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Saturday 17 January 2009

Optical Illusions

You're allowed to get confused, but don't get so confused you don't enjoy this, have fun with it.

Oyibo people call it optical illusion, in our place we call it trick trick ;)
Check it out...


If you cover the bottom part of the picture, everything seems normal, but once the bottom part is revealed, the two workers below should be “hanging” but the picture explains otherwise.

2. Why you should have more sex

Read the words between the blocks. If you can’t read it, just get off your chair and try reading it a metre (or two) away from the screen.

3. What do you see at first glance - an old woman or a young miss?


Calculate the number of human faces you can see in this optical illusion

5. How Many Pandas Can You Spot?

6. Is this a polar bear or a seal?


Checker shadow illusion
The squares marked A and B are the same shade of gray

Layered illusion


Are the horizontal lines even?


Wavy beans illusion


This is a natural mountain which has a shape of a horse face,by just seeing the photograph most of the people think it is a horse face photograph but after careful study of the picture and the surroundings one can determine this optical illusion

Trick trick fotos

Photo of the day
This is no optical illusion
It's actually a real picture ;)
I read somewhere that she's the world's most unattractive woman...
Hmmm? You think?

Obama's Inauguration

On Tuesday, January 20th, watch President-elect Barack Obama become the next President of the United States on http://cnn.com/live. You can watch the live video online from anywhere with broadband access. Coverage begins at 8am EST, with the swearing-in ceremony at 12pm EST, followed immediately by Obama's inauguration address.
Whether you're at the office, at home, at the library, or anywhere else, you can share this moment in history with family and friends live.


Thursday 15 January 2009

My Tori + Elechi Amadi Kidnapped + Jezreel Designs + Future Awards Finalists

My people, how una dey? Just got home a few minute ago. I'm having like the most tiring week ever. I go to work sometimes without even brushing my hair...lol, trying to get the next issue of our mag out. Before any of you go into the magazine business, pls consult with me first, I'll give you free advise...lol

Anyway, let me tell you guys what happened to me last Friday. Remember I mentioned something about being in the midst of a day light robbery? Well, here's the story.

I went to have lunch at Finicky Restaurant, Kilo, Surulere, with my longtime buddy Chima. Yes, the same Chima who was writing all dem crazy stuff about me on the internet last year. I forgive very easily so we're back to being friends. Anyway, we got to Finicky and ordered for pounded yam and Afang soup, and a few minutes into eating, a young man ran upstairs (We were at the top floor) and quietly told the sales girls to go hide, that armed robbers were coming into the restaurant.

Immediately we heard it, everyone in the restaurant abandoned their meal and ran helter skelter. Some of us sought refuge in the toilets located at the back of the restaurant. I and another girl went into the first toilet, and the first thing I did when I got there was to switch my two phones off. I looked around and found a good spot to hide them, behind the toilet's window with my heart pounding like mad when I heard people screaming downstairs. This was around 3pm o...

Then I did something that wasn't very nice...lol

After I hid my two phones, the girl in the toilet with me gave me her phone to hide too. I looked at the phone, looked at her, looked at the phone, looked at her. I thought about it for a few seconds then shook my head ;) I mouthed 'hold your phone'. She gave me a look that said 'But you just hid yours, why don't you want to hide mine?'

Hide what? I'm not hiding nothing mehn. You know what will happen if those robbers come upstairs and we both claim not to have phones? They'll probably beat the shit out of us. So I refused to take the phone from her. I felt bad, but common people, one of us had to make that sacrifice...lol. Besides it was an old Nokia phone, I figured she'd get over it faster than I'd get over my blackberry and my Nokia phone that has all my contact in it.

She was looking at me like 'YOU BITCH!'. I smiled and showed her my wallet. I was more or less saying "How about I give them my wallet and you give them your phone". She gave me a look that made me start laughing.

I'm sure y'all are wondering why she didn't just hide her phone herself. Well, she wasn't tall enough to reach the back of the window.

