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Saturday 25 August 2007

Naija Entertainment gist + Advert pix

Sorry my blogging has been crazy this week...incredibly busy schedule. I directed and produced a TV commercial that featured 10 models...e no easy, been trying to put that together all week. And also preparing for the shoot of the first 2 episodes of my TV show, which will happen this Sunday August 26th at Philip Trimnell's studio, 2, Owolewa street, off randle Avenue surulere, at 9am prompt. If you want to be part of the audience, please join us.

Here are some Naija gists for y'all. Sorry about the lack of pix...enjoy!

NB Plc has compensated the family of drowning victim, Anthony Mudiaga, with the sum of 20 million naira and also foot the bill for his burial. Anthony was buried last weekend. He was the only son of his parents. Sad way to go...but God knows best.

Top comedian, AY is planning a TV show dubbed the AY Show...it will soon hit your TV screens

Actress, Maureen Solomon, gave birth to her second baby some days back. Mother and child are said to be doing great.

Actress Clarion Chukwura quote on ex-hubby
Question 'Your ex-husband Femi Oduneye said in an interview that he dumped you because of your evil ways. What's your reaction to that?'
Clarion "If Femi Oduneye dumped Clarion Chukwura because of her evil ways, who is Femi Oduneye? Where is Clarion Chukwura now? Who was Femi Oduneye before he met Clarion and where is he now? The first publication about me was a month after my 16th birthday, so I have been in the public glare since then. Nigerians can trace my record. Investigate slightly into wwho Femi Oduneye is, then you'll know who's telling the truth. Of course I smoke cigarettes, but he smokes more than I do. When a man is a failure, he searches for excuses. I was actually the eight woman Femi would do what he did to me...."

They say Chinedu Ikedieze aka Aki, has found love again. This time it's a 23 year old Lagos State university undergraduate, Nancy Chiedozie. The two were said to have met at a function some months back and have since remained inseperable. Hope this one works out for him.

Pastor Chris Okotie's driver was hacked to pieces some days back by a hit and run driver. Abayomi Famakinwa was killed along Oba Akran road in Ogba Ikeja Lagos on August 14th. His messed up corpse had his brain opened, one leg off, face shattered. It was the ID card on him that led to his being identified. May his soul rest in peace.

Stephanie Okereke quote on ex-hubby
"This is someone I had something with. I don't want to say anything negative about him. We are done. The only thing I heard about myself is that I was accused of being married before. I felt that was really malicious of him, to even come up with something like that. He was actually the one who was married before. Because I said I don't want to be in this relationship anymore, I turned out to be this horrible person? Also the allegation that I called a club and cancelled his contract is false. I didn't know I had such powers. It was actually funny, he claimed to have gone for trial, so how come the club didn't deem it fit to pick him then? There's no hope of a reconciation, I've filed for divorce but am not allowed to talk about it"

On her drug addiction rumour
"The rumour shows how myopic some people can be. I've never smoked cigarette in my life, I don't drink. If they manufactured all this lies to bring me down, too bad because they can never bring me down. I've been through a lot of things. I survived an accident, I survived a bad relationship and I'm still doing positive things in my life. If they are plotting all these evil things against me, shame on them"

Music producer turned singer, Seyi Allen, has formally launched his album titled 'The confirmation of Seyi Allen'. It was launched on August 21st 07, and I hear the album is off the hook. For those who don't, Seyi is the husband of beautiful singer, Azeezat.

Crack your ribs is coming to London on Sunday August 26th at The Coronet. It will feature Sammie Okposo, Okey Bakassi, African China, Gbenga Adeyinka, Gandoki, Wale Gate, and Rugged man. Gate is 20 and 30 pounds.

Advert pictures

Linda the make-up artiste
Here are some pictures taken yesterday from the shoot of FM&B magazine TV advert. I ain't telling the concept of the advert, y'all will see it when it's ready. So keep your fingers crossed. Wink!

And here are some personal pics of me at the shoot
I fine small abi? lol

That's all for now, will see y'all soon. Wienna and co missing me, miss you more.
Whoever you are, wherever you may be, never give up on your dreams, no matter how difficult it is, keep fighting and keep praying. And never let anyone tell you you can't do it...you can! Just believe in yourself! May God reward your hard work with success...amen!

Take care and wish me luck for tomorrow. Ciao!

Wednesday 22 August 2007

Just to say hi + Relation Question!

I can't believe I haven't blogged since Saturday...for those wondering what's up with me, I'm still alive, I'm well, I'm doing great! Just damn busy! I've been coming home from work too late at night and too tired to sit in front of a computer and blog.

TV production isn't the easiest job to do...what! I've been jumping from one meeting to the other, trying to get everything set right for Sunday. 'Catwalk wit Linda' shoot has been postponed to Sunday August 26th @ Philip Trimnell Studio, 2, Owolewa street. off Randle Avenue, Surulere, time: 9am. We had to postphone because some of the judges were not available for Friday, our set wasn't ready, but mostly because I forgot to write a script for the programme. Who forgets they need a script for the shoot of any programme? Linda needs to get laid slapped! lol

I'll get pictures of everything you need to see about our production and the Magazine TV advert, which will be shot on Friday with the girls...thanks to all those who gave us creative ideas.

Just wanted to say hi to everyone, will get back to regular blogging after sunday.

Relationship question: If you break up with a fiancee, should you return the engagement ring? especially if the ring is very expensive?

Someone wants to know...do share your thoughts!

Kisses and take care!

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