gunman got into a truck and drove away from Salon Meritage after opening fire. A suspect was stopped by officers about a half-mile away and surrendered without incident while saying he had multiple weapons with him, police Sgt. Steve Bowles said.

Some of these oyibo people sef...so you can go to a salon to make your hair and somebody you don't even know will just come there and kill you? SMH! Please continue...

Please be careful guys, ‘one chance’ drivers on the prowl

Robbers disguised as commercial bus drivers have resurfaced in Lagos with the 'ember' months

An Ikeja-based trader, Deji Morufu, on Tuesday, spoke of the activities of ‘one-chance’ drivers on the Ikeja-Ojuelegba axis of the Lagos metropolis. ‘One-chance’, as they are called in Lagos, are commercial buses used by robbers where a few of them disguise as passengers. Unsuspecting commuters who get on such buses are mugged.

Morufu attributed the new wave of ‘one-chance’ operators on the Ikeja-Ojuelegba route to the ember-months when people usually go out to make money at all costs for Yuletide celebrations.

It Claims 5 Million Children Every Year

Did you know that diarrhea claims the lives of millions of children in Nigeria? Every day a child under 5 years old dies of diarrhea! Children at that age are very active. They crawl, they fall, they play every where. They pick things from the floor and put it in their mouths and because their immune systems are not strong enough to fight Diarrhea like adults can, they fall fatally ill. They begin to stool uncontrollably and become dehydrated. Their skin becomes dry and cracking. They look mal-nourished with bulgy eyes and visible ribs.

Wednesday 12 October 2011

The 40 Most Powerful Celebrities In Africa - Forbes Africa

The debut list of Forbes Africa 40 Most Powerful Celebrities In Africa includes actors, cerebral authors, musicians, movie producers, supermodels, TV personalities and athletes, drawn from all across Africa and traverses the generational divide. Top 10 below...

1. Chinua Achebe, 80, Novelist (Nigeria)
2. Youssou N'dour, 51, Musician (Senegal)
3. Didier Drogba, 33, Footballer (Cote D'Voire)
4. Angelique Kidjoe, 51, Musician (Benin Republic)
5. Akon, 38, Musician (Senegal)
6. Wole Soyinka, 77, Playwright (Nigeria)
7. Salif Keita, 62, Musician (Mali)
8. Yvonne Chaka Chaka, 46, (South African)
9. Oumou Sang, 43, Musician (Mali)
10. Femi Kuti, 49, Musician (Nigerian)

Do you agree that these are the top 10 most influential people in Africa? Please continue for the rest...

Abdulmuttalab Pleads Guilty To All Charges Against Him

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab surprised courtroom officials and spectators on the second day of his trial today Wednesday Oct 12, by pleading guilty to all the counts against him.
“I am guilty of this count in US law but not in the Koran. The United States should be warned that if they continue and persist in promoting the blasphemy of Mohammed and the US continues to kill and support those who kill innocent Muslims then the US should await a great calamity through the hands of the Mujahedeen… or God.” the 24-year-old Nigerian said in court today.
If he's found guilty, he will spend the rest of his life in jail.

Did Beyonce's stomach really fold or was it a trick of fabric and light?

I wasn't going to put this on my blog, but let me do so and hear what you guys think. I don't know what blogger Sandra Rose has against Beyonce but here's what she wrote on her blog:
Tweets are talking about Beyoncé’s prosthetic baby bump on last night’s Sunday Night HD. At first we couldn’t believe that she would actually wear her prosthetic on a show with HD — high definition — in the show’s title. But you know what they say about narcissists who think they are smarter than everyone else around them.
So there was Bey sitting down on the set — and there was her prosthetic baby bump, folding, crumpling and collapsing in full, vibrant high definition!
Luckily, the prosthetic is that memory foam type that bounced right back into shape. Rumor has it that Beyoncé is wearing a fake prosthetic while her unknown surrogate carries her baby to term.
Beyonce has no reason to fake a pregnancy, but what you think happened here? Did her stomach really fold in half as she sat down for the interview or was it a trick of fabric and light? Meanwhile she's said she's due in February.

Youth unemployment in UK rises to nearly a million

Unemployment figures due out on Wednesday are expected to show the number of young people out of work has risen to nearly one million.

