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Saturday 16 October 2010

This can't be normal...

I walk past this guy and lady and the lady smiles at me. I smile back.The guy smiles too. I smile back.
Then the guy walks up to me and says hi. I say hi back and he chats me up for a few seconds. I get uncomfortable 'cos there's a lady waiting for him while he talks to me.
Then he asks for my number. I say 'show some respect, you're with another woman'
He turns back to look at the woman and smiles at her. She smiles back.
He says "That's my mum"
I say 'wow!' totally caught off guard. She looks like an older girlfriend or older sister. Not mummy!
I walk up to her and greet her properly. She compliments me.
The guy asks for my number again. I'm not really interested but the mum is watching so I give him a number I no longer use.
Then the mum says "Dial the number to make sure it's really hers."
"Is that the phone you're holding?" She asks as the son dials the fake number.
"No, that's my other phone" I reply 
"This number is not going!" The son says after dialing
Yeah, it wasn't meant to.
"Let him have the number to this phone" the mum says pointing at the phone I'm holding
Oh dear me...how weird!
I smile and give the son my real number.
Mum asks son to dial the new number, just to make sure. He does, the phone with me rings, they both smile.
Mum hugs me, son shakes my hand, promises to call. They walk away.
Mum toasting girl for son/making sure son gets girl.
This can't be normal

Henry Okah's Brother Seized By Nigerian Security Agents In Lagos.

Plain clothed security agents in their hundreds seized Charles Okah, the younger brother to detained MEND leader, Henry Okah, in Apapa area of Lagos. Charles Okah was arrested with some of his children according to family sources.
Source: Sahara Reporters.

Denrele and Charly Boy caught in the act? Lol

What act? lol, common guys, it's Charly Boy and Denrele for heavens sake...is anyone surprised? These guys are not regular guys, they are phenomenal. Y'all should know it's just a stunt to get y'all riled up. They posed for the pic remember? Relax guys. There's nothing going on there.

Denrele btw, is the most beautiful human being you will ever meet. He's generous, kind, very friendly, down to earth, honest, and extremely reliable. And no one is allowed to insult him on this blog, I love him too much!
But y'all can try....:-)

Quote of the day

"The president was once a child, and the senators were once a children" First Lady Patience Jonathan during her speech yesterday 

Don't laugh, we all make mistakes...
OK, you can laugh. How can you make that kind of a mistake reading from a script?
Somebody must have deliberately put it in there. 

Spotted: Uche Jumbo rocking her new hair and fuller body...


Who would you rather 'hit'?

Da Prinz and Don Jazzy

Who would you rather 'hit'?. Don Jazzy or his younger brother Da Prince?

Model of the day...

I love him already. Model toh bad. LMAO!

Don Jazzy Tweets

"Oh one more thing tweeps. Its IMPOSSIBLE for Killz to beat up D'banj and for Wande Coal to slap 9ice. So pls stop the rumours. thanks alot." Don Jazzy tweeted yesterday

Friday 15 October 2010

Alicia Keys has born pikin

Swizz and Alicia's baby is here. It's a boy and his name is Egypt Daoude Dean. Great news. Congrats to them!

Appeal Court removes Governor of Ekiti State

Kayode Fayemi celebrating after he was declared new Governor of Ekiti State

Segun Oni is no longer the Governor of Ekiti State. The federal appeals court ruled this afternoon in Ilorin that his opponent and Action Congress governorship candidate in the 2007 election, Kayode Fayemi was the rightful winner of the election.

Kayode Fayemi is the new Governor of Ekiti State.

T.I is going back to prison

T.I.'s parole revoked. Gets 11 months in prison following his arrest for drug possession in LA on Sept 1, 2010.
Not again! Don't these guys learn?

Photo of the day...

Just found this old pic. Unilag 2001 with friends. I'm sure you can spot me in the pic. I particularly remember that my wonder bra..lol. Those were the days mehn...*sigh*

Chigo: Corporate Events Compere

Call Chigo on 234 802 222 8091

Kalahari Voucher Contest: Week 3

Kalahari Nigeria is giving out 5 N5000 vouchers to readers of my blog who live in Nigeria.

Here's how to enter:
*Go to www.kalahari.com.ng and register for a free account
*Visit my facebook page and let me know why you want this Kalahari voucher.

I will pick one winner randomly by the end of this week. The only way to enter is to follow these two steps. You only need to do this once to enter! Good luck!

