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Saturday 18 August 2007

Days that shook Nigeria

I did this post sometime in February this year...long before most of you discovered my blog...so thought to repeat it 'cos I'm sure most of y'all haven't seen this. This was one week of research work and if you type on google, this will probably be the only place to find an article like this.

I call it 'Days That Shook Nigeria'

There were days in the history of our beloved country that something happened to affect the lives of every Nigerian. Days that will forever remain etched in our memories, because the events that took place on those days were either painful, bittersweet, great but all unforgetable. Some of us weren't born when some of these events occured but we know it like we were there, because their stories have been told over and over again. Those days shook the very foundation on which our nation is built on. Some of these days changed the destiny of our nation.

Below is a list, with pictures, of days that shook Nigeria

Ikejia Bomb Blast. Dark Sunday as it popularly called, is a day that will forever remain etched in our memory. That was the day so many young children lost their lives. Lagosians were thrown into a state of confusion and pandemonium on January 27, 2002, as several bombs exploded at Ikeja military cantonment. Over 600 people lost their lives trying to scape from what they didn't know.

Bellview plane crash. Sunday Oct 23rd was a dark Sunday for most Nigerians. Not only did we loose our First Lady, we also lost 117 people on the ill-fated Bellview Plane that crashed near the village of Lissa, about 30 km (20 miles) north of Lagos, three minutes after take-off, killing everyone on board. The plane was headed to the Nigerian capital of Abuja from Lagos when it crashed. The plane was missing for hours before the wreckage was found shortly after dawn. There have been a few plane crashes in Nigeria in the last two years but I choose this particular crash because no victim of that crash was found. The plane had buried the passengers down, deep into the earth. A sad way to go.

MKO Abiola's death
Every Nigerian can remember exactly where they were when Abiola was reported to have died of a heart attack on Tuesday July 7, 1998 after falling ill during a meeting with a visiting U.S. delegation. Abiola was the apparent winner of the 1993 presidential elections that were canceled by the military. He was jailed the following year and accused of treason by dictator Gen. Sani Abacha.

His sudden death drew anger and disbelief, as a lot of people believed he would soon be freed from incarceration following Abacha's death. The days following Abiola's death was that of mayhem and destruction. Staunch Abiola supporters went to the streets, destroying lives and properties. It was a terrible period.

Biafra War. On May 30, 1967 following nationwide disturbances, the government of the then Eastern region, headed by Lt. Col. Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, broke away from the Federal Republic of Nigeria by declaring the Eastern Region of Nigeria the Republic ofBiafra. The Federal Government declared this move a rebellion and decided to nullify it. This led to the 30 months civil war which ended in victory for the Federal Government on January 12, 1970.

1994 African Cup of Nations
The 1994, the 19th edition of the African Cup of Nations was hosted by Tunisia. On April 10th, the finals was played between Nigeria and Zambia. Nigeria won 2-1. Nigeria went crazy. We celebrated like we had never done befoe. It was a day that brought us closer as a people. A day that made us forget our problems. A day that every Nigerian can say that they were truly happy.

The war on Odi
This incident also known as the Odi tragedy happened on November 20, 1999. On this date, the federal government of Nigeria in a swift move to track down some irate youths who had earlier in November 1999 alleged to have kidnapped and killed twelve policemen, declared a state of emergency on Odi community after a 14-day ultimatum that was yet to expire. On November 20, thousands of combined military personnel invaded the community and unleashed a heavy bombardment by artillery, air craft, grenade launchers, mortar bombs and other sophisticated weapons in replication of a typical invasion of an enemy territory in real warfare. The military invasion of the Odi community resulted in the loss of lives, properties were looted and virtually all the infrastructure in the community was either destroyed or torched. Many citizens of Odi who were lucky to be alive were bundled aboard trucks and taken to military barracks in Elele in Port Harcourt and Warri as prisoners of war. By the time the soldiers were eventually evacuated and replaced with men of the Nigerian police, Odi was in ruins. That was a day a lot of Nigerians wil never forget.

