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Friday 5 March 2010

Linda Ikeji's - It Takes You!

So sorry I haven’t blogged since Tuesday. I have been having the most tiring week. You all recall I kinda hinted that I’m working on a book project? Well, my publishers kidnapped me this week. I couldn’t do anything but work with the editors all through this week; morning till late in the evening. I’d get home too tired to even stare at my laptop. But we finally finished today. They will start printing on Monday and they’ve promised the book will be ready in 2/3 weeks.

The book is titled ‘It Takes You!’ (A Book of Inspiration). Thirty articles. All Inspirational. About 120 pages - all written by my humble self. (How does she do it? She runs her business, blogs regularly and still finds time to write a book? Hmmm...I’m a genius I guess...lol *I kid*). I’m just a believer in making ones dreams come true.

Anyway, I’m planning big for the book. I’m definitely doing a formal launch...maybe sometime next month. And after that I’m hoping to get either a rich/compassionate person or a corporate organisation to endorse the book, buy into it and pay for the cost of printing thousands of copies which will then be distributed free of charge to students in higher institutions. Hope it works out! And hope I get a lot of support!

I’m also trying to set up a school. Just acquired a new place but the whole process of it is driving me nuts...I can’t catch my breath. *Sigh*.
What I need now is to get...(don’t write it Linda, don’t you dare write it. Young people also read this blog).
Alright, alright, I won't write it. I'll write this instead. What I need now is...a vacation.
Better Linda.
I’m exhausted I swear.

Anyhoo, hope you all are doing great. I’ll get back to regular blogging on Monday. I’m co-ordinating a modeling gig this weekend that will keep me pretty occupied.
Catch you guys then and don’t miss me too much *Smile*.
God bless.

Bellanaija on the Oprah Show!

OMG, I’m so jealous! Our Bellanaija was on The Oprah Winfrey Show! Get out of here! Oh, I’m so green with envy...isnt that what a lot of us dream about? And she got to talk to Oprah herself. *Cry*. I hate you Bella. I really do...:-)!

Read all the details here. http://www.bellanaija.com/2010/03/03/a-dream-come-true-im-on-the-oprah-show-today

Great stuff babe. Congrats.

Pictures From True Love WA Workshop

The workshop held last Sat. at Eko Hotel, V/I. It featured Daviva collection by Ituen Basi.

Tuesday 2 March 2010

Mr Nigeria 2010 Contest

And introducing Mr Nigeria 2010

Kenneth Okolie

My Mr Nigeria Outfit

Yes, I can wear other colours too...:-)
Dress is by Anjees Couture.

Chrisitina Milian gives birth

Singer, Christina Milian and her husband, The Dream, recently welcomed their first child together, a girl who was born over the weekend. The little bundle of joy has already been named Violet. Both Christina and Violet are doing well.

Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva set up movie academy

Veteran Nollywood couple, Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva just established an academy called Lufodo Academy of Perfroming Arts (LAPA), an educational institution which delivers teaching and practical training of international quality with the goal of producing artistes who will have global accreditation on the job.

The programmes are as follows: 18 months part time programme for students coming straight from S.S 3 and 9 months part time programme for graduates of tertiary institutions who want to become actors, 6 months part time programme for professional actors and artistes in Nigeria.

“The Academy is a non profit organisation and its vision and philosophy is to build capacity and upgrade skills of professionals in the TV, radio, state and film industries” ~ Joke Silva

Source: City People

Wonder Twins, head for high school aged 9 - and they are Nigerians...

Paula and Peter Imafidon

Nine-year-old twins are expected to become the youngest pupils to be admitted to a secondary school.

Paula and Peter Imafidon have already broken world records when they passed A/AS-level mathematics papers at the age of 7. Today, the twins will join hundreds of thousands of other families across the country to find out which secondary school they are going to, despite being two years younger than most of their counterparts.

Peter and Paula, from Waltham Forest, northeast London, attend a normal State primary school but have received provisional offers from more than 12 leading secondary schools.

The so-called “wonder twins”, who come from a family of high achievers, set two world records when they passed A/AS-level maths papers. They became the youngest candidates to pass A-level maths and were also the youngest school pupils to do so, as the previous record holders had been taught at home.
A year later they took and passed the University of Cambridge’s Advanced Mathematics (FAM) paper, becoming the youngest students to pass the rigorous examinations.