It's not funny I know, but I couldn't help myself. It was a bad situation, I had to make the best out of it ;)

Anyway, a few minutes later, we heard a knock on the day and someone said "Una no wan come out?" That was when it really dawned on me that I was in the midst of a robbery. The girl beside me started shaking like I'd never seen anyone shake before, her eyes turned red and she started drooling, that was when I realised she was a very young girl, about 17/18. I went to her and hugged her to me, and tried to calm her down, assuring her that we'll be alright, at the same time expecting the doors to come down at any minute. The robber repeated himself once more. After that was silence.

About 10 minutes later, we heard another voice telling us it was safe to come out, that the robbers had gone. We all came out from our hiding places and left the restaurant immediately. I never saw any of the robbers but we were told that there were 4 men armed with guns and had two bikes waiting for them outside the restaurant.

How can people be so bold to carry guns in the afternoon, at a busy bus stop?
Wonders shall never end.

Speaking of wonders never ending, did you guys hear that OUR VERY OWN Elechi Amadi was kidnapped recently? Elechi Amadi? Are these kidnappers mad? You guys probably don't know I was obsessed with literature in Secondary School. I read a lot of his books and I idolize him. You guys remember The Concubine? The Great Ponds?

They dared kidnap him?

Here's the story...

According to Elechi Amadi’s granddaughter, Miss Emilia Nyeoma Ikegwura, who narrated the incident, Amadi was in the sitting room watching TV with one of his wives, when three men banged at the entrance door.
Miss Ikegwura said; “As the wife asked to know who was at the door, the three gunmen answered in Ikwere dialect, pushed the door and dashed in. They immediately started barking orders while pushing her down and pointing a gun at her. They later ordered everybody to lie down.”
According to her, “They ordered my grandfather, Elechi Amadi, to dress up. They led him to his bedroom, ransacked the room and gave him his shirt and trousers and took him away in a Toyota Hilux van and Mazda car.

He was released a few days later.

He's 70. Hopefully it will never happen again...

Moving on to something cheerful. I'd like to introduce you all to Jezreel Designs. It's is an up and coming women’s accessories label creating timeless pieces, hand made in Nigeria using traditional African fabrics,
Check out some of the stuff they have.

Very nice huh?
Their products can be viewed at http://www.jezreeldesigns.com/.

Meanwhile, the Future Awards Finalists list is out and your girl is a finalist. Last year I was a nominee, this year I am a finalist...A FINALIST? Wow! I feel so proud!

Check out the full list


On-Air Personality of the Year (Radio)
Tyeng Gyang (Cool FM Abuja)
Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi (Cool FM Lagos)
Chuks Roberts (Cosmo FM Enugu)

Best Use of Technology
Bamidele Odufuye
Icebox Studios
Yinka Adetoye

Best Use of Advocacy
Tosyn Bucknor (I hope she wins. For her persistence and consistency)
Emmanuel James-Odiase
Emmanuel Etim

Musician of the Year
Asa (I hope she wins. Beacuse she was cheated out of too many wins last year...and that album? wow!)

Actor of the Year
Jennifer Osamor
Funke Akindele (I hope she wins, I hear Jenifa is the movie to watch)
Mercy Johnson

Artist of the Year
Saheed Adejuwon
Emeka Okereke
Adolphus Opara

Magazine of the Year
Ace (I hope they win. Just 'cos they are a bunch of 18 year olds and the mag is quite impressive)
Soundcity Blast
The Applause

Style Entrepreneur of the Year

Funke Adegbola (Ella Brown Couture)

Uche Nnaji (Ouch!)

