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Saturday 2 June 2007

Nollywood Actors speak

Top actor/comedian Victor Osuagwu speaks

Where do you get your inspiration from?

"I’m a trained Theatre artist, and my role as an artist is to interpret a particular work the way it should be. It must be in the agreement with what my director wants.If they ask me to play a mad man now, I have to do a research on a mad man, going to the streets to learn something striking about a particular one. So it’s for meto pick the character of the one that I’ve noticed something striking about. I can even go very close and watch this particular character and the way he behaves and then transfer that particular character to myself but in all the inspiration comes from God."

What distinguishes you from the other comedians in the industry?

"Everybody has their own attitude. So, I think I have a particular characteristic that distinguishes me from others. As a comedian, you must have outstanding features. And this helps in selling yourself to your audience. Every comedianhas identifiable features that they are being appreciated for."
Is this what you have always wanted to do when you were coming into the system?

"To be candid with you, I didn’t want to be known as a funny character because there is this thing that goes along with the industry: comedians can easily be stigmatised, so at the initial stage, I didn’t want to be a comedian. But youknow, even your friends would tell you "Victor, man, you are a talented comedian". Being a comedian does not mean I can’t play other roles, but the truth is that everybody has their own time. My brother, it’s really paying off and that is why I keep doing it."

Why Ini Edo was banned - Emeka Duru, the guy who petitioned Actors' Guild on Nigeria, AGN, on Ini Edo

Can you give an account of what led to Ini Edo’s ban?

"Ini Edo was on a movie location that I managed. The movie is entitled ‘The Most Wanted Bachelor’ produced by Get Rich Productions. On the first day of the movie production when we were supposed to be on set but Ini told me she would be coming late because she had a police case. I gave her a whole day off. I told her to resume at the movie location by 9.00am the next day. But she did not showup until mid day. There was another instance when I called her that she is expected to be on set in Surulere. She promised to come but Ini switched off her phones and she did notcome to the location that day. She came the next day and I told her for delaying production she has to pay us a fine of twenty thousand naira. Her reply was that she would not talk to me because I am a bloody production man. She said she can only talk to the executive producer. Though I made sure the matter ended like that and we kept shooting.On the last day of the shoot we had worked for about twelve days. We were supposed to shoot an office scene. On that location we artistes like Mike Ezurunoye, Uche Jombo, Uche Elendu, Monalisa Chinda, Justus Esiri and other artistes. I had to plan the shooting in such a way that non of the artistes wouldfeel bad that he or she is not being attended to. I made sure we shot the scenes at random. Initially we had planned to shoot overnight to make sure we endedthe production. I pleaded with her to report to the location by 6.00pm. she came and we started shooting.She had two scenes left and she was to do a voice over. she shot a scene and I told her to go and change but to my surprise to executive producer called myattention that Ini was leaving the location. I looked through the window and I saw her driving off. The executive producer and I followed her with his bus but we couldn’t catch up with her. We both called her at different times and her phones were switched off. I later called Uche Jombo who told me they were at RockView Hotel in Festac Town. We drove down to the hotel claiming we were guests but I think Ini had instructed that we should not be allowed into the hotel. While atgate the Executive Producer called my attention to her car which had been covered by a tarpaulin. I immediately created a scene and the manager of the hotel came and confirmed that Ini Edo was a guest in the hotel but she is not expecting any visitor. He advised that we call her on her mobile phones. I made the man to understand that her phones were switched off. We returned to location that day but we all felt embarrassed and insulted by Ini’s action. The next day the movie director, Afam Okerere called Uche Jombo to inform Ini to go to Surulere to do the voice over but she did not call or come to the movielocation.I reported the case to the national president of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) who told me to make a formal presentation of complaint. I wrote a petition to that effect. She was summoned to a panel on 16th of April by 12 noon. She did not come until 2.25pm. The chairman of the committee, who also doubles as the nation secretary of AGN gave her a grace of one hour thirty minutes. By 2.25pm the committee took an action to ban her."

