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Saturday 17 May 2008

1 woman, 2 men + Fun stuff

Hi everyone, I'm sorry for not blogging as regularly as I used to. I'm working on a show in July, trying to get another mag out, also looking for adverts for the mag and working on other stuff...so, you can imagine how it's been...

I will get back to regular blogging in a week or so... bear with me abeg!

One woman, two men
Meanwhile someone made a statement some days ago that I just had to bring here for discussion.

She said "Any girl above 25years old should never have only ONE boyfriend. If you are 25years and above, you should be in at least TWO serious relationships and even have one guy on standby incase one of the boyfriends messes up. This is because 25 and above is when a woman needs to start thinking seriously about settling down and putting all your eggs in one basket is the most unwise move for any woman. Because if after 1,2,3 years of a dating a man and it doesn't work out, it means starting all over again. And before you know it, you're in your 3o's still looking for a husband. But if you have two men and one messes up, the other is still there, and if the second one also messes up, you have your standby to fall on to. With this tactics, you're guaranteed to be married before 30"

When she said this, in my head I thought, it's hard enough sleeping with one man, how do you do two at the same time? Especially if the guys are 100% faithful to you. How do you satisfy them? Well you can, but then you always have to have a hand fan around to blow cold air at 'you know what' (like I saw a girl do one time) 'cos its always going to be on fire...lol. Besides if both men find out you're cheating, you're most likely going to loose both of them...so what's the sense in that? Maybe there is?

What do you guys think?

Fun Stuff
President Bush funny pix

The first photo was taken when the Chinese president went to US.

The second photo was taken when Bush went to China
Stay away from my wife...you...? lol

World's funniest tattoo?

This person must is crazy...lol

Crazy Road Signs


Pre-haggling at its finest...

We woulda tied for 2nd if it wasn'tfor that muffin accident...

Always try to big

But why? lol

If you're already in here, well, okay

During a wedding reception; the groom was called upon to give his vote of thanks to his guests and this is what he came up with:
1. I want to first of all thank the Lord Almighty for creating my wife And to also thank the pastor and his wife for lending us their wedding rings.
2. Special appreciation to my landlord who lent us his car.
3. I am most grateful to my boss for approving the loan I used for the wedding.
4. Big thanks to the committee of friends for the appeal fund they raised on my behalf.
5. Also to my brother's wife, thank you for lending us your wedding gown.
6. Am so grateful to the cake designer for the cake. I promised to return it tomorrow morning as agreed without cutting or eating out of it.
7. Special thanks to my friends who brought food from their homes to help me feed you all. Please for those who were served food good luck and for Those who didn't get any, well we will make it up to you during our child dedication ( hopefully next year).
8. Very big thanks to my parents for bringing the village cultural band to supply the music as well as entertain us all here, today.
9. Not forgetting the church marriage committee, thank you for persuading my wife to marry me.
10. Appreciation to the married men in the church for rushing me into this marriage.
11. The women are not left out, thanks a lot for teaching my wife how to dance.
12. To the youths, thank you for sweeping and decorating this venue with palm fronds.
13. I am also grateful to my teenage friends for helping with the Zobo drink
14. Appreciation to my co-tenants for contributing money for the cameraman
15. Well, I wish you all safe journey and I pray you don't experience what I suffered for this wedding. Thank you.

Interview by NASA
NASA officials were interviewing three prospective astronauts to sent to Mars on a dangerous one-way trip. Only one of the three would go, and that candidate would never return to Earth. The interviewer asked the first candidate, an engineer, how much he wanted to be paid to go."One million dollars," replied the engineer, "and I want it donated to my alma mater, Rice University."The interviewer asked the next candidate the same question."Two million dollars," answered the doctor, "and I want to give one million to my family and leave the other million to medical research."The third candidate, a lawyer, was asked the same question."Three million dollars!" replied the lawyer."Why so much?" the interviewer inquired.The lawyer replied, "If you give me three million, I'll keep a million, give you a million, and we'll send the engineer."