The execution of Ken Saro Wiwa
Ken Saro Wiwa was a Nigerian author, television producer, and environmental activist and President, of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), In May 1994, he was arrested and accused of incitement to murder following the deaths of four Ogoni elders. Saro-Wiwa denied the charges, but was imprisoned for over a year before being found guilty and sentenced to death by a specially convened tribunal, during which nearly all of the defendants' lawyers resigned in protest to the trial's cynical rigging by the Abacha regime. Very few observers were surprised when the tribunal declared a "guilty" verdict, but most were shocked that the penalty would be death by hanging for all nine defendants. However, many were skeptical that the executions would actually occur, as the Nigerian government would face international outrage and possible sanctions and other legal action should the penalties be carried out. But on November 10, 1995, Saro-Wiwa and eight other MOSOP leaders (the "Ogoni Nine") were executed by hanging at the hands of military personnel. According to most accounts, Ken was the last person to be hanged and thus forced to watch the death of his colleagues. It was a day that threw Nigerians into shock and thousands were seen crying openly

Aba women riot
This was touched off by the imposition of direct taxation and the introduction of new local courts and especially of warrant chiefs. Ten thousand women rioted and the demonstrations swept through the Owerri-Calabar districts.The women attacked three specific targets:The Native Courts, all European-owned factories and warrant chiefs from Native Courts where sessions were in progress. One warrant chief was pushed of his bicycle, his gun was taken away and the women chased him into the bush. The British then decided to use force to restore law and order and over 32 women, including the leader died. This effectively ended the Warrant Chief system. It is an unforgetable day in the history of Nigeria.

The death of Sani Abacha
Abacha died while in the company of two Indian prostitutes. Though the official cause of his death was a heart attack, according to a widely held belief amongst Nigerians and Western diplomats he overdosed on Viagra or Burantashi, on June 8th, 1998. Almost every Nigerian can remember where they were when they heard the 'happy' news. Market women went into the streets singing and dancing. Nigerians were happy to hear of his death. There was even a story that went around at the time that armed-robbers didn't operate for a while in celebration of the death of Nigeria's most hated leader of all time

The death of Stella Obasanjo. Very early in the morning of Sunday 23 October 2005, it was announced live that our beloved First Lady and mother of the nation, Chief Mrs Stella Obasanjo had passed on after under-going cosmetic surgery. It turned to a sour day for most Nigerians because no one expected such a vibrant, kindhearted and beautiful woman to pass on when she did. She was loved by most and her untimely death at the age of 59, caused alot of pain for Nigerians

1966 Military coup
On January 15, 1966, some members of the Armed Forces of Nigeria toppled the Civilian Government in a miliary coup. Alot of top Nigerian government officials lost their lives, including the then Prime Minister, Tafawa Balewa. The coup was led by Major Patrick Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu. Major-general Aguiyi Ironsi emerged the Head of State and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces after the coup and was later arrested and executed.

Atlanta '96
August 3rd 1996 was a day alot of Nigerians will never forget. It was the day that enemies became friends, drinks were freely given, landlords forgot their rent money, bank MD's embraced their drivers, Monarchs kissed their boy-in-waiting, police and thieves shook hands. It was a day a nation jubilated and celebrated like never seen before in our history. Every Nigerian felt like a winner. The under-23 soccer team, led by Kanu Nwankwu put Nigeria in the world map by winning and making us the first African country to win the gold medal in a football event at the olympics

The visit of Pope John Paul II
March 22 1998, was a historic moment for Nigerians. As that was the day Pope John Paul II visited Nigeria for the second time. The first time being in 1982. His visit threw Nigerians into a celebatory mood.

Agbani Darego becoming Miss World
On Novenber 16 2001, a nineteen year old girl single handedly put Nigeria on the world map by winning the 2001 Miss World pageant in South Africa, beating 92 other girls and setting a world record as the first black African Miss World. It was a day Nigerians openly celebrated and every one felt proud to call themselves Nigerians

There was also the 1976 Dimka coup plot that resulted in the death of General Murtala Mohammed, the then head of state.

These are some of the days I can remember that shook Nigeria. What days do you remember? What event shook you the most?