Linda Ikeji (Blackdove Communications) (I hope she wins. Because she's a sweet girl...lol)

Comedian of the Year
Jedidiah (I hope he wins 'cos he made me like him. He used to really annoy me ;))
Teju Babyface

Business Owner of the Year
Mosunmola Umoru (Honeysuckles PTL)
Toochukwu Onyemelukwe (Cotek)
Hassan Rilwan (Focal Point Publishing Ltd)

Professional of the Year
Dr. Adedayo Osholowu (Special Olympics Nigeria)
Fatima Mohammed (Chapel Hill and Denham)
Fola Aiyesimoju (Stanbic Bank)

Model of the Year
Bryan Okwara
Warebi Martha (I hope she wins. Who has seen her GTBank TV commercial? It's world class)
Olubunmi Ademokoya

Team of the Year
Babs Educational Consult
Mo Hits Crew

Journalist of the Year
Rachel Ogbu (Newswatch)
Ruonah Agbroko (Thisday)
Funke Adetutu (BusinessDay)

On-Air Personality of the Year (TV)
Tana Egbo-Adelana (Channel O)
Lamide Akintobi (Channels TV)
Adaure Achumba (STV) (I hope she wins. Just 'cos she tries very hard)

Screen Producer of the Year
Gbenga Salu
Onye Ubanatu
Clarence Peters (I hope he wins. He worked too hard last year)

Sportsperson of the Year

Yagazie Chukwumerije

Damola Osayomi

Mikel Obi (I hope he wins. Just for being cute...lol)

Music Producer of the Year
Tee-Y Mix
Don Jazzy (I hope he wins, just because he produced Dbanj's 'Suddenly')

Dancer of the Year

Qudus Onikeku

Wale Akinbola

Sodade Buddy Agedah

Young Person of the Year

Asa (Bukola Elemide)

D'banj (Dapo Oyebanjo) (I hope he wins. What a year he's had. What an impact he's made. What a beautiful song Suddenly is ;))

Yagazie Chukwumerije (Who's this guy? Never heard of him)

* The winners will be unveiled at the Awards on Sunday, 18th January, at the Shell Hall of the Muson Center.

By the way, last week Saturday I got pimped once again by Ronke Ademiluyi, the owner of Rukkies Boutique, the lady who gave me 25 dresses last year. She gave me another 10. Four tops and six beautiful dresses. Lucky me huh?

I'll be wearing one of the dresses to the Award...it's fab and short. When I say short I mean really short. It's so short I will be wearing it from my sisters flat, not from home. My mum mustn't see me in it...lol

Oh dear I'm tired, I got to go catch some sleep.

I know what I did in the toilet wasn't nice but I'm generally a nice girl...so pardon me...lol

Thought of the day

''Rosa Parks sat so that Martin Luther King could walk; Martin Luther King walked so that Obama could run; Obama ran so that we and our children could fly''

Let's start flying...

Catch y'all later

Be blessed!

Wednesday 14 January 2009

RIP Abisola Kasali

Abisola Kasali was born on July 5, 1964 and departed on December 31, 2008. Bisola was the owner of Nude Couture at City Mall, Onikan, Lagos.

What a painful loss. May her soul rest in peace, amen.

Monday 12 January 2009

Dilemma + MGB's + From Lagos with Love + Uche Jumbo Party Pix + Future Pre-Award Conference

Hi everyone, hope y'all had a great weekend. I had a fab one, but it was almost marred by a robbery incident that occured in broad day light at a fast food joint where I went to have lunch on Friday...will tell y'all about it later...

I'm kinda in a hurry so I'll go straight to today's post. I got an email from someone who needs your advise. Let me summarise her dilemma.

She's about to marry a man who's been twice married. First time for seven years, second time for four years and he didn't have children with any of his ex-wives. When she asked him why, he said he just didn't want to have kids with them, but the problem now is, she doesn't believe him. She's supposed to be marrying him in March, only she's scared he might not be able to father a child.
Here's what she wants to know...
1. How can she ascertain that the man she's about to marry is fertile?
2. Is it OK for her to contact one of his ex-wives to find out why they never had children?
They all live in the US
She needs your help, please advise if you can...