Aside being indicipline were there other reasons for her being banned?

"No. But there were insinuations that she was drinking and smoking on set? I don’t have any business with what anyone takes. What I am concerned with is movie production as long it does not affect movie production. But I will frown at any artiste who does not take his or her job serious. Ini’s disposition to her job as become an attitude of sort. I have only acted who is professional about his job."

Joke Silva talks about why she's on low cut

Why low cut?

"Well, I think it is because I got to a point where my hair wasn’t as healthy as it used to be, and I really got so tired of perming, or braiding. I just chopped it off. This is how I started my career anyway. I was hoping that if I chopped it off, it would still look nice."

"Anything that makes me comfortable. At times I wear trousers; at times, it is boubou; at other times, I wear keftan– even the way I dress now."

Most prized possession.
"Maybe it will be my phone. I have become so attached to my phone, really.

What turns you on in people?
"It is a combination of intelligence and integrity.
What turns you off?
"Nastiness. Those who go out of their way to be nasty put me off."

Why would anyone want to be nasty to Joke Silva? She's such a talented, sweet woman.

I body Scrub every two weeks - Top Nollywood actress, Clarion Chukwura Abiola

Beauty routine
"I don’t have a standard. The only thing that is routine is that every two weeks, I do body scrubbing with massage. Every Thursday, I give myself a facial. Every alternative Saturday, I body-scrub. I am a very hygienic person, I don’t use soap for my intimate hygene, I use the same fresh range for intimate hygiene. I use Dudu Osun every night and Lux soap every morning.

Turns–ons in people

"Laughter, communication. I have to be able to communicate with you, I have to be with one who can talk, someone who is knowledgeable about so various issues, not one who talks about people.Turns–offs Lousiness, gossip and unnecessary arrogance and snobbishness."

Nollywood Actress Oby Edozien speaks on why she dated her friend's ex-boyfriend

Attention from men
"I cope with it, I talk to them nicely. I don’t chase them away but when they get the message they go away. I don’t just go into relationship for going sake. I will settle down very soon by God’s grace, God will bring me my husband; every woman’s dream is to get married"

"The sacrifice I made was to trek to long locations because there was no GSM, people also take advantage of my kindness and goodness, and I’ve leant to manage it. Some people said Oby is arrogant and rude but others have different notions about me, I carry myself very well I know some people are known for such notorious attitude. People see actresses as wayward and loose person, but that didn’t distract me. I don’t think I’ve got to the height because I’m thinking of Hollywood."

"Yes I took a decision to romance my friend’s ex-boyfriend she stops dating for three years without telling her. That caused a lot of troubles, lies, rumours and misunderstanding between us. Wao! I didn’t know I would be blackmailed to such extent. I could have just told my friend that I’m dating her ex-boyfriend. That is why I don’t have any best friend in the industry but I only have colleagues that are friends, my mother and sisters are my best friends."

Top Nigerian actress Chiege Alisigwe speaks on why her marriage lasted three months

"I was once married and I have a baby girl. The marriage crashed. The marriage did not work out. The marriage was consummated in 2002. For me, it is past tense and I won’t talk much about it. We were incompatible and it didn’t work.

Was her husband the wrong choice?

"I won’t say I made a wrong choice of a husband. May be I was naive when the affair was contracted. May be it was a wrong choice. I won’t call it a mistake but I call it experience which I have learnt from. The marriage, lasted for only three months you won’t believe it. I had concieved the baby in my womb before we fell apart, three months later so I had the baby and have taken care of her all by myself since she was born. When I am working, she stays with my sister and as soon as I am back from location, I take her. She lives with me and I love her so much. In fact, she is my jewel.

On being a single mum

"It is not easy but I cope. My baby is my jewel and I am very happy I have her. It’s a blessing and not a stress as people want to say. Her name is Munachimsoaga.

Will she marry again?

"Yes, if the time is right and the guy is right. Why not? I am young and can’t live my entire life alone without a man. But the time and the guy have to be right. I can’t afford to make the mistake I made earlier so I am watchful and very careful the way I fall this time around." I say goodluck to Chiege

All stories Thanks to my friends at Nigerianfilms.