Red Light
Two elderly women were out driving in a large car - both could barely see over the dashboard. As they were cruising along, they came to an intersection. The stoplight was red, but they just went on through. The woman in the passenger seat thought to herself "I must be losing it. I could have sworn we just went through a red light."

After a few more minutes, they came to another intersection and the light was red again. Again, they went right through. The woman in the passenger seat was almost sure that the light had been red but was really concerned that she was losing it. She was getting nervous.

At the next intersection, sure enough, the light was red and they went on through. So, she turned to the other woman and said, "Mildred, did you know that we just ran through three red lights in a row? You could have killed us both!"

Mildred turned to her and said, "Oh my! Am I driving?"

Ways to spot a millionaire


There's a lot of craziness going on around the world right now. The Burma Cyclone, China Earthquake, then the pipeline explosion in Nigeria which happened a few days ago...over 130 thousand people dead and missing in just a few days...God help us!

The harder you work...the luckier you get! Embrace your dreams!
Bye for now.

Tuesday 13 May 2008

Naija Entertainment News

Basket Mouth gets baby boy from lover
By Azuh Arinze

Top comedian, Bright Okpocha, is now a father. His lover of many years, Elsie Uzoma, delivered their first child, a baby boy, on Friday, May 9th, 2008, at Lagoon Hospital, Apapa, Lagos. Mother and child are okay. Basketmouth is excited but partially unhappy because he was not in the labour room to witness Jason's (That's the name they gave the baby boy) arrival, which had always been his dream.
Congrats to the new father...a wedding next perhaps?

Stephanie Okereke's interview
By Uche Olehi of Encomium magazine
We understand you are into some modeling jobs?
S "Yeah, I just got an endorsement as the face of Emelda, a company in the states

How much is it really worth?
S "There are lots of speculations going on. I'm bound by my contract not to disclose the amount, but it is definitely in millions"

What's new about Stephanie Okereke?
S "Stephanie is doing a lot of great things. Other than the endorsement, I'm working. I'm also setting up a foundation to create awareness for Vestico Vagina Fescular (VVF), that's the thing I'm doing now.

We are amazed at your transformation after your life threatening auto crash years back
S "That's why I said I had to be at AMAA 2008. The last one I had an accident. The second time I was on crutches and today I'm walking. I give God all the glory"

How is life without a husband? (trust naija Journalists...they always go there...lol)
S "That I wouldn't want to talk about, but I'm feeling so great. How do I look without him?"

Cool. Any plans to remarry?
S "I don't know. But I'm very much single"

What are the mistakes you made in your crashed marriage that you want to correct now?
S "I don't think I made any mistake in my relationship. I'm happy with the way everything went."
No regret, you're perfect?
S "No, not that I'm perfect. Any decision you make you are accountable for it. I know what I passed through and I am proud I actually stood out at the end of the day"

What are you expecting from your future husband, considering the travails of the first?
S "No comment about that. When it comes, I will let you know."

Note: That is not Steph's ex

Joke Jacobs Denies Marriage break-up
By Leke Adeneye of Encomium magazine
Now, what will be your comment about the speculations in certain quarters that your long travel was to escape for a while from some suspected crisis within your marriage to Uncle Olu Jacobs?
J "Really? I find that very interesting. They should have rather said that a while back when there were problems, but they are saying it now when there are none. Like all marriages, we have had our problems. Unless they are dishonest with each other, as a couple, will you say your marriage doesn't face any kind of problem? Ours has had it share, but what I do say each time is that ours is a marriage that God wanted. There are some challenges that when they occur, it could be him or me who would say 'That's it, I've had enough'. One of us would just say 'Okay I've made a mistake in this area, just show me how to sort it out' and that has been the story of our marriage"

What can you tell couples, especially celebrity couples who look up to yours as a model long-lasting marriage?