Adaora Ukoh and Bhaira McWizu on 'Advocacy Walk for World Mental Health Day

Adaora and Bhaira

Workshop and Simulation Dialogue at the Rorunda Hall, National Library, Yaba, Lagos in conjunction with the British High Commission and Lagos State Health Commission.

More pics when you continue

Genevieve NOT hosting African Music Awards

After all the publicity, Genevieve Nnaji won't be hosting the Africa Music Awards taking place today in London.

I got the below from her twitter page this morning.

...Gorning my beloved tweEVEs!!! TGIF!! :D. I'm sure some of u in the UK r wondering if I'm around for d AMA tonight. I'm sorry but I'm not.

...I agreed to host the show, signed a contract and even publicly announced my participation on a tv program in the uk last time I was there.. 

Censors Board trying to Ban the movie 'Dangerous Men'

Nigeria Censors Board is trying to ban the movie - Dangerous Men, a film by Nigerian director GuGu E. Michaels. The film was supposed to start showing in cinemas today. The Census board say the movie shows kidnapping and assassination, portraying Nigeria in a negative light.

"Censors board's job is to rate a movie not to stop it from coming out. They are violating my freedom of expression. We will fight this!" The director GuGu Michaels said

Cocktails & Dresses: Free Ankara Clutch. Win one on this blog!

Cocktails & Dresses is a private fashion exhibition, occuring once monthly, in Lagos and Abuja. We'll be offering one-off pieces that we have specially sourced, in addition to ones we created ourselves. Each piece is very unique, and there's bound to be something to suit your taste [and budget :p]. We'll also be throwing in pieces other than dresses. All at extremely affordable prices. Plus we have a special addition this month, R.Rocks. Come out! Shop, mix, mingle, network, knock back a few drinks, & have fun.

They're looking to give out free ankara clutches at Cocktails & Dresses this weekend, and want to give out one on my blog. So if you're interested in having this clutch, answer this question. What is my middle name? Ha ha, I love this. Send in your answers and I will pick a winner.

N.B - You can't answer as anonymous. Full names pls.

The New Ultimo Extreme Cleavage bra

Next breast thing: The Ultimo bra, £24, achieves a natural look, creating the illusion of real breast tissue
Ultimo OMG Extreme Cleavage bra has unveiled the latest in breast-enhancing lingerie. A new bra that brings together the 'lift' technology' and silicone gel - adding a minimum of two cup sizes.

The secret to this new Ultimo bra is that not only does it lift and add volume, but it moves like real breasts thanks to the patented Grade-A silicone within the cup.

Kanye tweets

This Kanye sef...lol

Thursday 14 October 2010

This can't be normal...

He'll take you to the movies and spend over 5grand
He'll take you to dinner and spend over 10grand
He will buy you a phone worth 72grand
But when it comes to buying fuel in his car, which btw is a very expensive car, he doesn't spend more than N700. Sometimes N800. The most I've seen him buy is N1000.
"Dude, what's your problem?"
He's looking at me like 'What do you mean?'
"I know you have enough cash on you, why are you buying N700 fuel?"
"How much should I buy?"
"How about filling your tank? Or is that concept alien to you?"
He's looking at me like - 'Fill my tank? Why would I want to do that?'
"Dude, you schizophrenic or something? You buy N700 fuel, two hours later, you're stopping by another fuel station to buy another N700 fuel, or was it N500 last time? Dude, I ask again, what's your problem?"
"If I buy more than N700, the fuel station attendant will cheat me"
"So you'd rather stop by three different fuel stations in one day to buy N700 fuel?"
He nods
Linda shakes head.
This can't be normal!

Kanu Nwankwo not part of IBB for President Campaign

"How can anybody claim I have joined Babangida campaign train? It's all rubbish and laughable. I am not a politician and I have not endorsed anybody for any election. I am a professional footballer with a with reputation and I cherish my image so much. I'm not campaigning for any politician." Kanu Nwankwo tells Foluso Samuel of Encomium mag

Photo of the day...

Buy before you fly...lmao!

Zenith Bank is No.1 bank in West Africa?

Zenith Bank Plc is Africa’s 7th largest bank and 1st in West African sub-region according to the October edition of African Business Magazine.

You agree?

My younger sister's wedding pictures

The couple with the Ikejis. Sandra, my only brother Peks, mum, dad, Benita (our last born) and moi...

 More pictures when you continue...

Emag's exclusive photoshoot with Munachi Abii and Warebi Martha


More pictures when you continue...