Please feel free to comment.

My Friday Night Outing.

I'm still in a daze. Had a crazy Friday night. I'm not a night club person, don't particularly enjoy the loud music, alcohol, cigarettes etc but I love to dance, so once in a while, I like to go someplace where I can unwind.

I'd been planning a quiet, stay in Friday night until top designer, Frank Osodi, called me at about 8pm inviting me to a place called Fashion Cafe. It's a new bar/restaurant/night club off Awolowo Road. For some reason I never say no to Frank. I always go where he invites me to...he gave me a modeling career, he's my mentor...besides that, HE was up for some partying, cos the last time we went to a club was in February. So we set out at 10pm.

We met Frank Osodi, Sunny Neji, Emeka Ossai, Remi Lagos, and so many others at Fashion Cafe. It was fun for a little while until Remi Lagos decided it was time for us to go check out another club. In a convoy, we went to a new Jazz joint called Jazz Session, a really classy, clean place with great ambience.

That was where I saw Funmi Iyanda. I couldn't get enough of hugging her. She's like the nicest woman ever. She went on and on about how much she loved my blog, using some ecouraging words. That was the high point of the night for me. Funmi is such a friendly, down to earth person who has no airs about her...no 'I'm a celebrity' attitude. She's so cool! And she was looking so hot hot hot! Most people around couldn't take their eyes off her. She's such an inspiration...

We hung out at Jazz Session for a little while until some people in our group decided it was time to check out another spot. So we left Jazz Session and went to Tiffany Amber's hubby's night club Lacasa on Ozumba Mbadiwe, but we couldn't get in 'cos they said Friday Nights were members only night! Yawn!

Anyway, we left there and headed to club towers on Idowu Taylor...same luck...Club Towers was closed. We decided to go check out one last spot before calling it a night...we went to Da Grotto on Etim Inyang...that was our last bus stop and it was quite fun as I had the opportunity to finally dance. It was fun.

Got home at about 4 am really tired...those who club every weekend I wonder how they do it...I'm still trying to recover from last night's trip...

That is the end of my story, and the moral of my story is...you decide lol. I feel like I'm just blabbing...just wanted to share my fun night with y'all...

Something else I want to talk about that's bothering some members of my family and HIM. I'm getting slimmer and slimmer by the day. I eat, I don't know why I can't seem to add weight. HE took me to a pharmacy this afternoon and bought me all kinds of vitamins, appetite stimulants, blood tonics etc etc. He's threatened to dump me if I don't add weight lol....my younger sister too has become almost a pain in the neck, she's always bugging me about my slimness, even went as far as reporting me to my mum. So I seriously need to add weight. Anyone know what I can do? Do tell me abeg o.

Meanwhile I just got myself a new office space. Five rooms and a big reception area...I'm so excited about it, I'll tell y'all about it later...

Wienna where are you? Get in touch babes. Miss you already!

Goodnight everyone. Kisses!

Thursday 31 May 2007

Where are these guys?

Only one question. Where are these guys people? Haven't heard from them in years...
Johnny Gill

Ralph Tresvant

Arrested Development

Adina Howard

Keith Sweat

Tevin Campbell

Az Yet


Diana King

Bryan Adams

Shabba Ranks

Karyn White

Maxi Priest

Anyone know where they are, what they are doing?

Holiday Spots in Africa

I was inspired to do this when a friend (The one who got the 3mil engagement ring) told me she was having her honey moon somewhere in Africa. She's been to Europe severally and wanted to explore Africa...for her honeymoon.

Before I marry any man, I'll ask him, "Where are we going for our honeymoon?" If he says Africa, I'm...

Well moving on...here are some beautiful places you can travel to in Africa..