More than 2.5m people are out of work across the UK, but the number of 16-24 year-olds unable to get work has been rising almost without interruption since well before the recession. - BBC

So erm, why are young Nigerians scrambling to go to the UK if there are no jobs or even a better life there?

Quote of the day

Someone wrote:
90% of single people are single out of choice!
Do you agree with this statement?

Am I single out of choice? Hell no! I'm single because other than a 20-something-year-old telling me I need therapy, I can't find eligible men. And I don't want to hear 'you are too picky', what's wrong with being picky? What's wrong with wanting a man in his 30's, who has a great job, his own house, drives a range rover, with a body like Jason Momoa's, voice like Vin Diesel's, face like Brad Pitt, cool and calm like George Clooney. Will not cheat, does not lie, is sincere, God-fearing, generous, charming, sweet, sensitive, warm, clever, kind, funny, tall, athletic, very romantic and gbó gbóe and gbó gbóé. What is wrong with that mehn, what? :-)

Anyway, back to the question; do you agree that 90% of single people are single out of choice?

Naeto C, DJ Zeez, others rock the crowd at Nigerian Idol Abuja auditions. Port Harcourt is next on 14&15 Oct with Nigga Raw & more!

You could call it a festival of talent as young Nigerians in Abuja and from neighbouring states came out to compete for the $100, 000 prize that comes with winning Season II of Nigerian Idol – the auditions seek to find shortlisted candidates who go to Lagos and battle to make the list of 10 Finalists on the show.

Held on two days – Friday and Saturday – the halls were packed full in the morning, with registration going all day and even more entrant trooping in till late; getting joyful ‘yes-es’, sad ‘nos’ and some wrenching ‘maybes’.

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Tiwa Savage likes to perform with no shoes...

The girl of the moment, Tiwa Savage, likes to perform barefooted on stage...sometimes. Once she gets into the music, the shoes go off. Here's my girl at last week's Rhythm Unplugged concert in Abuja...love the outfit!

Hon Patrick Obahiagbon Reacts To Fuel Subsidy Removal

I have read with acatalectic disgust, governments asinine and puerile ratiocinations attempting to justiceate the proposed removal of subsidies from petroleum products. It has asseverated that it’s intentions is guided by the need to checkmate the odoriferous excesses of a machiavellian and mephistophelean cabal and I have said to myself, what a shame? What a self indicting admittal of the failure of governance? What an hocus-pocus?

The hocus-pocus oderious mumuish gibberish continues after the cut...:-)

Imo State Commissioner for Commerce and industry Kidnapped

The Imo state commissioner for Commerce and industry, Mrs Chioma Ogoke was kidnapped over the weekend. No word from the kidnappers yet...

"I am not responsible for Super Eagles defeat" - T.B Joshua

The man of God predicted that we won't qualify for Nations Cup...and we didn't. Some people are blaming him. Pastor T.B Joshua is having none of that. He tells encomium magazine:
Nobody can claim to love Nigeria more than I do. I only tell people what God revealed to me. I can't control it. During the ministrations two Sundays ago which was televised live, I said God revealed the outcome of the encounter to me which was not favourable to Nigeria. They should check my track record. All my predictions on Nigerian football have been accurate simply because I love football and I always pray about it before the match

5-Man Gang Rapes Girl, 15, For 2 Weeks

The suspects
A five-man gang which abducted a 15-year-old girl, raped and tortured her for two weeks has been smashed by the police in Lagos.

Although two members of the gang are still on the run, the police arrested three other members and a lady who lured the teenager to the gang’s den at Akesan, a suburb of Lagos.

Entertainment industry yet to get Pres. Jonathan's $200m largesse

Y'all remember the $200 million intervention grant that president Jonathan promised the entertainment and creative industry last year? Well, one year after, no one has seen one kobo of the money...

I hear they keep giving conditions that a lot of the entertainers who want the grant can't meet up with. And now some vexed practitioners are planning a protest match in Lagos and Abuja to get the president's attention and get the people holding on to the grant to make it available.

50 Lawyers To Defend Two Young Men Awaiting Amputation For Stealing Cow

No fewer than 50 lawyers have reportedly indicated their interest to defend the two young men in Zamfara State that are billed to have their wrists amputated free of charge.