Meanwhile, I'd like to introduce y'all to MGB's EMVAEH NICOLE. They creat crystal exclusive shirt design for men and women. check out their new collection coming soon.

If you want to buy or distribute please call 1-888-352-9996

Now check out pictures from the birthday party of sultry and very friendly actress, Uche Jumbo...

Uche with Rukky Sanda and other friends
with Tonto Dike
With comedian, Princess

With Denrele Edun
With Mercy Johnson
With Kevin Luciano
With Sandra Achums
With Ramsey Noah and Kunle Afolayan
Pix thanks to Uche Jumbo

Here also are pictures from the 'From Lagos with Love' event that took place recently

Banky W

Noble Igwe



Ashionye and Jedi
Obi Asika (Middle) and Steve Babaeko
Somewhere there, is Nomoreloss

Guitar Man
Timi Dakolo

M.I and Tobagold

Pix thanks to Obi Asika

So, everytime there is a conference - you hear the speakers teach, admonish, advise, inspire..
Every year there is the awards, you see the winners - they inspire, they motivate, they are role models…
But then how about YOU? You must wonder: isn’t it about time that you moved from watching and listening to being?!How did these guys do it? What kind of support did they get? Is that support available in today’s Nigeria? Is it as easy as it looks? All the advices they give - are they practical? How can one move from watching and listening to actually being like these role models?
At this conference, young people will finally have the opportunity to stop being lectured this time around, but to ask the hard questions from some of Nigeria’s most successful, most respected, and most admired old and young achievers!
They will NOT be lecturing you. YOU will be asking them questions all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask.
You’ve never been at a conference this real, and this practical before.
It’s time to stop talking. Let’s start DOING!

Venue: Studio 868, by UBA Bank, Bishop Aboyade Cole,
Off Adetokunbo Ademola, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Date: Saturday, 17th January, 2009

Time: 11am

NOTE: If you had registered earlier, please do REGISTER AGAIN on the website http://www.thefuturenigeria.com/, as there were problems with the site. Note that registration is IMPORTANT, because only registered participants will be allowed into the venue of the conference.

Once you register, your name will be put on the guest list; and it is the guest list that will admit you for entrance. There is no invitation card. Once you register, you are invited and can come straight to the event on saturday.

All attendees will also be accredited as The Future Awards Ambassadors – details of this will be given at the venue.

Below is the complete list of speakers – with new names added. Please look at the list of speakers carefully and come along with your questions – because this conference is mostly interactive; YOU will be asking all the questions.


Tara Fela Durotoye
CEO, House of Tara/2007 Young Person of the Year

Chika Nwobi

Toyosi Akerele
Principal Consultant, Rise Networks

Kaine Agary,
Winner, NLNG Prize for Literature

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

IK Osakioduwa
Head of Presentation, Rhythm 93.7

Dayo Israel
Youth Coordinator, Nigerians in Diaspora

Modupe Adefeso
Member Planning Committee, Commonwealth Youth Council

TY Bello
Musician/Creative Director, TY Bello Photography

Sesan Awonoiki
CEO of Anchor International Consulting

Uzoma Okere
Human Rights Activist

Stella Damascus


Mr. Mutiu Sunmonu
Managing Director, Shell Nigeria

Prof. Pat Utomi
Vice Chairman, Bank PHB

Ali Baba
Ace Comedian/CEO, XQZMOI

Fela Durotoye,
CEO, VIP Consulting

Osayi Oruene
Executive Director, Fate Foundation

Omobola Johnson
Country Managing Director, Accenture

Mrs. Bolanle Austen-Peters
CEO, Terra Kulture

Dr. Reuben Abati
Chairman, The Guardian Editorial Board


The GOOD NEWS: This conference is absolutely FREE! However, all participants must first register to have their names on the guest list. Without registration, you will not be allowed into the venue. Registration is on the website http://www.thefuturenigeria.com/.

Catch y'all later...

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