Kenya has some of Africa's most spectacular scenery with volcanoes, lakes, immense grassy plains and a beautiful coastline. If you go between July and September you can see the world's greatest wildlife migration in the Masai Mara. It is somewhere you can meet local Maasai and other tribes if you wish. You can choose the traditional vehicle-based route or the more remote and adventurous fly-in route.

The Nyika Plateau which rises to over 8,000ft can provide breathtaking walking and horseback safaris, while Lake Malawi itself has several high quality beach hotels , some set off little islands, where you can enjoy snorkelling, diving, sailing and waterskiing, providing a pleasant few days break after a safari in Zambia perhaps.
At the southern tip of Lake Malawi are the Liwonde wetlands, in some ways resembling the Okavango Delta and from Mvuu Safari Camp you can enjoy boating, walks and game drives by open vehicle, seeing elephant, rhinoceros and antelope, and over 350 species of beautiful birds.
The best time to visit Malawi is from April to the end of October.

Phinda is a superb choice as it has so many different types of habitat and a correspondingly wide range of animals with elephant, lion, rhinoceros, antelope, buffalo and leopard all present in good numbers. You can enjoy safaris there by open vehicle, during the day and at night, on foot and by boat, and can even take a light aircraft down to their great deserted beach. The accommodation is sumptuous and you can choose to be on a mountain top or in the heart of the forest.

Indian Ocean
A wonderful luxury Indian Ocean hideaway - to the Seychelles, Zanzibar or a little island off the coast of Mozambique where you can enjoy world class diving, snorkelling, sailing and other watersports.You may like to link your safari with a few days self indulgent relaxation on some idyllic Indian Ocean island.

Visit Namibia if you want amazingly varied and fascinating wilderness and desert scenery. Some people self-drive but you see and understand so much more if you have an expert guide. Namibia combines easily with Botswana if you want more animals and a watery contrast, and with Cape Town if you are looking for more conventional comfort. Holiday here will take you to the towering apricot coloured sand dunes at Sossussvlei, the unique Etosha saltpan with its abundant wildlife, the mountainous deserts of Damaraland with their desert adapted elephant and rhinoceros, and the hauntingly beautiful Skeleton Coast.

South Africa
Cape Town, the winelands and the Garden Route have all the ingredients for the perfect holiday.
Some of the favourites are The Cellars, Lanzerac in the winelands and The Cape Grace in Cape Town. Head along the Garden Route absorbing the fantastic scenic coastline, nature reserves and forests before arriving at the marvellous city of Cape Town where you can enjoy Table Mountain, Robben Island, local markets and the wonderful harbour before heading out to the winelands.
The Cape region has some unforgettable scenic places to visit and spectacular dining.

The spectacular pink shimmer of flamingos on the horizon can be found on the the Rift Valley lakes in Kenya.
During certain months of the year the migration of over a million wildebeest, zebra and Thompson's gazelle is found in the Masai Mara. . You might also enjoy a visit to a Masai village or perhaps like to be hosted by Masai at your lodge.

Enjoy a private mobile safari and have your camp set up for you under the baobab trees or near a river, and be looked after by your own cook and safari guides. After exploring the Serengeti you might like to visit the Ngorongoro crater and spend a few nights at a luxury lodge situated on it's rim, or head further south to the Selous and Ruaha National Parks, or west to the Mahale and Katavi mountain regions.

For some of the most remote locations in Africa. Zambia is ideal for an adventurous, yet comfortable holiday safari where you can enjoy walking, open vehicle safaris and boating and canoeing on the Zambezi. While safaris in Zambia give you a chance to enjoy a little more walking they are not strenuous. Zambia has some of Africa's best guides and some of the best privately owned small safari camps and lodges.

For the ultimate safari combination of big game, stunning scenery, luxury and privacy. A safari in Botswana has so much variety in wildlife and contrasting scenery we recommend a few nights in each area.
The Okavango Delta is the heart of a Botswana safari. Be poled along in your mokoro on the sparkling waterways that create a vast oasis of palm islands and grassland.

