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Saturday 19 September 2009

It's My Birthday

Go Linda, it's your birthday!!! We gonna parry like it's your birthday!!!
Today I turn 25 years old.
Yeah right Linda, keep dreaming. Were you not 25 like four years ago?Lol
Today is my last 20 something birthday. I am officially an old woman.
Awwwwwww, I feel a little sad, but you guys can make me feel real happy by sending lots and lots of birthday wishes. *wink*
Love you guys

Friday 18 September 2009

Sister Vs. Husband

I got this mail a while back. July I think. I read it and didn't reply the sender immediately mostly 'cos I didn't know how to repond to it and also because I didn't think it was such an issue. Apparently it was 'cos I got another email from her yesterday where I was berated for not replying or sharing her 'problem' on my blog.
So here's her story.

She has a twin sister who she says was her best friend. They were inseparable growing up and also into their adulthood. They did virtually everything together. Emphasis on 'Everything' (Her words). Then her sister met someone last year and married him early this year and since then everything has changed between them. Her twin is never around anymore, she basically has her own life now and she feels her twin doesn't include her in it. She was her sister's best friend and confidant, now her sister has turned to her husband for all of that.

In July, she found out that her sister had changed all her documents and made her husband 'next of kin'. A position she used to hold.

Now she's very resentful and can't seem to come to terms with the fact that someone else is more important to her sister than herself. After 28 years as best friends, how could she turn her back on me for a man she's only known for less than two years? Her words...

She said she didn't initially mind her sister getting married, but she just never knew that marriage changed people so drastically. She now only gets an occasional call where before her sister couldn't go 'an hour' without calling her if they weren't together. She didn't even tell me she was pregnant, I had to hear that from our mum. Her words also

So she's very resentful of her sister and her husband and is looking for how to get over the anger and hatred she's beginning to feel for her sister. She feels abandoned and doesn't know how to deal with it. And yes she's single.

When I read the first mail many weeks back, she sounded to me like a jealous sister who couldn't deal with the fact that her sister could actually bond with someone else. But her second mail sounded different. More like someone who was on the verge of loosing something so important, that would destroy her if she did.

Really I have no words for her, I'm hoping someone out there does. So please see if you can help her deal with her situation.

But generally speaking, who should be top priority for us. A sister we grew up with or the husband we will spend the rest of our lives with?

Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol

Dan Brown's latest book,The Lost Symbol, is a mystery, set in Washington, D.C and takes place over a period of 12 hours in with a focus on Freemasonry.
It's the third book to involve the character of Harvard University symbologist Robert Langdon, after 2000's Angels & Demons and 2003's The Da Vinci Code. On its first day the book sold one million in hardcover and e-book versions in the U.S., the U.K. and Canada.
The hero, a Waspy university professor (Langdon), dabbles in topics more exotic than Elizabethan poetry, and that makes him a target of some bad guy(s).

Langdon spends a lot of time in historic buildings, and the reader learns many, many facts about them. He also confronts a series of codes and riddles. At times, he doesn't know whom to trust. And he faces dangerous situations that threaten his life.
I hear like previous books, this one is a must read!!!

Thursday 17 September 2009

Who is the bigger star?

They are the world's most powerful black couple after the Obamas, correct?

They argued and argued until they almost came to blows. They asked me and I sincerely couldn't answer. So I'm bringing it here to the people's panel.
Who is the bigger star...Beyonce or Jay Z?
All vote now!!!
Seriously we'd like to know what you think...

Photo of the day

Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs welcomed a son, Walker Diggs, on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009. Walker is the first child for the couple, who are both 38 and met on the 1996 Broadway production of Rent. They wed in January 2003. Congrats to them!

Peak Talent Show + Tetmosol's Girl Power Benin show+ HipTV White Gig Party

For the first time in Nigeria, the Peak Talent Show will seek to discover and develop individuals with special talent in dancing, singing, music, sports, acrobatics, soccer, street performance, comedy, magic, and any other talent with a viable entertainment value.

The Peak Talent Show like a train of mobile talent scouts will go in search of extraordinary talents in 6 Nigerian cities: Jos, Abuja, Enugu, Calabar, Ibadan and Lagos. A seasoned panel of judges will select acts who qualify for the semi-finals based on performances that meet the outlined judging criteria.

Auditions will be filmed in the respective cities. Winners that qualify for semi finals will enjoy all expense paid trip to Lagos for the semi finals. They will be accommodated in a hotel where they can all have access to adequate preparations for the semi final shows.

Jos Auditions pictures


Audition dates
ABUJA Audition15- 19 September 2009 @ 2pm
ENUGU Audition22 – 26 September 2009 @ 2pm
CALABAR Audition29 September – 3 October 2009 @ 2pm
IBADAN Audition6 – 10 October 2009 @ 2pm

To register or know more about the show, go to their website here...http://peaktalentshow.com/

Tetmosol Girl power: What a Feeling,
The concert features five artistes - Ashionye, Nikki Laoye, Mo'Cheddah, BB and Nyore. Similar shows will be held in other states at later dates.
According to the organisers, the audience should expect the usual surprises and free gifts that made Jagal Pharma and Tetmosol the talk of the town with 'Unleashed' in 2007.
Check out the pictures from the show!

The performers in Benin
Will keep you guys updated about this show

Finally check out pictures from the recently held
HipTV White Party in London

Pix thanks to Kenny Ogungbe

Wednesday 16 September 2009

Julius Agwu, Chinenye Ochuba welcome baby girls

Julius Agwu and Wife get baby girl

Ibiere, the beautiful wife of ace comedian Julius Agwu gave birth to the couples first child, a baby girl, in Houston Texas, USA, on Monday September 7th 2009. The baby girl has already been named Zara (A Hebrew name for a new beginning). Congrats to them.

Also Chinenye and Kunle...

Ex-MBGN Queen, Chinenye Ochuba Akinlade and husband, Kunle, also welcomed a baby girl on Wednesday 9th of September 2009 in a London hospital. Mother and child are doing great. Congrats to them.

Photos of the day
Kelis and Nas together again

It seems like these two are getting back together. They both arrived at Marquee nightclub NYC on Monday night (pictured above) where Nas celebrated his birthday. They left the club together. They just had a son...I really hope they've truly reconciled.

Beyonce and Jay Z spotted...too cute

The gorgeous Beyoncé Knowles and her husband Jay-Z, were spotted having a private dinner at Nello's in Manhattan. See Jay Z watching his wife eat. Awwww, so romantic...:-)


Vera Ikeji and George Shilobod's wedding

My dear beloved elder sister, Vera Ikeji, has left spinsterhood. She married the love of her life, American George Shilobod, on Saturday the 12th of September 2009 in Downtown, San Antonio, Texas. None of us could go but my aunt who lives in LA was there to represent my mum.
The had a civil wedding. The white wedding will take place later in the year in Nigeria.
Check out the pictures..

Vera at her house in Texas...

Vera and George

My aunt (mum's immediate elder sister), the couple and a family friend

Vera and our aunt
The Wedding after-party

The latest bride in town...


My brother-in-law...

Wishing them the very best.
Now it's my turn...we shall see...lol

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