Auwah Abubakar Tsanre (23) and Lawwali Musa Tsanre (22), were found guilty by an Upper Sharia Court in Gusau for stealing a cow valued at N130,000, belonging to one Alhaji Bawa Dangande.

Iranian actress faces 90 lashes for role

An Iranian court has sentenced an Iranian actress to 90 lashes for her role in a new Australian-made film portraying social alienation, drug use and political oppression in Iran.
"In an outcome that could have been lifted from the pages of the movie's script"--"My Tehran for Sale"--the film's lead actress, Marzieh Vafamehr, "was arrested in July and received her sentence at the weekend, according to reports quoting Iranian opposition website kalameh.com," the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Monday 10 October 2011

New Video: Tiwa Savage - Love Me Love Me Love Me

Nigeria rated the 101st best country to do business in the world

Nigeria dropped from the 87th position it occupied last year. Ahead of Nigeria from the African continent were South Africa, which ranked 40th, followed by Zambia (56th), Namibia (71th), Ghana (72th), Mozambique (77th), Morocco (83rd), Malawi (86th), Egypt (92nd), Senegal (96th), and Madagascar (98th).


Photo of the day: Cobhams Asuquo and pregnant wife

Awwww, such a joy to look at!

Belgian Choreographer Calls Beyonce a 'Thief'

The Belgian choreographer Beyonce used as 'inspiration' for her Countdown video calls Beyonce's use of her piece plagiarism. In an interview with Belgian radio station, Studio Brussel, choreographer Anne Teresa Keersmaeker was asked how she felt about Beyonce copying her work and she replied,
“I didn’t know anything about this. I’m not mad, but this is plagiarism. This is stealing. They took pieces from Achterland and Rosas danst Rosas. Including the dresses and a remake of the school of Van de Velde. It’s a bit rude, I must say. What’s rude about it is that they don’t even bother about hiding it. They seem to think they could do it because it’s a famous work.”

“Am I honoured? Look, I’ve seen local school kids doing this. That’s a lot more beautiful.”

Rita Dominic Rocks New Look

I love it, I love it, I love it!

Style Star: Caroline Danjuma and Susan Peters

Ladies looking stunning.

How in the world is this guy 60 years old?

Former Tacoma postal worker, Leroy Bell, is on the American version of X Factor! This pic was taken a few weeks ago at his X Factor audition. Why is this news? Well, there's an OMG situation here. You see, Leroy is 60 years old, or at least that's what he claimed. How this is possible is beyond me. So cute for his age!

Liam Fashion Agency styles Funke Akindele for the Lagos premier of TROJ

LFA styled Funke Akindele for the Lagos premiere of The Return of Jenifa which took place last week.
The actress looked like vision in her monostrap yellow canary frock, with a free flowing drape. The gown contoured the dazzling actress in the right places.

She also wore a crystal Sebastian sandals and kept the jewelry simple with a vintage gold cuff bangle set with white diamonds, a yellow canary diamond ring set in white diamonds and light loop yellow canary diamond earring by The Gems Company. Funke's jewelry was worth a whooping $120, 000.

'I was in a violent relationship for many years' - Kate Henshaw-Nuttal

The actress opened up to Entertainment Express magazine last week, telling them that she was once a victim of an abusive relationship that lasted for over three years. She said:
I can't withstand violence in a relationship. I was once a victim. The relationship lasted for about three/four years. I didn't know who I was then. I was so timid, I almost stopped smiling and almost stopped laughing, but there was this inner strength in me that helped me to rediscover myself. In fact, I had no self esteem then. I wanted to change and be who I was not, based on the ill treatment and violent nature of my man then. He was constantly abusing, beating and battering me inside the house and in public places. I think there was a time when I walked round with bandage on my leg, courtesy of my violent lover. Funny enough, this violent lover of mine claimed to love me and wanted to marry me then.
Please continue...

Vanguard Allure Cover: Gorgeous at Every Age

From left: Musician Yinka Davies, Photographer Toni Tones, Stylist Tayo Shonekan, and Actress Joke Silva

Stephanie Okereke Covers African Vibes Magazine

This issue focuses on Stephanie's life as a philanthropist, her trials on her journey to Nollywood and her upcoming projects for the next year.

Continue for more...