Friday 17 August 2007


Is it possible to fall in love with someone you've only spoken to on phone and never met before?

Thursday 16 August 2007

Lagos State Governor speaks + Bishop T. D Jakes

Yesterday, the Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola, said he gave no order to Police men to arrest anyone for indecent dressing. The Governor further said that if any police man harrasses or threatens to arrest anyone for indecent dressing, the person should copy the name and number on the police officer's uniform and report to police Public Relations Officer or the commissioner of police.

We can now heave a sigh of relief...hopefully the police will start behaving themselves.

But seriously, if the governor or commissioner of police didn't give such an order, why were the police men carrying it out? Someone in authority definitely gave that order...but I hope this puts an end to all the madness...and to all those who already shaved their dreadlocks and it's likes...sorry! Wink!

Bishop T. D Jakes
I'm Catholic. Always have been, always will be. I don't go to church as often as I would've loved to, but I've made quite an improvement in the last couple of weeks.

In the past, for some reason, I was never keen on listening to any preaching that wasn't coming from a reverend father...never been to a pentecostal church. It wasn't like I didn't appreciate them, it was just the way I was brought up, Catholicism and nothing else.

On Sundays in Naija, almost all TV stations show religious programmes...this time last year, you wouldn't catch me dead sitting in front of a TV to watch a religious programme but something has happened to me of late. Now when I see all this pastors, I sit down and listen to what they have to say. They always have a message.

So yesterday, I was over at a friend's house and he put this tape on and it was Bishop T. D Jakes. I've heard so much about him but never really thought twice about him, but boy when I listened to him yesterday...I was in another place...he brought tears to my eyes and steered emotions in me that I thought were long dead. He is one of the most powerful preachers I've ever listened to. I surprised myself by sitting down for over an hour..listening...to the word of God. It felt like he was talking to me...I heard answers to some questions I've had for a long time. He was talking and I was taking notes. Never has that happened to me!
T.D Jakes just doesn't talk about God, the scriptures, salvation, heaven etc...he also talks about how you can better your life, how to be successful, how to understand and love yourself better, forgiveness, love, sadness, unfulfilment etc...this guy made my day!

I'm talking about him 'cos I want y'all to discover him...he's not just a preacher, he's also a motivational speaker...he'll make you understand the way life works. You need to get his tapes and read his books...he has an anointing I haven't felt with any other pastor...

Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes

He's the founder and senior pastor of the Potter's House, a non-denominational church in Texas

Here are some of his books
Reposition Yourself - Living a Life Without Limits
He-Motions: Even Strong Men Struggle
Ten Commandments of Working in a Hostile Environment
Promises From God For Single Women
Woman, Thou Art Loosed: Healing the Wounds of the Past
The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord
Maximize the Moment : God's Action Plan For Your Life
So You Call Yourself a Man?: Finally Devotional for Ordinary Men With Extraordinary Potential God's Leading Lady
His Lady
Daddy Loves His Girls
The Greatest Investment
Mama Made the Difference

If you want to know more about this great man of God, google his name or visit his website at http://www.tdjakes.org/

I'm totally into this guy now...I'm buying his books and tapes and when next he comes to Nigeria, I'm gonna be wherever he's preaching.

Who else has felt his anointing?

Wednesday 15 August 2007

The Naira Note.

I heard the weirdest thing last night. The Central Bank Governor, Professor Soludo announced that from the Ist of August 2008, N20 will be the highest denomination of notes, while 20 kobo will be the highest denomination of coins. This means that the N1, 000, N500, N200, N100 notes will be scrapped!

The CBN Governor listed the proposed currency as one kobo, two kobo, five kobo, 10 kobo and 20 kobo coins, while notes will now begin from 50 kobo to one naira, five naira, N10 and N20. He noted that from then, all naira assets, prices and contracts will be re-denominated by dropping two zeroes or two decimal points to the left. It means if you were earning N100, 000 before, your salary now will be N1, 000 and now we can buy a car for N5, 000, N10, 000 etc

The biggest shocker is that from August 08, the Naira will be put at N1. 25k to a Dollar...is this crazy or what? So if you live abroad and send money home to family...from August 08, that money won't be such a big deal. I mean if a dollar which is around N130 now, is put at N1. 25k, whats the point living abroad? Most of y'all are coming back home...yeeeeeh! This country is about to get betteeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!! This was how it was over 30 years ago, until the Naira depreciated drastically in the early '80's.