Photo of the day...

The floating hotel. They spent millions of dollars bringing that boat in...only to abandon it! That's the boat on the Island, near bonny camp. It was supposed to be used as a cruise boat/restaurant/hotel etc, but it's not operational. Those who know the story, know the story!
How sad!

Azuka Ogujuiba vs D'banj

Azuka Ogujuiba

Azuka Ogujiuba is a Style Columnist with ThisDay Newspaper. She posted this on her facebook page some days ago...

"In far away NAIROBI, D`BANJ has sent his thugs 2 intimidate and bully me over a story l did lastweek on my FAIRGROUND column asking "If he is really Mr endowned or lacking songs" and how GLO slashed his fee as dia AMBASSADOR frm 60 million to 12.5million becos of his unprofessional conduct.

Minerva of Dubai to Pay $2.5 Billion for Nigeria’s NITEL

The federal government has approved the sale of Nigerian Telecommunications Ltd (NITEL) to Minerva Group of Dubai. The consortium made a $2.5 billion bid for NITEL at an auction eight months ago. Minerva will make an initial payment of $750 million and pay the balance of $1.75 billion within 60 days. The Bureau of Public Enterprises said the government will sell a bond to pay outstanding wages owed to NITEL’s workers.

The final five. Who wins BBA All Stars?

The final five, from left, Lerato, Munya, Mwisho, Sheila and Uti
The countdown is on! It's the final week of the BigBrother Allstars, and the battle to decide the winner of Africa's biggest reality show is on. Five contestants have made it to the top five. To vote for your winner go to - http://www.mnetafrica.com/bigbrother. Voting is free online!

Who do you think will win?

They're all out: 33 miners raised safely in Chile

The longest underground nightmare in history ended safely — and faster than anyone expected.
In a flawless operation that unfolded before a hopeful, transfixed world, 33 miners who were trapped for more than two months deep beneath the Chilean earth were raised one by one Wednesday through a smooth-walled shaft of rock.

The last man out was the one who held the group together when they were feared lost, a shift foreman named Luis Urzua who enforced tight rations of their limited food and supplies before help could arrive.

Wednesday 13 October 2010

Cecilia Ibru may not smell prison...lives inside Reddington hospital

Former Oceanic Bank MD/CEO, Cecilia Ibru is not in Ikoyi prisons where she's supposed to be serving her 18 months jail term which runs concurrently. She is currently living at Reddington private hospital in VI and she may likely spend the remaining months there, escaping seeing the walls of a prison.

Mrs Ibru is enjoying is enjoying this special privilege courtesy of defense lawyer's plea for leniency on grounds of ill-health. Having succeeded in the plea bargain, Taiwo Osipitan (SAN) went on to inform the court that Mrs. Ibru is still on admission at Reddington, where she's receiving treatment for chronic cardiac disease, congestive heart failure, chronic hypertension and lower extremities. It was on this ground that Justice Abutu granted her requested.

Source: Encomium mag

K.O.K declares intention to run for House of Assembly in Imo State

Nollywood actor Kanayo. Kanayo, has formally declared his intention to run for House of Assembly. He told journalists that he wants to represent, Ahiazu/Ezinihitte Federal Constituency in Imo State and has already submitted his nomination form.

2Shotz releases 5th album

2shotz recently released his fifth album titled, ‘I Am William’. The new album was launched on Saturday October 2, 2010 in Lagos. Releasing this fifth album has made him the only hip-hop artiste in Nigeria to have released five albums.
Congrats man!

BTW, his real name is William Iroha

Stephanie Okereke and Linus Idahosa get engaged

Steph with Linus
 Beautiful actress Stephanie Okereke is engaged. She got engaged to her man Linus Idahoso of Delyork International who she's been dating since last year. The couple got engaged on Stephanie's birthday on Oct 2nd at Austin Okocha's Club 10. Stephanie got a diamond ring. 

Steph and Linus
"I wasn't expecting to get engaged. As a matter of fact the day started for me on a slow note, but Linus kept bringing different surprises. I suspected he was planning something but didn't know what it was. The sweetest thing was that he proposed to me in the presence of my family and friends." Stephanie said to Encomium magazine


Saudi prince reportedly murdered his lover/man servant

Bandar Abdullah Abdulaziz (left) and the attack in the lift by prince Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud

A Saudi prince accused of murdering his manservant in a sexually motivated attack insisted they were “close friends” who only shared a double bed because the sofa bed was inferior, a court heard yesterday. Prince Saud Bin Abdulaziz Bin Nasir Al Saud told police he was not homosexual and that he and Bandar Abdulaziz were equals who had spent four months travelling the world.

