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Saturday 19 December 2009

My sex-maniac husband

I got an email from a reader of this blog. She wants your advice for an usual problem. She's married to a man whom she says loves to have sex...A LOT! She says to put emphasis on A LOT!

I never hear this kind wahala before o... lol. (Not funny I apologise :-))

Anyway, she said when she used to live in Nigeria with her husband, she'd leave home to go visit her mother for days mostly to escape his sexual demands (which she says is driving her to insanity) then they relocated to the UK and now she has nowhere to run to.

She writes "He wants it every time, morning, afternoon and night. Just whenever we are alone. The nights are the worst for me. He could go on and on all night long. He can't seem to control his urges and he's never satisfied. What do I do? The situation is making me so unhappy"

I'm not married so I really can't give any advice. If you have any words for our dear wife, please share. She really would appreciate it.

Tiger Woods is athlete of the decade

Even after a shocking sex scandal that tarnished Tiger Woods image, it was tough to ignore what he achieved on the golf course. He won 64 times around the world, including 12 majors, and hoisted a trophy on every continent golf is played. Woods was selected Wednesday as the Athlete of the Decade.

Top 6 athletes of the decade in their particular order...

1. Tiger Woods (Gulf)
2. Lance Armstrong (Cycling)
3. Roger Federer (Tennis)
4. Michael Phelps (Swimming)
5. Tom Brady (NFL)
6. Usain Bolt (Sprinter)

Good for Tiger.

Kidnapper's price list...lol

Just for laughs...lol.

Mouth Odour

What's the best way to deal with mouth odour?. If you know, please share with us. A reader of this blog wants to know. Thanks.

Thursday 17 December 2009

RIP Caroline Johnson

I just got the news today from her husband, Tony Johnson, that Caroline Johnson, the lady with leukaemia you all heard about, has passed on. She died yesterday evening in a Lagos hospital.

After all the suffering, she still died. Why? I'm stunned beyond words.

She fought so hard to stay alive. But God knows best.

May her soul rest in peace. Amen.

My new sports car

Part one!
I have a car. A nice one. I never planned on buying another one. What do I need two cars for eh? :-). But then a few weeks back a friend of mine said to me 'the way you drive Linda, you need a sports car!'. (I like to drive fast...safe...but fast!). I remember saying 'if only I could afford one'.

Then last week he told me about a sports car for sale. He said you need to see it. I said what's the point, I probably can't afford it. He said this car is cute and not very expensive, just check it out.

So I went to see it. Drove it. Loved it. Realised I could afford it. And bought it. :-)!

Part two!
I took it home. My father liked it. My brother fell madly in love with it.
My sisters were like, you bought another car because???
One of them said 'What you need is a man Linda...not a car!"
Whatever bitch...lol!
My mum hasn't said anything yet. She just gives me this 'look'.
She'll get over it...:-)

Check out my tokunbo cute sports car...lol

And that ass hair of mine. 22 inches of 100% Brazilian human hair. I bought this hair in September (quite expensive) and I remember telling them at the salon that I will wear my money out of the hair. So it's been same hair, different styles, for the last three months - three more months to go. Yeah I roll like that... lol.

Blowing you guys a kiss...mwah, mwah mwah!!!

And that's me (below) last night. I attended a friend's bar opening at Victoria Island. A new place called Rehab on Ajose Adeogun Str. But this pic was taken at the Silverbird Galleria...

For some reason I always include black in my ensemble...I love black...bite me...:-)
Linda is cute huh?
Cheers people!

The Experience 2009 in pictures

House on the Rock, hosted Nigerians to the third edition of their annual gospel music concert at the Tafawa Balewa Square on Dec 4th.

The Experience featured the very best in the gospel music genre like Don Moen, Bebe and Cece Winans, Phil Driscoll, Chevelle Franklyn, Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, Ron Kenoly, Donnie McClurkin, Lara George, Mike Aremu, Rooftop MCs, Timi Dakolo and Nikki Laoye among others.

Check  out pictures from the event...

Pix thanks to Ali Baba

Man Stoned To Death For Adultery in Somalia

A 48-year-old man, Mohamed Abukar Ibrahim, was executed for having an extramarital sexual relationship with a young woman. The middle-aged man was brutally pelted with mini boulder-esque stones for his crimes.