To go to any of this places, visit Africa Exclusive Ltd.
Tel: + 44 (0)1604 628 979
There is also Obudu Cattle Ranch in Nigeria. That's by far the best place for a holiday in Nigeria Africa...
Been to any great place in Africa that you can recommend to others? Do share please.

Relationship Question!

If your partner threatens to kill you if you ever left them, what would you do?

Share your thoughts.

Top ten causes of death

Top 10 Causes of Death

Someone I know lost her dad two days ago. He had been ill for a long time and his family could not afford the amount he needed to get the operation that would have made him well again. He needed over half a million and after going to friends and other family members for help and realising less than a hundred grand in over 3 months, they gave up on their dad and just waited for the disease to kill him, which it did two days ago.
This got me thinking about how much poverty is killing people in some parts of Africa. Giving up on your father because of N500, 000 sounds painful, but it's some people's reality.
I decided to find out what the top ten causes of death are in the Western world and compare it to the top ten causes of death in Africa.
Here's what I discovered...

Top ten causes of death for high-income countries:
1. Heart disease
2. Stroke
3. Lung cancer
4. Lower respiratory infections
5. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
6. Colon and rectum cancers
7. Alzheimer's disease
8. Type 2 diabetes
9. Breast cancer
10. Stomach cancer

Here is the list for low- and middle-income countries:
1. Heart disease
2. Stroke
3. Lower respiratory infections
5. Fetus/newborn (perinatal) conditions
6. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
7. Diarrhea
8. Tuberculosis
9. Malaria
10. Road traffic accidents

First and foremost I do not know anyone who has died of aids, so I can't talk about that.

Road traffic accidents should have come in the top five (At least for Nigeria). Most people I know who are dead died in one car accident or another. The bad roads, recklessness of drivers and the bad conditions of vehicles are to blame for this.

Top 3 should have included POVERTY.

People get sick and can't afford medical bills...they die
They drink bad water, because they have no access to clean water, they have cholera...they die.
Poor people can't afford mosquito nets, insecticides...they get malaria...they die
They can't afford real expensive hospitals where they'll get the best medical attention, so they go to cheap clinics with unqualified doctors who use them as experiment...they die.

Ignorance also is another cause of death. Ignorance when it comes to health is not synonymous with rich people. Poor people get bitten by an animal, insect, or have an open wound, they ignore it till it kills them or leads to something that kills them eventually.

What other cause of death should be in the top five of causes of death in Africa?

Please share your thoughts.

Wednesday 30 May 2007

Naija Gists.

NAFDAC closes Dangote Kano Mills

National Agency for Food and Drug Administration, NAFDAC, last week shocked a lot of individuals by closing down Kano Flour Mill belonging to the Dangote group. The reason NAFDAC gave for the closure was because Dangote did not fortify it's product Semolina (Danvita) products with Vitamin A. NAFDAC discovered this on Wednesday May 16 during a routine visit to the company.

According to NAFDAC DG Dora Akunyili "Dangote Industries has fraudulently and deceptively claimed to have included Vitamin A in their Danvita Semolina flour through the use eye logo and Vitamin A inscription. NAFDAC views this as a deception and serious sabotage to public health because of the serious health problems associated with Vitamin A Deficiency (VAD)

Dangote Industries reaction was..."There has never been any written or verbal request or directive to our Kano plant to commence the fortification of Danvita. Our production staff had used the bags with the 'eye logo' which was supplied in anticipation of the product fortification. The officials were informed that our equipment for the fortification had just been acquired for the Kano plant and would soon be installed. They were also informed that Danvita is not a regular product in our line, but a by-product of about 1percent of our production"
Dora Akunyili replied "Their claim that Danvita is not a regular product and constitute 1percent of their products is an insult on the intelligence of Nigerians. This assertion is also immaterial to the mothers who buy this meal believing that their children are getting Vitamin A for healthier life. Dangote Kano factory simply fraudulently labelled this product to contain Vitamin A when it does not so as to deceive consumers"

The fight continues...God bless NAFDAC for keeping our children safe...