Is this feasible? Who thinks this is good news?

Tuesday 14 August 2007

Naija Entertainment News + Random Pix!!!

Production work is CRAZY!!! I haven't had much breathing space since yesterday...we've scheduled our Catwalk wit Linda pilot shoot for Friday 24th 2007 at Philip Trimnell Studio @ 2 Owolewa street, Randle Avenue, surulere. Shooting starts 8am...we are looking for over 70 members of the audience, if interested, please show up on that day with two colourful costumes or call 08060273552 for more details...

I was at the studio yesterday and today, took some pictures but it didn't come out well, I'll get better pics...but here's what the studio looks like...sorta!

That's one of my staff, Femi Oriyomi

And that's me with the guy who guards the studio. The place is very big and has first class equipments...will get pictures of production work for y'all to see...moving on...

Entertainment Gists

Virgin Atlantic crew member caught with drugs
I don't know how many people have heard this, but on August 8th 2007, a Virgin Atlantic crew member, 34 year old Mohammed Wudil was caught with 1. 743kg of cocaine. He claimed to have collected the cocaine from a Nigerian based in the UK for a fee of $4, 000. He is not a first time offender, he admitted embarking on similar ventures in the past. He was arrested by the NDLEA officers after a tip off...He faces a prison sentence and possibly have his crew licence withdrawn for life...sad huh?

Ibinabo Fiberesima denies being pregnant for star actor, Fred Amata...we believe her!

Tuface, D'banj and Idol WA winner, Timi and other Idol WA contestants are set to thrill in about three different cities, Lagos, Calabar and Abuja courtesy of Celtel Nigeria. The Lagos version of the road show will hold September 1st 2007 at the PlanetOne events centre, Maryland. In between these shows, the Idols will visit Orphanages and Government officials...

Yinka Ayefele's younger brother, Olu Ayefele died in a car accident on his way back to Akure after paying a courtesy visit to his brother in Ibadan. May his soul rest in peace!

Uche Odoputa convicted
Actor, Uche Odoputa, who was arrested in March 2007 for drug trafficking, was on Wednesday August 1st sentenced to 8 months in prison with no option of fine by a federal high court in Lagos...

Y'all remember top Yoruba actress Hassanat Taiwo Akinwande aka Wunmi, who was arrested and convicted for drug trafficking early this year? Well, she's documenting her drug experience in a movie called Ogun Oloro (Hard drugs). She wrote to NDLEA to use their facilities for the movie but they turned her down. NDLEA Chairman later told the press that the reason they turned Wunmi down was because she never corporated with their agency, refusing to tell them who the drug baron was...they want nothing to do with her! Who thinks her doing a movie about her arrest and conviction is a good idea?

I don't have that much news for now, will buy our local gossip mags and find time to load some things I dare to...meanwhile here's a pic of the traffic situation in Lagos, I took the picture from inside my car...

Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere.
Here also are pics of me in my office...

Know what I love most about my Job? I can wear anything I like to work...see the boobs? It's not easy sha! Thanks to my padded bra and pads...lol

Question: Please I need your opinion about something...should the models for Catwalk wit Linda come on stage with their natural hair or should we put weaves on them? These girls are btw 17&20...if we're trying to discover new models...should they look as natural as possible or should we make them look sexy, glamorous and outrageously beautiful? Catwalk wit Linda is like a mini modeling competition where new models are discovered every week...so what do you think?

Sunday 12 August 2007

Which is Worse?

A man who cheats or a man who hits?

A woman who sleeps around or a woman who steals?

Smoking or drinking?

Cancer or Aids?

An illiterate rich man or an educated poor man?

Armed robbers or Naija police men?...just kidding! Just kidding!

So which do you think is worse? Share your thoughts!

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