Bank of Oduduwa? WTF???

Lmao..Naija people will not kill me with laughter. What is this one again?
To understand what this ish is about, continue...

Paddy Adenuga and his bodyguards

One of Mike Adenuga's sons and executive director at Glo, the very hamsome Paddy Adenuga doesn't go anywhere without armed guards. At least two of them. He's the only Adenuga shaild who doesn't venture out without armed escorts. He even has police escorts. I actually witnessed his police escorts assaulting some ladies at Auto Lounge the night Omotola had her album launch. One of the armed officers pushed the girl for resting on Paddy's range rover and when the girl talked back and pushed back, she got smacked. Other club goers had to wade in to stop the girl from being seriously beaten.

My own eyesss see this one, no be gossip.

Head of ExxonMobil Staff School Kidnapped in Eket: Police Escort, Driver Killed

Mrs Lakshmi Tombush
The state of insecurity in Akwa Ibom worsened today as kidnappers abducted Ms. Lakshmi Tombush, Head of the ExxonMobil-owned Pegasus Schools in Eket.

Ms. Tombush runs the elite, highly discriminatory Pegasus Schools, funded by ExxonMobil in Nigeria. ExxonMobil operates the highly lucrative Qua Iboe oil fields in Akwa Ibom, one of Nigeria’s richest oil producing states.

ELOY Awards 2010

Tewa Onasanya - publisher, Exquisite Magazine

Exquisite Lady of the Year Awards is this Sunday Oct 17, 2010
Venue: Landmark Village, Water corporation way, off Ligali Ayorinde, VI.
Time: 3pm (Black carpet&cocktails). 5pm (Awards)
Special Guest of honour - First Lady - Patience Jonathan

President Obama Invites top black journalist, bloggers to the White House.

Present at the White House were 20 African Americans working on the Web, including representatives of theRoot.com, Black Entertainment Television, Essence, Jack & Jill Politics, City Limits, Concrete Loop, AOL Black Voices, Black America Web and even the gossipy MediaTakeOut. (Credit: White House.)

President Obama stopped by a "black online summit" at the White House Monday as part of an outreach to African American journalists and bloggers before the midterm elections, an effort that includes the Democratic National Committee spending what it calls an unprecedented $3 million to reach the most loyal part of Obama's base, African American voters.

O ya Pres. Goodluck Jonathan, your turn. Do as Obama did (He knows what it takes to win) invite journalists and bloggers to Aso Rock. Somebody should paste this on fb page...:)

Jay Jay Re-opens Night Club, Club 10

Okocha and wife, Nkechi

Football legend turned Night club operator, Jay Jay Okocha has re-opened his well sought after night club - Club 10, located on Saka Tinubu, V/I. The club had been closed for almost a year due to...erm...(I don't know...:-). They re-opened Oct 1st 2010.

Never been there! I need to start going out more...
Maybe that's the solution to my problem...*cough*

Randy Jackson is mad that Oprah scored an interview with his family

Oprah Winfrey scored an interview with Katherine and Joe Jackson and Michael Jackson's kids and Randy insists Michael would not have wanted it.

Read the rest of the tweets after the cut...

Akon coming back to perform in Naija this weekend

The singer will be in Naija this weekend to perform at the 7UP Rock Da Hall concert, which will also feature Tuface, P-Square, Mo Hits and Sasha. Venue is the new Expo Centre at Eko Hotel, this Sat, Oct 16th 2010 @7pm.

This guy must really love Naija oh...or is Naija people that love him...he was here just last week naw...
Eh but anyway, 7UP people, this promo is not for free, I need IVs. Ask someone to call me asap!
Yes? Is it your blog?

Wande Coal survives another auto crash

Wande Coal on Thursday Sept 30, 2010, was involved in another auto crash along Abuja-Benue Road on his way to perform at the Naija@50 concert put together by the Benue State Govt. The accident, according to eye witnesses left the car a write off but luckily none of the passengers was seriously injured. This is the second accident Wande Coal will be involved in less than three months.

Source: City People Mag

Felabration: Music and Nostalgia...

Felabration just got more colorful with Red Bull. The number one energy drink in the world appears on the scene with veteran artistes from the Red Bull Music Academy to energize the event.

Kim K goes nude on cover of W magazine

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