Obiwon Speaks

On winning Nigerian Music award voice of the decade (Still don't agree)

Obiwon: "I never expected to win. I feel like locking my voice in a box"

Konga's Music/Video unbanned.
New music sensation Konga who had his very popular song and video banned some months ago due to it's raw lyrics, got good news some days ago as the Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation has unbanned his song and video. NBC says it can go back on air on the condition that he removes certain scenes from the video. Good for him.

Is P Diddy coming to Naija?

That's the question on most people's lips. There's talk that entertainment guru, Osaro Onaiwu, is talking with the agents of P. Diddy to bring him for a concert in Naija. If they reach an agreement, then Nigerians should expect the bad boy king in Naija before the end of the year.

That's one concert I'm definitely not going.

Yinka Davies releases new album

NMA female voice of the decade, Yinka Davies, is set to drop an Album titled 'Black Chiffon'. All you Yinka fans, get ready. I hear the album will be off da chain...I got that right abi? lol
On winning best female voice of the decade
Yinka " I believe this award will put me on the spot and also make me better. I also believe this award will bring another one for me"

P Square's new album

P-Square is about to release another mind blowing album. Those in the know say the album will hit stores towards the end of the year. The new album is said to be made up of 11 tracks. The title of the album is 2000 and US.

When asked why the album is titled 2000 and us, their response was that, since year 2000 when they started releasing albums, it has always been about the P-Square, that is why this album has that title...ok!

A Night with Christopher Bolarinwa

Its about time you are one-on-one with Christopher Bolarinwa Marquis. He shall be in the country and would be meeting with you all at 7pm, on Saturday June 9, 2007, at the FASHION CAFE; 39, Ademola Street, off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Its a FAN's NIGHT and most especially with over 10,000 songs from the 80s! Plus so much more you can take home and what else you would want to remember...

We enjoin you to come with all that can remind us all of the 1980s (clothings, memorabilias, hairdo/wigs, record sleeves, shoes, hats, pictures, etc) as vox-pop would be conducted/filmed for some of you to be on TV with him on his next episodes of unleashthe80s.

The Pass to this event is N3000, but trust us, huge discount awaits you the faithfuls once you produce this e-mail at the gate. It promises to be a Saturday Night Fever!

Kindly call Yinka on 08039202873 for your reservations.Fans outside Lagos, please bear with us. We shall be in your neighbourhood, shortly.So. Ladies and Gentlemen. We look forward to receiving you on the night.
~ See you there ~
Introducing female singing group ~ Ice Four

The latest female singing group in town is called ICE FOUR. Comprising of Sandra, Oyinda, Vera and Sola. Ice Four was discovered and are being managed by Media Solutions and their single which is making waves is called 'Bounce'. Talent and beauty =...? More grease to their elbows lol

Charly Boy apologises to Dele Abiodun

Charly boy and Dele Abiodun

The fight/quarrel between ex-PMAN President Charly Boy and his then deputy, Dele Abiodun is about to become history as the 'wierd one' is making moves to reconcile with his estranged friend. The feud started a few months to the expiration of their tenure over who will succeed Charly as PMAN President, between Dele and Bolaji Rosiji, the latter won. The fight got so bad that they went even went to court..Now Charly is initiating peace talks with Dele...hope they settle.

Why I fought in the plane

Ragga sensation, Marvelous Benjy fought on the plane...read his interview about the fight

Why did you fight in the airline?

MB "It was the fault of the airline. They kept everybody in confusion, some people were fainting. I am an African man. Somebody tore my shirt because I was trying to stop him from making trouble with aircraft officials. I am an African man and I don't think I have the power to control anger. For tearing my clothes, I had to hit him back at least to correct him that next time you don't tear people's clothes"

Didn't you think of your status before fighting?

MB "Sometimes it becomes so hard to control your emotions"

Will you say you regret your action ?

MB "Of course. It gives a different impression about you. People don't want to know what happened, all they want to know is that you fought to resolve an issue, which is not professional"

Please share your thoughts, especially on the NAFDAC/Dangote issue.

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