Chris Imafidon, their father, said that the twins would cope well with secondary school despite their age. “We’re delighted with the progress they have made,” he said. “Because they are twins they are always able to help and support each other.”

Peter and Paula’s sister Samantha, 12, passed her maths and statistics GSCEs at the age of 6, as did the twins. Their eldest sister, Anne-Marie, 20, holds the world record for being the youngest girl to pass A-level computing, at 13. She received a government scholarship to study at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Another sister, Christiana, 17, was the youngest schoolgirl to study at undergraduate level in any British university, at the age of 11.

Mr Imafidon said that all of the children had taken part in the Excellence in Education programme, which helps disadvantaged families, and their achievements were due to being nurtured rather than natural "genius".

“Every child is a genius. Once you identify the talent of a child and put them in the environment that will nurture that talent then the sky is the limit," he said.
Peter has ambitions to become Prime Minister while his sister wants to be a maths teacher. Mr Imafidon said he was confident that they would achieve their goals.
Source: Timesonline

Unveiling the new House of Tara H.I.P Range

Following the success of her Orekelewa make-up line, House of Tara is reinventing and introducing another new line into the market. This season, House of Tara would be launching a new range of cosmetics called H.I.P (High Intensity Pigmentation). The H.I.P range includes Tube Lip Glosses, Single Pot eye shadows and 12-in-1 eye shadows. The 12-in-1 eye shadows come in two shades – Queen Amina and Queen Idia. The H.I.P Pigment Lip gloss comes in 6 shades namely Eleko, Obudu, Tinapa, Olumo Rock, Ikogosi Falls and Yankari.

Iyanya tells it all on debut album


Nigeria - Iyanya came into national attention during the first edition of MTN Project Fame West Africa where he was announced winner on October 24, 2008. And now, nearly two years after, he has finally dished out his first body of work to eagerly- waiting fans

If you’ve been wondering where Iyanya has been, and what he’s been up to in recent times, the young singer’s debut album ‘My story’ will provide appropriate answers. A well cooked body of work that covers major aspects of life, Iyanya’s debut offering is unusual for a young debutant. And even though he’s received love and commendation for the effort already, Iyanya says “This is just the beginning”, as he locks himself up in the studio yet again.

He summons some of his older colleagues MI, DJ Zeez, Faze and fast rising act Buckwyilla on songs that are gradually becoming hits and steadily climbing charts all over the country.

MI makes an appearance on Gbadun You, Faze on No time, while DJ Zeez joins Iyanya to raise the tempo higher on ‘Shaye”. Buckwyilla and Ugly make their first major album appearances with ‘Love Truly” and “Gongon” respectively.
With production inputs from TY Mix, Cobhams, ID Cabasa, OJB and Wazz Beats, Iyanya’s fifteen tracker is themed around his life story, the usual party theme, love and of course the ladies. “I intentionally used different producers because I wanted songs in the album to vary’ he says.

‘Some of the songs off the album are from my experience; some are things that I see around while the rest are fictional accounts’ Iyanya says.

Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk discovered his talent for singing during his childhood while singing in Anglican Church Calabar. He later started singing at weddings and then got an offer to perform regularly at Channel view Hotel Calabar. He came into national attention during the first edition of MTN Project Fame West Africa where he was announced winner on October 24, 2008

Dressed in a pink shirt, Grey suit and black shoes, Iyanya rendered Westlife’s “Flying without wings” and beat Annette, Praise and Nii to the grand price of 2.5 million Naira, a jeep and a recording deal.

Iyanya, is a graduate of Business Management from the University of Calabar.

1. “My story” is Iyanya’s debut album.
2. It is a 14 tracker
3. The first body of works is being marketed by CN. Media
4. The album features MI, Faze, DJ Zeez, Ugly and Buckywilla
5. ID Cabasa, OJB, Tee Y Mix, K Solo, and Wazz Beatz were producers that worked on the album.
6. The album was released on Monday December 7, 2009
7. On Sunday October 4, he hosted select guests at the Ultima Studio, in Omole, Lagos for an album listening and video preview session
8. The album direction was influenced by Iyanya’s memoirs, fictions, ladies and love.
9. The diverse nature of the album was an intentional effort by Iyanya to reach the average Nigerian.
10. Three videos off the album “Wise up”, “Love Truly” and “My Story” are presently enjoying massive airplay inside and outside the country.

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