The unbelievable Smirnoff Midnight Circus party coming to three cities near you!

Smirnoff, the number one party drink in Nigeria is bringing an original and unforgettable experience to Nigeria called the Smirnoff Midnight Circus, as part of a global phenomenon that is the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange. The Smirnoff Midnight Circus will be coming to three cities across Nigeria, including Lagos on the 12th of November. They will be the coolest parties you have ever seen in Nigeria! And I will be giving out tickets on this blog...can't wait!

Meanwhile, rapper Ikechukwu, who is the ring master for the Smirnoff parties, uploaded a beat onto the Smirnoff Nigeria Facebook page last weekend, now here's how it works. If you think you've got what it takes to perform with Ikechukwu at the Smirnoff Midnight Circus, download Ikechukwu's beat from the Smirnoff Nigeria Facebook page, or download it here http://uploads.mp3songurls.com/1208647.mp3 lay a verse on it, upload your performance on youtube and post the link on the Smirnoff Nigeria Facebook page to enter the competition. Interesting prizes await the winner.

Also, prior to the 12th November event, the Smirnoff train will be hitting bars and clubs, and if they meet you drinking Smirnoff Vodka or Smirnoff Ice, you might just get lucky and pick up a ticket for you and a friend to the Smirnoff Midnight Circus...but remember, you've got to be 18+ to party with Smirnoff.

More exciting things coming your way! Will keep you posted.

Week 4: Tell Your Counterfeit Story and Win a Nokia Smart Phone

This is the final week of this competition and final opportunity to win a Nokia Smart Phone. All you need to do is share your experience using a counterfeit phone...we've been doing this for the past three weeks...you know the drill...

After all the comments come in today, LIB readers will pick the most interesting comment and the winner gets a Nokia Smartphone and I hear there might be another prize...erm...sorry can't let the cat out of the bag...you will just have to participate in this competition and cross your fingers to win...so get started...*wink*

Sir Paul McCartney marries again

Legendary singer and former member of one of the world's greatest bands, Beatles, has married for the third time. Sir Paul McCartney, 69, married millionaire heiress Nancy Shevell, 51, yesterday at a private wedding ceremony.

The couple, who boast a combined fortune of £700 million, decided to marry in front of just 30 guests at Marylebone Register Office where Sir Paul married Linda in March 1969.

More photos after the cut... 

Sunday 9 October 2011

Missing girl

Her name is Oghogho Esigie and she has been missing for four days now in Warri, Delta State. She supposedly left older sister's house at about 5pm on Wednesday Oct 5th, to walk home to her father's house...which is just a 20 minutes walk...but never got home!

Her family and friends haven't seen or heard from her since she left her sister's house to go home. She attended corona secondary school and is currently a student of Veritas University Nigeria. If you have any information, please call 08094603644, or tweet at @da_deedy (her sister) or @ogey_ibex.

Tweets of the day: Osaze Odemwingie blasts Naija press and fans

Following the 2-2 draw with Guinea that disqualified the Super Eagles from the African Nations Cup, Osaze Odemwingie was quoted by the press as saying that T.B Joshua's predictions affected their play.

Well, the footballer is livid that the statement was attributed to him. He went on twitter this afternoon to express his anger...blasting the Nigerian press and some fans. More tweets after the cut...

Chronicles of LI

I meet a guy...tall, cute...boyfriend material.
We exchange numbers and start chatting...interesting dude...
A week after meeting he wants us to go to the movies together
Sounds good, that will be a nice change from going to the movies with my friends/siblings
Also haven't kissed in a movie theater in a long while (my specialty *cough*)
But before I go I must ask two questions
So let's begin the conversation
"Let's go to the movies together, Linda"
"You sure you are single?"
"I've been single for a while. I already told you that"
"And how old are you again?"
"29 next month!"
"Sorry, I can't go out with you, I like my men older"
"I never asked to be your man, Linda"
Yeah, yawa!
"I just asked you to the movies...not to the altar."
Bobo yi ti yawere sha! You didn't ask to be my man? Then get off my phone, you moda foca!
"You do go to the movies with your friends, don't you?
"I have enough friends darling, I'm looking for a man. Lose my number"
Conversation ends.
Text comes in: I think you need therapy more than you need a man
Your father!

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