Islamic extremists and al-Qaeda wannabe group Hizbul Islam carried out what many deem as simple justice rooted deeply in the bylaws and practices of Islam.

For her part, the woman that Ibrahim slept with received 100 lashes, only escaping death herself due to the fact that she was single at the time of the affair.

Mohamed stoned to death.

What a law! May his soul rest in peace.

Wednesday 16 December 2009

Why did the chicken cross the road?

I have a friend who's 29 years old. She's a wife and mother of three. Her oldest is 5years old.

I am 29 years old. I thought I would be married and already a mother at my age...but I'm not even close to getting married. My situation doesn't depress me...at all...but I think about it a lot. And every time I think about it I ask God and life the millionaire naira question that confuses you more than answer your question, WHY?

Why am I still single when most of my friends and colleagues are married? Why am I not settled at this age?

But then yesterday I went to visit a close friend of mine who has stroke. (Those who know him know who I am talking about). He can't talk and half his body is paralysed. And as I sat there holding his hands trying to hold back the tears, I asked myself that million naira question again...WHY? How can a forty two year old man have stroke? A vibrant, lively, hardworking, fun-loving man who loved life so much, have stroke at such a young age? How can the hands that is his source of livelihood be paralysed? Why do things like this happen?

He must have read all the questions in my face 'cos he held my hands with his good hand, looked at me intently, and shook his head like he was saying 'I don't know how I got here', or maybe he was saying 'that's life for you?'

I've been thinking about it since yesterday...WHY do things happen the way they happen? How many times have you asked yourself that question, trying to make sense of a situation you are in, racking your brain to find answers to these life mysteries.

Why are you 35 and still single? Oh you are even alive? Yeah well, Youth Corper Grace Ushang was raped to death in Borno State for wearing trousers.

Why is your business not as successful as you thought it would be? Oh you even have a business??? Yeah well I know someone who's been looking for a job for over three years now...care to help?

Why are all your mates buying expensive cars and you can't afford one? Oh you can drive? Yeah well, my friend with stroke just wants to be able to walk again. And maybe speak again...hopefully one day be able to use his hands again.

So why are you in your situation? Why am I poor? Why is he rich? Why did he die so young? Why am I not able to have kids? Why can't I find happiness? Why am I not able to pass JAMB? Why do I always fail? Why doesn't he want me? She helped build the church, why was she assasinated there? Is God watching? Why is he allowing these things to happen? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why is the sky blue? Why did the chicken cross the road? Oh that I can answer. The chicken crossed the road to get to the other side. But why did it want to get to the other side? What was there? Another chicken perhaps? Food maybe?

If anyone knows this answer please tell the rest of us mere mortals...'cos we can't figure it out and we'd really like to know.

Isn't life such a mystery? Are we ever going to figure it out?

NB: I don't know if I made any sense...there's so much I want to write but I can't seem to put them into words...my head is full.

5 Shocking Things Many Young Women Don’t Know About Sex

According to a major survey of young women and men by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, most people agree that it's important to practice safe sex, but many have no idea what that means. The organization gave glamour.com an exclusive look at some of the (shocking and crazy!) things that some young people believe:

MYTH: “If you haven’t gotten pregnant (or gotten someone pregnant) yet from unprotected sex, you probably won’t." (A shocking 59% of single young women think it’s at least slightly likely they are infertile if they haven't gotten pregnant from unprotected sex.)

FACT: Just because unprotected sex hasn’t led to pregnancy yet doesn’t mean you’re infertile, unless a doctor has concluded that you are. If you have unprotected sex on a regular basis, you have an 85% chance of pregnancy within a year.

MYTH: “Being on the pill is more risky to a woman’s health than pregnancy or childbirth." (More than one-third [37%] of single young adults say that taking the pill for a year is riskier to a woman’s health than having a baby.)

FACT: Having a baby is 20 times more risky for women than taking birth control pills for a year.

MYTH: “Two condoms are better than one." (28% of young men believe using an extra condom provides extra protection.)

FACT: Two condoms are actually worse than one--and doubling up can increase the risk of pregnancy. When there’s more than one condom, the friction between them can cause the latex to tear. One condom, used correctly, protects against STIs and provides protection against pregnancy.

MYTH: Young people still believe that having sex standing up is an effective way to prevent pregnancy.