J "What can I say? Stop looking up to me. Because from them too, I'm pretty sure I can learn a lot. Well, the bible says the three-fold card is not easily broken, so let God be the third party in your relationship and it will surely last"

9ice beaten and arrested by the police by Seun Apara (Encomium mag)

The men of the Nigeria Police must have an axe to grind with our music celebs. Month after month, they keep disgracing our music stars, at times beating some of them black and blue. Muma Gee, Paul play, Peter of P-Square have all had their fair shares. The latest from them occurred on Wed, May 7th, 2008, when they harrased the rave of the moment, 9ice, beating him thoroughly. Their attack on 9ice happened at Bariga where he had gone to see his sick mother. According to him, the traffic was quite serious and they had some important stuff to attend to. On his way back from Bariga, three men and a woman suddenly double crossed him, and because they were all in mufti and the place was not a check point, he mistook them for robbers and sped off. Unknown to him, the police officers were pursuing him and when it was obvious to them that they couldn't get him, they started shooting at his tyres. Immediately the car stopped, all the officers started beating him with guns and police batons. They dragged him down from the car, tore his clothes and dragged him to one of the police stations in Bariga and put him behind the counter. Within a twinkle of an eye, a crowd gathered at the station immediately they heard 9ice had been arrested. The Lagos State Police PRO, Mr, Frank Mba, ordered his release and apologised to him. The excuse of the officers later was that they didn't recognise him as an artiste and also he did not stop when they told him to.

Dimeji Alara suffers stroke - by Stella Dimoko Korkus

This ex-Genevieve magazine reporter, suffered a stroke two weeks ago. "Dimeji is lying in hospital with one part of his face paralysed. The stroke took him by surprise because he's still very young. He can't speak well right now as half os his face, including eye, tonque and cheek is paralysed'
Dimeji is said to be in his 20's, how can that happen? Is he the guy that runs Nigerianentertainment.com?

Blackface Changes name
One of Nigeria's prominent acts, Blackface, has changed his name to Blackface Naija. At the moment, everything about the act, locally and internationally, is undergoing serious repackaging. According to the artiste, he decided to change his name because many people around the world are bearing Blackface and he got to know about this on the internet. So, in order to distinguish himself, he decided to add Naija to his name.
He is releasing another album in May titled Me, Music and I and it will contain the current single he is promoting on air, Ghetto Girls.

Tuface Idibia picks Armada Jeep. (We call trucks, 4X4's Jeeps in Nigeria...lol)
Nigeria's multi platinum star, 2face has stepped up with a wonder on wheels. This time, it is an Armada Jeep which he recently acquired. The Jeep replaces his stolen Range Rover and it cost him N8million

AMEN calls for entries
Awards for Musical Excellence in Nigeria, AMEN 2008, is around the corner and the organisers have been sending clarion calls to musicians, label owners, marketers, and artiste managers to submit their entries for AMEN 2008, slated for August 8 2008 (080808). Entries to be submitted are works released between January 2007 and December 2007. Each entry is expected to be five copies of CD, VCD or DVD and should be submitted before June 13 2008.
Tee A set to launch Showtime Africa
Tunde Adewale, one of Nigeria's hottest comedians is set to lauch his TV programme, Showtime Africa, which has been on air since last year. The launch has been fixed for May 28th 2008. The 30-minute affair is a wholesome entertainment programme that draws content from fashion, music, movies and sports and comedy.
Ruggedman's Quote
'I love women but it's not all of them I go to bed with' - Ruggedman
Ruggedman "Women attract me a lot because I am a man. I can't deny that fact. But it's not every food you see you eat. We try to handle our business"

Rugged's most embarrassing moment
"I think she was too attractive and I was trying to say hi to her in public and she just looked at me hissed and walked away in the full glare of people"

That's it! I try abi? Ciao!

Monday 12 May 2008

Sorry o!

I'm so sorry I've been MIA for a bit. It's been crazy. Will get you lots and lots of Naija Entertainment gist tomorrow... just to make up for the absence...keep a date!


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