FACT:  Sorry people, this is absolutely false--you can get pregnant standing up, sitting down, in a bathtub, in bed, on a couch, in a car, and the list goes on.

MYTH: 90 percent believe they have all the knowledge they need to avoid an unplanned pregnancy.

FACT: Six in 10 say they know "little or nothing" about birth control pills and three in ten say they know little or nothing about condoms.

Source: Glamour.com

Tuesday 15 December 2009

The worst naija albums of '09 - according to Questionmark Mag

On the basis and criteria of content and commercial success, here are the Worst Albums of 2009 according to Questionmark Mag...

See if you agree with them...

9ice - Tradition
P Square - Danger
Bigiano - Shayo Master
Lagbaja - Sharp Sharp and Paradise
Obiwon - Rebirth
Terry G - Ginger Your Swagger [season 1]
Steel - Mirage
Olu Maintain - With All Due Respect, Press Play
Styl Plus - Back and Better
Shank - King Kong
Kel - Investment

They gave their reasons for picking these eleven albums as the worst of '09. You are going to have to go to their website to read in detail...http://www.questionmarkmag.com/?p=3320

I really don't know about the others, but I think Obiwon's 'Rebirth' album rocks...

What other album shouldn't be in this list?

Pastors Kidnap Pastor For Quitting Church

Two pastors of a new generation church in Lagos have been arrested by the police and charged to court for allegedly kidnapping their colleague.

The two pastors, Godwin Adiele, 39 and Joseph Atoyebi, 51 of Anointed Word Ministries, Lagos were alleged to have kidnapped Pastor Chidi Ebube for leaving the church “after knowing too much.”

The victim was abducted along Igando Road and imprisoned at Pastor Adiele’s residence at 1, Bishop Godwin Adiele Crescent, Powerline, Isheri-Idimu, Lagos for three days.

Narrating his odeal to P.M.News, the victim said he joined the church, thinking that the mode of worship and the doctrine was in line with the teaching of Jesus Christ, but he discovered that the church was into rituals and he did not like.

He explained that he told the wife of the General Overseer, Pastor Adiele, what he discovered and decided to leave them quietly. But they kidnapped him and compelled him to take an oath not to disclose what he had seen and learnt about the church.

He was, however, lucky as he escaped from where he was chained and ran to the Igando Police Station where he reported the incident.

The police arrested Pastors Godwin and Joseph Atoyebi who reside at Plot 80, Collins Elebede Avenue, Lari Bus Stop, Igando new town estate and charged them with kidnapping and stealing at the Ejigbo Magistrate’s Court.

Source: PM News

Kefee gets N10m for her VCD

The news making the rounds now is that singer Irikefe Obareki (Kefee), has allegedly received the sum of N10million naira from Joemicky entertainment, an Alaba based entertainment marketing outfit, for the rights to market her VCD compilation.

The VCD compilation contains six videos from her last album, A piece of me. The videos on it are 'Do, 'Thank you my God', 'Kokoroko', 'Bodyguard', 'Karoyovwe', and 'Thank you' which she dedicated to her fans.

The compilation is entitled 'Kokoroko Videos.'

Source: Encomuim Weekly

Go get yours!

Julius Agwu and wife dedicate daughter

Mr and Mrs Agwu.

Multi-talented entertainer, Julius Agwu and wife, Ibiere, presented their daughter Zahra Chizarum, to the Lord on Sunday December 6th 2009 at the Redeemed Church of God., Surulere, Lagos. Guests and well wishers later moved to the couple's Lekki home to continue the celebration.

Zahra Chizarum Agwu

Too cute!!!

I Go Dye gets Benin mansion

Warri-born comedian, Francis Agoda, better known as I Go Dye, has joined the prestigious league of landlords. He has just completed his beautiful house in one of the GRA's in Benin. The highly elated comedian says the house is a dream come true. He has already moved to his Benin mansion.

Congrats man!

Quote of the day...

Former rapper Mr Loon, known now as Amir Junaid Muuhadith after his conversion to Islam, speaks on the evils of hip hop.

“It's a dirty business, it's a grimey business. I think it extracts the soul out of people and it's really just something that doesn't contribute to any type of reward when it comes down to doing things that are pleasing to the one that created the Heavens and the Earth.”

I see!

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